Missing Plane ‘May Have Sent Signals On Ground’

Missing Plane 'May Have Sent Signals On Ground'

US intelligence fears the plane may have landed somewhere to be used later as a 9/11-style “cruise missile”.

7:38pm UK, Sunday 16 March 2014

A security guard stands at the entrance of a compound where the house of pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah is located in Shah Alam, near Kuala Lumpur


The missing Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people could have been on the ground when it sent its last satellite signal, an official has said.

US intelligence is focusing on the pilot and co-pilot’s possible role in the plane’s disappearance and are worried it may have landed somewhere to be used later as a weapon.

The Boeing 777-200′s final ‘ping’ was picked up nearly seven hours after the flight vanished from air traffic control screens.

At first it was thought contact was lost less than an hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.

But now investigators say a ‘ping’ was detected from one of two air corridors going north and south from the sea off Malaysia.

One is a northern route stretching thousands of square miles from northern Thailand to Kazakhstan and the other is a southern zone from Indonesia towards the southern Indian Ocean.

Michael McCaul, chairman of America’s House Homeland Security Committee, told Fox News Sunday: “One thing we do know, this was not an accident.

“It was an intentional, deliberate act, to bring down this airplane. And the question is who is behind that.”

An image showing satellites (in green) that could have picked up the missing flight MH370.
Green shows satellites that could have picked up the jet (Image: Mapbox)

He said if the plane was flown north towards Kazakhstan, it would probably have been picked up by radar.

“The other one is it landed in a country like Indonesia, where it could be used later on as a cruise missile, as the 9/11 hijackers did,” he said.

Twenty five countries have now joined the search which has changed from shallow seas to large areas of land crossing 11 nations as well as deep and remote oceans.

Questioned by Sky News, one official said: “It is possible for the aircraft to be transmitting on the ground as long as there is electrical power to the aircraft’s system.”

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency search for plane
The search is taking place at sea and in the air

In reaction, John Lindsay, former head of air safety at British Airways, told Sky News: “It would be a possibility and perhaps a probability that the aircraft is on the ground transmitting those signals.

“If this has been a very carefully orchestrated, pre-planned event then the aircraft and its passengers are the asset of the people who perpetrated this activity.

“It would be bizarre to destroy your asset by running out of fuel and crashing it anonymously into one of the oceans or a land mass without declaring what the point of the exercise is.

“The auxiliary power unit would have enough fuel to keep running for days and keep the plane powered up for some considerably longer period.”

Relatives Wait for News
Some of the relatives await news of their loved ones

Investigators said contact was lost with air traffic controllers north of Malaysia, about 40 minutes into the flight.

They said someone on board turned off the two communication systems, the ACARS and transponder, and the plane was deliberately diverted west.

There are four lines of inquiry that authorities are focusing on – hijacking, sabotage, and personal and psychological problems.

Investigators are looking at pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid’s personal and religious backgrounds.

Police have been searching their homes and have also examined a flight simulator at one of the properties.

Where Are the Photos of Bin Laden’s Dead Body?

Where Are the Photos of Bin Laden’s Dead Body?

Ever wonder why it was okay to release photos of Saddam Hussein’s hanging, but not the corpse of Osama Bin Laden?

Jack Murphy – an eight year Army Special Operations veteran has a theory. Hat tip: sofrep.com

There are a lot of puzzled expressions on people’s faces when it comes to the subject of the late Osama Bin Laden and why the White House has not authorized the release of any pictures of the body. Photographs and video were released of Saddam Hussein’s hanging, as well as post-mortem pictures of his criminal sons, Uday and Qusay, after Delta Force took them out. Why not release a few pictures of Public Enemy #1 to prove that he is dead and show the world what happens when you take on the US of A?

Matt Bissonnette, one of the SEAL Team Six operators on the raid, partially outs the reason in his book, No Easy Day. The book reads, “In his death throes, he was still twitching and convulsing. Another assaulter and I trained our lasers on his chest and fired several rounds. The bullets tore into him, slamming his body into the floor until he was motionless” (No Easy Day, Chapter 15).

But this is perhaps the most measured and polite description that one could give of how operator after operator took turns dumping magazines-worth of ammunition into Bin Laden’s body, two confidential sources within the community have told us. When all was said and done, UBL had over a hundred bullets in him, by the most conservative estimate.

But was it illegal? Under the Laws of Land Warfare, a soldier is fully authorized to put a few insurance rounds into his target after he goes down. Provided the enemy is not surrendering, it is morally, legally, and ethically appropriate to shoot the body a few times to ensure that he is really dead and no longer a threat. However, what happened on the Bin Laden raid is beyond excessive. The level of excess shown was not about making sure that Bin Laden was no longer a threat. The excess was pure self-indulgence.

Read more at http://joeforamerica.com/2014/03/photos-bin-ladens-dead-body/#v55v5ScvzI64jLKi.99

Hypocrites: As Dems Rant About the Koch Brothers, Bloomberg Promises to Outspend the NRA

Hypocrites: As Dems Rant About the Koch Brothers, Bloomberg Promises to Outspend the NRA

We’ve heard a lot (too much) about the Koch Brothers from Democrats recently. However, as Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blast the Koch Brothers for having the audacity to donate to political campaigns, they often choose to the look the other way on big-money benefactors to liberal campaigns and causes like George Soros, Tom Steyer and, of course, Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Bloomberg discussed a wide range of issues including the failures of Common Core and the ridiculousness of a minimum wage increase as a means to alleviate poverty.

But most notably, the liberal gun-grabber admitted that he intends to try and influence elections by supporting and contributing to anti-gun rights candidates.

When asked point-blank if he could outspend the NRA on this issue, he casually remarked, “Oh, sure.”

Yahoo News reports:

While he has been critical of Congress for being unduly influenced by political contributions from the tobacco industry and other special interests, Bloomberg, whose net worth is an estimated $33 billion, according to Forbes magazine, dodged a question about whether he should be considered a “special interest group.” He says it’s his right under the Constitution to support the candidates and issues he chooses.

“We have the Second Amendment which gives you the right to bear arms. You also have the First Amendment which gives you the right to say what you wanna say,” Bloomberg said. “I think shame on me if I didn’t use the money I was lucky enough to make to make the world a better place.”

And though Bloomberg is often wrong about so many things, the fact remains that he is entirely correct about the First Amendment; the First Amendment does apply to political expression and that includes contributions to candidates that will advance policies one favors.

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Like the Rockefellers and the Kennedys, the Kochs are one of the most influential dynasties of the modern age, but they have never been the subject of a major biography… until now.Not long after the…

But where is the outrage from the left? Senator Reid and his fellow bullies have stood on their soapboxes for years ranting and railing against such GOP benefactors as the Koch Brothers, but seem to be silent on the issue of Bloomberg and others donating to political causes.

Where are the shrill voices from the left howling about how “money is not speech”? Where are the pathetic diatribes from Sen. Reid calling Bloomberg every name in the book?

Either political expression is acceptable or it’s not. Cherry-picking what people can get involved in political activity and which cannot is not only deeply hypocritical, it’s un-American.

Obama’s Top 10 Foreign Policy Mistakes And Failures…How The US And The World Will Be Paying For Years To Come As A Result

Obama’s Top 10 Foreign Policy Mistakes And Failures…How The US And The World Will Be Paying For Years To Come As A Result

There seems to be failure after failure in the foreign policy of the Obama Regime. This corrupt government has let our country…and the world…down time after time. In no particular order, here is a quick look at ten of the top mistakes we can attribute directly to Obama:
1.Failures in Iran: There have been multiple failures on this score. The sanctions and negotiations that Obama has led have failed. The so-called nuclear weapons or nuclear program deal that Obama brokered is the laughing stock of the whole region. Plus, it really continues to keep Israel in danger, since Iran is in a permanent state of being always about 8 weeks or so away from nuclear readiness..and this assumes that they follow the deal, which there is no real guarantee (since it has no ‘teeth’).
2.Failure in Ukraine: We have a defense agreement treaty with Ukraine that Obama is too weak to enforce. He seemed to be completely unprepared for Putin’s incursion into the country and now will not even call it an invasion. Obama has essentially given Putin a free pass as he continues his quest to re-unify the former Soviet Union (he has said many times that the break-up of the Soviet Union was the worst disaster of his lifetime). Now, Putin also knows that an Obama-led US is no threat to intervene, so he can feel free to invade and/or annex the whole eastern half of Ukraine in the coming weeks or months.
3.Failure in Syria: Obama seemed to have no clue about how to handle the situation in Syria. He allowed Assad to continue murdering his people and then allowed Putin (once again) to make him look like a rank amateur. This was quite possibly the signal Putin needed to feel confident enough to invade Ukraine.
4.Failure in Afghanistan: Sure, you can point to the fact that Obama actually launched a surge in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, he then undermined himself by announcing our forthcoming withdrawal…before the extra troops had even arrived. Of course, the Taliban took this to mean they could simply wait for the retreat and they take back major pieces of the country. Sad.
5.Failure in Benghazi: Need we really go into this in detail? Not only did Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to send reinforcements to our diplomatic mission, but they even took security forces away from the mission! No wonder why the terrorists felt emboldened to attack, knowing there was no actual firepower to respond.
6.Failure in China: China has continued manipulating their currency in an attempt to gain an unfair trade advantage over the US and other countries…and Obama has done nothing other than talk. He gave some great “pivot to Asia” speeches and other rhetoric that was intended to reassure our allies in the region. However, he failed to back up any of this with action and has not given the military the resources needed to carry it out.
7.Failures in Latin America: Obama once again did nothing as Hugo Chavez welcomed Hezbollah into his country. Thanks to Obama and Chavez, this nasty terrorist group now has a vital beachhead in our own hemisphere.
8.Failures in Eastern Europe: As Obama attempted to ‘reset’ our relations with Russia, it seemed that he forgot to remember the goal of Russia is still to regain their lost territory. Obama weakly caved in to the demands of Moscow that we cancel our missile defense agreement with Poland and the Czech Republic…and announced this on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland. Classy! Of course, we get nothing from this deal, as seen by Russia’s actions in Syria and Ukraine.
9.Failures in Israel and Mid-East Peace: Obama hates Israel and can barely hide this fact. The Iranian nuclear program deal continues to place one of our longest standing allies in a national security powder keg. He continues publicly undermining Israel by insisting that the borders of Israel and Palestine be based on the 1967 lines. Just the other day, he even backed off of insisting that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state, reversing decades of US policy in a single swoop.
10.Failure to lead on trade: Obama has not enacted a single free trade agreement since taking office. Yes, he signed a few deals (Colombia, Panama, South Korea), but they had already been negotiated during the Bush administration. To put this in perspective, China has signed at least 15 and is engaged in negotiations with up to 20 more.

This is one of the worst records on foreign policy that we have seen from a sitting president in history. The sad fact of the matter is that our allies no longer respect us. They know that as long as Obama is in the White House, we will not come to help. This means that Europe will be on there own against the possible further madness of Vladimir Putin. It also means that China will have free reign to continue bullying their neighbors in Asia. Heck, Japan is already seriously talking about the possibility of re-arming themselves in order to defend against Chinese aggression….and may even start building nuclear weapons.

One thing is for sure. The world landscape has been forever changed thanks to the weakness and inaction of Obama in many areas. This will most likely lead to an increase in terrorism and international strife and lawlessness. There will be more incursions from Russia and China, along with growing tensions in the Middle East.

What do YOU think? How weak has the foreign policy of Obama been? Can we fix this? Or will it be up to the next president to try and change course? Can we regain the trust we have lost with our allies and the respect we no longer have from our enemies and opponents?

Obama eyes even less immigration enforcement, seeks to reduce deportation of illegals

Obama eyes even less immigration enforcement, seeks to reduce deportation of illegals

President Barack Obama may further reduce the small percentage of illegal immigrants who are sent home each year, say advocates for immigrants and would-be immigrants.

Obama “has charged his Secretary of Homeland Security… to reduce where they can the levels of deportation,” Janet Murguia, president of the major Latino ethnic lobby group, the National Council of la Raza.

“Our hope and expectation is with that [policy change] would come some reduction in the level of deportations,” she told reporters gathered outside the White House Friday evening.

The reduction could be as high as 50 percent, depending on how much Obama is willing to change agency rules, Marielena Hincapie, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, told The Daily Caller.

Since 2009, Obama has sharply reduced immigration enforcement. In the 12 months up to October 2013, for example, immigration officers deported less than two percent of the nation’s population of roughly 11.7 million illegal immigrants.

“As new Americans, were going to make America work for us,” said Angelica Salas, the director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

“This is a community that is a fighting community, and to our immigrant community, we say ‘Keep fighting,’” said Salas, who attended a Friday meeting in the White House between Obama and the progressive advocates.

The government can reduce deportations by allowing illegals to stay even after they’re found guilty of crimes, such as driving without a license, or after they’ve been deported before, Hincapie said.

Immigration law judges should be given the authority to decide if immigrants who break civil or criminal laws should be sent home, she said.

“One of the changes would be to eliminate the illegal re-entry prohibition, which says that if someone left, re-entered the country and gets caught for driving without a license, even if that happened 10 years ago, that they would then be deported,” she said.

Also, illegals found within the United States should be sent home only if they are convicted of “murder, rape, sexual violence, human trafficking, things that are public safety,” she said.

Border agents should also face penalties if they stop border-crossers who aren’t on the priority list, which is focused on people who have committed major crimes, she said.

Border agents should also be penalized if they break the agency’s new firearms-related rules, she said. Those rules that require them to holster their guns and retreat when border-crossers throw stones at them, or when smugglers try to drive through police stops.

Those proposals would make it much harder for border or interior immigration agents to block or deport millions of previously deported illegals, if they try to return.

If her recommendations are accepted by Obama, annual deportations would drop by up to 50 percent, she suggested.

The Los Angeles Times reported that officials were considering a halt to deportations, unless an illegal immigrant commits a felony. Officials are also considering whether to end a program which helps federal immigration officials to pick up illegals arrested by state and local police forces.

Politico reported that the review of legal options began months ago, while Obama was urging House Speaker John Boehner to push an immigration-increase through the House.

Obama’s move to help illegal immigrants — many of whom are also living in households with legal immigrants — comes as he’s trying to boost November turnout among Latinos.

In 2012, Obama boosted turnout among naturalized immigrants by awarding work-permits to at least 500,000 younger illegal immigrants, even though Congress had repeatedly voted down similar proposals.

Obama may be using a similar turnout strategy in 2014, by simultaneously boosting hopes among Latinos for an amnesty, and resentment towards GOP legislators who oppose the unpopular amnesty.

Obama is raising those hopes even though polls show that middle-class and swing-voting Americans strongly prefer reduced immigration, and also prefer that any amnesty be postponed under after the borders are secured.

The demand for an amnesty was pushed Friday by some of the partisan advocates in the White House meeting.

“We need [Republican] Speaker Boehner to understand that the reason people are being deported, that people continue to die [while crossing the border], is because we don’t have immigration reform,” said Eliseo Medina told reporters Friday.

“Every day that passes without immigration reform, more people will die on the border, more families will be broken apart, and that is unacceptable,” said Medina, who is a former top union official who has frequently argued that the emotional debate over immigration enforcement can motivate Latinos to give Democrats a lock on power in Washington.

With the aid of worried Latinos, “we will create a governing coalition for the long term,” he declared in June 2009.

After two decades of lax immigration enforcement, roughly 11.7 million illegals are living in the United States, alongside roughly 35 million legal immigrants and roughly 265 million native-born Americans.

Over those two decades, Americans’ wages have dropped, and unemployment has risen.

The number of native-born, working-age Americans who aren’t working rose to roughly 50 million in 2012, up from 36 million in 2000, according to the March 13 report, titled “Still No Evidence of a Labor Shortage.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/16/obama-eyes-even-less-immigration-enforcement-seeks-to-reduce-deportation-of-illegals/#ixzz2wA94BoPC

Rep. Rogers: Government Investigating Terrorism and National Security in Missing Flight

Rep. Rogers: Government Investigating Terrorism and National Security in Missing Flight

Malaysian official said investigators concluded the missing flight was hijacked

March 16, 2014

“We want to find out exactly if there was some terrorist nexus or some other nexus that would raise concerns to our national security,” Rogers said.
“We want to find out exactly if there was some terrorist nexus or some other nexus that would raise concerns to our national security,” Rogers said.

Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CBS’s “Face the Nation” today multiple U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 for possible connections to terrorism or national security concerns.

“We want to find out exactly if there was some terrorist nexus or some other nexus that would raise concerns to our national security,” Rogers said.

Rogers said investigators have not closed in on a definitive theory. He said, more than likely, the plane is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. “This plane still may be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean — and I think a lot of folks that I’ve talked to believe that’s probably the most likely, the most probable circumstance,” he said.

On Friday, a Malaysian official said investigators concluded the missing flight was hijacked and steered off its original course. The official characterized the hijacking as “conclusive” and a “deliberate act.”

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This article was posted: Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 11:36 am

McCain, Durbin Demand U.S. Arm Junta Government in Ukraine

High turn out for referendum to decide if Crimea will be absorbed by Russia

Kurt Nimmo
March 16, 2014

Republican Senator John McCain and his Democrat counterpart Senator Dick Durbin are demanding Obama send weapons to the coup in Kyiv.

McCain headed up a bipartisan delegation of senators who traveled to Ukraine’s capitol to show support for the junta government that overthrew the country’s elected president last month. In addition to McCain and Durbin, the group includes John Barrasso (R-WY), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Christopher Murphy (D-CT), John Hoeven (R-ND), and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

“First of all, they need small arms but they need other military equipment as well,” McCain told the KyivPost. “There needs to be a training regimen also. A lot of their military is not well trained, nor ready to fight. That shouldn’t prevent us from getting arms to them, not just to defend themeless [sic] but as a signal that we are supporting them. I think it’s vital to give them arms and I think it’s also vital to send a message that we’re willing to give them arms with which to defend themselves from an imminent invasion of another party of their country … They only have a few thousand combat troops and would be overwhelmed by the Russians if it came to that. One of their urgent requests is to have us supply them with weapons. I will be urging our administration to arrange that transfer as quickly as possible.”

“To make it happen, all the president has to do is order it tomorrow,” McCain said. “He can have it done tomorrow.”

In an op-ed published by The New York Times last week, McCain said a failure by the Obama administration to confront Russia and Vladimir Putin will emboldened enemies of the United States. “What is most troubling about Mr. Putin’s aggression in Crimea is that it reflects a growing disregard for America’s credibility in the world. That has emboldened other aggressive actors — from Chinese nationalists to Al Qaeda terrorists and Iranian theocrats,” he wrote.

McCain said the United States should sanction Russia, isolate the country internationally, and increase aggressive behavior by NATO on its border. “It should mean boycotting the Group of 8 summit meeting in Sochi and convening the Group of 7 elsewhere. It should also mean making every effort to support and resupply Ukrainian patriots, both soldiers and civilians, who are standing their ground in government facilities across Crimea. They refuse to accept the dismemberment of their country. So should we,” McCain wrote on March 14.

60% of Crimea is Russian. On Sunday a referendum deciding if Crimea should become part of Russia or remain in Ukraine under autonomy was held. Around 1.5 million people are expected to turn out for the vote. Nearly 45 percent of Crimean residents – over 670,000 people – had taken part in the vote by noon, according to the head of the Crimean parliament’s commission on the referendum, Mikhail Malyshev.

Coup Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk has vowed to hunt down, arrest, and put on trial those promoting “separatism and division” in Crimea. “The Ukrainian state will find all those ringleaders of separatism and division who now, under the cover of Russian troops, are trying to destroy Ukrainian independence,” he told a cabinet meeting as Crimeans went to the polls and voted on the referendum.

“We will find all of them — if it takes one year, two years — and bring them to justice and try them in Ukrainian and international courts. The ground will burn beneath their feet.”

This article was posted: Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 9:12 am

About 95% of Crimeans in referendum voted to join Russia – preliminary results

About 95% of Crimeans in referendum voted to join Russia - preliminary results

About 95 percent of voters in the Crimean referendum have answered ‘yes’ to the autonomous republic joining Russia and less than 5 percent of the vote participants want the region to remain part of Ukraine, according to preliminary results.

Polling stations closed in Crimea after the referendum where residents were to decide on the future status of the region.

“The results of the referendum exit polls in Crimea and Sevastopol: 93 percent voted for the reunion of Crimea with Russia as a constituent unit of the Russian Federation. 7 percent voted for the restoration of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Crimea and Crimea’s status as part of Ukraine,” the Crimean republican institute for political and social research said in a statement as cited by RIA Novosti.

The overall voter turnout in the referendum on the status of Crimea is 81,37%, according to the head of the Crimean parliament’s commission on the referendum, Mikhail Malyshev.

The preliminary results of the popular vote in Sevastopol are expected to be announced at 2030 GMT during a meeting in the center of the city that hosts Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

Over a half of the Tatars living in the port city took part in the referendum, with the majority of them voting in favor of joining Russia, reports Itar-Tass citing a representative of the Tatar community Lenur Usmanov.

About 40% of Crimean Tatars went to polling stations on Sunday, the republic’s prime minister Sergey Aksyonov said.

In Simferopol, the capital of the republic, at least 15,000 have gathered to celebrate the referendum in central Lenin square and people reportedly keep arriving. Demonstrators, waving Russian and Crimean flags, are watching a live concert and awaiting the announcement of preliminary results of the voting.

International observers are planning to present their final declaration on the Crimean referendum on March 17, the head of the monitors’ commission, Polish MP Mateush Piskorski told journalists. He added that the voting was held in line with international norms and standards.

Next week, Crimea will officially introduce the ruble as a second official currency along with Ukrainian hryvna, Aksyonov told Interfax. In his words, the dual currency will be in place for about six months.

Overall, the republic’s integration into Russia will take up to a year, the Prime Minister said, adding that it could be done faster. However, they want to maintain relations with “economic entities, including Ukraine,” rather than burn bridges.

Moscow is closely monitoring the vote count in Crimea, said Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Georgy Karasin.

“The results of the referendum will be considered once they are drawn up,” he told Itar-Tass.

The decision to hold a referendum was made after the bloody uprising in Kiev which ousted President Vladimir Yanukovich from power. Crimea – which is home to an ethnic Russian majority population – refused to recognize the coup-appointed government as legitimate. Crimeans feared that the new leadership would not represent their interests and respect rights. Crimeans were particularly unhappy over parliament’s decision to revoke the law allowing using minority languages – including Russian – as official along with the Ukrainian tongue. Crimeans staged mass anti-Maidan protests and asked Russia to protect them.