Iran publishes book on how to outwit USA and destroy Israel…



While Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama do their best to paper over the brutality of the Iranian regime and force through a nuclear agreement, Iran’s religious leader has another issue on his mind: The destruction of Israel.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has published a new book called “Palestine,” a 416-page screed against the Jewish state. A blurb on the back cover credits Khamenei as “The flagbearer of Jihad to liberate Jerusalem.”

A friend sent me a copy from Iran, the only place the book is currently available, though an Arabic translation is promised soon.

Obama administration officials likely hope that no American even hears about it.


‘Reclaiming Muslim lands’

Khamenei makes his position clear from the start: Israel has no right to exist as a state.

He uses three words. One is “nabudi” which means “annihilation.” The other is “imha” which means “fading out,” and, finally, there is “zaval” meaning “effacement.”

Khamenei claims that his strategy for the destruction of Israel is not based on anti-Semitism, which he describes as a European phenomenon. His position is instead based on “well-established Islamic principles.”

One such principle is that a land that falls under Muslim rule, even briefly, can never again be ceded to non-Muslims. What matters in Islam is ownership of a land’s government, even if the majority of inhabitants are non-Muslims.

Khomeinists are not alone in this belief.

Dozens of maps circulate in the Muslim world showing the extent of Muslim territories lost to the Infidel that must be recovered.

These include large parts of Russia and Europe, almost a third of China, the whole of India and parts of The Philippines and Thailand.

However, according to Khamenei, Israel, which he labels as “adou” and “doshman,” meaning “enemy” and “foe,” is a special case for three reasons.

The first is that it is a loyal “ally of the American Great Satan” and a key element in its “evil scheme” to dominate “the heartland of the Ummah.”

The second reason is that Israel has waged war on Muslims on a number of occasions, thus becoming “a hostile infidel,” or “kaffir al-harbi.”

Finally, Israel is a special case because it occupies Jerusalem, which Khamenei describes as “Islam’s third Holy City.”

He intimates that one of his “most cherished wishes” is to one day pray in Jerusalem.

Khamenei insists that he is not recommending “classical wars” to wipe Israel off the map. Nor does he want to “massacre the Jews.” What he recommends is a long period of low-intensity warfare designed to make life unpleasant if not impossible for a majority of Israeli Jews so that they leave the country.

His calculation is based on the assumption that large numbers of Israelis have double-nationality and would prefer emigration to the United States and Europe to daily threats of death.

Khamenei makes no reference to Iran’s nuclear program. But the subtext is that a nuclear-armed Iran would make Israel think twice before trying to counter Khamenei’s strategy by taking military action against the Islamic Republic.

In Khamenei’s analysis, once the cost of staying in Israel has become too high for many Jews, Western powers, notably the US, which have supported the Jewish state for decades, might decide that the cost of doing so is higher than possible benefits.

Thanks to President Obama, the US has already distanced itself from Israel to a degree unimaginable a decade ago.

Khamenei counts on what he sees as “Israel fatigue.” The international community would start looking for what he calls “a practical and logical mechanism” to end the old conflict.

Khamenei’s “practical and logical mechanism” excludes the two-state formula in any form.

“The solution is a one-state formula,” he declares. That state, to be called Palestine, would be under Muslim rule but would allow non-Muslims, including some Israeli Jews who could prove “genuine roots” in the region to stay as “protected minorities.”

Under Khamenei’s scheme, Israel, plus the West Bank and Gaza, would revert to a United Nations mandate for a brief period during which a referendum is held to create the new state of Palestine.

All Palestinians and their descendants, wherever they are, would be able to vote, while Jews “who have come from other places” would be excluded.

Khamenei does not mention any figures for possible voters in his dream referendum. But studies by the Islamic Foreign Ministry in Tehran suggest that at least eight million Palestinians across the globe would be able to vote against 2.2 million Jews “acceptable” as future second-class citizens of new Palestine. Thus, the “Supreme Guide” is certain of the results of his proposed referendum.

He does not make clear whether the Kingdom of Jordan, which is located in 80% of historic Palestine, would be included in his one-state scheme. However, a majority of Jordanians are of Palestinian extraction and would be able to vote in the referendum and, logically, become citizens of the new Palestine.

Khamenei boasts about the success of his plans to make life impossible for Israelis through terror attacks from Lebanon and Gaza. His latest scheme is to recruit “fighters” in the West Bank to set up Hezbollah-style units.

“We have intervened in anti-Israel matters, and it brought victory in the 33-day war by Hezbollah against Israel in 2006 and in the 22-day war between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip,” he boasts.

Khamenei describes Israel as “a cancerous tumor” whose elimination would mean that “the West’s hegemony and threats will be discredited” in the Middle East. In its place, he boasts, “the hegemony of Iran will be promoted.”

Khamenei’s book also deals with the Holocaust which he regards either as “a propaganda ploy” or a disputed claim. “If there was such a thing,” he writes, “we don’t know why it happened and how.”

This is what Iran’s leaders are preaching to their people and their allies in the Middle East. Do we really want to give succor?

*(GENTLE GIANTS IN CHICAGO FOR A FRIDAY NIGHT)* 10 people wounded in separate shootings – *(BLACK LIVES MATTER)*


By Alexandra Chachkevitch
Chicago Tribune
contact the reporter Law Enforcement Crime Shootings Chicago Police Department

At least 10 people have been wounded in separate shootings since Friday evening across the city, police said.

A 21-year-old man was critically hurt and two 17-year-old boys were wounded in a shooting around 2:45 a.m. Saturday in the University Village neighborhood on the Near West Side, police said.

The three people were standing outside in the 1000 block of West 14th Street when a light-colored sedan pulled up to them, said Chicago Police Department spokeswoman Officer Amina Greer. Two unknown attackers stepped out of the car and fired gunshots, Greer said.

Special report: Chicago Under the Gun
Special report: Chicago Under the Gun
The 21-year-old was shot in the head and was listed in critical condition at Stroger Hospital.

One 17-year-old boy was shot in the arm and leg, and the other 17-year-old was hit in the leg. Both were also taken to Stroger Hospital, where their conditions stabilized, Greer said.

At the scene of the shooting, police officers blocked off a section of West 14th Street west of Morgan Street with yellow tape.

Inside the crime scene, at least half a dozen orange evidence markers, some indicating shell casings, lay in the middle of 14th Street.

lRelated Man hurt after being stabbed in Palmer Square
Man hurt after being stabbed in Palmer Square

A pool of blood and an empty plastic bottle lay near a parked black van in the parking lot next to 14th Street.

Police officers examined evidence and shone flashlights.

Several four-story red brick apartment buildings surrounded the scene of the shooting.

A couple of neighbors came outside to see what happened. Some said they heard between 10 and 13 gunshots, followed by screaming.

“My heart is beating,” said a woman who stood near the crime scene with her daughter.

In other shootings:

Living around gun violence
Living around gun violence
• A 24-year-old man walked into Mercy Hospital and Medical Center after being shot several times around 4:30 a.m. Saturday in the Robert Taylor Homes neighborhood on the South Side, police said.

The man was standing outside in the 4200 block of South State Street when someone fired shots from a passing vehicle, striking him in the back and in the right arm, police said.

The man was listed in critical condition and was expected to be transferred to Stroger Hospital, police said.

There’s so much violence in the summer months. What a shame.
AT 5:25 PM AUGUST 01, 2015

• About 4:20 a.m. Saturday, a 24-year-old man was shot in the chest in the 2900 block of South Ashland Avenue in the Lower West Side neighorhood, police said. Police officers discovered the man lying on the sidewalk after responding to a call of a person shot, police said. The man was taken to Stroger Hospital, where his condition stabilized, police said.

• About 3:15 a.m. Saturday, a 23-year-old woman was wounded in a shooting in the Old Town neighborhood on the North Side, Greer said. The woman was sitting in a car in the 1300 block of North Hudson Avenue when she heard gunshots and realized she was struck in the leg, Greer said. The woman’s friends drove her to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where her condition stabilized, Greer said.

Crime in Chicago: Explore your community
Crime in Chicago: Explore your community
• About 2 a.m. Saturday, a 31-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman were hurt in a shooting in the West Englewood neighborhood on the South Side, Greer said. Both were standing outside with a group in the 5500 block of South Hermitage Avenue when they heard shots and realized they were struck, Greer said.

The 31-year-old was shot in the right foot, and the 32-year-old was shot in the left foot. Both were taken to Holy Cross Hospital where their conditions stabilized, police said.
• About 1:30 a.m. Saturday, a 29-year-old man was struck during a drive-by shooting in the North Austin neighborhood on the West Side, Greer said. The man was inside a vehicle in the 5100 block of West Division Street when a light-colored sedan pulled up alongside and someone inside it fired shots, Greer said. The sedan then fled southbound.

The man was shot in the arm and thigh and was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where his condition stabilized, Greer said.

• About 11 p.m. Friday, a 36-year-old woman was wounded in a drive-by shooting in the Roseland neighborhood on the Far South Side, police said. The woman was standing outside in the 11000 block of South Vernon Avenue when someone fired shots from a passing brown van, Greer said. The woman was struck in the right leg and was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where her condition stabilized, Greer said.

No one was in custody early Saturday as a result of the shootings, and police were still investigating.

The Hillary Email Scandal Just Saw Its ‘Most Significant Legal Development To Date’



A federal judge has ordered Hillary Clinton and two of her top aides at the State Department, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, to attest, under penalty of perjury, that they have turned over all official government records in their possession.

U.S. District Court judge Emmett Sullivan issued the bombshell ruling late Friday, hours after the State Department released its second batch of Clinton emails.

The ruling was issued in the matter of a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department.

Sullivan issued three orders that will likely produce answers to looming questions about Clinton’s private email server arrangement. Clinton has repeatedly stated that she turned over all work-related emails she maintained on her private email account — She gave the State Department 55,000 pages of emails in December but deleted a large batch that she said were personal in nature. But Clinton has not allowed anyone to check that claim as she has so far refused to turn the server over to a third-party for inspection.

In his ruling, Sullivan ordered the State Department to “identify any and all servers, accounts, hard drives, or other devices currently in the possession or control of the State Department or otherwise that may contain responsive information.”

The State Department must also request that Clinton, Abedin and Mills “confirm, under penalty of perjury, that they have produced all responsive information that was or is in their possession as a result of their employment at the State Department.”

“If all such information has not yet been produced, the Government shall request the above named individuals produce the information forthwith,” Sullivan ruled.

The State Department must also require the trio “describe, under penalty of perjury, the extent to which Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills used Mrs. Clinton’s email server to conduct official government business.”
Sullivan is giving the government until next Friday to comply while also providing any response from Clinton or her aides.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton celebrated the ruling in a statement.

“This blockbuster ruling is the most significant legal development to date in the ongoing Clinton email scandal,” Fitton said.

“Hillary Clinton will now have to answer, under penalty of perjury, to a federal court about the separate email server she and her aides used to avoid accountability to the American people.”

Read more:

BREAKING: Obama Busted in Openly RACIST Rant Behind Closed Doors


Since taking office, President Barack Obama has single-handedly managed to set U.S.-Israeli relations back a decade. He has mocked and derided Israel constantly, and he continues to do so.

His latest slap in the face to the Jewish nation came on Thursday, when Obama led a conference call with some left-wing activists about gathering support for his nuclear agreement with Iran.

During the call, Obama made thinly veiled insults against American Jews, using the outdated stereotype of rich Jews using their money to control America to complain about their opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal.

Obama also accused those against this deal of being “opposed to any deal with Iran,” which implies they would want a war with Iran.

Obama also railed against “well-financed” lobbyists, as well as the “big check writers to political campaigns” and “billionaires who happily finance super-PACs.”

So, Obama has a problem with Jewish lobbyists, but will grovel down before Planned Parenthood and theirblood-stained contributions. That makes sense.

Obama also negatively referenced the American Israel Public Affairs Committee by complaining about the “$20 million” being spent on ads against the nuclear deal. The AIPAC was instrumental in getting Obama elected, but now that they have strayed from the party line, he has no use for them.

The crazy train didn’t stop with money. President Obama also accused these same people of being “responsible for us getting into the Iraq war.”

This is apparently a reference to a 2007 book titled “The Israeli Lobby” that accused Israeli groups of orchestrating the war with Iraq. The book has been largely discredited — except by college professors, of course (H/T Breitbart).

Looks like we have a conspiracy theorist in the White House. Oh joy.

President Obama is determined to get this nuclear deal with Iran passed, despite the fact that a majority of Americans don’t want it.

But he’s never really cared what Americans think, has he?




House Speaker John Boehner’s health policy director is closely connected to the founder and CEO of StemExpress, the private company that buys aborted fetal organs and tissue from Planned Parenthood.

Boehner’s health policy director, Charlotte Ivancic, is the older sister of Cate Dyer, the founder of California-based Stem Express.

Stem Express, the buyer of Planned Parenthood’s fetal organs, is at the heart of the undercover video scandals — in the first video, its website and fetal organ order form are shown, and in the third undercover video released, a former technician for StemExpress says the company does “a huge trafficking in fetal tissues” and is “a pretty sick company.” The former employee says Cate Dyer, the president and founder of Stem Express makes “a lot of money.”

In a fourth undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress, currently blocked from release by a California court, StemExpressexecutives admit that “they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory” from the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics that supply them, according to the video maker, which could be prima facie evidence of a crime.

StemExpress is a “a multi-million dollar company that supplies human blood, tissue products, primary cells and other clinical specimens to biomedical researchers,” according to its website. In a now-removed portion of the site, the company provided an order form for fetal body parts, specifying the organs or tissues desired and the gestational age.


A flyer for the company advertises the financial benefits to Planned Parenthood of a partnership with StemExpress. “By partnering with StemExpress, not only are you offering a way for your clients to participate in the unique opportunity to facilitate life-saving research, but you will also be contributing to the fiscal growth of your own clinic,” reads the flyer. “The stem cell rich blood and raw materials that are usually discarded during obstetrical procedures can, instead, be expedited through StemExpress to research laboratories with complete professionalism and source anonymity.”

StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer’s sister, Charlotte Invancic, distinguished herself in May as “The Boehner Staffer Who Got the ‘Doc Fix’ Done,”according to a National Journal article that touted her work negotiating a bipartisan Medicare fix with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

In the Journal article, Boehner’s chief of staff Mike Sommers praised Invacic’s political skill. “I knew going in she was probably one of the best healthcare minds on Capitol Hill,” said Mike Sommers, Boehner’s chief of staff. “What I didn’t fully appreciate was her political skill. She also has the capacity to evaluate the political scenarios around the deal. I think that’s what makes her invaluable to the speaker.”

Invacic came to the Hill after she studied health law at Boston University and worked as a laboratory administrator in Children’s Hospital Boston’s tissue-engineering department after college. “Her first Hill job was in the office of then-Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina,” reports the Journal. She eventually moved to Rep. Paul Ryan’s team, until she joined Boehner two years ago.

For his part, Boehner said he thought he’d “vomit trying to talk about” the first video, which shows Planned Parenthood executive Dr. Deborah Nucatola discussing where she can best “crush” a fetus to preserve organs for sale. “It’s disgusting,” said the House speaker. He ordered an investigation into Planned Parenthood.