CBO hasn’t officially investigated the cost of Obamacare since the summer of 2012

The real cost of Obamacare will be hundreds of billions of dollars more than expected, Republican members of the Senate Budget Committee now say, and will greatly increase the federal deficit during the next decade.

Contrary to claims made by the White House, United States President Barack Obama’s hallmark health care plan will actually have a tremendous toll on the government, GOP members of the SBC committee allege in a new report.

According to an analysis of data received by the Congressional Budget Office, Senate Republican say so-called Obamacare won’t reduce the federal budget deficit by $180 billion by 2019 as predicted, but will actually set the US back another $131 billion in the hole.

The CBO hasn’t officially investigated the cost of Obamacare since the summer of 2012, Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) says in the report, and complications in the two-plus years since have, according to his group’s analysis, caused costs to change tremendously.

“The most recent CBO estimate, released in July 2012, indicated the law was projected to reduce the deficit by $109 billion over the 10-year period from FY 2013–2022. Nevertheless, considerable changes have occurred since then: a botched rollout of the insurance exchanges; unilateral changes made by the Administration to exempt certain groups from complying with key aspects of the law; technical adjustments to CBO’s baseline projections for federal health spending; updated economic forecasts; a better understanding of the labor market effects of the legislation; and a new 10-year budget window,” the report reads in part. “Together these changes have significant implications for the sign of the deficit impact of the Democrats’ health law.”

“[I]f nothing had changed since 2012,” the report continues, “then the legislation would be projected to reduce the deficit by $180 billion” by 2024.

After reviewing new data, however, that number changes drastically. In all, GOP analysts say the difference between the 2012 prediction and the latest analyses amounts to $311 billion.

“Altogether, the SBC Republican staff analysis finds that after taking these significant changes since 2012 into account, the Democrats’ health care law will increase the budget deficit by $131 billion over the current 10-year budget window (FY 2015–2024),” the report finds. “This estimate is arrived at by taking the $180 billion in projected deficit reduction from the CBO 2012 extrapolation and then accounting for the lower net cost of the coverage provisions ($83 billion), the lower estimated federal health care savings under the plan ($132 billion), as well as the lower projected revenue levels when including the labor market effects of the legislation ($262 billion).”

Meanwhile, other figures concerning Pres. Obama’s Affordable Care Act could fluctuate in only the next coming days: although Americans were allowed to begin enrolling in the healthcare program last October 1, this time around they will have to wait until November 15 — 11 days after the upcoming mid-term elections.

“This is more than just a glitch,” Tim Phillips, president of free-market Americans for Prosperity, said in a statement last week. “The administration’s decision to withhold the costs of this law until after Election Day is just more proof that Obamacare is a bad deal for Americans.”

Last year’s scheduled launch of the ACA was ultimately marred by a number of incidents, including major problems with the program’s website and the inability for many people to retain old insurance providers. In July 2014, a survey conducted by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation determined that 53 percent of respondents viewed the ACA unfavorably.

VIDEO: Watch Obama Say Something 16 Times, and Then Deny Ever Saying It

Obama has been getting slammed for prematurely ending the war in Iraq, for no other reason than to score political points, only to see all of the work that our troops have done there collapse and for terrorists to move in. Now he’s desperately trying to convince everyone that he never said he ended the war in Iraq. Uh, OK, Barack. You sure about that?

In 2008, then candidate Obama promised to end the war in Iraq. In 2010, President Obama did just that, precipitously pulling all U.S. troops out of Iraq, despite warnings against such action, and despite the Iraqi Army being far from ready to stand on their own.

During the 2012 election, Obama repeatedly, ad nauseam, reminded everyone who would listen that he personally had ended the war in Iraq, proud that he had fulfilled his campaign promise.

Of course, now that the Islamic State has arisen to fill the vacuum left when our troops pulled out, and the country has descended into a brutally violent mess, Obama is attempting to rewrite history, claiming leaving Iraq was “not my decision,” and blaming the entire mess on Bush, as he has a tendency to do.

Everything is always Bush’s fault with Obama, even a decision that Obama made long after Bush was out of office. 2016 just can’t get here fast enough.

Obama Should Take A Lesson On Immigration From Australia


By Robert Gehl
October 14, 2014

The Obama Administration could learn a lot from Australia on immigration.

The country has taken a very tough stance against illegal immigration – promising to deport anybody landing on their shores and assuring possible immigrants that the rules won’t change anytime soon.

In a message to possible illegal immigrants, Australia Customs released a video outlining their hardass policy.

The poster – above – sends a strong message – “NO WAY – YOU WILL NOT MAKE AUSTRALIA HOME.” The stated intent is to stop rampant human smuggling. In the video, General Angus Campbell warns potential immigrants that not only will they be deported, but that smugglers’ promises they will be taken to New Zealand are not true – that no smuggling boat has ever made its way to New Zealand.

The policy is called “Operation Sovereign Borders.”

Asylum seekers who travel by boat without a visa will not end up in Australia. The rules apply to everyone; families, children, unaccompanied children, educated and skilled. There are no exceptions.

Australia is serious about protecting its borders and will stop anyone who attempts to come illegally by boat.

The OSB Joint Agency Task Force is delivering a range of offshore communication activities to inform people considering travelling to Australia illegally by boat that the rules have changed, they should not believe the lies of people smugglers and there is no way they will make Australia home.

Yup. We could learn a thing or two from our friends Down Under.

Blame game begins in US after nurse infected with Ebola


A leading US health official sparked controversy after saying it is “deeply disturbing” that a Dallas nurse became infected with Ebola while caring for a patient, arguing that many US hospitals are ill-prepared to handle the virus.

In America’s first test case in dealing with Ebola outside of Africa, the US medical community has not performed as well as expected. A female nurse who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, who arrived in the US last month from Liberia, became the first person to contract the disease inside the United States.

Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), blamed a break in protocol as the reason for the transmission.

“The healthcare workers who cared for this individual may have had a breach of the same nature,” Frieden said in a press conference Sunday. “It is certainly very concerning and it tells us there is a need to enhance training and make sure protocols are followed.

“The protocols work… but we know that even a single lapse or breach can result in infection.”

The worst Ebola epidemic in history, which has already killed over 4,000 people, broke out in West Africa in March. Since then, medical officials have been sounding the alarm that the disease may spread like wildfire around the planet.


Meanwhile, despite having had “extensive contact … on multiple occasions” with Duncan, who died on October 8 in an isolation unit, the Dallas nurse was reportedly not among the nearly 50 individuals being monitored for the disease, which has a 21-day incubation period.

“It’s deeply concerning that this infection occurred,” Frieden said. “We can’t let any hospital let its guard down.”

Frieden’s comments sparked controversy among some medical officials, who argue that the transmission occurred due to a systemic failure, in that not all hospitals are prepared to handle such severe cases. Others questioned the timing of the criticism.

“You don’t scapegoat and blame when you have a disease outbreak,” said Bonnie Castillo, a registered nurse and a disaster relief expert at National Nurses United, as quoted by Reuters. “We have a system failure. That is what we have to correct.”

Castillo blamed the problem on a lack of communication between the medical authorities and the thousands of medical facilities across the United States.

In preparation for an emergency, hospitals “post something on a bulletin board referring workers and nurses to the CDC guidelines. That is not how you drill and practice and become expert,” she said.

CDC spokesman Tom Skinner said it may consider designating hospitals in each region to handle any Ebola cases.

“We’ve been doing a lot over the past few months, but clearly there is more to do,” he said. “The notion of possibly transporting patients diagnosed with Ebola to these hospitals is not something that is out of the question, and is something we may look into.”

In August, American doctor Kent Brantly recovered from the Ebola virus after contracting the deadly disease in Liberia. He was treated with the blood plasma of an African child who had survived the virus, as well as with the experimental drug, ZMapp. Another US doctor, Rick Sacra, also made a full recovery from the virus last month after receiving blood plasma transfusions from Brantly, in addition to another experimental drug called TKM-Ebola.

READ MORE: Scientists in Russia developing three Ebola vaccines – Health Ministry

Meanwhile, the Spanish nurse infected with Ebola, Teresa Romero Ramos, is in a stable condition and showing signs of improvement, the Spanish government has said.

Health official Fernando Simón told reporters that the presence of the virus in Ramos’s blood appears to be decreasing. “We have high hopes that the infection is under control,” he said.



“What role did his lack of privilege play in the treatment he received?”


Rev. Jesse Jackson joined Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price Tuesday in labeling the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, the United States’ first Ebola patient, as racism.

According to Price, who first made the accusation to reporters earlier this week, the first dismissal of Duncan from the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was due to racism and lack of “privilege,” not error by medical staff.

“It is historical what has happened in this community,” Price said. “If a person who looks like me shows up without any insurance, they don’t get the same treatment.”

Jackson also repeated the sentiment later that day in a piece for The Huffington Post, arguing that Duncan was treated more as a criminal rather than a patient.

“Duncan has a foreign accent, black skin, and no health insurance,” Jackson wrote. “From a theological perspective, Thomas Eric Duncan is one of our brothers described by Jesus as the ‘least of these.’ What role did his lack of privilege play in the treatment he received?”

In response to the comment, state and federal authorities announced that an investigation into the hospital’s practices could take place.

Speaking with CBS Dallas, Texas Health Resources spokesperson Candace White staunchly denied the claim.

“Duncan was treated the way any other patient would have been treated, regardless of nationality or ability to pay for care,” she said. “We have a long history of treating a multicultural community in this area.”

Similarly, liberal journalists have now begun to claim that the term “#Obola,” a viral meme used to point out the President’s failed response to the virus, is racist as well.

“The attempt to diffuse any criticism of Obama by playing the race card is by no means a new phenomenon, and has been utilized innumerable times over the years to demonize opposing voices,” notes Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson.

While the countless fumbles and delayed response from health officials should absolutely be questioned, local residents were hard pressed to follow Price and Jackson’s narrative.

“How is this a race issue? The man lied! He’s a health risk,” Dallas resident Stephanie Nealey Presby said. “Still gave the man antibiotics, so they did render services! As far as how the man is being treated, why don’t his family show some sympathy for the several individuals he came in contact with from 4 DIFFERENT AIRPORTS and in DALLAS COUNTY?!?!?”

While the treatment of the black community, most notably by the government, should be taken into consideration in certain scenarios, Jesse Jackson’s history of absurd racial comments, including the claim that a black man is not a true black man if he votes against Obamacare, continue to delegitimize real racial issues.