ALERT: 99% Of Americans On Holder’s ‘Gun Ban’ List Have 1 Thing in Common…

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I think all of you will agree, ERIC HOLDER IS A COMPLETE SCUMBAG! Brian Terry lost his life along with many others as a result of his failed FAST AND FURIOUS ‘program’ that was designed solely to take away American’s 2nd Amendment rights by means of fear mongering and deceit.

We get the idea that guns need to be kept out of the hands of dangerous criminal’s hands. But that is not what Obama and Holder and the rest of these gun grabbing commies are focused on.

They are focused on the average American. They are targeting Veterans as well.

Washington Times reports:

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee wants Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to explain why a Department of Justice gun ban list has a “mental defective” category consisting almost entirely of names belonging to military veterans and their dependents.

“It’s disturbing to think that the men and women who dedicated themselves to defending our freedom and values face undue threats to their fundamental Second Amendment rights from the very agency established to serve them,” Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, said in a statement Wednesday. “A veteran or dependent shouldn’t lose their constitutional rights because they need help with bookkeeping.”

Mr. Grassley outlined his concerns about the list to Mr. Holder in a letter dated this week. It included various failures by the Department of Justice – including the inconsistent application of standards and weak due process protections — that have led to the Department of Veterans Affairs adding “a disproportionate number of names” to the federal gun ban list.

All federal agencies are required to report names of individuals who are dangers to themselves or others to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System’s “mental defective” category — a status that prevents them from owning or possessing guns.

That means that veterans “are particularly singled out,” Mr. Grassley said. Those veterans should not be required by the Department of Veterans Affairs “to prove that they have the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” he said.


Conservative Tribune adds:

How did the VA become responsible for regulating gun ownership? And why are our veterans, who were entrusted to use all kinds of weapons to protect our nation in war, deemed not responsible enough to own firearms on the home front to protect themselves and their families?

Just when we think Obama and Holder could not come up with more absurd decisions and policies, they raise the bar of ridiculousness a little higher.

Prevent our former military personnel from using guns? Unfortunately that’s not a joke. It’s just the Obama administration in action.

Mad World News has this:

We have Muslims returning from slaughtering unbelievers with the Islamic State in Syria, and they are welcomed back into the welfare system with open arms, yet the soldiers who’ve risked everything and sacrificed much return to find that the weapons they were worthy enough to fight with for our nation’s benefit, but not worthy enough to protect themselves and their own families.

Until we can forsake political correctness and fear of seeming intolerant in order to defend those who’ve defended our lives, we can never expect to keep those same Constitutional rights with which we look to them to protect.

We couldn’t agree more. This is completely outrageous and these liberal gun grabbing idiots need to go bitch about global warming, endangered trees or dolphins and stay the hell out of our business! 

One Illegal Alien Cost One North Carolina County More Than $100,000

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In 2003, the Durham city council enacted Resolution 9046, which forbids police officers from inquiring into a suspect’s immigration status, unless they are believed to have committed a “serious crime,” such as rape, murder, etc.

This policy has not only the full support of Mayor Bill Bell, but that of Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez as well.

One inevitable result of such a policy is an influx of foreign criminals. So, how much is it costing Durham County?

According to the Durham County Budget Office, the daily cost of housing an inmate in the county jail is $98. What follows is the list of inmates being held in the Durham County Jail with ICE holds (as of May 7, 2014):

Aguilar, Edwin Norberto-Valle

Date Booked: 5/6/2014

Charge(s): DUI

Time in Jail: 1 day

Cost: $98

Chaves, Silvestre Alvarado

Date Booked: 5/9/ 2011

Charge(s): Rape, Murder

Time in Jail: 1,084 days

Cost: $106,232

Contreras-Palacio, Alfredo

Date Booked: 4/16/2014

Charge(s): Indecent Liberties w/Child, Kidnapping

Time in Jail: 22 days

Cost: $2,156

Escribanio, Chontal Oasis

Date Booked: 3/29/2014

Charge(s): Two Counts of DUI

Time in Jail: 39 days

Cost: $3,822

Garcia, Jose

Date Booked: 10/13/2013

Charge(s): Statutory Rape, Three Counts of Indecent Liberties w/Child, incest, crime against nature

Time in Jail: 206 days

Cost: $20,188

Gomez, Jose Andres-Amador

Date Booked: 1/6/2013

Charge(s): DUI, Assault w/Deadly Weapon

Time in Jail: 486 days

Cost: $47,628

Lopez, Rafael Inzunza

Date Booked: 1/22/2014

Charge(s): Six Counts of Drug Trafficking

Time Jail: 105 days

Cost: $10,290

Luriano-Sanchez, Manuel

Date Booked: 4/1/2014

Charge(s): Drug Possession w/Intent to Sell

Time in Jail: 34 days

Cost: $3,332

Machado, Hector Cruz

Date Booked: 11/13/2013

Charge(s): Three Counts of First-Degree Rape of a Child, Three Counts of Indecent Liberties w/Child

Time in Jail: 175 days

Cost: $17, 150

Martinez, Irving

Date Booked: 12/14/2012

Charge(s): Assault w/Deadly Weapon, Attempted Murder, Robbery, Drug Possession, Gang Activity

Time in Jail: 509 days

Cost: $49, 882

Perez-Alejandre, Jose Luis

Date Booked: 1/16/2014

Charge(s): Assault w/Firearm, Three Counts Assault w/Deadly Weapon w/Intent to Kill, Robbery, Larceny, Resisting Arrest

Time in Jail: 111 days

Cost: $10,878

Ramirez, Sergio Rodriguez

Date Booked: 4/3/2014

Charge(s): Trafficking in Cocaine, Resisting Arrest

Time in Jail: 34 days

Cost: $3,332

Rojas, Fidencio

Date Booked: 10/1/2013

Charge(s): Cruelty to Animals, First-Degree Sex Offense w/Child

Time in Jail: 218 days

Cost: $21,364

Sanchez-Rios, Jose

Date Booked: 8/27/2013

Charge(s): Drug Trafficking

Time in Jail: 253 days

Cost: $24,794

Torres, Francisco Santos

Date Booked: 7/14/2013

Charge(s): First-Degree Sex Offense w/Child

Time in Jail: 297 days

Cost: $29,106

Walii, Hussein

Date Booked: 4/7/2014

Charge(s): Assault on a Female

Time in Jail: 30 days

Cost: $2,940

Zuniga, Guzman Arnold

Date Booked: 4/6/2014

Charge(s): Assault on a Female

Time in Jail: 31 days

Cost: $3,038

It should be noted that these were not necessarily all of the illegal aliens currently being detained in the Durham County Jail, as it often takes several weeks or months for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to issue a hold, after the detainee is reported by sheriff’s deputies. For instance, an ICE hold was not returned for 92 days for Jose Sanchez-Rios, after he was booked for drug trafficking.

Remember, these costs were incurred by only one county in North Carolina. There are 100 counties within the Tarheel state.

*As for the $100,000 man (Silvestre Alvarado Chaves), he was eventually put on trial, convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 16 and a half years in prison, with a projected release date in 2024. He is currently incarcerated at the Maury Correctional Institute in Greene County, NC.

View this illegal aliens current custody info…

It is obvious that illegal aliens are bankrupting cities and counties across the country, while liars such as our current president continue to speak of the “vast contributions” these invaders bring to our once sovereign nation.


OUTRAGEOUS Your Tax Dollars Paid for Boston Bomber’s Family’s Trip to U.S.

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Survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing are outraged after learning that family members of convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were flown to the U.S., put up in a hotel and provided with extensive security – all paid for with taxpayer dollars.

“Fox and Friends Weekend” broke down the numbers, and they are shocking.

Anna Kooiman reported that it cost $2,500 per person to fly to the U.S. from Amsterdam, $200 per person a night at the hotel, $100,000 for round-the-clock security, plus lawyer fees.

“[This] shouldn’t surprise you because you’ve been paying for it since day one,” Tucker Carlson said. “Mrs. Tsarnaev was brought here along with her boys, the ones she claimed that were wronged, at your expense.”

“They claimed asylum and then they immediately went on welfare. They’ve been living at taxpayer expense on the dole all these years, and now their extended family is doing the same.”

Kooiman pointed out that the reason the federal government is spending all this money and going through all this trouble is to be sure that the appeals process does not happen over and over again.

The 12 jurors who found Tsarnaev guilty on all charges now have to decide whether he will be sentenced to death or life in prison. The verdict must be unanimous. A divided jury would result in a life sentence for Tsarnaev.

“They want to get it right the first time,” Kooiman said. “It’s unfortunate, though, what is the result.”

Muslim Says Paying Back $32K In Student Loan Interest Is ‘Against My Religion’… Gets BRUTAL Response

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I’m sure in a religion where blowing up a bunch of people can get you several dozen virgins, some sort of loophole can be arranged…


Well, this is a new one: a student who converted to Islam since his time in university now claims that it’s against his religion to pay back the loans that he accrued to pay for his schooling.

Amir, a Seattle-area student who wrote to financial blogger Steve Rhode, the “Get Out of Debt Guy,” said that his religion forbids loans that involve interest.

However, Rhode gave Amir a religious smack-down, telling him that his position on student loans might jeopardize his entrance into the afterlife.

Amir had, according to his letter, taken out $32,000 in student loans from a company that then sold his loans to Sallie Mae (now Navient). Thanks to some deferments, Amir’s $32,000 has now exploded into $64,000.

“My conditions have changed I was born into Islam however never knew much about my religion. Since 2012 I have been learning more about my faith and it is strictly forbidden in my faith to have dealings with interest,” Amir wrote.

“I am offering to pay off the original amount I owe however due to religious reasons would like them to recognize that my awareness and conditions have changed from the time of originally accepting the loan with Citi-Student Loan Corp and not even with them at Sallie Mae.

“Can I get the interest wiped out and close this account and case with just paying the original amount borrowed?”

I’m impressed. Who could have thought the religion of peace could be so cynically used in a temporizing fashion?

Unfortunately for Amir, Rhode was having none of it.

“Asking any lender to adjust their terms and conditions after the fact for religious reasons is just not going to happen,” Rhode wrote.

“You’ve also learned a painful lesson, the damage caused by deferment is enormous,” he added. “Most people think it is an innocent time not to make payments and get a payment vacation. In fact it just puts the debt in turbo and the interest causes the balances to explode.”

Rhode then told Amir that, if he were actually motivated by religious reasoning, he might want to pay that loan off posthaste.

“(I)f your faith is guiding your repayment then you’ll have to seek wise counsel on how to deal with what (an) imam told me. He said, even those that borrowed with interest, are obligated to repay their entire debt and if they don’t they will be prohibited from entering paradise when they die,” Rhode wrote.

“How you overcome that little issue is above my pay grade,” he concluded.

I’m sure in a religion where blowing up a bunch of people can get you several dozen virgins, some sort of loophole can be arranged. However, don’t expect Sallie Mae to buy it.

And don’t expect us to buy it, either.

h/t: EAGNews

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