The List of Obama’s Attacks on our Republic

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By Onan Coca / 21 August 2014

I just got a great reminder email from Niger Innis, the Director of the Tea Party.Net. The reminder is of all the evil done to our nation by President Obama and his minions. Here’s the short list from the folks at theTeaParty.Net.

Black Panther voter intimidation. RESULT – DOJ looked the other way, no charges filed, no prosecution.

Failing to label the Fort Hood shootings as a terrorist event. RESULT: Victims are denied Purple Heart benefits and many are hurting for money while the terrorist shooter Nidal Malik Hasan receives over $278,000 from the government in salary.

Running untracked guns into Mexico to gangs and drug cartels in the botched Fast & Furious gun running operation in an attempt to attack the Second Amendment. RESULT: Death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican citizens.

benghazi-liarsDenying help to Ambassador Stevens and his team at Benghazi. Choosing to fall asleep while they were under attack. RESULT: FOUR dead Americans

America will either survive this thrashing by Barack Obama or she will wither away and be but a mere memory. Are you willing to look your children and grand-children in the eye and say to them, “I wish I could have done more for your freedom?” Stand with us in this fight for freedom and the future of America.

Benghazi Cover-up. Out of control czar appointments. Lavish vacations. ObamaCare.

Apologizing for American exceptionalism. Bowing before our enemies. Insulting our friends. Advertising food stamps in foreign countries. Suing states for daring to exercise Constitutional state sovereignty.

Bankrupting the country by doubling the debt. Bypassing Congress and ignoring our system of checks and balances. Collection of DNA samples after any arrest regardless of whether you are actually charged with a crime.

Race baiting. Pitting Americans against each other. Funding the Muslim Brotherhood with taxpayer dollars. Failing to call terrorism what it is.

Using the IRS as a political weapon to harass and intimidate Tea Party groups and conservatives. Attacking reporters for doing their jobs. Seizing phone records of the press. Seizing phone records of millions of innocent Americans. Rewarding liars, thieves, and crooks with prominent cabinet positions.

Wow, that is quite a list…


How Does the Arab Spring Look Now?

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The brutality that is ISIS has revealed itself in so many ways. Over the last week, ISIS has killed hundreds of Yazidi men while taking hundreds of women and children hostage.

It was reported by CNN on Wednesday night that 130 US “assessors” camped out to evaluate the situation on Mount Sinjar north of Mosul in northern Iraq. They were to determine over that 24 hour period how many Christians, Yazidis and Kurds are stranded on the mountain.

But this is not even the crux of the disaster. The issue at hand is that we and the world had an opportunity to prevent this from happening in late 2010, all of 2011 and most of 2012 during the so-called Arab Spring. Many, including me, recognized it for what it was: an opportunity for Islamists, under the guise of overthrowing Islamic dictatorships, to seize control of the media to spin their narrative of gaining their liberty and freedom from the yokes of suppression.
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Obviously, our media and our government, led by Barry and the leaders of both parties, bought the lie hook, line and sinker. Since that time, bin Laden was killed, Egypt overthrew two governments, Libya overthrew Khaddafi and became a terrorist haven, Syria has been involved in a civil war where 170 THOUSAND people have died, the US, withdrew, uhh, abandoned Iraq, where ISIS has established a mini-caliphate and finally, US Ambassador Chris Stevens and four members of his security detail were assassinated on the 11th anniversary of the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor on 09/11/2012.

Yet, Barry and his stooges all continue to insist the world is a better place since the US has drawn down its presence in the Middle East, that ISIS is a ragtag group of farmers and shopkeepers just an annoyance to the (failing) Iraqi government, which caused its problems by its lack of inclusiveness

Really? I guess it must be true because Barry said so, and of course, he wouldn’t lie to the American people for political reasons, would he?

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Except for this. ISIS and its affiliates are committing barbaric, savage, inhuman, and evil acts of torture equal to or worse than any done by Hitler and the Nazis, Saddam and his thugs, Milosevic and his. They have raped, beaten, beheaded and crucified women and children, as well as men, for not submitting to ISIS’ will.

And Barry and the gang? Well, vacations from the world’s problems are priorities, of course. They have all worked so hard making the world a better place for humanity, haven’t they? In fact, Barry and his former SecState, Madame Hillary, attended a function at Vernon Jordan’s home for a job well-done.

I guess the ostrich-like act works well. Too bad Iraq and the entire Middle East are infernos. Maybe Barry needs a real wakeup call, like watching the entire Iraqi government be assassinated by ISIS under his watch.

But wait! In his warped thinking, they would deserve it. And it would be George Bush’s fault for not negotiating a SOFA before he left, even though there were three years to go after he left to get it done.

I just hope we don’t soon see American soldiers hanging on those crosses. Will the media give Barry a pass then? I pray not!

So much for the freaking Arab Spring.