Clueless masses flock to socialist nightmare

Alex Jones | – FEBRUARY 5, 2016

Alex Jones breaks down and exposes the true superclass that is pulling the strings behind the world stage and uncovers the hellish nightmare that is socialism and communism.

Bernie Sanders is a genocidal maniac.

President Gimme dat.

Bernie Sanders lies about the wage gap!

Bernie Sanders calls for Class Warfare. Hillary Debates over who is the bigger Progessive

Published on Feb 5, 2016

(AFPNews)The Debate over two Political Theories: Socialism versus classic Liberalism (Both Conflict Theories and Democratic/Oligarchical ideologies) and the meaning of ‘Progress’ (Dialectical Materialism and Individualism versus the Collective).

Bernie looks scared of women to me, but he makes points from time to time. I enjoyed the video posted of Bernie vs. Greenspan on youtube. As for Hillary, there is NO “insinuation.” She made big money from big banks and has her picture with Lloyd Blankfein. She’s on the banker payroll. And what is her record of “getting things done?” What has she accomplished?

Bernie wins and this is some sort of editorialized click-bait to push one side on an agenda not to tell the full story.

Bernie Sanders’ Yearbook Photos

Published on Feb 5, 2016

Jimmy reviews some of Bernie Sanders’ high school yearbook photos.

You can make fun of every other candidate for irrelevant reasons, but not MY Bernie!

Think about it. Sanders is the best that the democratic party could come up with to go against Hillary? The guy is too old. The Democrats are playing the American people for fools. Hillary is Establishment and they’ve got her set up for the presidency. The American people are stupid to vote for this woman. Don’t do it.

If he’s 79/75 right now and, just as his actions would portray, he’s already senile, just imagine what he’ll be like at 83.

And Hillary Clinton will be 69 if she wins. 5 Years isn’t that much of a difference.

making fun of communism is always fun

Liberals are butthurt.