BREAKING: DHS Official Gave Special Favors To Hillary Clinton’s Brother


Alejandro Mayorkas, the former director of U.S. Customs and Immigration Services, favored projects championed by Nevada U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, and Hillary Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham, according to an explosive new report from the Department of Homeland Security inspector’s general (IG).

The IG concluded its investigation into whether Mayorkas, now the deputy secretary at DHS, “exerted improper influence” in the adjudication of the Employee-Based Fifth Preference (EB-5), which allows aliens to invest $500,000 in U.S. companies in order to gain residency for themselves and their families.

And indeed, the IG determined that Mayorkas did improperly exert his influence, and on behalf of companies with ties to Reid, McAuliffe, and Rodham.

“Mayorkas communicated with stakeholders on substantive issues, outside of the normal adjudicatory process, and intervened with the career USCIS staff in ways that benefited the stakeholders,” the report reads, noting that in each of those cases the outcome would have been different if not for Mayorkas’ intervention.

The report also noted that more than 15 USCIS employees at all levels conveyed “the same factual scenario: certain applicants and stakeholders received preferential access to DHS leadership and preferential treatment in either the handling of their application or petition or regarding the merits of the

The IG, which began its investigations in Sept. 2012, also found that the number and variety of witnesses was “highly unusual” and characterized Mayorkas’ level of intervention as “unprecedented.”

In one case, Mayorkas intervened on behalf of GreenTech Automotive, an electric car company controlled by Gulf Coast Funds Management. McAuliffe was chairman of Gulf Coast’s board while Tony Rodham was CEO.

In an unrelated case, Rodham’s position with Gulf Coast earned him a spot on the board of a gold mining company with interests in Haiti. Rodham met the owner of that company, VCS Mining, at an event for the Clinton Global Initiative, his sister’s charity.

The IG report shows that Mayorkas became involved in the Gulf Coast’s application in July 2010. He opposed USCIS employees’ decision to deny the company’s EB-5 visa applications, though staffers felt that the GreenTech project fell outside of the scope of the program and that it was “really not so good of a project.”

But McAuliffe pushed for EB-5 and continuously called and met with Mayorkas on the matter. According to the IG report, after Gulf Coast’s application was initially denied, Mayorkas took a deep and special interest in the project, telling staff that he would personally oversee it. During one meeting, he shocked staffers by saying that he would take materials related to the application home so that he could work on the case.

Many USCIS staff believed that Mayorkas’ interest in the project indicated that Gulf Coast was “wired in” to the agency.

In early 2013, Mayorkas backed off of his hands-on involvement with the application. But it was understood within the agency that he still hoped to see its application approved. On Jan. 29, 2013, Rodham sent Mayorkas sent an email regarded processing delays. Mayorkas forwarded the email to staff with a “high importance” designation, according to the inspector general.

Gulf Coast’s fourth amendment for application was approved in Feb. 2014.

Transparency Failure: Obama Sets Record for Refusing to Release Government Files (IF THIS PRESIDENT WAS A REPUBLICAN, DO YOU THINK HE WOULD GET A PASS FROM THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA?)*


Remember when Obama first came to the White House claiming that he would have the most ethical and transparent administration in history? Well, it turns out not so much. In fact, Obama has set the record for refusing to obey the Freedom of Information Act by releasing requested documents to the media and watchdog groups.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.04.08 AM
When Obama first came to office in 2009 he and his flacks promised to have the most ethical administration ever. But now we find that Obama won’t even follow the law.

The Obama administration set a record again for censoring government files or outright denying access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press.

The government took longer to turn over files when it provided any, said more regularly that it couldn’t find documents and refused a record number of times to turn over files quickly that might be especially newsworthy.

It also acknowledged in nearly 1 in 3 cases that its initial decisions to withhold or censor records were improper under the law — but only when it was challenged.

Its backlog of unanswered requests at year’s end grew remarkably by 55 percent to more than 200,000. It also cut by 375, or about 9 percent, the number of full-time employees across government paid to look for records. That was the fewest number of employees working on the issue in five years.

Obama has been the most corrupt president in history and that is really saying something with Bill Clinton being a still vibrant memory.

Whistle-Blower: State Department Employees Who Don’t Sign Separation Agreement Face Dire Consequences

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Failure to sign a formal separation agreement can have dire consequences for rank-and-file State Department employees, an agency whistle-blower told The Daily Caller.

That is in stark contrast to what happens to top-level officials such as former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton if they refuse to sign the separation form, OF-109.

Ramifications for lower-level State Department employees include the withholding of retirement benefits and possible investigations conducted by the agency into why employees declined to sign the form, whistle-blower Richard Higbie says.

By signing OF-109, agency employees affirm that they have turned over all records — classified or unclassified; emails or physical documents — pertaining to official government business.

Whether or not Clinton — who used a private email account hosted on a private server to conduct official business — signed the document when she left office in Feb. 2013 was finally answered on Tuesday by State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Psaki said that it does not appear that Clinton signed the document when she left the agency.

She added that it does not appear that Clinton’s predecessors, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, signed the exit document either.

Though signing OF-109 is listed in the Foreign Affairs Manual as one of the requirements outgoing employees must fulfill before leaving the agency, Psaki sought to downplay the issue.

“We’re not aware of any penalty for not signing it,” she told reporters. “It’s not a violation of any rule.”F

“It’s not clear that this form is used as a part of a standard part of checkout across the federal government or even at the State Department,” she continued. “We’re looking into how standard this is across the federal government and certainly at the State Department.”

But Higbie strongly disputed that claim, saying that while it may not have consequences for officials like Clinton, career agents have to sign the form.

“You don’t have a choice,” he told TheDC. “They will not give you your retirement benefits if you don’t sign the separation agreement.”

Higbie, a 17-year veteran of the agency who works as a criminal investigator, spoke to TheDC about the agency’s double-standards regarding how top-level officials versus career employees are treated.

“There’s a big distinction between a secretary appointed for four years and specialist government employees or full-time department employees,” Higbie said. Full-time employees “have to sign the [agreement],” he said.

“If you don’t sign the separation agreement any pay that’s coming to you, any retirement benefits or anything you put into 401ks, none of that’s going to come to you if you don’t sign the separation agreement,” Higbie said.

The ramifications for not signing OF-109 can go beyond even that, Higbie claims.

“If you don’t do the separation agreement they can then initiate investigations as to why you’re not doing that,” he said.

“And further, if you don’t sign that agreement not only can you not get your benefits they can then look at proceeding with a termination from you versus a separation from you because you didn’t complete the required steps of separation.”

TheDC filed a Freedom of Information Act request last week for OF-109 records for Clinton and several of her top aides.

Report: Hillary Email Story Leaked by Closest Obama Adviser to Sabotage Nomination Run

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Repeating allegations he made on Fox and Friends earlier this week (video below), Ed Klein has written in the New York Post that sources tell him President Obama’s closest adviser Valerie Jarrett was the behind the leaks of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail address during her time as secretary of state. According to Klein’s contacts, the email leak is part of a Jarrett-led Obama effort to deny Hillary the Democratic nomination for president.

And, there may be more scandals coming, according to Klein:

[A]t Jarrett’s behest, the State Department was ordered to launch a series of investigations into Hillary’s conduct at Foggy Bottom, including the use of her expense account, the disbursement of funds, her contact with foreign leaders and her possible collusion with the Clinton Foundation.

Six separate probes into Hillary’s performance have been ­going on at the State Department. I’m told that the e-mail scandal was timed to come out just as Hillary was on the verge of formally announcing that she was running for president — and that there’s more to come.

Apparently, the latest round of political infighting was instigated by the 2014 mid-term elections. Klein’s sources say Valerie Jarrett felt that it was the Clintons behind the multitude of Democratic Party candidates keeping the President at arms length during their campaigns. Jarrett felt that attitude was behind the party’s awful showing, and that it was created by the Clintons to wrest the party leadership from the hands of the Obamas.

According to sources, Jarrett, with the Obamas’ blessing, is now using her power to break the kneecaps of Hillary’s presidential ambitions. 

After the Democrats took a shellacking in the midterms, the White House scheduled a meeting with Hillary Clinton. When she showed up in the Oval Office, she was greeted by three people — the president, Jarrett and Michelle Obama.

With his wife and Jarrett looking on, Obama made it clear that he intended to stay neutral in the presidential primary process — a clear signal that he wouldn’t mind if someone challenged Hillary for the nomination.

“Obama and Valerie Jarrett will go to any lengths to prevent Hillary from becoming president,” a source close to the White House told me. “They believe that Hillary, like her husband, is left of center, not a true-blue liberal.”

Many conservatives might disagree with that claim. According to Klein, Jarrett and the Obamas are encouraging more liberal candidates to enter the 2016 Democratic Party race.

“With Obama’s approval,” this source continued, “Valerie has been holding secret meetings with Martin O’Malley [the former Democratic governor of Maryland] and [Massachusetts Sen.] Elizabeth Warren. She’s promised O’Malley and Warren the full support of the White House if they will challenge Hillary for the presidential nomination.”

The sources for Klein’s story say Bill Clinton is “furious” about the leak:

My contacts and friends in newspapers and TV tell me that they’ve been contacted by the White House and offered all kinds of negative stories about us,” one of Bill’s friends quotes him as saying. “The Obamas are behind the e-mail story, and they’re spreading rumors that I’ve been with women, that Hillary promoted people at the State Department who’d done favors for our foundation, that John Kerry had to clean up diplomatic messes Hillary left behind.

Then, according to this source, Bill added: “The Obamas are out to get us any way they can.”

Battles between the Obama and Clinton camps are a favorite topic of the NY Post reporter whose  2014 tome, “Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas,” was based on the premise the two political camps have been battling ever since the contentious 2008 primary race. 

In that same book, Klein described Jarrett as being so close to the Obamas that she reportedly moved permanently into a room in the family’s private quarters, referred to by the White House staff as “the Residence.”

Jarrett’s power in the White House has been corroborated by other media sources. After the recent mid-terms, the  NY Times said she was:

“a driving force in some of the most significant domestic policy decisions of the president’s first term, her persuasive power only amplified by Mr. Obama’s insular management style.”