Beheading swords as souvenirs: ISIS ‘opens gift shop’ in Mosul

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Pictures of a gift shop in northern Iraq selling a whole range of souvenirs with Islamic State logo on them have emerged on social media, suggesting the extremist group has made yet another step to becoming a full-fledged state with relevant attributes and functions.

Following the recent publication of a tourist guide on its realm, the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is providing the on the ground infrastructure that a potential sightseeing traveler would expect from a major city. Images appearing in Arabic social media on Sunday show a souvenir shop in Mosul filled with IS black flags, baseball caps and clothing featuring the group’s logo.

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Side by side with them Kalashnikov assault rifles can be seen, as well as gun accessories and swords similar to those used in some of the notorious execution videos that IS frequently releases.

Mosul is the de-facto Iraqi capital of Islamic state. The lightning-strike seizure of the city in the summer 2014 provided the previously relatively unknown group with a few billion dollars of cash stored in local banks and a large arsenal of US-provided weapons, including tanks and helicopter gunships that the fleeing Iraqi army left behind.

IS declared itself a state shortly afterwards, a claim that was internationally rejected as ludicrous. In a year that past since then the entity that sprawls across a great part of Syria and Iraq has become relatively state-ish, producing a functioning bureaucracy to back its fighters in the field. It’s a brutal authority that expels or slaughters those it sees unfit, but it has found things to offer the subjugated population.

The militants for example maintain a form of social security, covering damages sustained from warfare – either from its own fighters requisitioning vehicles and other resources or suffered from airstrikes of the US-led coalition.

One thing I’ve repeatedly heard from Syrian refugees is that ISIL moves very quick to restore basic services and provide compensations to civilians whose property has been damaged by the coalition airstrikes. There is a wide-spread perception in the contested areas of Syria that coalition airstrikes are doing more damage to civilians than they are to ISIL targets,” Mara Revkin, Political science professor at Yale University, told RT.

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IS has voiced plans of introducing its own currency. The group brings not only the back-to-basics version of Islam for its ideology, but also a large skill pool of former Baathist functionaries, who saw their livelihoods hurt under the US-backed Shiite government and are making a bid for a comeback as part of IS. Former Saddam officials provide the talent for Islamists’ military HQs and civilian administrations.

This is a group that is absolutely committed to developing a state, expanding their state, so this is not merely symbolic. It’s both in developments and it is also a state that’s on a continuous war-time footing, fighting a war on multiple fronts, so I think it’s much better understood as an ongoing revolutionary organization,” Andrew March, associate professor of political science at Yale told RT.

Keeping the machine running costs, and IS group’s budget is estimated to get up to $100 million in revenue. A large portion of it comes from smuggling oil through Turkey or Iraq. Taking toll from passing caravans trafficking illegal goods is another one. A big chunk comes from squeezing wealthy people by kidnapping them and holding for ransom and other forms of raiding.

Islamic State has built an empire, functioning as both a company and a state: selling oil and trafficking precious art while building a formidable army,” Middle East political analyst Catherine Shakdam told RT.

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Opening souvenir shops, issuing IDs and minting currency are all important elements in building that empire, analysts believe, suggesting that more attention should be given to the role that civilian support plays in the rapid expansion of IS.

The extent to which IS continues to expand and control new territory depends not so much on the actions of external actors like the Coalition, but primarily on IS success in winning support and cooperation from civilians in the areas it’s already controlling and governing,” Revkin says.

*(AMERICANS SAY NO DEAL)* – Poll: Majority wants Congress to reject Iran nuclear deal

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Despite President Obama’s high approval rating, a majority of Americans want Congress to reject the recently-negotiated Iran nuclear deal.

Obama’s approval rating sits at 49 percent — the highest it has been since June 2013 — however, 52 percent of Americans say they would like to see Congress reject one of the president’s biggest foreign policy accomplishments in recent years. Forty-four percent say it should be approved, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

A definite partisan gap exists about desires for the nuclear deal with Iran, which was announced earlier this month: 66 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of independents say Congress should reject it. However, roughly six in 10 (61 percent) of Democrats say the deal should be approved.

An age divide also exists about the nuclear deal: 52 percent of those age 18-34 say it should be approved, while 56 percent of those 35 years and older say the deal should be rejected.

Though Obama’s job approval stands at 49 percent, 47 percent of Americans still disapprove. Optimism about the economy remains low: Just 41 percent of Americans say the economy is in good shape, while 59 percent say it is poor. Fifty-two percent had an optimistic view of the economy in April.

The telephone-based poll of roughly 1,000 U.S adults was conducted July 22-25 with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The historic deal reached roughly two weeks ago between Iran, the U.S., Britain, China, Germany and Spain gives Tehran sanctions relief in exchange for curbing its nuclear program. It has faced mostly opposition from Republicans, who control Congress, and have roughly 60 days to approve or reject it.

*(GENTLE GIANTS FOR A TUESDAY)* Black Lives Matter Netroots Mob: “Burn Everything Down”

Published on Jul 27, 2015

In rarely seen angle on the [Black Lives Matter mob takeover] of a NetRoots Nation Presidential Town Hall last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona activists from the group scream explicit calls for violence and chaos, using an Occupy Wall Street style call-and-response technique to advocate “burn everything down”, “shut this shit down” and “rise the fuck up.”
The shouted manifesto lays bare the theory behind the burning, looting, and rioting that happened in recent months in Baltimore and Ferguson and it also lays out the group’s agenda on current news events like immigration reform, transgender activism and the fables about the death of convicted criminal Sandra Bland that the group is spreading through the media.
The nascent Black Lives Matter movement can’t claim that these statements were made by a few fringe members: the entire rant was orchestrated by Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisee Cullors, who can be seen in the video enthusiastically pumping her fist and shouting along with every incendiary statement.

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Every American Needs To Hear What This Latino Just Said About Trump On Live TV

During Trump’s visit to the Mexican border on Thursday, she waged her own war of words with anti-Trump protesters.


Mexican-American Rosa Palacios said she likes the sound of the truth, and she likes Donald Trump for saying it. During Trump’s visit to the Mexican border on Thursday, she waged her own war of words with anti-Trump protesters at the event and forthrightly defended Trump to a CNN reporter.

“I like what he’s doing. I love what he’s gonna be doing,” she said, in contrast to other Latinos gathered in Laredo, Texas, to protest Trump. “I’m praying for all of his intentions. What he’s talking about and what he’s going to be doing, I hope they go through.”

When Trump announced his presidential candidacy in June, he said: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. … They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

The comments brought strong reactions from the Latino community.

“It’s scary, not just what he says, but in terms of people supporting that,” reacted Albuquerque, N.M., resident Teresa Guevara.

However, even at the time, there were dissenting opinions from the Latino community.

“Finally somebody got up there and said what needed to be said,” Edward Morfin told the Los Angeles Times.“He said what everybody’s thinking but is afraid to say out loud.”

At the scene of Trump’s border visit Thursday, Megyn Kelly reported that the CNN reporter had to double-check Palacios’ ethnicity to make sure she was a Mexican-American. She reported that the CNN reporter than asked Palacios if she was insulted by Trump’s assertion that many undocumented Mexicans are rapists and killers.

“No, sir, not at all,” Palacios said. “He’s talking just about the truth.”

I Will Not Apologize For Being Born White In America !

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It truly makes me sad that in the 21st century race relations in the United States of America are at their lowest point since the end of the Civil War. What is even more troubling, is that it should not be like this . America is not perfect, but as a nation we have never stopped trying to live up to the ideals of our forefathers that were set down over 200 years ago. Americans are not quitters, if we are knocked down, we get right back up and continue to keep striving to be a better nation. A nation that has set the standard of excellence and is a shining beacon of hope to all others who live under tyranny and oppression.

Sadly, there are those that want us to believe that we are NOT special, that we are not a good and moral people. Sadly, the man chosen by his country to lead us into a new and golden age, a man of color who was supposed to bring all people together, is nothing more than a small minded, greedy and petty individual. Barack Obama was supposed to be “the one” to heal all of our wounds and lead us into the light. Sadly, Barack Obama is dragging us down into the mud. He is not a moral man and he possesses no qualities that make him able to do anything more than be a garbage collector. He, of all men is living proof that any man, regardless of the color of his skin, can rise to the greatest heights in our nation. Yet he is the very personification of all that is wrong and continuously pretends to be a victim and convince others that they too are victims of racial hatred.

His election as president of the United States of America is proof of the exact opposite. Yet he feels that he has to change everything about the United States…why ? What was so wrong with this nation that compels him to attempt to transform America into a third world, communist banana republic ? One can only surmise by his actions, that deep down in his heart he actually has nothing but hatred and contempt for the nation and people that made him the most powerful man on earth.

During the last six years he has stoked the fires of racial hatred to such a point, that Americans are more distrustful of each other than they have ever been, more so than even during the Civil War. One would almost believe, that he is actually trying to antagonize the American people into tearing each other’s throats out. Black against white, man against woman, poor against rich and straight against gay. He has spent the last six years creating such mistrust and hatred, one would almost believe that by his actions he cannot stand this country or what it stands for.

Now, during the 21st century I am supposed to feel shame because of the color of my own skin, that I have been a recipient of some imaginary “privilege” just because I’m “white” ? And there are those among us, who have such low self-esteem that they actually believe this line of bullsh*t ! They are even teaching our children that they and all of their family, whether they know it or not, have been oppressive towards people of color and they should feel guilty for something that none of them have ever done ?!?


I have a newsflash for all of those black people who believe they’re a “victim”. The Civil War ended in 1865, 150 years ago. The Union prevailed and slavery was abolished. Not one single black person today was alive when it happened. The statute of limitations has run-out and nobody “owes” you a damn thing ! You can be anything you want to be…even president of the United States. So knock-off with trying to put a guilt trip on the rest of us, because we weren’t there either and did not cause you any offense.

Instead of pretending to be a victim, try acting like an adult and take responsibility for your own actions. Instead of complaining about how sh*tty your life is, be an adult and make your life better, you have that power. And quit listening to hate mongers who only want to make a buck off of you, they’re NOT your friends just because their skin color is the same as yours. Send bastards like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and Barack Obama packing, because believe it or not, the only way for them to make a living is for you to be miserable.

Remember this, we are all members of the same race…..the HUMAN RACE !


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Reforms and action needed urgently as fears over Greece, high unemployment, structural flaws and a still-shaken bank sector slow growth

by THE GUARDIAN | JULY 27, 2015

The International Monetary Fund has warned the eurozone faces a gloomy economic outlook thanks to lingering worries over Greece, high unemployment and a banking sector still battling to shake off the financial crisis.

The IMF’s latest healthcheck on the eurozone found it was “susceptible to negative shocks” as growth continues to falter and monetary policymakers run out of ways to help. It called for an urgent “collective push” from the currency union to speed up reforms or else risk years of lost growth.

“A moderate shock to confidence – whether from lower expected future growth or heightened geopolitical tensions – could tip the bloc into prolonged stagnation,” said Mahmood Pradhan, the IMF’s mission chief for the eurozone.

Near-term fillips such as the European Central Bank’s (ECB) massive money-printing programme, low oil prices and a weak euro could only spur the economy for so long, IMF staff said after its annual discussions with eurozone policymakers. In the Fund’s view the medium-term looks subdued because of “a chronic lack of demand, impaired corporate and bank balance sheets, and deeply rooted structural weaknesses”.

The IMF’s review said: “The recovery is strengthening, underpinned by lower oil prices and the ECB’s expanded asset purchase programme. But the medium-term outlook remains weak, weighed down by the legacies of insufficient demand, lagging productivity, and weak bank and corporate balance sheets.

“As one-off factors driving the cyclical recovery fade, there is a risk that low growth and limited policy space leave the euro area vulnerable to shocks.”

Stagnation worries

The IMF warns the per-capita growth rate for the eurozone has fallen well below its pre-crisis level. (1991=100) Photograph: WEO; and IMF staff calculations

The IMF “mission” to the eurozone took place between 18 May and 3 June, long before an apparent stopgap to the the Greek debt crisis was hammered out this month. Since that deal to start talks on a new bailout for Greece, the Washington-based Fund has been fiercely critical of what eurozone leaders have offered to Athens and has called for substantial debt relief.

The Fund’s eurozone report, published on Monday, described the situation in Greece as “fluid” and as still “a key source of uncertainty”.

“To manage contagion risks, policymakers should stand ready to deploy, and if necessary adapt, the full arsenal of available instruments; the ECB in particular should ensure that banks continue to have access to ample liquidity and maintain orderly conditions in sovereign debt markets,” the report said.

It urged the ECB to stand ready to expand its quantitative easing (QE) programme, where it buys eurozone governments’ bonds using electronically created money, if financial conditions get significantly tighter and also said the scheme might need to go beyond September 2016, currently pencilled in as the end-date.

High unemployment

The IMF raises concerns about eurozone unemployment, with long-term and youth unemployment near historic highs. Photograph: IMF/Haver Analytics

The IMF is forecasting eurozone GDP growth of 1.5% this year and 1.7% next year. It expects inflation to remain close to zero this year and rise to 1.1%. The forecasters are gloomy about the prospects for a strengthening economy to lift employment in many eurozone countries. In the meantime, the unemployment rate remains high, above 11% for the whole eurozone and near 25% in Greece and Spain.

“The share of long-term unemployed continues to increase, raising the risks of skill erosion and entrenched high unemployment. High youth unemployment could also damage potential human capital, and give rise to a “lost generation’. While weak demand plays a major role, more spending on active labour market policies would help increase employment opportunities, especially for the young,” the report notes.

Bad loans

Bad loans
The IMF says high non-performing loans (NPLs) in some banks are eroding profitability and discouraging new lending. Photograph: IMF, Financial Soundness Indicators

The IMF’s other policy recommendations include helping to clean up bank balance sheets, which have in many cases been left with non-performing, or “bad”, loans after the financial crisis where the borrowers are no longer keeping up interest payments.

The Fund urges eurozone policymakers to do more, such as shake up insolvency rules, to get bad loans off banks’ balance sheets and so free up the financial sector to lend more. Stronger banks would also amplify the benefits of QE, the report says.

Benchmark or bust?

The IMF says using benchmarks, such as this one, would better measure how countries are performing and “reduce excessive discretion”. (EA stands for euro area) Photograph: IMF using OECD

The Fund also urges eurozone officials to find ways to better measure and encourage progress in areas of structural reform. For example, it wants the currency bloc to use benchmarks, such as how long it takes to launch a business or the number of days it takes to enforce a contract.

“Shifting to outcome-based benchmarking, stronger EU oversight with less discretion in applying existing rules, and better financial incentives for delivering on reform commitments could help accelerate progress on reforms,” the report says.

In a plea to better-off members of the region, the IMF calls for more measures to stimulate demand.

“Those countries with fiscal space, including from lower interest costs due to QE, should use it to raise investment and pursue structural reforms,” the report said.

Caliph Sanctions Beheading of Woman as ‘Wedding Present’

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The religion of peace ….. respect it!
“When you meet the unbelievers, strike them at their neck….” (Quran 47:4)

“EXCLUSIVE: ISIS leader al-Baghdadi sanctioned a woman to be beheaded as a WEDDING PRESENT for sadistic female Sharia judge,” By Nick Fagge In Southern Turkey For Mailonline, 27 July 2015 (thanks to Religion of Peace)
Leena, whose name has been changed, worked inside ISIS’s Sharia court
Decided to defect after female Sharia judge she worked for was ‘sentenced to be beheaded killed in brutal power struggle with female rival’
Another woman was executed for moaning about ISIS rule on WhatsApp
There are five British girls in ISIS’s Hisbah religious police and foreigner jihadis are given preferential treatment, she claims
Leena says foreign fighters as brave at first but realised they were only after ‘money, gold and slaves’
She crossed into Turkey six weeks ago and lives in constant fear that ISIS militants will hunt her down and kill her.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi personally sanctioned a woman to be beheaded as a wedding present for a sadistic female ‘judge’ in the terror group’s feared religious police, MailOnline can reveal.

The notoriously cruel woman asked to kill an unbelieving ‘infidel’ in return for taking a new husband following the death of her mujahedeen husband in a battle.

But al-Baghdadi insisted she could only take the life of another woman in line with the group’s strict segregation of affairs between men and women. He ruled she could cut off the head of another female ISIS judge who had been accused of spying – but who in reality had probably just fallen out of favour.
behead woman
Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.36.17 PM

This barbaric gift is just one of series of shocking claims made by a female defector from ISIS’ religious police, Hisbah – which rules the so-called Islamic State of around eight million people – with its own twisted and medieval interpretation of Sharia law.

During the harrowing interview, Leena – not her real name – gave an unparalleled insight into how the Islamic State is run.

She described the suffocating effect fear has in a society where children are used as informers, how one woman was given 80 lashes in public by ‘mistake’, the corrupt power struggle that led to her boss having her head chopped off, and the terrible treatment of Yazidi prisoners – given to ISIS fighters as sex slaves ‘to do with whatever they like’.

Leena revealed how there are five British women in the Hisbah, including converts, who are apparently given preferential treatment by the ISIS leaders. Among them was a blonde woman called Susanne and a red head called Fatima.

The ISIS defector told MailOnline: ‘When the foreign fighters and women first arrived we thought they were heroes. They had come to give their lives to fight for us, to fight for our freedom.’

But it soon became clear that they came for whatever ‘money, gold and slaves’ they could get. Leena branded them nothing more than rapists, looters and thieves.

As just one example of the horrors she saw on a daily basis, the 27-year-old mother-of-two told how a local girl was sentenced to death after the Hisbah discovered she had complained about life under ISIS in a WhatsApp message to her sister in Damascus.
Brainwashed: Leena (pictured) admits that she was won over by ISIS’ hardline brand of Islam at first, but the horrors and injustices that she witnessed forced her to flee from the ‘Caliphate’ with her family
Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.37.27 PM

In sad, hushed tones, Leena said: ‘It was nothing more than murder. They said she was connected to Assad’s regime, a spy.

‘She wasn’t receiving her salary and she could not travel to collect it. All she wrote in the text was “We are all under pressure”, “We can’t go on”, “We are in trouble”.

Because of that the judge, originally from Egypt, gave her the death penalty. They said she was a spy for the Assad regime.’The girl had been telling the truth. Despite the vast oil deposits nearby the town’s only electricity comes from diesel generators – controlled by senior ISIS members, called emirs. Air-conditioning can no longer offer families relief from the 50C summer heat. Water supply is erratic at best.Now in hiding and facing a life on the run, wide-eyed with fear, Leena said: ‘I was horrified by what I saw, the brutality and corruption. I left because I saw so many terrible things, so much destruction, beatings.’

Recently married and pregnant with her first child, Leena fled from fighting in Deir Ezzor, once a prosperous provincial town on the banks of the Euphrates River and now the centre of Syria’s oil industry, in September 2012, to a neighbouring village which became the ISIS regional HQ.

‘All we knew was we had to pray five times day and fast during Ramadan’, said Leena. ‘Before no one wore a niqab (face veil), we did not wear Islamic clothing and there was no rules about talking with strangers – men who were not close family members.’

Leena freely admits that at first she fell for ISIS’ hardline brand of Islam which they romantically painted as the true path for a Muslim.

Her community, like the majority of Syria and ISIS follow the Sunni branch of Islam and consider Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as a heretic because he is a member of the Alawites, an obscure sect within the rival Shia vision of Islam.

Leena became inspired to learn more about Sharia Law and completed an ISIS indoctrination programme.

‘We went around other villages to help people understand Sharia Law, to show them the way to follow Islam,’ she said.

Terror: The role she performed was not dissimilar to that of ISIS's all-female police force, the Al-Khansaa Brigade (pictured), who enforce strict Sharia law on the streets of Islamic State's adopted capital Raqqa

Promotion: As a reward for her work as a spy, Leena was offered a job working as a 'writer' for a Hisbah judge in the town of El Mayadin, near Deir Ezzor

As more foreign fighters flooded into the area, families gave up daughters and widows as brides to the arriving ‘heroes’.

‘My husband had joined the fighters. My friend explained I would get a salary of $200 a month and I could stay with my parents,’ explained Leena.

Smiling as she recalled her innocence, she described how she ended up joining the Hisbah in May 2013.

I did the training many times, looking for unbelievers. I would listen to what they [the recruits] said and report them if they said they did not like ISIS

‘I gave ‘bayah’ [an Islamic oath of allegiance], I joined ISIS, working for the Hisbah in the section that dealt with women. Their job is to uphold Sharia Law – to make sure women wear the niqab [face veil], wear the correct clothes and behave in the correct way with men.’

Her first mission was to infiltrate a Sharia training camp and spy on young women forced to adopt the strict Islamic code.

‘I did the training many times, looking for unbelievers. I would listen to what they [the recruits] said and report them if they said they did not like ISIS,’ she said.

The women who she informed on would be sent to the Sharia Court where they would be tried and faced punishment beatings. Leena would not be drawn on whether she felt responsible for the pain and suffering she inflicted on other mothers, sisters and daughters.

In return for her loyalty, she was offered a job working as a ‘writer’ for a Hisbah judge, a position similar to working as a clerk to an investigating magistrate – taking down statements from suspects, witnesses officers of ISIS’ religious police force, in the town of El Mayadin, near Deir Ezzor.

She worked for a female judge who ruled only on crimes committed by women in a Sharia court separate from that which would judge men for their alleged offences.

With salaries no longer being paid by the Assad regime, the $200-a-month offered by ISIS provided a lifeline.

War-torn: El Mayadin (pictured in April) has been ravaged by constant fighting with the Syrian regime which has reportedly attacked the town with car bombs

War-torn: El Mayadin (pictured in April) has been ravaged by constant fighting with the Syrian regime which has reportedly attacked the town with car bombs

Gruesome: In January, ISIS released images from the embattled town of El Mayadin where it claimed to kill and mutilate 11 civilians (pictured) for 'apostasy' - or abandonment of Islam

Punishments to the ‘guilty’ included fines for wearing ‘non-Islamic’ clothing, whippings or beating for ‘inappropriate’ association with men, chopping off hands for stealing, death by stoning for adultery and beheadings for treason.

However, she soon began to see terrible miscarriages of justice.

‘People have been condemned to death even when they are innocent. A woman was arrested for talking to a man in a shop. She explained that the man was her husband but the Hisbah officer did not believe her.

A woman was arrested for talking to a man in a shop and she said it was her husband. She was whipped like an animal – 80 lashes, in the main square in front of everyone. Later, she proved they were married

‘She was brought before an Egyptian judge, a monster, a devil. She sentenced the Syrian woman to a terrible beating. She was whipped like an animal – 80 lashes, in the main square in front of everyone.

‘Then the man turned up with his marriage contract and proved that she was his wife. But it was too late.’

She added: ‘The Egyptians and the Tunisians were nothing better than thieves. They did not care if someone was guilty or not, they would start to beat them before the judge had investigated their crime.’

The more zealous and vicious members of Hisbah would volunteer to carry out the punishments, usually in public to act as a graphic deterrent to the oppressed residents.

Leena claimed that she never took part in the floggings.

In the two years that Leena worked for the Sharia Court, countless whippings and beatings were doled out. She also said there were three amputations and one beheading that took place in the main square – all in a town of less than 85,000.

Other beheadings followed after she fled.

Leena said: ‘If there was a public beheading or amputation in the main square, I could not watch. I would see the head or the limb lying on the ground later, but I did not want to watch.’

During the four-hour conversation, the Muslim call to prayer echoed across the town in Southern Turkey where Leena had agreed to meet.

Brutal: Leena says three amputations (pictured) took place in the main square of El Mayadin during her time working for the Sharia court. It is usually a punishment ISIS doles out to people suspected of theft

Brutal: Leena says three amputations (pictured) took place in the main square of El Mayadin during her time working for the Sharia court. It is usually a punishment ISIS doles out to people suspected of theft

Execution: One beheading took place in El Mayadin (file photo) during her time in the town, and others apparently happened after she escaped six weeks ago 

Punishment: Leena claimed that she never took part in the floggings (pictured in Iraq) in the public square but she saw enough brutality in El Mayadin to convince her she needed to escape

It had taken intermediaries many days to convince her to open up and tell the truth about life under ISIS.

Dressed conservatively in a long black Islamic robe and with a light brown head scarf she arrived at the agreed location trembling with fear.

After several hours she opened up – offering a glimpse of what this once happy woman had to witness living in the ruthless shadow of ISIS.

The defector worked for a number of different judges but it was the fate of her boss – Um Abdullah al-Saud – that helped convinced her that she must abandon ISIS.

There was another judge, a Tunisian, Roaa Um Khotaba al-Tunisi, she was a real monster… For her wedding present she asked the emirs to cut off the head of a kuffar, an unbeliever

‘Um Abdullah was married with four children. She was kind,’ Leena said.

‘If the woman brought to her was poor she would give her a very small fine. One time she had to sentence a woman to a beating, so she beat the woman with her pencil so it would not hurt but still be within the law.

‘But there was another judge, a Tunisian, Roaa Um Khotaba al-Tunisi, she was a real monster. She was married to a Libyan fighter and he was killed in battle in Kobane. The ISIS leaders said she should marry again because she was young, maybe 30.

‘For her wedding present she asked the emirs to cut off the head of a kuffar, an unbeliever. Her request went to the top of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who considered it for a long time.

‘Finally he said she could have a prisoner beheaded, but it had to be a woman. At about the same time my judge, Um Abdullah, disappeared. She had been accused of being a spy, working for the Saudi Intelligence Services. She was captured and taken to jail.

‘The Tunisian, Roaa Um Khotaba Al-Tunisi, asked for head of Um Abdullah and she was sentenced to death.

‘When I asked others in Hisbah what she had done I was told not to ask, for my own safety.’

Leena is too frightened to say it but MailOnline understands that Um Abdullah is not a spy. She had been the victim of a power struggle within the Hisbah leadership in El Mayadin, which the the Tunisian ‘devil’ had won.

Armed: Leena told of how a woman was arrested by ISIS deadly Hisbah religious police (pictured in Iraq in 2014) because she touched a man's hand in a shop. The woman was sentenced to 80 lashes in public square

Force: In September last year, ISIS released terrifying images of its Hisbah religious police force standing guard outside an Islamic State prison in Iraq's Nineveh province (pictured)

Children became involved and corrupted by the strict laws and vicious punishments of the Hisbah – acting as informers.

Some of the Hisbah patrols had children as informers, children as young as eight,’ Leena said. ‘They would be paid to spy on other children.

‘There were children on the checkpoints – working with their fathers. The head of the street patrols was only aged 19.’

She explained: ‘One time a girl was accused of dressing inappropriately. She was tall but her mother said she was only nine-years-old. She brought her birth certificate to the court to prove it.

There were many foreigners in Hisbah… They all had Islamic names but two of them told me their old names, their Christian names – Maria and Susanne… Maria was blonde and about 30-years-old.

‘The child informers thought they would get credit from ISIS for accusing the girl of breaking the Sharia Law about dress – even though she was only a child. Fortunately the judge – my judge Um Abdullah – spared her and let her go.’

Leena revealed the privileged position Muslim converts held within the Hisbah structure, particularly five young British women she came across. They would travel the ‘Caliphate’ with senior ISIS leaders and were allowed to carry guns.

‘There were many foreigners in Hisbah – women from Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt and from Europe,’ she said.

‘There was a woman from Norway, one from Germany, a lot from France and five women from Britain.

‘Two of the British women spoke Arabic but not very well, and the other three could only say greetings – they were all Muslim converts.

‘They would criticise Syrians saying “you can’t do that” even though they had only been Muslims for three or four years.

‘They all had Islamic names but two of them told me their old names, their Christian names – Maria and Susanne. Maria was blonde and about 30-years-old.

‘Susanne was very beautiful her hair was between blonde and brown. I think she was a nurse because she had been treating injured fighters on the front line.

Terrified: Leena spoke to MailOnline in a town in southern Turkey (pictured) where she is on the run from ISIS

‘And then there was Aisha, who was blonde, Fatima who was a redhead, she knew about oil and I can’t remember the other girl’s name.’

She added: ‘They were with the emirs. They travelled around with them in their jeeps. They had been in Iraq and places in Syria for a few months at a time. They carried weapons with them, only foreigners are allowed to carry weapons.’

The Britons had been brought to El Mayadin to convert ‘heretical’ Yazidi prisoners who had been captured on Mount Sinjar in August last year, in one of the most shocking human tragedies of the Syrian conflict.

At first the foreign fighters were very brave. Now they are only interested in what they can get for themselves – money, gold, slaves

The Yazidis, who belong to a faith that has elements of both Christianity and Islam, were cornered by the advancing ISIS army as the world looked on helplessly. When ISIS over-ran their towns and villages they massacred thousands of men and boys and took the women and girls as slaves.

Leena said: ‘The emirs had captured maybe 200 Yazidi women but by the time they brought them to us there was about 100. The others had been given away as slaves.

‘The British tried to convince them to become Muslims. They told the Yazidis: “Why don’t you convert your faith to Islam, don’t be afraid. You will be happy as a Muslim”.

‘The Yazidis who converted to Islam were given to the emirs. They were treated better. The kuffar [infidels] were given to local fighters – to do with them whatever they wanted – sex, beating, death.’

Horrified by what she was seeing and hearing every day, Leena became increasingly disillusioned with the so-called Islamic State and tried to convince her husband that the young family had to leave.

Like his wife he had supported ISIS at first, as they battled against Assad’s regime.

But he later found that the foreign fighters were no longer the ‘heroes’ they had been – prepared to die to defend the Syrian people – but rapists, looters and thieves.

Escape: The captured Yazidis (file photo from Mount Sinjar last year) 'were given to local fighters – to do with them whatever they wanted - sex, beating, death,' Leena claims

Escape: The captured Yazidis (file photo from Mount Sinjar last year) ‘were given to local fighters – to do with them whatever they wanted – sex, beating, death,’ Leena claims

Leena said: ‘At first the foreign fighters were very brave. Now they are only interested in what they can get for themselves – money, gold, slaves.

‘They push local fighters into battle first and when they win territory they are most interested in stealing whatever they can.

‘When a local man dies they say ‘someone can now take his wife’.’

When Leena’s boss Um Abdullah was sentenced to death the family knew they had to escape.

She said: ‘You can imagine how frightened I felt because I was her writer [clerk]. I feared I would be next, be beheaded. I don’t know if she is dead or alive but I fear the worst.

We couldn’t bring our kids up under ISIS, letting them watch amputations and beheadings. When my oldest plays computer games he does not use a gun, he always uses a knife. I got him a song book, but he said: ‘I don’t want to sing, I want to fight’

‘I had been telling my husband that I had enough of ISIS, but he did not want to listen. After seeing the looting he agreed. A few days later  we left Syria.’

Using fake documents and disguised in old clothes and wearing full-face Islamic robes the family – including two children under five – fled El Mayadin.

Travelling by mini-bus they passed through the ISIS ‘capital’ Raqqa and into territory controlled by other rebel groups – relying on the compassion of their drivers and the militia soldiers to spare them.

They crossed the border into Turkey at the town of Kilis, six weeks ago.

Leena said: ‘I had my children on my lap and I was frightened for them, but we had to leave Syria because of them.

‘We could not bring our children up under ISIS – letting them watch amputations and beheadings. When my oldest plays computer games he does not use a gun he always uses a knife.

‘I got him a song book, but he said; “I don’t want to sing, I want to fight”.’

Although they are out of Syria, and away from the fighting, Leena remains frightened.

In constant fear that ISIS agents will find them and exact some terrible punishment, they are on the run in southern Turkey – changing addresses every three or four days.

She said: ‘Before the war I was a government administrator and my husband was a salesman. We married about one year before the revolution [in March 2011]. We had a nice house and a car, a Mazda.

Covert: Leena's (pictured) first mission was to spy on young women at a 'Sharia training camp' and find 'unbelievers' who would be sent to Sharia Courts where they would be tried and faced punishment

‘My husband liked to go fishing and hunting rabbits. We were happy. Life now is difficult, it is not safe. I don’t go out, except to buy provisions.

‘We cannot stay in Turkey. There is no work for Syrians and ISIS murder people here. We will go anywhere we can be safe, maybe Europe.’

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