UFO sighting in California? US Navy says ‘UFO’ was Trident II missile test

Published on Nov 10, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — The video is stunning. After a few seconds of being just a bright dot in the sky, the object erupts in an ominous, bluish, alien-esque light for close to 30 seconds. In a video that’s now been seen over three million times on YouTube, Julien Solomita (YouTube/JSOLO) rushes to the roof of his building just in time to catch the object that many believed was a UFO.

The mystery light over the ocean that illuminated the night sky on Saturday was, according to the U.S. Navy, a test fire of a Trident II (D5) missile launched from the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Kentucky. The launch, again according to the Navy, was scheduled but not announced due to its classified nature.

The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper reports that law agencies and media in San Diego were flooded with calls beginning around 6 p.m. that evening with callers reporting seeing everything from a flare to an atomic bomb explosion in the sky. Others reportedly believed it was part of the annual Taurid meteor shower which is currently ongoing, but astronomers immediately dispelled that theory.

While it’s understandable that many U.S. military activities are classified, do you think the U.S. Navy should have at least informed local area authorities so that they could prepare to react to the concerns of thousands who called in?


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I just want to thank the narrator for giving me grand huge laughs this morning. I love the voice.. : “OR WAS IT??”. Brilliant.

They knew good and well this would be visible to the public and at night easily misconstrued as something else. Top secret? Black bugdet operations are supposed to be well out of view of the public. This didn’t happen hundreds of miles out to sea, happened in view of heavily populated areas. They love to fuel public hysteria.

Nwo cover up . Of course

Who in the hell would think its a UFO? it looks nothing like a UFO. like more like a rocket or some shit

Stop asking questions, the government has everything under control.

That blue thing was spotted down in Mexico too.

do missils shine brightly colour blue?

Illegal Alien in Deadly Hit-and-Run Deported 6 Times

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 5.09.53 PM


A man allegedly involved in a deadly hit-and-run accident this week was previously deported six times from the United States and had been convicted on drug charges, Breitbart News has learned.

Ramon Horta-Jaime was arrested Tuesday after allegedly hitting and killing a man with his vehicle in Santa Ana while under the influence and with a suspended license.

A witness says he saw Horta-Jaime driving away after hitting Marcello Bisarello with his vehicle. The witness captured the driver just a few blocks down the road. Horta–who, according to police, has a prior DUI conviction–was under the influence and without a valid driver’s license, NBC 4 local news reported.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials told Breitbart News that records show Horta-Jaime was removed from the U.S. twice in 2001, then again in 2002, 2006, 2009 and 2012–a total of six deportations. ICE has placed a detainer request in order to take custody of Horta upon his release from jail.

The local news report further detailed Horta-Jaime’s past offenses. In 2001 he was convicted for sale and possession of a controlled substance and driving on a suspended license, for which he received nine months in jail. After serving his time, Horta-Jaime was deported.

In 2005 Horta-Jaime–back in the U.S. after three deportations–violated probation. In 2008 Horta-Jaime pleaded guilty to possession with intent to sell. NBC 4 reported that he received a two-year sentence for the crime.

Horta has also been convicted of battery and various other misdemeanor convictions.

ICE Spokesperson Lori Haley told Breitbart News:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has lodged an immigration detainer against Mr. Horta with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department requesting notification prior to his release, so ICE can make arrangements to take custody. Department of Homeland Security databases indicate Mr. Horta has been removed from the U.S. on multiple occasions, most recently in January 2012. ICE has had no contact with Mr. Horta since that time.

A search of current Orange County prison records shows Horta-Jaime was in custody as of midday Thursday. He was taken into custody on Tuesday after the alleged hit-and-run and was scheduled for an appearance in Central District Court on Thursday.

‘Praise Allah’: California stabber’s manifesto included beheading plot, Islamic prayers…



By Malia Zimmerman and Hollie McKay

Published November 06, 2015

A handwritten manifesto carried by a California college student whose stabbing spree Wednesday left four wounded bore names of his targets, a vow “to cut someone’s head off” and as many as five reminders to “praise Allah,” law enforcement authorities told FoxNews.com, while insisting that neither terrorism nor religion appear to be motives in the attack.

In the two-page document found in Faisal Mohammad’s pocket by the county coroner, the 18-year-old freshman wrote a numeric list outlining his plans of who he wanted to kill, and how, including beheading and shooting his victims, Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke told FoxNews.com

“No. 27 was to ‘make sure people are tied down,’ No. 28 was “sit down and praise Allah,’” Warnke said. “I remember seeing four or five times, scribbled on the side of the two-page manifesto, where he wrote something like ‘praise Allah.’”


The manifesto has not been released, but Warnke expects it to be within the next few days.

Mohammad’s intended bloodbath began around 8 a.m.,when he burst into his classroom with an 8-inch hunting knife. Police said it would have continued – and possibly claimed lives – if he hadn’t been interrupted by a construction team, and then shot dead by police.

“There was a gruesome statement he made about wanting to cut someone’s head off and kill two people with one bullet, and he planned to shoot the police,” Warnke said. “He did not have a firearm with him and didn’t seem to have a lot of experience with firearms because he thought he could kill two people with one bullet. He reminded himself in the list to raise the gun slowly. He scripted everything out in chronological order.”

But all law enforcement involved in the investigation, including Warnke, continued to maintain that there is no evidence Mohammed is tied to a terrorist group or was inspired by terrorists.

“There was nothing to indicate he was doing this because of Allah, or because he was going to be rewarded with 72 virgins, or because of ties to a terror group,” Warnke said. “He appeared to be a devout Muslim, on the strong side of the belief.”

The FBI is thoroughly investigating this angle, Warnke said.

“There was nothing on his computer or in his dorm room or in the manifesto to suggest any ties to terrorism or terrorists groups,” Warnke said.

As a wannabe killer, Mohammed was cold and calculating.

Mohammed slashed and stabbed four people, including two students, a student aide and Byron Price, a 31-year-old construction manager who intervened.

“He had a smile on his face, he was having fun, which is more the thing that bothers me,” said Byron Price, who was managing the construction site at the university for his family’s construction company.

Mohammed fled the classroom after he was overwhelmed by Price and another construction worker who was about to hit Mohammed with a ladder.

“He was banking on the fear factor. …His plan went haywire because people fought back,” Warnke said. “He got so befuddled at the activities that happened; it took the script away from him.”

Mohammed claimed in his manifesto he was angry over being kicked out of a study group.

“I think the first kid he targeted had something to do with the study group he was in but that is an issue I don’t want to speculate on because the campus police are looking into it,” Warnke said.

Byron Price, who was slashed in the abdomen and was hospitalized, is back at work today.

His father, John Price, told FoxNews.com he is proud of his son and hopes more people will be inspired to intervene should they be confronted with situations like this.

The other three victims are expected to survive.

While the victims’ names won’t be disclosed, law enforcement is investigating whether he had ties to the two students and aide he attacked.

Classes resumed Friday. Chancellor Dorothy Leland welcomed back students with a message to “practice kindness” and offer support to one another.

Mohammad, a resident of Santa Clara, had just turned 18 in October, and was studying computer science and engineering major at the Northern California college.

Mohammad’s family has not come forward and attempts to locate them were unsuccessful.


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.51.23 AM

Principal suggests a candidate’s race trumps all other factors in an election


A middle school principal is withholding the results of a recent student body election because they ‘weren’t diverse enough.’

Principal Lena Van Haren of Everett Middle School in San Francisco, Calif., said the candidates who were elected ‘weren’t representative’ of the ‘diverse student body.’

“That is concerning to me because as principal I want to make sure all voices are heard from all backgrounds,” she said in a letter to parents.

Van Haren also said she was calling a meeting with the student candidates and officials on Wednesday to decide how to make the election results ‘more diverse.’
The letter, of course, sparked outrage from parents.

“That should have been something [discussed] prior to elections and prior to the campaigning process,” parent Bianca Gutierrez told KTVU, adding that her son who was running in the election is now discouraged and no longer wants to be part of the process. “If we can’t teach them the right way it’s supposed to work, then we are really just letting our kids down.”

“My heart goes out to the kids because they’re confused still about the issue.”

And they should be because this is not how free elections work; the student body should decide who will represent them, not election officials.

With her policy, Principal Van Haren is simply mimicking how elections are ran in North Korea and other dictatorial regimes.

And the principal’s policy is inherently racist by suggesting a candidate’s race trumps all other factors in the election.

When will authoritarian leftists stop judging people by the color of their skin?

It’s unlikely they ever will because by dividing the population into racial groups, the political elite can maintain power by fueling racial tensions to keep the population fighting amongst themselves and not their common enemy: the state.

“We know that politically correct power elites control most of the big outlets of communication: the mass media, academia, Hollywood, unions, and so on, but how many people realize that the ultimate prize for agents of political correctness is control over our private lives and private thoughts?” former intelligence analyst Stella Morabito asked.



“We should cover people regardless of immigration status”


A California county voted Tuesday to restore primary health care services to undocumented adults living in the county.

Contra Costa County, which includes the cities of Richmond, Concord and Antioch, joins 46 other California counties that have agreed to provide non-emergency care to immigrants who entered the country illegally.

“Providing health care coverage to all is not only about the human morality issue that we should address, but also from a cost-effective point of view … this is absolutely the right thing,” said Jane Garcia, CEO of La Clínica de la Raza, which serves 25,000 patients in Contra Costa, many of them low-income Latinos.

Adult immigrants who are undocumented are not able to participate state health exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, but can get emergency care in hospitals.
The program is not full scope insurance, but will provide preventive care. Health care providers and other supporters say that increasing access to preventive services will cut down visits to the emergency room and save the county money in the long run.

“It will mean better health care access for all, improved public health, lower cost to our health care system, and it’s just the right thing to do for people, especially undocumented adults who are not covered under the Affordable Care Act,” said County Supervisor John Gioia, a supporter of the measure.

The movement to increase health care access to more residents has also made strides at the state level. In June, the California legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown announced a budget deal to provide public healthcare coverage for undocumented children from low-income families as early as May 2016.

A number of California counties were already covering children regardless of immigration status, says Tanya Broder, staff attorney at the National Immigration Law Center. That paved the way for the statewide agreement.

“California is one of the few states with a large immigrant population that recognizes that it makes sense to provide health care to immigrants ineligible for federal care,” said Broder. “And the state is taking steps to provide coverage to all residents, but it’s not there yet.”

At least two recent proposals to expand health coverage to undocumented adults have been unsuccessful in the state legislature. However, Broder believes the issue will resurface next year.

Alvaro Fuentes, executive director of the Community Clinic Consortium, led efforts to revive health care services for undocumented adults in Contra Costa County.

“Now, the conversation is not whether we should cover people regardless of immigration status. It’s how do we do it,” said Broder.

Washington, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia already provide health coverage for immigrant children. But D.C. goes even further. At the state level, only D.C. allows all qualifying residents, including the undocumented, to receive public health coverage through the DC Healthcare Alliance program, according to data from the National Immigration Law Center.

In its first year, the program, Contra Costa Cares, will assign up to 3,000 people a “medical home” at a community health center. Benefits will include regular physician check-ups, immunizations, a nurse advice line and mental health services.

Rosa Arriaga, 72, joined the dozens of supporters wearing “Health4All” t-shirts who packed the supervisors’ meeting. She buys over-the-counter medication to help ease the arthritic pains she feels in her knees and along her left arm, but hopes to get regular medical treatment for her asthma and depression as well.

“I have worked, paid taxes and never asked for anything from the government. But now I feel sick, and I need to see a doctor,” said Arriaga in Spanish. She has lived in Richmond for 24 years.

“It’s not just me. A lot of other people in the county need this program,” added Arriaga, who is currently unemployed and says she has trouble paying the rent for a single room she shares with her nephew.

The Cares program is being established as a year-long pilot program. It will benefit 16 percent of the estimated undocumented population in Contra Costa, about 19,000 people. Advocates hope the program will continue and be expanded after this first year.

The Board of Supervisors agreed to allocate $500,000 to Cares. In addition, three local hospitals — including Kaiser, Sutter Health and John Muir Health — have promised an additional $500,000 in funding.

Supervisor Candace Andersen cast the lone dissenting vote, saying that she worries that funding for the program is not sustainable.

“To me when you start a pilot program, you need to see where to go next, and I don’t see the funding in place right now,” said Andersen. “I’m very troubled that we are having to take half a million dollars from our general fund.”

Before the summer, only a few counties in California provided health care services to immigrants in the country illegally. In June, a group of 35 mostly-rural counties in California opted to cover all residents regardless of immigration status, according to the advocacy group Health Access. Last week, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors gave a thumbs-up to expanding health care services.

“Contra Costa is in good company in regards to this,” said Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access. “It’s a really important step forward.”

In California, an estimated 1 million undocumented immigrants remain uninsured, said Wright.

Pentagon labs may have mishandled plague bacteria – CDC

© Manuel Balce Ceneta

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating laboratories run by the US Department of Defense for possibly mishandling, and improperly storing and shipping potentially live plague samples.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered a plague sample in a freezer outside the containment area of the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center in Maryland last month, according to USA Today.

The sample was labeled inactive, yet the CDC “is conducting additional testing” for an ultimate determination on any potential infectiousness, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said, according to Stars and Stripes. The CDC is also investigating a strain of equine encephalitis discovered at Edgewood.

The public is not in danger from the plague or encephalitis specimens found at the lab, Army spokesman Dov Schwartz told USA Today. The conclusion was based on testing done on researchers who had worked with the specimens. Conclusive test results are expected by the end of September.

“These developments directly contributed to the Army’s decision to issue last week’s safety review and the extension of the existing moratorium on the handling of select agents and toxins,” the Army said.

The US Army announced last week that, out of caution, it was instituting a moratorium on all research activity at nine Pentagon labs that have worked with toxins, pathogens, and bacteria after an incident at a lab in Utah in which live anthrax was sent to 192 labs spread throughout all 50 states and nine other countries.

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The CDC’s investigations at the facilities led to the discovery of the plague bacteria. Cook could not confirm if the plague strain is related to Yersinia pestis, which led to the bubonic plague that killed millions in the 14th century, Stars and Stripes reported.

Facilities investigated by the CDC include the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, and three labs in Maryland: the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center, and the Naval Medical Research Center.

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The other five labs subject to the Army’s moratorium and safety reviews include the 711th Personnel Wing at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio; US Naval Medical Research Unit 3 in Egypt; US Naval Medical Research Unit 6 in Peru; the US Army Soldier Systems Center in Massachusetts; and the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Virginia.

“CDC has identified a number of transfers of concern involving multiple organisms,” the CDC said in a statement. “At this time, there is nothing to suggest risk to the health of workers or the general public.”


Most of the transfers were between Pentagon labs, the CDC said. The Army maintained that all materials had been handled properly, and that no researchers were exposed.

From April 1 to August 28, there were 11 cases of the plague reported in the US, which have resulted in three deaths. The victims were residents of Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah, with two cases connected to exposures at or around Yosemite National Park. The patients ranged from age 14 to 79, and nine of the 11 were male.