Arrests Announced for Murder of 9-Year-Old Chicago Boy



Chicago police have announced the arrest of one man and said that a warrant has been issued for another in the shooting death of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, a murder that saddened the city earlier this month.

Chicago was shocked over the murder of the boy in Chicago’s Gresham neighborhood.

Tyshawn Lee was playing basketball at a park next to his grandmother’s home on the afternoon of November 2 when a group of people began having an argument nearby. The child had joined the group at some point, but it is unknown if he knew any of them. As the argument grew, someone pulled a gun and fired several shots, at least two of which struck the child.

Almost immediately, though, Chicago police began to suspect that the boy was not just a bystander caught up in an argument but was targeted for death because his father was a gang member.

Now, three weeks after his shocking death, one man has been arrested for Lee’s murder.

On Friday CPD Superintendent Garry McCarthy said that Corey Morgan, 27, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Superintendent McCarthy also reported that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Kevin Edwards, 22. Edwards is also being sought in connection with the murder.

“This is a crime that shook our city,” McCarthy said at his Friday morning press conference.

*(GENTLE GIANTS IN CHIRAQ)* – Chicago shooting: police arrest man linked to the murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee

Published on Nov 28, 2015

CHICAGO — Chicago police announced on Friday they arrested a man in connection to the murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee.

The man was identified as 27-year-old Corey Morgan and was charged with first-degree murder. Morgan was first arrested on November 17, but then released on bail, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Authorities said the child was executed in retaliation for his father’s gang ties, and that Morgan is a reputed member of the Terror Dome faction of the Black P Stones.

On November 2, at around 4 p.m., 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee was heading to a park to play basketball when he was lured into an alley near West 80th Street and South Damen Avenue.

There, he was shot in the right temple, and the bullet went through his left temple. The autopsy also revealed he was grazed in the back, right forearm and right hand, Chicago Sun Times reported.

Lee is only the latest victim of gang-related violence. 

In 2012, Chicago was dubbed the murder capital of the United State with as many as 503, CNN reported. 

In 2014 the number decreased a little, but it was still higher than other big cities in the United States. It reported 411 killings, while there were 333 in New York, and 260 in Los Angeles.

This year, violence in Chicago has increased again. From January 1 to October 25 there were 391 murders, up 18 percent from the same period in 2014, Reuters reported.




By Mary Wisniewski and Nick Carey

HICAGO (Reuters) – Thousands of people marched on Chicago’s most prestigious shopping street on Friday, disrupting business on one of the busiest U.S. retail days, to protest the shooting death of a black teenager by a white policeman and the city’s handling of the case.

About 2,000 protesters, some holding signs reading “Stop Police Terror” gathered in a cold drizzle for the march on Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile,” which closed the major city street of Michigan Avenue to traffic on the traditional “Black Friday” shopping day after the Thanksgiving holiday,

Organizers said the rally, led by activist-politician the Rev. Jesse Jackson and several state elected officials, was a show of outrage over the October 2014 death of Laquan McDonald, 17, and what they see as racial bias in U.S. policing.

Protesters also called for the resignation of the police superintendent and a top prosecutor for what they see as foot-dragging and stonewalling in the case. It took the prosecutor 13 months to announce charges in the case on Tuesday and hours later, a graphic video of the shooting was released to comply with a court order.

The police officer who shot McDonald 16 times, Jason Van Dyke, 37, was charged with first-degree murder and denied bail until a second hearing next Monday. Van Dyke’s lawyer has said the officer opened fire because he feared for his life and the lives of other police officers when he saw McDonald had a knife.

“It’s unconscionable that the police officer who killed Laquan McDonald was able to sit at a desk for over a year and draw a paycheck,” said James Hinton, 49, who joined the march holding a sign that read: “13 months, 16 shots.”

The protesters chanted “Stop the cover up, 16 shots,” as they marched along Michigan Avenue.

Shoppers on the second and third floors of a Crate & Barrel could be seen lining up along windows taking pictures with their phones of throngs of protesters in the streets.

Groups of protesters locked arms to temporarily keep shoppers out of a few stores, but there were no major disruptions.

“The protesters did take over the street for sometime today blocking stores but it seems to have been a safe experience thus far,” said John Curran, a vice-president of marketing for The Magnificent Mile Association.

“In commerce terms you can think of this as a snow day. There is going to be a loss of revenue today and we plan to make that up during the rest of the holiday season.”


Shortly before the rally, Chicago police said they had arrested and charged one man with the fatal shooting of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee and that at least two others were also involved.

The shooting was a separate incident this month that garnered much attention because police said the boy appeared to have been killed in an act of retribution against his gang-member father, along the father denied being a gang member.

Emergence of the police patrol car dashboard camera video of McDonald’s shooting had already sparked two nights of mostly peaceful and relatively small-scale demonstrations in the city, during which nine arrests were reported by police. Despite calls on social media for protesters to turn out for Chicago’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday, no rallies materialized.

City officials have given no detailed explanation for why the footage came without any discernible audio that is supposed to be recorded with the video.

African-American members of the City Council have repeatedly called for the resignation of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

“The mayor has made it very clear that he has my back,” McCarthy told a news conference.

“And if people peel away the onion on what’s happening right now in the policing world, you’re going to find a police department that’s doing an exceptional job,” he said.

A Facebook page posted by march organizers listed additional demands including the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate questionable circumstances in the case, and a special election to choose a new state’s attorney for the county.

Organizers also called for the ouster of anyone else found to be involved in misconduct surrounding the case, and the “demilitarization” of the Chicago Police Department.

POLL: TRUMP SURGES TO 42%… Says tough gun control laws in Paris contributed to tragedy…


BEAUMONT, Tex. — Donald Trump says the tough gun control laws in Paris contributed to the high death toll during a series of terrorist attacks on Friday. The attacks, he added, also reveal the danger in allowing Syrian refugees into the country.

“You can say what you want, but if they had guns — if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry — it would have been a much, much different situation,” Trump said to cheers during a political rally at an arena in southeast Texas on Saturday afternoon. “I hear it all the time, you know. You look at certain cities that have the highest violence, the highest problem with guns and shootings and killings — Chicago is an example, toughest gun laws in the United States, nothing but problems. So our country better get smart because we’re not smart right now.”

By making that comment, Trump doubled down on a message he tweeted in January, following a smaller-scale terrorist attack: “Isn’t it interesting that the tragedy in Paris took place in one of the toughest gun control countries in the world?” As that dated tweet recirculated on Friday evening, the French ambassador to the United States, Gerard Araud, tweeted at Trump: “This message is repugnant in its lack of any human decency. Vulture.”

[Donald Trump’s 95-minute rants on everything wrong in this election]

Trump started the rally by leading the crowd of several thousand in a moment of silence in remembrance of the 129 people killed in the Paris attacks, which the Islamic State terrorist group has claimed to have organized. Then Trump launched right into the politics of the attacks.

“What is going on is terrible,” Trump said. “And when you look at what happened in that case: It was just reported, one from Syria and our president wants to take in 250,000 from Syria.”

The crowd booed Syrian refugees for several seconds, then Trump began again: “No, I mean, think of it: 250,000 people. And we all have heart, and we all want people taken care of and all of that, but with the problems our country has, to take in 250,000 people — some of whom are going to have problems, big problems — is just insane. You have to be insane. Terrible.”

In September, Obama announced that he had directed the U.S. government to accept at least 10,000 refugees, not 250,000, from Syria in the next fiscal year, a six-fold increase over the number admitted this year to the United States.

After Obama’s announcement, Trump said later that month that if he is elected president, he will force all Syrian refugees to leave the United States. He has said that these refugees could be a terrorist army in disguise and cannot be trusted. Such comments have resonated with rally crowds across the country and did so again in Texas on Saturday.

[Donald Trump says Syrian refugees could be “Trojan horse” terrorist army]

“I think they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing,” said John Courts, 36, a Beaumont police officer who attended the rally with his 11-year-old son. “Bringing those refugees here is very dangerous. Yeah, they need help but it’s going to bring terrorism right into our front door.”

“I don’t want any of them here,” said Kendall Johns, 43, a Trump supporter at the rally who lives in Beaumont and works at an oil refinery. “I mean, send them to Mexico. Send them to Central America. Send them to South America. I don’t want them here.”

“I do not want them,” said Sheila Milbrandt, 49, a paralegal from Sour Lake, Tex. “We don’t know who they are. We don’t know their history. We don’t know if they’re terrorists just being funneled through these other countries. What do we know about them? We don’t need them here. America needs to take care of its own.”

During an hour-long speech, Trump also railed against illegal immigration, pledged to deport the millions of immigrants illegally in the country, promised to build a wall along the border but said he would continue to allow foreign workers with legal visas to work on farms.

Trump also invited relatives of four people killed by illegal immigrants onto the stage to share their stories, at one point comforting a woman who became emotional.

COMCAST Cancels Appointments On Chicago’s South Side Due To Crime…

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.19.07 PM

CHICAGO (CBS) — Complaints about cable companies are legendary, but an online rant against Comcast on Wednesday got a response, and revealed a little more about the company’s practices.

Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Michael Pfleger took to Facebook to complain Comcast had told St. Sabina Church it could not send a technician out to fix Internet service at their employment center, because of violent crime in the neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.20.08 PM

The post was shared hundreds of times, and five hours later, Pfleger posted that Comcast showed up after his complaint drew attention from social media and news media.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.21.13 PMA Comcast spokesperson told DNAinfo Chicago the company canceled the appointment at St. Sabina, and five other appointments in the area, after Chicago police warned them about a possible spike in violence in the neighborhood. The company said it was looking out for the safety of its employees, and rescheduled the appointments for Thursday.

9 False Things Obama Said About His Bio That Didn’t Cause a Media Feeding Frenzy



Ben Carson has seen an intense week of media scrutiny, particularly over afalse, now partially corrected story from Politico asserting the Republican candidate’s presidential campaign had admitted to “fabricating” a story regarding an offer of a “full scholarship” to go to the military academy West Point.

There are other stories regarding the famed neurosurgeon’s life that have drawn heavy fire from the news media. Some of these stories can be found in his 1990 best-selling, ghostwritten biography Gifted Hands.

One of them regards Carson’s account of being deemed the “most honest” student in a class at Yale referred to in his book as Perceptions 301, which was not offered at the time he attended the Ivy League school.

Another story under the microscope is his account of a “stabbing attempt” made on a person referred to in Gifted Hands as “Bob,” but whom Carson later clarified as a “close relative” whose identity he is protecting to prevent invasion of privacy.

After a week of intense vetting for the Republican primary candidate, Carson unleashed a heated rebuke of the news media for what he later characterized as a “smear campaign.” Carson said at the press conference:

“I do not remember this level of scrutiny for one president Barack Obama when he was running. In fact, I remember just the opposite.”

This brings up an interesting point: What are cases in the past when President Obama misstated points about his biography, but the media did not cause a national firestorm or characterize him as a pathological liar?

Here are nine cases.

1. “Obama’s Staff Corrects WWII Story” (New York Times)

In response to a question at a Memorial Day appearance in New Mexico, Mr. Obama said an uncle helped liberate the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz during World War II. The problem? That story didn’t track with history, considering Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet forces.

2. Selma Birth Connection (Independent Journal)

“[W]hen the president spoke before an audience in Selma back in 2007, Obama credited the civil rights march as the inspiration for his conception. The only problem with that, as conservative punditMichelle Malkin points out, is that the president was already three years old when the march occurred in 1965.”

3. “Obama Overstates Kennedys’ Role in Helping His Father” (Washington Post)

Addressing civil rights activists in Selma, Ala., a year ago, Sen. Barack Obama traced his “very existence” to the generosity of the Kennedy family, which he said paid for his Kenyan father to travel to America on a student scholarship and thus meet his Kansan mother.

The Camelot connection has become part of the mythology surrounding Obama’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. […]

It is a touching story — but the key details are either untrue or grossly oversimplified.

4. “Tale of British brutality toward Barack Obama’s grandfather probably untrue, book claims” (The Telegraph)

It is a harrowing tale of torture in a colonial prison in Kenya that is said to explain the President’s coolness towards Britain and even his removal of Winston Churchill’s bust from the Oval Office.

David Maraniss, the author of Mr Obama’s most comprehensive biography so far, said five associates of Hussein Onyango Obama doubt he was even jailed. One told him: “People make up stories”. […]

… Maraniss claims that while “incidents of that sort certainly happened”, it “seems unlikely” that Mr Obama’s grandfather was one such victim. “Five people who had close connections to Hussein Onyango said they doubted the story or were certain it did not happen,” he wrote in Barack Obama – The Making of the Man.

5. The heroic story of Obama’s step-grandfather dying while fighting the Dutch is untrue (New York Times)

Mr. Maraniss attributes some of the differences to the kind of family lore that is often exaggerated. He notes that the story about the death of Mr. Obama’s step-grandfather — allegedly killed while fighting Dutch troops in Indonesia — was “a concocted myth in almost all respects.” Mr. Maraniss writes that he died trying to hang drapes.

6. “Obama Lied About Mother’s Health Insurance Problem” (Commentary)

During the 2008 campaign and throughout the subsequent debate over his health care legislation, President Obama used his mother’s experience as a cancer patient fighting to get coverage to pay for treatment for what her insurer said was a pre-existing condition as an emotional argument to sway skeptics. However, a new book by New York Times reporter Janny Scott has revealed this story appears to be a fabrication.

The Times reports today (in a story buried on page 14 rather than on the front page) that during the course of researching her book, A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother, Scott uncovered correspondence showing “the 1995 dispute concerned a Cigna disability insurance policy and that her actual health insurer had apparently reimbursed most of her medical expenses without argument.” In response to inquiries, “a White House spokesman chose not to dispute either Ms. Scott’s account or Mr. Obama’s memory, while arguing that Mr. Obama’s broader point remained salient.”

7. Obama makes white Occidental College classmate “Regina” into African-American aka “composite girlfriend” (Washington Times)

“During an interview in the Oval Office, Obama acknowledged that, while Genevieve was his New York girlfriend, the description in his memoir was a ‘compression’ of girlfriends, including one who followed Genevieve [Cook] when he lived in Chicago,” Mr. Maraniss wrote in the new biography.

“In ‘Dreams from My Father,’ Obama chose to emphasize a racial chasm that unavoidably separated him from the woman he described as his New York girlfriend,” wrote the author, who interviewed the woman. “None of this happened with Genevieve. She remembered going to the theater only once with Barack, and it was not to see a work by a black playwright.”

Mr. Maraniss said the president acknowledged this scene did not happen with Ms. Cook.

8. President Obama’s “improbable love” narrative (Jack Cashill)

In all the talk about David Maraniss’ new book, “Barack Obama: The Story,” the chattering classes seem to have overlooked the most significant of Maraniss’ revelations, namely that the story on which Obama based his 2008 candidacy is “received myth, not the truth.”

“My parents shared not only an improbable love,” said Obama famously in his 2004 Democratic Convention keynote, “they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation.” This concept of multicultural romance shaped his persona and his campaigns. […]

As Maraniss concedes, these two young people shared very close to nothing. “In the college life of Barack Obama in 1961 and 1962,” writes Maraniss, “as recounted by his friends and acquaintances in Honolulu, there was no Ann; there was no baby.”

Although Maraniss talked to many of Obama Sr.’s friends, none of the credible ones ever so much as saw him with Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham.

9. Obama and his mother not “abandoned” by father in 1963 (Buzzfeed)

It’s in that context that Maraniss corrects a central element of Obama’s own biography, debunking a story that Obama’s mother may well have invented: That she and her son were abandoned in Hawaii in 1963.

“It was his mother who left Hawaii first, a year earlier than his father,” Maraniss writes, confirming a story that had first surfaced in the conservative blogosphere. He suggests that “spousal abuse” prompted her flight back to Seattle.

Obama’s own fairy-tales, meanwhile, run toward Amercan [sic] racial cliché.

At least 38 false accounts of President Obama’s life story were documented in just the Maraniss biography, as counted by Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith.

Additional falsehoods have been detected in Obama’s biographies, many of them apparently designed to further a narrative of overcoming racial adversity and an underprivileged life.

Yet the president has somehow weathered the furious storm of media outrage that attacked him as a “pathological liar.”

Oh, wait. That would be Dr. Ben Carson.