This Is How Frightening The Global Collapse Has Now Become


On the heels of the Nikkei plunging a jaw-dropping 11 percent in just 3 days, and the world banking system entering another round of panic, this is how frightening the global collapse has now become.

But first, a short-term note of caution…
From Investor’s Intelligence:  “(The) BULL/BEAR ratio is (now) at multi-year lows and lower than September/October, 2015 (see remarkable 10-year chart below).

If you look carefully at the chart above, that type of BULL/BEAR setup has led to violent rallies in the stock market, expect in extreme conditions, such as the global collapse of 2008 – 2009.

The Gold/Oil ratio just hit another all-time high (see stunning 70-year chart below)!

And finally…
KWN Zulauf I 2:6:2016Gerald Celente weighs in today:  Despite Deutsche Bank’s shares spiking today on the hype of a bond buy-back, the banking sector and fundamentals of the world economy remain at high risk. Global stock indexes have plunged into bear territory, currencies are crashing – and as commodity prices tumble, resource-rich nations going broke are begging the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to bail them out.

Neither “The Panic” nor the Global Recession, one of our Top Trends for 2016, will spare any country, large or small.

King World News - The Most Jaw-Dropping Thing About China's Financial Chaos Will Shock You!Crisis in China
For example, China, the world’s second-largest economy, has seen its Gross Domestic Product descend to 1990s lows. To stop capital flight of its rapidly falling yuan, the government depleted its foreign-currency reserves by over $200 billion since December. While China still holds $3.23 trillion in reserve, the IMF estimates the nation needs an estimated $2.75 trillion to manage its financial system, leaving it with only a $500 billion buffer.

King World News - Keep Your Seatbelt Fastened - Another Round Of Panic In Stocks Is LikelyAnd Japan
In Japan, the world’s third largest economy, after its central bank initiated its negative interest rate policy less than two week ago, shares of Japan Post Bank tanked 20 percent, and the Topix Banks Index lost 21 percent.

Germany, the world’s fourth-largest economy, had its top two banks, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, plunge in value by nearly 10 percent on Monday.

King World News -- Crash Warning - Public Has One Of The Highest Exposures To Stocks In The Last 30 YearsAnd In The UK & France
Also on Monday, in the fifth top economy, the United Kingdom’s Standard Chartered Bank fell 6 percent, Barclays was off 5.3 percent and HSBC was down 4 percent.

Since the start of the new year, French giant Societe Generale tumbled over 30 percent and BNP Paribas fell 20 percent. Italy’s two largest banks, Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo, have declined 43 percent and 28 percent respectively. Swiss-based Credit Suisse plummeted 40 percent and UBS is down 30 percent. Spain’s Banco Santander has fallen 15 percent since 2016 dawned.

And in America, the world’s largest economy, the KBW NASDAQ Bank Index is down nearly 20 percent since the year began. Among the big-bank stock losers, Morgan Stanley is down 29 percent; Citigroup and Bank of America are off 27 percent; Goldman Sachs is down 17 percent; and Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase are both down 14 percent.

The Panic is on
This unprecedented bashing of bank stocks is a clear signal of great financial distress — the causes and effects of which we have detailed in our Trends Journals, Trends Monthly, Trend Alerts and Trends in the News broadcasts. In addition, with central banks imposing negative interest rates, it is less profitable for banks to lend, thus reducing their earning power, and adding more downward financial pressure during a time of increased distress.

Trend Forecast: While down early today, gold is the safe-haven commodity in times of geopolitical and socioeconomic strife. We forecast that gold must remain steadily above $1,200 to reach its next breakout point, $1,400. Once stabilized above $1,400, we project a $2,000 range. ***Felix Zulauf’s remarkable audio interview, where he discusses the gold market and tells listeners exactly how they can avoid wealth confiscation as well as how the global collapse will unfold, and much more, has now been released and you can access it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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Zulauf mp3 2:6:2016

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‘End of Europe’: Trump slams Merkel’s refugee policy, wants good relations with Russia

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.08.01 PM

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has lambasted German Chancellor Angela Merkel for admitting hundreds of thousands of migrants, saying this could be “the end of Europe.” He also said America could have “very good relations” with Russia.

The real estate billionaire was speaking to the French conservative magazine Valeurs Actuelles, saying the German chancellor had made “a tragic mistake with the migrants.”

“If you don’t treat the situation competently and firmly, yes, it’s the end of Europe. You could face real revolutions,”Trump was quoted as saying, as cited by Reuters.

Merkel’s approval ratings have taken a nosedive and she has also received criticism from within her ruling coalition for her ‘open-door’ refugee and migrant policy, which saw an estimated 1.1 million asylum seekers arrive in Germany in 2015. Germany’s Economics Minister Gerd Muller stated in January that an estimated 8-10 million refugees could try to enter Europe over the coming years.

In a message that would certainly appease the influential pressure group the National Rifle Association, Trump was highly critical of France’s strict gun laws, which he says played a part in the killing of dozens of people at the Bataclan Theater on November 13 by Islamist militant gunmen.

“I always have a gun with me. Had I been at the Bataclan, I can tell you I would have opened fire,” he said.

Continuing his anti-migrant theme, the 69-year-old mentioned that some neighborhoods in Paris had become no-go areas, while the Belgian capital, Brussels, had become “a breeding ground for terrorists.”

In December, Trump suggested that all Muslims should be barred from entering the US until the authorities “figure out what’s going on here” in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings in California on December 2, which killed 16 people.

However, the Republican presidential contender had kinder words concerning ties with Russia, with Trump saying that Washington could have very good relations with President Vladimir Putin. He also noted that nothing could be worse than the present situation where President Barack Obama and Putin hardly speak with one another.

“[Putin] said I was brilliant. That proves a certain smartness,” said Trump.

Putin praised Trump during his traditional end of the year Question and Answer session with journalists on December 17. He described the property tycoon as the “absolute front-runner in the presidential race.” However, he stressed that he would be ready to work with whoever becomes the next US president.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.07.06 PM

“He is a very flamboyant man, very talented, no doubt about that… He is the absolute leader of the presidential race, as we see it today. He says that he wants to move to another level of relations, to a deeper level of relations with Russia. How can we not welcome that? Of course we welcome it,” Putin said.

Trump responded by saying it was a “great honor” to receive praise from a “highly-respected” leader like Putin, while adding that if he is elected as the new US president, he would like to work with Russia.

“I have always felt that Russia and the United States should be able to work well with each other towards defeating terrorism and restoring world peace, not to mention trade and all of the other benefits derived from mutual respect,” he reiterated on December 18.

ISIS leaders remain in close contact with Ankara – Lavrov

The leaders of Islamic State maintain a constant liaison with the Turkish government, working out a new approach to the war in Syria as the Russian Air Force cuts off traditional smuggling routes, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Moscow has intelligence that Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) command continues to hold backdoor negotiations with the Turkish leadership, Lavrov told Russian newspaper MK in a vast interview in honor of Diplomats’ Day.

The airstrikes of the Russian Air Force in Syria have severely disrupted “traditional smuggling routes,” so the Turks are discussing in all seriousness creation of “IS-free zones” in Syria.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.41.50 AM

“Of course [such zones] would be a violation of all principles of the international law and also escalate tensions, substantially and fundamentally,” Lavrov said, adding the Turks are constructing tent camps and some kind of“engineering structures” on the Syrian side of the border, some 200 meters inside the country’s territory.

At the same time the Russian FM does not believe that a full-scale Turkish invasion into Syria is possible; Ankara is expected to limit its actions to “small provocations.”

“I do not believe that the US-led [anti-IS] coalition, which includes Turkey, would allow such desperate schemes to take shape,” Lavrov said.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.43.44 AM

According to Lavrov, Moscow was “astonished” by the position voiced by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel during Turkey voyage about Russian airstrikes being to blame for the growing influx of refugees from the Middle East to Europe.

The German leader did not say a word about terrorists in Syria being supported by the trafficking of arms, munitions and other necessary supplies from Turkey, which openly blackmails the EU over the refugee problem, Lavrov said.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.44.35 AM

Lavrov called attention to the fact that the growing tide of asylum seekers rushed to Europe after the elimination of the Libyan state, which took place well ahead of the Russian warplanes being deployed to Syria.

“I’d like to note that we had called attention to Turkey’s actions becoming inappropriate… long before our Air Force became operable in Syria,” Lavrov said, recalling incidents with Turkey creating obstacles with international projects and scandalous statements made by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his 2015 visit to Moscow.

“Of course we paid attention to that incongruity, but assumed that common sense would prevail and Turks realize we’re neighbor and had done nothing wrong to them,” Lavrov said, quoting President Vladimir Putin’s words about Moscow putting a blind eye on many of Ankara’s escapades.

Lavrov agreed that probably that position was a mistake, since it ended up with the “Turkish leaders falling out of the real world completely.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.45.57 AM

The veteran foreign minister does not exclude attempts to put the boots on the ground in Syria from some countries of the Persian Gulf.

“If the [Syria peace] talks bring no fruit or are not allowed to begin, then it is possible that some countries, directed by personal hatred towards [President Bashar] Assad, would go for a head-on solution by force,” Lavrov acknowledged, recalling some countries of the region “empathetically rejecting Russia-US-EU initiative to declare the Syrian crisis “militarily unsolvable” in a UN Security Council resolution.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.47.11 AM

“So this [a military intervention in Syria] is quite possible,” Lavrov said, mentioning Saudi Arabia’s openly declared plans to send troops to Syria should an international coalition invade.

The developments of the Turkish-Syrian border serve proof that Ankara’s primary concern is making direct contacts between the Syrian and Turkish Kurds possible.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.48.05 AM

The IS-free strip along the border is called to prevent that Kurdish reunion Ankara finds totally unacceptable, as it would disrupt Turkish supplies to IS terrorists and getting oil and other contraband goods once and for all.

In this light, Ankara, as well as some other capitals in the region, believes Russia to be the biggest problem in the Middle East.

“I can understand that,” Lavrov said, “The Turks say openly that we have blown their plans [for Syria] wide open and now are trying to nail the Americans to the barn door, too,” the Russian FM commented on Ankara’s recent demarche towards Washington, which was thrown into a dilemma to “choose between Turks and Kurds.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.49.25 AM

Ankara also insisted on expelling Kurds from the Syria peace talks, which is “Turkey’s arrogant position not seeing eye-to-eye by anybody else,” Lavrov stressed, noting that Washington has already, though anonymously, proclaimed the Kurds being allies against Islamic State.

“We work with them [Kurds], too,” the minister mentioned.

“Honestly speaking, I do not consider the situation as irretrievable one,”Lavrov said, adding that at present close cooperation between Washington and Moscow in Syria is not possible due to a “restrain factor” of the US relations with allies in the Middle East region perceiving Russia as being a threat to their plans for Syria.

$365,694,500,000: U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit With China Hit Record in 2015


By Terence P. Jeffrey | February 9, 2016 | 12:54 PM EST

( – The merchandise trade deficit that the United States ran with China in 2015 hit a record high of $365,694,000,000,according to data released Friday bythe U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

“The deficit with China increased $22.6 billion to $365.7 billion in 2015,” the BEA said in a press release. “Exports decreased $7.5 billion to $116.2 billion and imports increased $15.1 billion to $481.9 billion.”

The $22,615,700,000 increase in the merchandise trade deficit the U.S. ran with China last year was a 6.6-percent jump from the $343,078,800,000 merchandise trade deficit the U.S. ran with China in 2014.

The merchandise trade balance deals only with the goods that are imported and exported between the two countries. It does not include the export and import of services.

In recent years, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S. has run a surplus in its exchange of services with China, while running a much larger deficit in its exchange of goods.

In 2014, for example, the U.S. ran a $28.077 billion surplus in services traded with China, according to BEA. That caused the overall 2014 U.S. goods-and-services trade deficit with China—which was $315.116 billion—to be less than the 2014 merchandise trade deficit of $343,078,800,000.

The BEA is scheduled to release the 2015 balance of trade in services with China (and other countries) on March 4.

The Census Bureau has published U.S.-China export and import numbers on goods going back to 1985. During the past thirty years, the annual value of U.S.-China trade has risen dramatically. So, too, has the gap between the value of the Chinese goods imported into the U.S. and the U.S. goods exported to China.

In 1985, according to the Census Bureau, the U.S. exported $3.8557 billion in goods to China and imported 3.8617 billion back—running a deficit of only $6,000,000.

By 1995, the U.S. was exporting $11.7537 billion from China while importing $45.5432 billion—running a deficit of $33.7895.

By 2005, the U.S. was exporting $41.1920 billion to China while importing 243.4701 billion from China—running a deficit of $202.2781 billion.

In 2015, the Census Bureau reported Friday, the U.S. exported $116.1863 in goods to China while importing $481.8808 billion—running a merchandise trade deficit with China of $365.6945 billion.

Even when the historical annual merchandise trade deficits that the U.S. has run with China are adjusted for inflation and put in constant 2015 dollars using the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator, the $365.6945 billion merchandise trade deficit the U.S. ran with China last year is still the largest recorded by the Census Bureau.

“For the past several years, the U.S. trade deficit with China has been significantly larger than that with any other U.S. trading partner and several trading groups,” said a Congressional Research Service report (“China-U.S. Trade Issues”) published in December.

“Some analysts contend that the large U.S. trade deficit is an indicator that the trade relationship is unbalanced, unfair, and damaging to the U.S. economy,” said the report. “Others argue the large trade deficit with China is more of a reflection of global supply chains, where China is often the final point of assembly for export-oriented multinational firms.”

“A joint study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the WTO,” said the CRS report, “estimated that the U.S trade deficit in China would be reduced by 25% (in 2009) if bilateral trade flows were measured according to the value-added that occurred in each country before it was exported.”

As calculated by the Census Bureau, the U.S. ran an overall trade deficit in goods in 2015 of $736.1719 billion.

The largest contributor to that deficit was China and its $365,694,500,000 bilateral deficit with the U.S. The second largest contributor was Germany, with whom the U.S. ran a $74,192,600,000 merchandise trade deficit. The third largest contributor was Japan, with whom the U.S. ran a $68,647,900,000 merchandise trade deficit. The fourth was Mexico, with whom the U.S. ran a $58,363,700,000 merchandise trade deficit. And the fifth was Vietnam, with whom the U.S. ran a $30,921,400,000.

Saudi Arabia Threatens Full Out Invasion Of Syria

Published on Feb 9, 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski documents the latest and shocking news of Saudi Arabia mulling over the full scale invasion of Syria. Russia has answered back that this will be a declaration of war. We go over how this is happening right now and real reason geo politically why this is happening right now. Thank you for everyone who is keeping this fully independent organization free for you, invest in us here

land grab…that’s all it is….NATO wants to break up Syria and steal resources

Yes invade Syria, so you make enemies of Russia, China, and Iran…yeah go right ahead

Russia did a good job, honestly and transparently fighting ISIS. This isn’t hard to understand. These countries that fight against peace are to blame, and should be stopped in their tracks.

ISIS declares rallies of France’s National Front are ‘prime targets’

For the first time, the Islamic State (IS, former ISIS, ISIL) has targeted France’s right-wing National Front (FN) party and its supporters in a statement on the pages of its French-language propaganda magazine.

In the latest issue of Dar al Islam, the jihadists published a photo of an FN rally with the caption “prime targets.”

“The question is no longer whether France will be hit again by attacks like those of November… The only relevant question is the next target and the date,” the text read, as cited by Le Figaro.

A photo of an FN rally with the accompanying quote was tweeted by Romain Caillet, an Islamist expert and historian of global jihadist movements.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.38.40 AM

In response, the secretary general of the National Front challenged Prime Minister Manual Valls on Twitter, asking him if he was “satisfied,” referring to the PM’s harsh rhetoric condemning the right-wing party. Speaking on France Inter in December, Valls described FN as “racist and anti-Semitic,” while claiming that if they won power in regional polls, it could lead to “civil war” in France.

Caillet suggested on Twitter that the threat from militants might have been provoked by the slogan A vote for FN is a vote for IS,” which was coined by the President of the Regional Council of Burgundy during regional elections at the end of last year. The mantra was picked up by socialist MPs, who suggested that FN was trying to divide France –the same goal it said is being pursued by IS.

Meanwhile, the party’s vice president, Florian Philippot, tweeted that in targeting the FN, the jihadists were attacking the whole country.

In an interview to RFI on Monday Louis Aliot , another FN vice president, said that he has asked the Interior Ministry to take the “threat seriously” and “do everything to prevent the worst.” 

The head of the FN party, Marine Le Pen, has been gaining popularity in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in Paris in November of 2015 through anti-immigrant rhetoric and criticism of the EU’s handling of the current refugee crisis. Despite a solid lead in the first round of regional elections last year, the FN failed to win a single region in the second round of the regional elections in December.

He screams every night’: Mother of raped 10yo Austrian boy ‘regrets welcoming migrants’

Published on Feb 9, 2016

The mother of a ten year old boy raped by an Iraqi refugee at a Vienna swimming pool has been speaking about his ordeal. She says her son may never fully recover. Laura Smith picks up the story from the Austrian capital.

God I hate what the left are doing to the west. The majority of them are upper class and don’t have to put up with this shit. Meanwhile they guilt the rest of us for not wanting our societies radically changed and made more dangerous.

Kick the rapefugees out of Europe.

kick the shitskins out