Major counter-terrorism exercise in London


Simulation terror attack has been six months in the planning

Police officers, soldiers, emergency services and intelligence officials are taking part in London’s largest counter-terrorism exercise to date.

The simulation of a terror attack has been six months in the planning.

The exercise – codenamed Strong Tower – involves 1,000 police officers at locations across the capital until Wednesday afternoon.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said it would test responses to extremists using firearms.

It comes days after 38 people were killed by a gunman in Tunisia, the majority of them British holidaymakers.

The Metropolitan Police says this week’s exercise in London is not based on any specific intelligence and is part of a long-term strategy of planning and preparing for all possible types of terror attack.

Loud noises

Scotland Yard began planning the two-day event in January and only a dozen people know the full script to ensure that the officers and other services taking part face the maximum challenge.

Senior officers say that while much of the exercise will be hidden from view, there may be occasions when the public hear loud noises or see areas being cordoned off. Scotland Yard will be posting updates about the exercise to Twitter, using the hashtag #999exercise.


The exercise was planned in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris in January
Actors have been drafted in to play injured people for the training exercise

Sir Bernard said the threat level for terrorism had been raised over the last year, making it vital “that we train and we learn”.

He said: “The reason we have exercises like today is because, obviously, we are concerned there are people planning terrorist events. We intend first of all to stop them from getting to attack. But should we not stop the terrorists in their planning, it’s essential we disrupt them in any of the attacks that may take place.”

Ch Supt Paul Rickett told the BBC it was “incredibly important” that the emergency services were prepared for this type of scenario.

“Events have told us around the world that the last thing you can be is complacent, so that is why it is important we continually respond to the emerging threat, change our tactics and we test our capability and readiness to respond,” he said.



Fire and rescue teams have a legal duty, alongside police, to prepare for civil emergencies

By Dominic Casciani, BBC home affairs correspondent

Although the nature of this “live play” exercise sounds similar to the attack in Tunisia, this event has been six months in the planning and is part of a regular programme.

The officers who came on shift this morning knew they were taking part in an exercise – but nothing about what they would be facing. Not even the “gold commander”, the senior officer making the big decisions in the operations room, will know what’s going to happen.

The exercise is influenced by what happened during two incidents: the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and the cafe siege in Sydney.

Scotland Yard stresses that whatever happens during this exercise, it doesn’t mean they have specific intelligence that such an event could occur. But they do want to ensure they have planned for every conceivable type of incident in case it should ever come to pass.

How safe is the UK a decade after 7/7?

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Maxine de Brunner, the exercise’s director, said the aim was to test and challenge police and other agencies in an “ambitious multi-site marauding terrorist attack”.

“This exercise will be an on-going fast-paced terrorist situation and we will explore how we as London’s agencies respond,” said DAC de Brunner.

“The exercise is at the extreme end of what might happen.”

Crisis-management skills

Emergency services are under a legal duty to test their preparedness for all manner of crises from terrorism attacks to flooding.

Many counter-terrorism training exercises take place out of view around the country and the last comparable exercise of this nature was in London was in 2012.

In that exercise, the Metropolitan Police and others tested how they would respond to an attack on the London Underground involving a possible radiological or chemical device.

But while Tuesday and Wednesday’s exercise is likely to involve comparable numbers of people, it has been designed to stretch them much further by moving the incident around the city – although nobody other than the directors know exactly what is going to happen.

The agencies involved in the operation include the police, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service, Transport For London, the NHS and a string of government departments who will face tests of their decision-making and crisis-management skills.

Is it Time for Civil Disobedience?



When the government rules by illegitimate means, is it legitimate to peacefully stand in defiance and disobey? The answer to this question is a reluctant “yes.”

I have thought about this question for a long time and, as a former police officer and federal agent who pledged his life to upholding and enforcing the law, I take this call to action very seriously.

In a piece out yesterday by Becky Gerritson of the Wetumpka Tea Party, a group victimized by the IRS targeting scandal, she summarizes the despicable behavior of IRS officials since the inception of the congressional inquiry into the targeting scandal. Did you know that the IRS destroyed the backup tapes containing emails written by Lois Lerner and others, seven months AFTER the order to preserve the tapes was given? My life is political activism but, after the torrent of news emanating from the Supreme Court and from the overseas terror attacks, I nearly missed this stunning piece of information. Is this the act of a government worthy of our respect?

Combine this outrageous development in the IRS scandal with the recent Supreme Court rulings declaring that the Court has the power to unilaterally rewrite and reinterpret laws to further a destructive political agenda, and we now have a government free from any constitutional restraint, and American citizens living under the yoke of it. Although none of this happened overnight, the pace by which the liberty train is speeding away from the station is rapidly accelerating.

Fighting back strictly through the political process has proven to be effective only in delaying the day of reckoning and it is now clear that we must take from the new political aristocracy what they crave most: legitimacy and acceptance. We must pursue parallel tracks for change to restrain this out-of-control government both through the formal political process and public action.

It is time to fully embrace an Article V Convention of the States to reestablish the powers of the states and re-impose clear limits on the growing federal monolith.

If the far Left and their political overseers deem it appropriate to weaponize the IRS to assault their political opponents – to attack Christians for the sincere exercise of their religious beliefs, to use the machine of government to force free American citizens, against their will, to spend their limited financial resources to purchase government sanctioned health insurance at the expense of the health of themselves and their families, and to bankrupt the nation through a mathematically certain tax-and-spend formula for misery – then it’s time to consider open defiance to take back what has been lost.

It is time to fully embrace an Article V Convention of the States to reestablish the powers of the states and re-impose clear limits on the growing federal monolith.  Former Reagan administration official, conservative activist, and popular radio show host Mark Levin has been passionately advocating for this approach since the release of his bestselling book The Liberty Amendments.

The far Left worships at the altar of inescapable federal power because they fully understand that when states act as separate incubators of policy, that Americans will choose economic, healthcare, religious, and educational freedom. And the resulting exodus from deep blue states anchored to an anti-liberty approach will discredit their agenda and destroy the patina of a public imprimatur and their false air of legitimacy. Federal power prevents an easy escape from the far Left agenda and subjects all Americans to their destructive agenda, regardless of how much they resist. And, while I appreciate the passionate advocacy opposing a convention on the grounds that it could result in a “runaway convention,” I counter by asserting that we are already living with a government engaging in a de facto ongoing constitutional convention by ignoring the plain language of the law and the Constitution to impose an increasingly liberal agenda which is dissolving individual liberty and freedom.

History has proven, without question, that when government by discretion, rather than by law is allowed to continue unchallenged, that the result is a dangerous concentration of power in a zero sum battle for freedom.

Secondly, the likelihood of 38 states ratifying a radical amendment is low given the current political power of the Republican Party. As the Supreme Court made clear with their recent rulings on Obamacare, marriage, and housing, the country is already free from its constitutional moorings and is charting a dangerous new course towards rule by men, not law. History has proven, without question, that when government by discretion, rather than by law is allowed to continue unchallenged, that the result is a dangerous concentration of power in a zero sum battle for freedom.

In the short-run, now is the time for peaceful and responsible civil disobedience. The Obama administration has been engaging in non-civil, and constitutional disobedience for many years now through their usurpation of power and their weaponizing of the tools of government. And, with a largely feckless response from a frightened and shell-shocked Republican Congress, it is up to conservatives to blaze the trail forward. If our elected Republican leadership refuses to lead, then we will demonstrate to their timid souls what bravery and sacrifice look like.

Pastors and spiritual leaders need to stand in defiance of the ongoing attacks on people of faith and speak boldly and proudly.

It is now incumbent upon conservatives to take every opportunity to respectfully and peacefully protest the attacks on our liberty and freedom. When told to sit down at town hall meetings, refuse to do so until your questions are answered. Continue to boldly question the politicians supporting this new post-constitutional path forward even as you are dragged out in protest.

As a Secret Service agent I witnessed firsthand the power of a small group, unafraid of the legal consequences, to influence and change policy by refusing to be silenced. Pastors and spiritual leaders need to stand in defiance of the ongoing attacks on people of faith and speak boldly and proudly. Let the government further discredit itself by asking an already discredited IRS to silence the millions of American voices of faith crying out to be left alone by the power-hungry, Washington DC cocktail party crowd.

When I walked away from a position I loved as a special agent with the United States Secret Service I left behind a lifetime of financial security to fight back by running for office. I didn’t prevail but I never gave up that fight and when my wife and I, as a result of our decision to walk away, came across difficult financial times we knew the sacrifice was worth it.

Faith teaches us that sacrifice is the only ticket to the second creation and we are all going to have to sacrifice something. Small acts of disobedience in the face of the existential threats we face to our constitutional republic are a small price to pay to defend the most blessed and prosperous country in mankind’s history. We were gifted this country by prior generations who sacrificed their lives, limbs and treasures to ensure we remain that shining light on the hill. It’s up to us to ensure that the light never dims.

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Suspicious! Convoy of White Buses Seen Entering and Leaving Port of Jacksonville, Florida

Published on Jun 29, 2015
This isn’t the first time we have encountered the Mysterious ‘White Buses’. Just a few months back they were spotted on the highway headed north. A short time later i discovered a Massive Line of Not only White, but Blue Buses In Baltimore. The military made a make shift base between the stadiums and was hauling the troops in on these buses. This all came after people said they were not military, until proven wrong!
Now, the White Buses have been spotted by a veteran truck driver in Florida. He says he spotted the White Buses entering the Port of Jacksonville. They were accompanied by a fleet of unmarked white trucks. The truck driver said he has crosses this country many times in 20 years and has Never seen this kind of activity at this port. He was concerned and sent the info to me to share with the rest of you. He also stated more were entering as he left. He followed many of them onto the highway, 295 South.
The last time we seen activity like this, it was government and military. It looks like this is along the same lines, But with many questions remaining.
If you see any suspicious activity, let me know. Ill get it out there.
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Congressman warns of “terrorists in American basements”


It’s a good job no one in the US watches the mainstream news media any more. Any one who did take in the multitude of news shows over the weekend, however, is now most probably convinced that they are about to be attacked any second by armies of terrorists in their own back yard.

Politicians and intelligence officials were paraded out one after the other to harp on about how terrorists hate the freedom of Americans and blah blah blah July the 4th is most likely going to end up in a terrorist attack.

Following attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait Friday, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued alerts to local law enforcement and urged Americans to “remain vigilant” for the upcoming Independence Day celebrations.

“They don’t put those statements out that far in advance, unless there’s reason for concern,” said harbinger of doom New York Rep. Peter King in an interview with ABC’s “This Week.”

“I would say there’s probably more concern now than at any time since September 11th.” King added, repeating the same thing he says every time there is any threat of terrorism.

King called ISIS “incomparable” in its ability to reach the “disaffected,” the “deranged” and the “ideologically committed.”


“I mean, it’s no coincidence that you’ve seen a series of arrests here in New York of terrorists over the last week to 10 days. This is not just something that’s happening by coincidence.” King, almost salivating in anticipation, told viewers.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) was wheeled out on “Fox News Sunday” to deliver a similar message.

“There’s a great deal of chatter, a high-volume if you will,” McCaul, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said.

McCaul cited a “confluence” of events as pointing to an almost definite terror attack in America. “ISIS spokesman calling for jihad during Ramadan, which is happening right now. You have the one-year anniversary of the caliphate or Islamic State; and now we have the Fourth of July coming up, which is one of the holidays we celebrate that they like to target this sort of thing and these anniversaries.” McCaul urged, throwing in an unsubstantiated claim that the federal government has prevented over 50 terror plots in the past year.

McCaul also intimated to viewers that the internet is at least partly to blame.

“I’m extremely concerned about the way these Syrian ISIS recruiters can use the Internet at lightning speed to recruit followers in the United States with thousands of followers in the United States and then activate them to do whatever they want to do whether it’s military installations, law enforcement or possibly a Fourth of July event parade.” he said.

McCaul added that ISIS ” demonstrates a global threat that they can conduct external operations and they are very savvy at doing that over the Internet.”

Referring to the attacks overseas, McCaul again blamed… the internet – “The idea that they could do this, and now, the external operations potentially into the United States by use of the Internet.” he stated.

McCaul warned that because of… the internet, terrorists are able to get in “homes and in the basements in the United States”.

“This is not bin Laden with courriers now. This is a new generation of terrorists using the Internet in a very savvy way to attack the West and also get in the homes and in the basements in the United States to radicalize individuals and then call them up as sleeper cells to attack Americans.” the Congressman claimed.

In addition to these two clowns, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell said Monday that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if there’s a terrorist attack during the 4th of July weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 5.38.43 PM

“This one really resonates with me for two reasons,” Morell said. “One is there’s been about 50 people in the last 12 months who have been arrested in the United States for being radicalized by ISIS, wanting to go fight there or wanting to conduct an attack here, so there’s a lot of people out there who are seeing themselves as aligned with ISIS, number one.”

“Number two, you have this ISIS call to arms during Ramadan,” Morell said. “We are right in the middle of Ramadan, call to arms, conduct attacks against our enemies, so I’m worried about this one.”

“I don’t want to tell Americans what to do or what not to do, but…I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend in the United States,” he told co-host Norah O’Donnell. “That’s how serious this is.”

So remember to enjoy yourselves this 4th of July weekend, but expect the worst… and don’t forget that the internet is to blame for all this.



    “No certificate of death was issued for Usama [Osama] bin Laden.”


Considering CIA asset Osama bin Laden likely died in 2001 and his ghost was just being propped up in the U.S. government and media to continue fomenting and justifying the completely phony, nebulous “War on Terror” that was designed to never end, this isn’t much of a shock.

Still… (Via Sputnik News):

The al-Qaeda terrorist group leader was killed on May 2, 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan, during a US Navy SEALs special operation. In September 2011 then-consul at the US embassy in Riyadh addressed a letter to bin Laden’s son, Abdullah bin Laden, acknowledging his request for his father’s death certificate.

The US embassy in Saudi Arabia said no record of Osama bin Laden’s death certificate existed, secret communications released by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks revealed Friday.

“I am informed by the US Department of State’s Office of the Legal Advisor that no certificate of death was issued for Usama [Osama] bin Laden,” Glen Keiser wrote in the letter revealed by WikiLeaks. [emphasis added]
In fact, back on September 11, 2009, a year-and-a-half before the U.S. claimed our Navy Seals killed bin Laden, the Daily Mail was reporting this in an article titled “Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years – and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror?”:

Barack Obama has launched a fresh operation to find him. Working with the Pakistani Army, elite squads of U.S. and British special forces were sent into Waziristan this summer to ‘hunt and kill’ the shadowy figure intelligence officers still call ‘the principal target’ of the war on terror.

This new offensive is, of course, based on the premise that the 9/11 terrorist is alive. After all, there are the plethora of ‘Bin Laden tapes’ to prove it.

Yet what if he isn’t? What if he has been dead for years, and the British and U.S. intelligence services are actually playing a game of double bluff? What if everything we have seen or heard of him on video and audio tapes since the early days after 9/11 is a fake – and that he is being kept ‘alive’ by the Western allies to stir up support for the war on terror?

Incredibly, this is the breathtaking theory that is gaining credence among political commentators, respected academics and even terror experts… But the weight of opinion now swinging behind the possibility that Bin Laden is dead – and the accumulating evidence that supports it – makes the notion, at the very least, worthy of examination.
Then again, how hard is it really to fake a death certificate these days?

(Guess they didn’t even bother trying after Obama’s birth certificate fiasco…)

FBI says privacy must take backseat to national security in online fight against ISIS

One of the United States government’s top counterterrorism officials says Congress must help investigators crack the encrypted communications of terrorists as groups like the so-called Islamic State ramp-up their online recruitment efforts.

On Capitol Hill on Wednesday, Michael Steinbach, the assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s counterterrorism division, told the House Homeland Security Committee that the FBI is “imploring for Congress to help” law enforcement with its quest to decrypt digital communications.

Steinbach said that the FBI is working with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that the law enforcement tactics currently in use can be implemented as needed, but suggested that legislation might be needed for situations where communications being sought are obfuscated from the eyes of investigators by encryption or other means.

According to Steinbach, individuals belonging to the group calling itself the Islamic State (also known as ISIS, or ISIL), are making the jobs of counterterrorism investigators increasingly difficult by relying more and more on methods of communication that cannot be compromised as easily as more mainstream mediums.

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Government ‘backdoors’ to bypass encryption will make them vulnerable to attacks – industry experts

It’s no secret that ISIS proclaims its ideology far and wide with the help of social networking tools like Twitter, enabling the message to be spread among the public instantly. A report issued by the Brookings Institute this past March alleged the individuals sympathetic with ISIS opened at least 46,000 Twitter accounts during the last quarter of 2014, and slickly produced propaganda that the group amplifies with professional social media software has done anything but draw away attention. According to Steinbach, upwards of 20,000 Twitter account holders can end up on the receiving end of a single tweet sent by the group or one of its supporters.

“Unfortunately, social media is a great tool for the public,” he said, “but it also allows for this horizontal distribution which is very difficult to follow.”

Twitter actively suspends ISIS-affiliated accounts, according to the Brookings report, but collecting the private messages of accounts isn’t easy as having a person’s profile shut-down and requires legal action which Steinbach and others think should be easier to achieve.

The blatant spreading of ISIS-endorsed messages and ideals on the open web notwithstanding, backchannel communications sent privately between suspected members and sympathizers are complicating matters for federal investigators, Steinbach said.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.45.15 PM

Even when private communications can be obtained, Steinbach said that encryption that’s been properly implemented in certain cases has made it a “very problematic issue” for investigators tasked with figuring out the contents of messages.

“We’re not looking at going through a backdoor or being nefarious. We’re talking about going to the company and asking for their assistance,” he said.

“We understand privacy. Privacy above all other things, including safety and freedom from terrorism, is not where we want to go.”

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the committee chair, told Steinbach that “If we have coverage, we can pick up that communication. Because terrorists are increasingly taking their conversations to a “dark space” on the web, however, McCaul warned that investigators “don’t have the ability to monitor these communications.”

The Dark Web

The online activity the occurs on the world wide web as it’s widely known to exist only represents a fraction of what’s really online: a vast amount of web traffic unfolds in the realm of the so called “dark web” or “deep web,” where sites aren’t archived by search engines like Google and bits and bytes are routed to remote servers around the world to help anonymize the identities of those who operate there.

McCaul told Steinbach that “one of the greatest concerns” for him personally involves the government’s inability to monitor that portion of the web, and the FBI agent admitted in his response that the bureau believes it’s already well behind with what it calls its “going dark” problem – the FBI’s weakness with regards to cracking into the digital traffic that occurs in the shadows.

“We are past going dark,” Steinbach said. “In some instances, we are dark,”

“The ability to know what they’re saying in these encrypted communication situations is troubling.”

In his prepared remarks, Steinbach explained that “changing forms of internet communication are quickly outpacing laws and technology designed to allow for the lawful intercept of communication content.”

“This real and growing gap the FBI refers to as ‘going dark’ is the source of continuing focus for the FBI, it must be urgently addressed as the risks associated with ‘going dark; are grave both in traditional criminal matters as well as in national security matters.”

In April, the executive assistant director of the FBI’s science and technology branch, Amy Hess, told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that it’s critical for cops to “have the ability to accept or to receive the information that we might need in order to hold those accountable who conduct heinous crimes or conduct terrorist attacks.” According to cryptology experts, though, it’s so far been proven impossible to implement a method of bypassing encryption that can only be exploited by some.

“We just can’t do what the FBI is asking without seriously weakening our infrastructure,” Prof. Matt Blaze, a cryptology expert from the University of Pennsylvania’s school of engineering and applied sciences, testified at the time, adding that even attempts have the potential to yield “terrible consequences for our economy and national security.”

Earlier in the week, meanwhile, the CEO of Hacking Team – an Italian cyber vendor whose spyware has been sold to various government customers, including the US Navy and Drug Enforcement Agency – claimed in an email to clients that his company is quite capable of cracking the deep web.

“If you are a lawful user of the Internet, you have little to fear from Hacking Team,” he wrote. “BUT IF you break the law or engage in terrorism (or are thinking about it), you should know that the safe haven that the DARKNET provides is beginning to be exposed to the light.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.43.48 PM

Alert: Shocking Photo Purports To Show UN Vehicles Heading To Stunning Location Inside U.S.


From the Conservative Tribune: Conservatives aren’t all conspiracy theorists, though liberals would prefer to characterize the two groups as the same. Yet it pays to be vigilant and not reject the seemingly unlikely out of hand.

Now, there has been recent activity in the state of Texas that increases concern that there is some plan for the United Nations to take control of the United States.

A Vietnam veteran, whose name is being withheld, recently videotaped “30 U.N. vehicles fully loaded with combat-prepared troops” driving through the Dallas area. They were headed in the direction of Garland, which was the site of an aborted terrorist attack this past week.



On its face, this seems to be a wildly unlikely idea, but the question stubbornly remains: what are these U.N. vehicles doing speeding across Texas? Shouldn’t U.N. military personnel be engaged as peacekeepers in distressed areas such as Darfur or Liberia?

Their presence on America’s interstate highways is troubling, and no one seems to have fact-based answers, which is even more troubling