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Call to arms comes towards the end of a 76-minute video posted on YouTube

By Nick Rose

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Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab is calling on jihadis in the West to target North America’s largest shopping center, the West Edmonton Mall.

The call to arms comes towards the end of a 76-minute video posted on YouTube that shows a masked man boasting about the group’s 2013 machine gun and grenade attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya, which left 67 dead and 175 wounded. The massacre’s perpetrators said it was retaliation for Kenyan and Western intervention in Somalia.

“We call upon our Muslim brothers, particularly those in the West, to answer the call of Allah and target the disbelievers wherever they are,” the man in the video says in accented English.

“If just a handful of Mujahadeen fighters could bring Kenya to a complete standstill for nearly a week, then imagine what a dedicated Mujaheddin in the West could do to the American or Jewish-owned shopping centers across the world. What if such an attack was to occur in the Mall of America in Minnesota or the West Edmonton Mall in Canada?”

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The Edmonton mall, which attracts over 30 million visitors every year and, like the Mall of America, is owned by Canada’s Ghermezian family who are of Iranian-Jewish origin, issued a press statement Sunday saying that it was “aware of the video” and would continue to “monitor events with the help of federal and local law enforcement agencies.” The mall says it has also beefed up security and implemented “extra security precautions; some may be noticeable to guests, and others won’t be.”

Edmonton Police Services also issued a press release Sunday saying that they are working in concert with the RCMP and “other policing agencies and federal authorities” to investigate the video.

Al-Shabaab, which is Arabic for “The Youth,” has close ties with Al-Qaeda and has already been labelled a terrorist organization and a “serious security threat to Canada” by CSIS. The intelligence agency cites a growing number of young Canadians being lured to Somalia for “terrorist training and to engage in violent jihad.”

This isn’t the first time that Al-Shabaab has called for attacks on Canadian soil. In 2011, the National Post reported the release of an audiotape recorded by an Al-Shabaab suicide bomber urging young Muslims to “do jihad in Canada” and not “just sit around and be a couch potato and just chill all day.”

Edmonton Deputy Police Chief Brian Simpson insists that despite threatening tone of the Al-Shabaab video and the specific mention of the West Edmonton Mall, “there is no imminent threat to Edmonton, Canada, or its citizens.”

U.S. officials are using slightly stronger language to describe the terror threat.

Homeland Security official Jeh C. Johnson told CNN on Sunday that those going to the Mall of America should be “particularly careful.”

Obama Pushes For GOP Capitulation In DHS Dispute

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White House Correspondent

President Barack Obama’s spokesman is rejecting any compromise over the 2015 budget for the Department of Homeland Security, which is now being filibustered by pro-amnesty Democrat senators, even though a new poll shows that 60 percent of Americans want the amnesty and budget problems separated.

“The President believes that the Congress, particularly Republicans in Congress who now have the majority in both the House and the Senate, should fulfill their responsibility to ensure that the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t shut down at the end of this month,” spokesman Josh Earnest said Feb. 20.

Senate Democrats are filibustering the House’s DHS 2015 budget until the Senate GOP majority removes House-drafted language that bars Obama from spending money to implement his Nov. 20 Oval Office amnesty.

The amnesty would grant four million work-permits to illegals, despite Americans’ high unemployment rate. The agency’s budget runs out Feb. 27.

The Democrats’ continued filibuster reflects Obama’s intense determination to increase immigration.
But his rejection of any compromise is escalating the DHS fight into a bigger political battle over the ability of the new 54-seat Republican Senate majority to get legislation past the 46-seat Democratic minority.

Still, Obama is in a political hole. He’s already lost the battle for public opinion on immigration, he lost the Senate in 2014 partly because of the issue, and now he’s lost the first round of the Texas lawsuit.

The president’s amnesty was blocked by a Texas judge on Feb. 16. White House officials said Feb. 20 they would ask an the judge on Feb. 23 to lift the injunction.

Obama is also losing the public opinion fight over the Democrat threat to defund DHS rather than allow the GOP to deny funds for the unpopular amnesty.

A CBS poll released Monday shows that 60 percent of 1,006 adults said the DHS budget “should be kept separate from immigration policy.”

“American’s don’t want Obama or Democrats unilaterally changing immigration policy,” a Hill aide told The Daily Caller. “They want a DHS bill that funds the laws as they exist, period.”

The CBS poll complements a CNN survey, released Feb. 18, that said 59 percent of 1,027 adults disapprove of Obama’s immigration policies. That’s up from 53 percent in November.

The Democrats’ determined fight is creating a political dilemma for the GOP’s leaders, who tend to support business demands for increased immigration of government-subsidized customers and lower-wage labor.

If the leaders cave to the Democrats, they’ll betray their base, which is almost unified in opposition to the Obama amnesty.

If GOP leaders stick with their base, then Democrats and their allies in the media will blame them for the defunding of the DHS after Feb. 27. Under current rules, most DHS employes stay on the job without payroll until there’s a DHS budget agreement.

If GOP leaders launch an emotional public PR campaign against the Democrats’ amnesty, for example, by arguing that it is unfair to Americans, they’ll get a lot of closed-door pushback from critical donors.

So far, Republican senators haven’t organized a PR pushback to counter the effort to fund the amnesty. For example, the Senate Republican Conference, led by Sen. John Thune, is silent about the issue, even though the committee “helps senators communicate their priorities directly to the American people through a wide variety of communications resources.”

In contrast, the Democrats’ lave launched an emotional pitch via several channels, including Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Democratic Policy and Communication Center.

CNN’S PSYCHO-CHICK COSTELLO SAYS: “American ‘Right Wing’ More Dangerous Than ISIS”

Written by Miss CJ

Looking For The Real Terrorism Threat In America? CNN's TOTALLY Got It Covered!
From the news network that has zeroed in on the new tactics for recruiting women to ISIS comes news of the REAL threat to America. CNN is reporting that right-wing domestic terrorism is in the forefront of the Department of Homeland Security’s focus, according to a report released by the DHS to CNN. Thing is – they have to reach clear back to 2012 to find any substantial incident to make this idiotic report stick –

They’ve lashed out against authority in incidents such as one in 2012, in which a father and son were accused of engaging in a shootout with police in Louisiana, in a confrontation that began with an officer pulling them over for a traffic violation.
Meanwhile in Reality Town, there was a Muslim guy stabbing people in Detroit OVER THE WEEKEND (like, you know, less than seven days ago) for being non-Muslim. But, yes, tell us more about how it’s right-wingers who are the biggest terrorist threat domestically.

Some days, I wonder if The Onion got bought out by CNN.

​Did CNN just annex Ukraine for Russia?

CNN broadcast screenshot.

Either CNN has inside information on a sinister Kremlin plan to occupy all of Ukraine or it made yet another blunder. In a new report on challenges facing Europe the news channel apparently marked the Eastern European nation as part of Russia.

The report detailed three major crises that European leaders are facing: the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist group expansion into Libya, the Greek debt debacle, and what CNN Newsroom anchor John Vause called “Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine.”

Illustrating his words is a map of Ukraine and its neighbors. On the chart, Ukraine and Russia are marked by the same color, with the Russian flag flying prominently over Ukraine under a title reading: “Diplomatic & military crisis.”

CNN is no stranger to making awkward mistakes in its coverage of the Ukrainian crisis. Last week it labeled the Ukrainian Army and National Guard as “pro-US troops” in a report on the possibility of Washington providing lethal arms to Kiev. The channel has since apologized for the blunder, which some critics labeled a Freudian slip of the tongue.

On previous occasions the US-based news channel took liberties about Ukraine’s geography. Once it shifted the entire country all the way to Pakistan. On another occasion it mistakenly showed the city of Slavyansk, eastern Ukraine, as being located in Crimea.


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Federal government has ignored Islamic threat while obsessing about domestic extremism for years


The Obama administration’s refusal to use the term “Islamic terrorism” has provoked widespread condemnation, but it fits perfectly with the federal government’s past approach to the war on terror, which has been to elevate the importance domestic extremism over the threat posed by Islamic terror.

In planning this week’s summit on ‘combating violent extremists’ the White House “has consistently avoided naming Islamic extremism as its central focus,” reports CNN, despite two deadly attacks carried out in the name of Islam in Paris and Copenhagen in just the last two months alone.

The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin sums up the controversy, noting that even liberal media outlets are comfortable with referring to Islamic terrorism on a routine basis.
“This is nuts. Although the Islamic State, al Qaeda, Boko Haram and the Taliban cite Islam as the basis of their death cults, Obama argues that their acts are contrary to Islam, and therefore, refuses to associate them with Islam,” writes Goodwin.

Concerns about not referring to religion in the context of terrorism were not shared by the Pope, who condemned the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Egypt by ISIS by remarking, “They were killed simply for the fact that they were Christians.”

In contrast, a 192-word statement from White House press secretary Josh Earnest about the killings was completely absent the words “Christian,” “Coptic,” “Islam” or “Muslim.”

A State Department spokeswoman made matters worse during a television interview on Monday night when she suggested that a better way of dealing with ISIS militants than killing them would instead be to encourage some kind of jobs program.

“We need … to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs, whether…” Marie Harf told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, prompting widespread ridicule.

During a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this month, Obama seemed to almost deliberately chide Christians by drawing parallels between ISIS’ recent brutality and the 800-year-old crusades, insisting that people get off their “high horse” and recognize the “terrible deeds” Christianity had wrought in the name of religion. It hardly seemed appropriate just days after a brutal video emerged of ISIS burning Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh to death.

However, none of this behavior should really surprise us given the federal government’s past fascination with domestic extremism, which served to diminish attention paid to the far more deadly threat of Islamic terrorism.

The FBI’s most recent national terror threat assessment list completely omits Islamic terrorists, instead focusing on sovereign citizens and the militia movement.

The University of Maryland’s National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) also said that sovereign citizens were the “top concern of law enforcement.”

In 2012 that same department released a study which characterized Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists. The study, which was funded by the DHS to the tune of $12 million dollars, largely omits Islamic extremism and instead focuses on Americans who hold beliefs shared by the vast majority of conservatives and libertarians and puts them in the context of radical extremism.

Last year, it emerged that the Department of Homeland Security maintains a “hands off” list of individuals with terrorist ties, allowing them unfettered entrance to the United States. In a related story, Muslim Brotherhood members with ties to terrorism traveling through Minneapolis Airport, New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport and Dulles Airport in April 2012 were handed “port courtesies,” with the State Department telling the DHS to ensure the men “not be pulled into secondary upon arrival at a point of entry.”

Last August, over a year after the Boston bombing, the Department of Homeland Security also listed sovereign citizens as a more deadly potential terror threat than Islamic extremists, placing sovereign citizens number one on the list despite the fact that individuals who identify as such have only been involved in minor and sporadic attacks. Violent confrontations involving sovereign citizens also overwhelmingly target law enforcement officers, meaning the threat to the wider public is also far less than that posed by Islamic extremists.

PSA’s for the Department of Homeland Security’s See Something, Say Something program also failed to portray terrorists as Muslims on numerous occasions, preferring instead to depict the bad guys as white middle class Americans on most occasions.

Returning veterans have also been characterized by the federal government as a bigger threat than Islamic extremism.

An April 2009 DHS intelligence assessment listed returning vets as likely domestic terrorists. Just a month later, the New York Times reported on how Boy Scout Explorers were being trained by the DHS to kill “disgruntled Iraq war veterans” in terrorist drills.

The FBI has also repeatedly demonized returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as a major domestic terrorist threat.

This pattern of obsessing over domestic extremism as a bigger threat than Islamic terror has characterized the Obama administration’s handling of the war on terror since Obama took office just over six years ago, so it’s little surprise that the White House still refuses to acknowledge Islamic extremism by name and for the threat it truly represents.


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President claims radical groups can be stopped if governments listen to them

President Obama suggested that radical Islamic groups such as ISIS, which beheads Christians and other Muslims for not obeying Sharia Law, can only be stopped if governments are willing to listen to their “legitimate grievances.”

“Governments that deny human rights play into the hands of extremists who claim that violence is the only way to achieve change,” he wrote in his op/ed published last night by the L.A. Times. “Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies.”

Come on, how does ISIS, which subjects women to abnormal sex acts through forced marriages, executes children for watching soccer and beheads Christians using cinder blocks and machetes have “legitimate grievances?”

Here’s its grievance in a nutshell: obey Sharia Law or be brutally executed.
“Every day now, there are fresh news stories about Christians being slaughtered by ISIS in the Middle East,” Michael Snyder wrote. “So where is the outrage from the White House?”

There isn’t one because it doesn’t fit the president’s agenda to avoid labeling ISIS “Islamic terrorists.”

“The Obama administration’s refusal to use the term ‘Islamic terrorism’ has provoked widespread condemnation, but it fits perfectly with the federal government’s past approach to the war on terror, which has been to elevate the importance domestic extremism over the threat posed by Islamic terror,” Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones reported. “In planning this week’s summit on ‘combating violent extremists’ the White House ‘has consistently avoided naming Islamic extremism as its central focus,’ reports CNN, despite two deadly attacks carried out in the name of Islam in Paris and Copenhagen in just the last two months alone.”