Propaganda timed to coincide with Black Friday

CNN, as a government propaganda network, says the economy is on the rebound, so Americans should go out and spend.

According to a corporate poll, “52 percent of Americans said things are going well, while 48 percent said things are going badly — but it’s the most positive appraisal of the state of the nation that the poll has found since January of 2007.”

The buoyant poll reflects government propaganda. “The economy has improved significantly. There’s no doubt about it,” Obama said on November 9. “We had a jobs report for October that showed that once again over 200,000 jobs created. We’ve now created more than 10 million. The unemployment rate’s come down faster than we could have anticipated.”

The government, of course, leans heavily on its official U3 statistics and ignores the so-called U6, a calculation including not only people out of work and looking for full-time employment, but also adds “marginally attached workers and those working part-time for economic reasons.” When the U6 is factored in, the picture is not as rosy as Obama and the government would have you believe.

Government also bases its staged ebullience on the stock market which is, as Wim Grommen characterized it, a “beautiful tree in the desert.”

The brief period of supposed stability lauded by the government is primarily smoke and mirrors. “Unfortunately, this brief period of stability that we have been enjoying is just an illusion,” writes Michael Snyder. “The fundamental problems that caused the financial crisis of 2008 have not been fixed. In fact, most of our long-term economic problems have gotten even worse.”

The optimism expressed in the CNN poll is not shared by the task managers of the financial elite, for instance UK boss David Cameron who said that “red warning lights are flashing on the dashboard of the global economy” in the same way as they did when the subprime financial bubble crash bowed the globalist economy six years ago.

Neil Howe, writing for Forbes, notes a genuine recovery keeps “getting deferred like an ever-fading mirage” and deflation, rising prices, low interest rates, weak investment, slow productivity growth, and chronic labor force detachment are slowly but surely taking down the economy.

Economists warn the fragile “recovery,” which is little more than creative accounting by the government and its legion of bean counters, will soon be sideswiped by a worldwide recession that will produce a contraction in the U.S. by the end of next year at the latest.

“We are not moving out of the woods, but may be on our way back in,” writes Louis-Philippe Rochon, citing the Jerome Levy Forecasting Center, an influential business consultancy group. “Everywhere we look, we have a serious potential for crisis.”

Jerome Levy predicted the 2007 blowout, so his prediction carries significant weight.

For a couple years now economists and even king pins at the non-Federal Reserve have said we’re headed into the Greatest Depression, an economic catastrophe worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s (it took a world war and millions killed to get us out of that one). The list includes former Fed bosses Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, and Paul Volcker and no shortage of economists present and past from the likes the Bank of England, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.

CNN’s smoke and mirrors poll appears appropriately on Black Friday. It is in part an effort to get wary consumers off the couch and into the stores.

Obama’s predecessor did his part to stall the economic crash of 2007, which failed.

George Bush said “we must also work together to achieve important goals for the American people here at home. This work begins with keeping our economy growing… And I encourage you all to go shopping more.”


In one example, CNN reporter Sara Sidner was hit in the head with a rock while broadcasting outside of a burning building on West Florissant avenue.

“Mainstream” reporters pelted with rocks and trash

Members of the establishment media did not fare well in Ferguson, Missouri Monday night as rioters targeted reporters with a multitude of items.

“Sorry, I just got hit by a rock,” Sidner said. “I’m OK, I’m OK, I’ve been hit by much worse in my day.”

Stephanie Elam, another reporter with CNN, was struck as well despite being surrounded by two security guards.

“People are throwing stuff at me right now,” said Elam. “It’s that kind of scene.”

Elam was eventually pulled away by her bodyguard as the situation continued to deteriorate.

Rioters also knocked down the camera of Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan as he reported on the looting of a liquor store.

“Hey man, f*ck you!” the unknown assailant said as he knocked the camera to the ground.

Interestingly, members of the alternative media, who ran towards gunshots as so-called mainstream reporters fled, were mostly left alone.

The apparent disdain for reporters has been seen since the protests first began.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was pelted with rocks and forced off camera last August as protesters accused the media outlet of lying.

Although the offensive violence should absolutely be shunned, the attacks are not entirely surprising given the coverage seen by such outlets.

CNN reporters, so used to repeating government talking points without question, denied that tear gas was being used last August despite multiple people clearly being affected by the gas. CNN instead waited until police finally confirmed the use of the chemical agent to alert their dwindling audience.

The targeting of these reporters may very well be a visual representation of their failing credibility, most easily noted in their plummeting ratings.


Ferguson Market and Liquor was looted during the aftermath of the grand jury’s decision

Ferguson Market and Liquor, the store that Michael Brown robbed before he was killed by Officer Darren Wilson was looted during the aftermath of the grand jury’s decision to not indict Wilson as CNN’s cameras rolled on Monday.

Muslim Ferguson Protester Arrested for Spitting on Officer; Says it’s Just What “Arabs” Do

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Bassem Masri, the Muslim Ferguson protest leader who has threatened the lives of police on video, was interviewed on CNN after being arrested for spitting on an officer.

Before a contentious appearance with host Michael Smerconish, Masri denied he spit on the officer, but said was expressing himself in a way that “Arabs” do.

If you are not familiar with the vile Masri, he is the self-described “Palestinian” Muslim who has been at the center of several violent incidents involving rioters over the past 2 months. Here is one particularly sick video where Masri warns White police officers:

“You will never be safe, never in your life. None of you. Not you, not your children – none of you will be safe.”

Masri champions the Muslim terrorists of Hamas, who routinely murder Israeli civilians, and has compared their “cause” to Ferguson:

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 11.45.09 AM

At the beginning of the CNN interview, Smerconish got right to the point and asked Masri if he spit on an officer. Of course Masri denies it, but we have him ON VIDEO below admitting to the act (@2:49):

Smerconish knows damn well he did it, having surely seen the video, so he asks him right up front, and get the denial, but also a bizarre injection of his “Arab,” “cultural” heritage.

Here was the exchange, as reported by PunditPress:

“No, no I didn’t. That was an expression that, uh, we use in, uh, Arabs, you know what I’m sayin’? Basically, it’s just a sound of me being, you know, me spitting. It’s not what I was actually doing. So, uh, yeah.”

Smerconish then pushed Masri, asking if he was aware that he was arrested specifically for spitting on an officer.

Masri responded, “Yeah, they believe, they believe videos and they believe twitter shows before they actually look at evidence. But that’ll get thrown out of court. That’s cultural background, so, it’s all good, you know?”

Near the end of the interview, Smerconish asked if Masri wanted to wait until all the facts of the Grand Jury came out, and Masi said: “We don’t need to see the facts, we know what happened,” insisting Brown was murdered.

If this is who is still leading the Ferguson protests, we may be for some serious violence next week.

Obama’s Amnesty Action To Be Broadcast During Latin Grammy Awards


By Brian Anderson, November 20, 2014.

Over the summer Texas Governor Rick Perry invited Obama to come down to the border to see first hand the chaos his immigration policy was creating as illegal alien children flooded into this country. The President declined the invitation replying flippantly that he wasn’t interested in “photo ops.”

Fast forward to tonight when Obama is expected to deliver on his promise of amnesty for millions of people in this country illegally via executive action. This announcement, which the major networks refuse to carry, will interrupt the Latin Grammys being broadcast live. Beyond a photo op, this is like high-production half-time show. Let’s just hope there is no wardrobe malfunction.

The Hill Reports:

Officials with ABC, CBS and Fox confirmed to The Hill that Obama’s 8 p.m. speech from the White House will not be carried on their networks. CNN reported that NBC would not be carrying the address either.

You can’t blame the networks. November is “sweeps month” when advertising rates are calculated based on ratings. Much like how the American people have rejected Obama’s policies, they would rather scoop their eyes out with a sharpened spoon then watch one of his long boring speeches. Even if it’s a historic illegal rewriting of US law like tonight’s announcement is expected to be.

Just because the networks won’t carry it doesn’t mean there is a media blackout:

Cable news networks are expected to carry the address, as is the Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo.

And it just so happens that Univision is broadcasting the Latin Grammy Awards Show tonight. Borja Echevarría, vice president of the Spanish-language channel, has stated that they will interrupt the broadcast to carry Obama’s message live.

Wow, this timing couldn’t be any more convenient, could it? I mean, what are the chances that Obama’s amnesty executive action would perfectly line up with the Latin Grammys? Throw in the fact that the White House didn’t even ask the major networks to carry his speech and the coincidences are downright eerie.

A source at one of the major networks told The Hill that the White House did not officially request prime-time coverage on the networks Thursday…

Far from a coincidence, this is a calculated move. Obama wants this announcement going out to the small group of people that aren’t appalled by his complete lack of respect for the law and the separation of powers as spelled out by the Constitution.

Timing his amnesty ploy with the Latin Grammys also shows how this move is not something that the vast majority of Americans support. This unpopular move is for a small segment, many of whom are not even American citizens.

Obama says he doesn’t do photo ops, but this Latin Grammy half-time show is the mutha of all PR opportunities. Once again the President has lied. Unfortunately, the only promise he seems intent on keeping is one that will allow millions of illegal aliens to avoid deportation, giving them an undeserved path to citizenship.