Illegal Immigrants Run Ashore, Crash Miami Beach Photo Shoot (Video)


A group of illegal immigrants crashed a morning Miami Beach photo shoot earlier this month — inadvertently photobombing a model as they ran ashore from their boat and on to the beach.

Ekaterina Juskowski captured video of the moment, filming her model friend at 6 am on July 10, according to the New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

When Juskowski saw the illegal immigrants in the background of her shot she turned off the video but then turned it back on to capture about eight men jumping out of their boat and sprinting up the beach.

U.S. Border Patrol told the Times that the incident is under investigation.

“That’s a testament to how confident these organizations are — what we call transnational criminal organizations — who smuggle criminals and narcotics right onto the beach.” CBP spokesman Frank Miller said to the outlet.

“There has been an increase in known maritime smuggling in Florida — from Key West all along the Florida coast — from fiscal year 2014 to now,” he added.

According to CBP’s figures, in fiscal year 2014 there were 2,034 illegal immigrants apprehended by the Miami Sector. FY 2014 also saw 3,942 coastal boarder apprehensions.

The Coast Guard’s apprehension figures for FY 2014 were 3,587. Most of those individuals apprehended were from Cuba (2,111), Haiti (1,103), the Dominican Republic (293), Mexico (48) and another 32 were from “other” countries.

Miller told the Times that Florida’s large coastline means that even with the help of the Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies “it’s difficult to get a solid level of situational awareness on whats coming in.”

GOP donors wanted Bush, Rubio and Walker to boycott debates unless Trump is Dumped

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Gee, more hate for The Donald from the Left AND the Right. If donors are asking Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker to boycott the debates if Trump is allowed in, then I would be very, very leery of those candidates. Jeb Bush is the RINO du jour of the ruling class. Marco Rubio is a tool of the establishment and changes his position to favor whichever way the political winds blow. Scott Walker sounds good and has a proven record for bashing unions, but he has a guy on his team that hates true conservatives. Then you have Donald Trump, who has played both sides of the fence, but is currently addressing what the people want dealt with and isn’t afraid to do so. That is winning the hearts and minds of mainstream America. If he is boycotted, you will guarantee a third party and the Republicans will be finished. Careful what you wish for.

From Hot Air:

So, so dumb, but that’s our donor class for you.

Many national Republican officials are increasingly resigned to Mr. Trump’s looming presence. At a meeting of the Republican Governors Association this week in Aspen, Colo., donors and operatives mused about how to prevent him from hijacking the debate.

One idea that came up was to urge three leading candidates — Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor; Mr. Walker; and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida — to band together and state that they would not participate in any debate in which Mr. Trump was present, using his refusal to rule out a third-party bid as a pretext for taking such a hard line. The thinking, according to a Republican involved in the conversations, was that the lesser-funded prospects who have been eclipsed by Mr. Trump would follow suit, and the TV networks airing the debates would be forced to bar Mr. Trump in order to have a full complement of candidates.

But none of the campaigns have shown any appetite for such solidarity, for reasons ranging from their strategic interests and not wanting to make Mr. Trump a martyr, to fear of making an enemy of Fox News, the preferred cable network of conservatives and the host of the first debate.

You already know the main reason this is stupid. Let me add another: Bush, Walker, and Rubio can each argue, somewhat credibly, that having Trump in the race is good for them. For Jeb, he’s a big-name foil, a guy whom Bush can use to underscore his own comparative moderation and electability. There may be nothing worse to many “somewhat conservative” voters than nominating a Bush … unless the alternative is nominating Donald Trump. For Walker, what could be sweeter than having Trump around throwing roundhouses at Bush for being a RINO and a loser? He’s making the same bet that Ted Cruz is, that Trumpmania will cool once Republican voters start to get serious about picking a candidate. And Walker’s well positioned to pick up Trump voters (and “anyone but Jeb” voters) thanks to his newfound hawkishness about the border. As long as Trump doesn’t hang around the race too long, denying Walker the anti-Bush votes he needs in the early states, he’s pure upside. As for Rubio, he’s pitching himself to righties as the party’s best chance to cut into Hillary’s domination of the Latino vote. The more Trump grumbles about Mexican rapists, the more desperate some undecideds will become to heal that rift with Hispanics before the general election. Rubio, thanks to his Gang of Eight pedigree and his Cuban heritage, may be the closest thing the GOP has to a “magic bullet.” And the more damage Trumpzilla does over the next six to nine months, the more compelling that case for Rubio becomes. So why would any of these guys want to drive Trump off the stage? Especially when he’s alreadyhinting about going third-party if he feels insulted?

Actually, there’s a third reason why the boycott idea is dumb: Why would anyone assume that the also-rans in the race would follow the lead of Bush, Walker, and Rubio by boycotting? They’d love to have those guys off the stage. Instead of being relegated to the JV debate at 5 p.m. on August 6th, they’d end up as part of the main show with a gigantic audience thanks to Trump. They could stand there and say, not unpersuasively, that any man who’s afraid to debate Donald Trump has no business negotiating for the United States against Vladimir Putin. If I were an advisor for Chris Christie or Bobby Jindal, I’d be salivating at the thought that Team Jeb might conceivably be so stupid as to cede them the spotlight that way. The only candidate who’s polling badly for whom this might present a dilemma is Rick Perry. Given what he said yesterday, he’d have to at least entertain the idea that Trump’s presence in a debate delegitimizes it to the point where it’s not worth participating in it. But even Perry, I think, would seize the opportunity and show up. After all, he’s the guy who’s trying to make his mark by confronting “Trumpism” directly. Why would he pass on a chance to impress Republican voters by confronting Trump himself face to face?

Contrary to what AllahPundit thinks, I don’t believe The Donald is going to burn out and go away. That’s wishful thinking on his part. None of the campaigns want to touch the idea of banning Trump because they know that would be a political death wish for them. Fox News has already said it won’t entertain banning Trump. The debates are based on poll standings and on that issue alone, Trump beats them all currently. Let the people make up their own minds. It’s not for wealthy Republican donors to decide. America seems to want a scrapper and a non-politician at the moment – it the Republicans ban Trump, they will definitely make him a martyr. Not to mention the whole concept of ‘banning’ anyone in my book is fascist. This is supposed to be a democratic process, where the candidates lay out their stances for all to see and hear. Their debating skills will be on display and Cruz is likely to wipe the floor with most of them. The Progressives on the Right fear Trump – boycott at your own risk fellas.

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“Microaggressions”: If you like black culture you’re racist; If you don’t like black culture you’re also racist


MTV is continuing its crusade to mainstream tumblr/social justice warrior insanity with a new video that targets white people for “racial microaggressions” directed against people of color – awful things such as… saying you like black culture.

These so-called “racial microaggressions,” which are also being circulated at major Universities throughout the country, include the following according to MTV (when applied in reverse to people of color);

– Saying black people are good at sports;

– Saying black people are good at dancing;

– Asking where someone is from;

– Complimenting someone on their English;

– Complimenting black people on their hair;

– Saying a person of color looks like someone else;

– Saying a person of color is “pretty”;

– Saying that you like black culture.

So if you say you like black culture you’re a racist. And if you DON’T like black culture you’re also a racist. Thanks for clearing this up, MTV.

I’m wondering if the fact that black people are responsible for 50% of homicides in the US despite making up only 13% of the population counts as a “microaggression” too?

This video is of course part of MTV’s descent into social justice warrior cult of victimhood insanity, where “white people” are to blame for all of America’s ills.

Earlier this month we also highlighted MTV’s new documentary White People – produced by an illegal immigrant – which shows young white Americans crying on camera over their “white privilege”. The film also publicly shames whites for “what they’ve done in America”.

Numerous people in the comments below the “microaggressions” video completely ripped the entire premise of the clip apart.

“This is f**king dumb. I’m Cuban, and when people find out they frequently are surprised “but you look so white, how can you be Cuban?” wrote Adam Tarnoff. “It’s not a microaggression, I don’t cry to tumblr about my made up first world problems. This is tumblrisms being made mainstream.”

For those who don’t know, tumblr is a repository for all whiny social justice warrior liberals who are offended by anything and claim special snowflake victim status for literally everything conceivable.

“I’m Hispanic and I am so f**king sick of all this anti-White bulls**t,” wrote another commenter. “I, as a Hispanic, have faced more stereotypes and racism (and I mean ACTUAL racism) from Blacks, Asians, and other Hispanics than I have from White people. As a matter of fact, White people are more respectful than other “people of color” when it comes to race.”

“Hey white people even if you’re being nice and you’re not racist, you’re still an asshole and you’re still racist,” quipped another respondent.

The irony of the video is that it’s foundation is the notion that “microaggressions,” which in reality is just a racially souped up name for “stereotypes,” cannot be used against white people, when in fact the video itself illustrates a number of stereotypes that could be applied to white people.

In fact, there are innumerable stereotypes or “microaggressions” that are directed towards white people all the time – from the way they dress to the way they talk. Indeed, the hashtag #WhitePeople was trending on Twitter only last night. The hashtag #WhitePeopleProblems also occasionally trends on Twitter.

As highlighted in the video below, millions of Americans are apparently committing these “microaggressions” on a daily basis with no idea of what the word “microaggression” even means.

“Everyone is super racist, sexist and prejudice even though they think they aren’t and you have no proof that says otherwise. As a matter of fact, no proof is even better than proof… because it’s already like proof anyhow. So shut up and don’t express a different opinion than mine,” writes Steven Crowder.

According to the University of Wisconsin (Stevens Point), all of the following traits are also examples of racial microaggressions;

– Asking someone where they are from or where they were born.

– Telling someone they speak good English.

– Telling someone that you have several black friends.

– Saying that you’re not a racist.

– Complimenting an Asian person by telling them they are very articulate.

– Asking an Asian person for help with science or math.

– Uttering the phrase “There is only one race, the human race.”

– Saying that you think America is a melting pot and that when you look at someone you don’t see race.

– Believing that the most qualified person, regardless of race, should get the job.

– Thinking that every person, regardless of race, can succeed in society if they work hard enough.

– Telling a black person who is being too loud to be quiet.

– Telling an Asian or Latino person who is too quiet to speak up.

– Mistaking a person of color for a staff member when you’re in a store.

– Calling something “gay”.

– Doing an impression of someone’s dialect or accent.

Basically, if you’re nice to people of color or if you innocently ask a question meant with the best of intentions that causes offense, you’re a racist. And don’t try and deny that you’re a racist because that only proves that you are a racist.

*(COMING TO AMERICA)* New Study: Female Genital Mutilation Now Blights Every Corner of England


Female genital mutilation is now a factor in every area of England and Wales, from inner-city London to rural Wales, as an estimated 137,000 women and girls in the UK have already been mutilated according to tribal and religious custom.

As well as bringing back old practices long stamped out in Britain like slavery, mass immigration has also brought new evils to the United Kingdom like female genital mutilation (FGM) – the practice of cutting off a girls clitoris and labia before stitching up the vulva – which is now prevalent in every corner of England and Wales, according to a new report. Concentration of women who have had their genitals disfigured in this way varies depending on location and demographic, which the highest concentrations of FGM victims in areas with the highest proportions of immigrants.

A spokesman for Equality Now, the group who performed the study,  said:

“From what we’ve seen, it comes down to migration… Southwark obviously has a higher population of migrants who have come from practising countries, but then again, you need to look at more details about which countries they have come from.”

Southwark is estimated by the group to be the local authority with the highest proportion of mutilated women, where 4.74 per cent – roughly one in 20 – of all women have been cut. The majority are thought to have been cut in their home nations, either before they moved to the UK or during special trips organised back to the home country by their family for the purpose, but FGM in Britain is believed to be increasingly prevalent. One in 10 births in the area are to women who have had FGM.

Outside of London, other immigration hubs like Manchester, Slough, Bristol, Leicester and Birmingham suffer from FGM. The Huffington Post reports estimates that in these cities, between 1.2 and 1.6 per cent of women have been cut. Although numbers are significantly lower in more rural local authorities, the report estimates there is not a single authority in England or Wales that doesn’t have permanent residents who have been cut.

There is a growing global movement to bring an end to the barbaric practice of FGM, but it is only gaining momentum slowly. The practice is dearly held onto in some tribal and religious communities and despite the practice having been banned in hotspot Nigeria in the past year, and Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Mali, Yemen and Zambia working on laws to ban the practice, convictions are difficult to obtain. The insular nature of the communities that practice FGM and its essentially hidden nature means even in the UK, where prosecution of the practice is comparatively proactive, there have been zero successful prosecutions for mutilation.

In countries like Egypt, Guinea, Somalia and Djibouti, it is estimated that 90 per cent of women are mutilated over the course of their lifetimes, as locals erroneously believe the cutting yields health benefits.

Greece on Welfare: Puerto Rico Is Much Worse


Don’t Lecture Greece on Welfare: Puerto Rico USA Is Much Worse


With Greece defaulting on its debt, the press has been full of complaints that the lazy Greeks would like to live off of welfare and government handouts rather than work.

But Puerto Rico, USA also just defaulted on its debt and by most objective measures is much worse than the Greeks regarding work, welfare, and government handouts. Mainland Americans should learn from Puerto Rico’s example of how our own socialistic labor and tax policies can devastate an economy.

The common stereotype is to label the Greeks as lazy, because only 52 percent of the nation is currently working. But only 43 percent of Puerto Ricans,USA are employed. Greeks actually work the longest work week in Europe at 42 hours.

Critics snarl because 23 percent of Greeks are on welfare. But over 27 percent of the people in Puerto Rico,, USA are on welfare.

Greek politicians are seen as trying to buy votes by spending 29 percent of the nation’s GDP on government “transfer payments” for disability, housing, family, old age, unemployment and health. But transfer payments in Puerto Rico, USA amount to over 40 percent of GDP.

What is killing the Greek economy is being locked into the laws and currency of the European Union. What is killing the Puerto Rican economy is being locked into the laws and currency of the United States.

The territory is required by federal law to pay the USA minimum wage of $7.25, versus the Greek minimum wage of $4.42 an hour. Although the median income in Puerto Rico, USA is only half that of the poorest US state, Mississippi, welfare benefits are about the same in Puerto Rico as Mississippi.

The 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act subjected Puerto Rico, USA to a federal minimum wage, but it was not until 1983 that a 1974 act, which required that the Island match the mainland’s minimum wage, was fully phased in. The current Federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is 77 percent of Puerto Rico, USA’s current median wage of $9.42 an hour. By contrast, the US mainland’s minimum wage is only 43 percent of the U.S. median wage of almost $17 per hour. It would take an average minimum wage of $13 an hour to match that Puerto Rico proportion.

An unsupportably high minimum wage has meant that entry level jobs simply don’t exist in Puerto Rico, USA. Official unemployment is only 12 percent, but that is only because the labor force participation rate is about 43%, as opposed to 63% on the mainland. The Obama Administration’s demand for a $10.10 minimum wage would mean the minimum Puerto Rico SA wage would be higher than the current medium wage on the island. Obama made no provision to exempt Puerto Rico from the impacts of is proposal.

Perhaps to make up for this disastrous employment policy, welfare and entitlement payments are kept high. As a result, the incentive to give up public assistance in favor of a job has been substantially reduced for Puerto Rico, USA. Less than half of working age males are employed, 35 percent of the island’s residents are on food stamps, and 45.4 percent of Puerto Rico, USA is in poverty.

Puerto Rico’s problems were already building prior to the 2008 Financial Crisis. Ignoring the devastating effect of having to comply with the USA minimum wage laws, a new 7 percent sales tax was introduced by Puerto Rico USA in 2006. Based on the expectation of a spike in new sales tax revenues, the Puerto Rico USA government issued lots of new bonds. But the tax tended to inhibit consumer sales and drive more of the economy underground. Instead of the tax improving the island’s finances, the economy tanked and the debt burden grew.

Puerto Rico USA is actually worse off than its impoverished neighbor Cuba. Although Puerto Rico’s $103 billion annual GDP is twice the size of Cuba’s, Puerto Rico’s debt of $73 billion is now over three times larger than Cuba’s debt of $23.44 billion.

Contrary to media stereotypes, the USA consistently spends more on welfare than Canada, while Germany spends more than Greece, according to the Financial Times. A quick look at Puerto Rico USA demonstrates how destructive America’s socialistic labor and tax policies can be to a group of Americans.