2014 Study on Employment Boom Due To Expiration Of Obama’s Unemployment Benefits

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by Katie McGuire

Well, no kidding. Anyone out there looking for a job will tell you that the economy stinks to high heaven. Obama’s praise of the so-called employment boom is due to *gasp* unemployment benefits expiring. Yea, not shocked. Western Journalism reports:

Barack Obama

Could the 2014 employment boom that President Obama has been taking credit for been due primarily to the expiration of long-term unemployment benefits that Obama championed?

That’s what a new paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) says.

The three economists involved in the study claim that ending the long-term federal unemployment benefits was the key cause of the fall in unemployment during 2014.

They write that 60 percent of the jobs created in 2014, 1.8 million in total, can be attributed to the end of the long-term unemployment benefits.

Ironically, while Obama has not shied away from taking credit for the employment boom, it is the expiration of his policy that has caused a majority of the boom, according to the NBER paper.

The Democrats wanted to renew federal unemployment benefits that last significantly longer than most state unemployment benefits, which usually last around 26 weeks.

The federal benefits were passed to provide relief during the recession. They were passed by the Senate at the end of 2013, but the House never took up a bill to extend them.

The Obama administration even predicted that the drop-off in spending from the end of the unemployment benefits would result in 240,000 jobs being lost; but in fact, according to the NBER paper, 1.8 million jobs were gained due to the expiration of the policy.

The economists found that less generous benefits stimulated more hiring and drew people into the labor force who previously had not been looking for a job.

Patrick Brennan, in National Review, contends:

The new NBER paper doesn’t find that those costs in general are much higher than economists generally assume; rather, it suggests that the benefits of reining in long-term programs can be quite substantial.

There was always good reason to think this is the case: One of the many differences between American and European labor markets is that most of the latter have unemployment benefits systems of effectively unlimited duration — and much higher levels of structural unemployment.

Obama must think the American public is as dumb as he is. No one is buying the stupid notion that the economy is ‘fixed’. Real people on the street will tell you no one is hiring. It used to be that you could get a job, anywhere, easily. We have people who have college degrees on welfare, for pete’s sake! The benefits have expired, Americans are still out of work, and the ‘numbers’ here are as inflated as Obama’s ego.

Chaos Erupts At St. Louis Police Civilian Review Board Meeting

By Brian Anderson, January 29, 2015.

It’s kind of hard to have a conversation on race and police/community relations when one side is an unruly mob and the other never gets a chance to speak. That’s exactly what happened at a hearing to decide the formation of a civilian police review board in St. Louis. The crowd of mostly angry black citizens started a near riot to prevent police from speaking on the matter.

Following the completely justified police shooting of Michael Brown in nearby Ferguson, MO black activists and looters demanded that area police departments establish civilian review boards that would scrutinize police tactics and behavior. To placate the angry mobs, the city of St. Louis held an open hearing on Wednesday at City Hall to decide if they would adopt such a board.

Citizens were allowed to speak first and according to Fox 2 News it was wave after wave of black citizens criticizing the police with little to no constructive testimony relevant to a civilian review board.

Eventually, the police had a chance to speak on their behalf and the crowd went wild with anger. As officers attempt to present their side of the issue, which is they don’t want the review board, the crowd heckled them and booed them off the podium.

At this point, Police Association Leader Jeff Roorda, who is white, asked Alderman Terry Kennedy, who is black, to take control of the meeting and restore some civility. Alderman Kennedy didn’t take kindly to the request and angrily responded, “Excuse me, first of all, you do not tell me my function.”

The sight of a black alderman getting into it with a white police officer set the room off. The black crowd began pushing and shoving, with some even attempting to grab police officers. The melee lasted for 15 minutes until additional officers were called in to restore order. No arrests were made and there were no reports of injuries.

Officer Roorda slammed Alderman Kennedy for letting the meeting get out of control and doubted that a review board formed by him would be impartial.

“We’re supposed to rely on aldermen like Terry Kennedy to provide a fair civilian review board for our members when we just saw a sham of a process in his very own hearing,” said Roorda.

“He hears from 35 anti-cop radicals promoting violence against police officers and we hear from two police officers and he (Kennedy) lets the place go wild,” he continued.

In response, Alderman Kennedy proved that he lives in a fantasy world:

“I’ve had several people come up to me to thank me for maintaining decorum in this meeting by showing respect to individuals who came forward. It’s unfortunate that the city has these kind of division we have but we have to begin work on it,” said Kennedy.

Not only are there deep racial divisions in St. Louis, but also apparently blacks and whites have different definitions of decorum and respect. Also, I apologize for Kennedy’s horrible grammar, but that’s the way Fox 2 reported it.

This seemed more like a hate whitey and eff the police fest than a civil exchange of ideas concerning a police civilian review board. But hey, the crowd managed not to burn down City Hall or loot anything so maybe things are getting better in the St. Louis area.