Scores of Department of Homeland Security vehicles have been spotted 25 minutes outside of town and the Governor of Missouri has already declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the fallout should officer Darren Wilson be exonerated. National Guard units have been called up and one law enforcement official has advised residents to be armed because the police department will not be able to protect the town’s citizens should violence erupt.

And violence is exactly what we should expect – more specifically, violence against Caucasians and their children. Two recently recorded videos have surfaced from the Ferguson area showing activists and protesters who are developing a strategy for how they will engage in civil disobedience and who they will target.

As Brian Hayes of Top Right News notes, “they are making plans to focus on White areas — and are threatening to target police officers, and even their families.”

In fact, the protesters in Ferguson have as one of their lead organizer a woman by the name of Lisa Fithian, who was partly responsible for organizing the violent protests known as the Battle In Seattle during the 1990′s. In a video recorded several days ago and posted by Progressive Today and The Gateway PunditFithian explains to those in the audience that they need to be targeting areas where the residents do not look like them:

“Personally, I think we DONT need to be on West Florissant. I wanna advocate that we go on South Florissant because the people on South Florissant don’t look like me. The people on West Florissant look like me and they’re with it. So… I really don’t have anything to protest on West Florissant. So if I’m in the area I’m going to Ferguson Police Department.”

But as Bryan Hayes highlights, this isn’t the only organizer looking to target whites. In fact, one Palestinian protester directly threatens police officers, as well as their families:

“You will never be safe, never in your life. None of you. Not you, not your children  – none of you will be safe.” 

During the height of the protests following Michael Brown’s death President Obama sent Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate civil rights violations.

Now that the targets for the coming mass protests have become white people, will Obama act again to ensure the peace? Or does that only apply when racism affects African Americans?

Whatever the case, should the decision be in favor of Darren Wilson then we may well see riots across the country that surpass the violence and destruction we saw in Detroit in 1967 or Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdict in 1992.

(You can see historical archives of some of the most widespread and violent riots in American history here)

For those resident in the immediate St. Louis area, you should already be prepared for civil unrest. But, this may not be limited to just Missouri. There are “direct action trainings” taking place across the country and reports indicate that as many as 83 cities are being targeted by protesters.

Given the direct action training being provided by the likes of Lisa Fithian, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the targets of these protests, riots and possibly violence will be white people, including children.

Officials have warned resident to be prepared for a period of disruption.

Step number one should be personal and perimeter defense, and that starts with firearms. As noted previously, those who were armed during the first round of Ferguson riots had nothing to worry about:

It turns out that when violent looters come face to face with people prepared to kill to defend their property, the looters tend to choose a ‘safer’ target.

Here are some tips and strategies to consider:

Here is a general list of supplies to have on hand. Remember that sometimes power supplies are lost during situations like this. Occasionally officials do this to gain more control over the populace and sometimes it happens as a side-effect of the wholesale destruction by the rioters. Keep the potential for a down-grid situation in mind when preparing.

  • Water (1 gallon per person per day)
  • Necessary prescription medications
  • well stocked pantry – you need at least a one-month supply of food for the entire family, including pets
  • An off grid cooking method (We have charcoal barbecue, an outdoor burner, and a woodstove inside)
  • Or food that requires no cooking
  • tactical quality first aid kit
  • Lighting in the event of a power outage
  • Sanitation supplies (in the event that the municipal water system is unusable, this would include cleaning supplies and toilet supplies)
  • A way to stay warm in harsh winter weather
  • Over-the-counter medications and/or herbal remedies to treat illnesses at home
  • A diverse survival guide and a first aid manual (hard copies in case the internet and power grid are down)
  • Alternative communications devices (such as a hand-crank radio) so that you can get updates about the outside world
  • Off-grid entertainment:  arts and craft supplies, puzzles, games, books, crossword or word search puzzles, needlework, journals

We urge our readers, regardless of your skin color or location, to be vigilant. When the violence breaks out no one will be immune. Stay off the streets if riots or protests erupt in your city if at all possible.

Otherwise, move quickly, don’t attract attention and be prepared to defend yourself with deadly force.


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Human Smuggling, Kidnapping, Slavery and Extortion Ring Busted in Texas



SPRING, Texas – A human smuggling ring in Houston has been busted-up by local authorities after concerned relatives called them when coyotes refused to release a illegal immigrant family member unless they paid the coyotes extra money. The smugglers have been forcing the men to work and would send the money earned back to a criminal organization in Mexico.

At a press conference on Friday morning, Harris County Precinct Four Constable Mark Herman told the media that they rescued a man who had been illegally smuggled from Mexico. Herman said the family had already paid the coyotes $2,000 but they wanted $900 more. The coyotes threatened to kill the man, and had threatened the family. The family was “frantic” said the constable when they called law enforcement authorities.

The entire video was live-streamed by KTRK-ABC13’s Steve Campion.

In a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas, Constable Herman said, “Our investigation revealed the family members contacted an alien smuggling organization operating in Mexico for the purpose of smuggling the male victim into the United States via the Texas – Mexico border.”

He said the family initially wired two payments to the alien smuggling organization in the amount of $950.00 each. The family members were notified by the coyotes to meet in Houston, Texas and pay the $2,000.00 for his release.

Law enforcement officials from the Houston, Texas, area also rescued three other victims who had entered the United States illegally nearly two months before.

The three smuggling suspects were identified as Kilmer Roberto Yanes Zavala,  Weldin Yobany Ayala Soriano, and Hector Rodriguez Sanchez. They have been placed in the Harris County jail with no bond.

A fourth illegal alien was arrested at the stash house and charged with four Counts of 1st degree felony aggravated kidnapping. The fourth suspect was identified as Heivi Martinez-Garcia.

The smugglers have been charged with felonies, aggravated smuggling, and aggravated kidnapping, and have been handled over to the Department of Homeland Security.

The smugglers put the illegal immigrants to work during the day, kept the money they earned, and then stripped them down to their underwear and put them in a room at night.

The constable said they raided the human smuggling stash house on Thursday after a family who had traveled from Maryland to Texas called them.

The constable said these illegal immigrants put their lives at great risk by coming into the country in this way.

Constable Mark Herman said that most of the time these crimes go unreported, and that these smugglers are “very, very, violent.”

The Harris County constable’s office will be working with the Department of Homeland Security on these cases. The Houston Police Department also assisted in the raid.

One of the smugglers received some injuries as he tried to flee the scene at the stash house.

When interviewed by law enforcement officers, neighbors told the officers about the comings and goings at the house but they had not seen anything that raised red flags.



Raid of Rentboy, an Escort Website, Angers Gay Activists


For some gay activists, it had shades of bathhouse raids and gay-bar roundups from decades ago. On Tuesday, federal authorities burst into the Union Square office of the gay-escort website and arrested the chief executive and several employees on prostitution charges.

Rentboy, which federal authorities called the biggest male-escort website, had been around for almost two decades, allowing escorts to pay to advertise themselves. It was well known in the gay community, hosting pool parties, dances and awards shows throughout the country.

After federal authorities charged its top executives with promoting prostitution, seized the website and went after the business’s assets on Tuesday, many gay activists were infuriated. The Transgender Law Center, a civil-rights group, criticized the arrests, as did some male sex workers. Several activists said they would use the episode to renew calls to decriminalize prostitution.
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Jeffrey Hurant of, after his arraignment in Brooklyn on Tuesday, said the site brought “good people together.”
7 Charged With Promoting Prostitution by Working on, an Escort WebsiteAUG. 25, 2015

“To many in our community this feels like a throwback to when the police raided gay bars in the ’50s and ’60s,” Justin Vivian Bond, a performer and an activist who is transgender, wrote in an email. “This invasion of a consensual hookup site which is run for and by members of the L.G.B.T. community feels like a real slap in the face after gentrification and the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations drove so many gay bars out of business and forced people to meet online instead of in person,” the activist added, referring to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Danny Cruz said he had posted ads on Rentboy “to supplement income” for about seven years, starting when he moved to New York. He said he had talked regularly to the executives who were arrested, both about his business and about staying safe.

“I don’t see why the government would be interested in what two people do behind closed doors,” Mr. Cruz, who is now involved in the Sex Workers Outreach Project in Los Angeles, said.

Khaalid Walls, a spokesman for the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which participated in the investigation, said in an email that “any insinuation that a specific population was targeted is categorically false.”

The federal complaint says that although, whose headquarters are on 14th Street at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, had a disclaimer telling visitors that they could not exchange money for sex, that was “clearly” happening. Escorts, the complaint says, posted ads including penis size, pay rate and preferred fetishes, and the site’s visitors then contacted them directly. On a separate website,, clients would review the individual escorts, the complaint says.

The seven current and former Rentboy executives were charged with conspiring to violate the Travel Act by promoting prostitution, and each faces up to five years in prison.

Mr. Walls said: “As the investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security, ICE is responsible for the enforcement of laws that promote the legitimate movement of people, goods and currency in domestic and foreign transactions. Our allegation with this case is that the business and its principals purported itself to be an escort service while promoting criminal acts, namely illegal prostitution.”

Rentboy’s chief executive, Jeffrey Hurant, 50, said in an interview excerpted in the criminal complaint that “there is no place on this website where somebody says I’ll have sex for money because that is against the law.”

The director of the site, Michael Sean Belman, 47, said in another interview excerpted in the complaint: “We say that escorts are selling their time only.”

“What happens between you and the escort is up to you,” he said. “That way it’s legal.” (The complaint says he “incorrectly” summarized the legality.)

Derrick De Lise, publisher of the online magazine Queer Voices, said the fact that the government went after a gay-escort website, without making mention of protecting sex workers, made it seem as though the site’s gay affiliation attracted the government attention.

I thought the Obama administration was gay friendly. Apparently not. He just takes gay money and continues to spin an illusion.
Anti 41 minutes ago

What happened, did they get behind on their extortion payments to Obama?
M. 46 minutes ago

Have to agree. This is typical government overreach along ideological lines. Ignore criminal aliens, but harass actual US citizens rights to…

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“With no rhetoric coming out of their press releases or statements about trafficking or concern with the sex workers, it doesn’t match what is happening in other cases,” he said. To him, he said, it seemed as if “yet another homophobic raid had occurred.”

In 2014, federal authorities seized myRedBook, a California-based site with ads for sex. But unlike in the Rentboy case, the charges included money laundering. The authorities also said myRedBook allowed child prostitution, which has not been cited in the Rentboy case.

MyRedBook’s owner, Eric Omuro, was charged with using the mail and the Internet to promote prostitution and with laundering money derived from the site. Mr. Omuro pleaded guilty in 2014 to using a facility of interstate commerce with the intent to facilitate prostitution, and admitted that the site allowed prostitutes to post ads. He was sentenced to 13 months in prison. In an affidavit submitted for sentencing, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had found more than 50 juveniles advertised for prostitution on his site.

Mr. Omuro was the first website operator to be convicted on prostitution charges, the Department of Justice said.

For some gay activists, the focus on sex workers, gay or straight, is problematic.

“It’s troubling to think that we’re investing resources and time to target Rentboy and sex workers,” said Alex Garner, a writer and activist in Washington, “when what we really should be having is a reasonable and thoughtful conversation about the decriminalization of sex work. We have an entire police force we should be overhauling, we have murders of trans women happening in large numbers, and we’re devoting our time and energy to cracking down on sex work. Who’s choosing to prioritize it?”

Nellin McIntosh, a spokeswoman for the United States attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York, which is prosecuting the case, declined to comment.

Obama’s FBI is Once Again Warning That White ‘Militias’ are as Big a Threat as Radical Islamists

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.31.51 PM

Since the day his regime took over in Washington, Barack Obama’s blinkered “intelligence” services have been warning that it is conservative groups and “militias” that are the real, lurking danger in America and recently Obama’s FBI did it again claiming that “militias” are looking to attack Muslims inside the USA.

In a report issued in May only to police departments and other law enforcement agencies, the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division insisted that “militia extremists” are looking to kill Muslims. The report goes on to cite two–yes only two–instances of “militia” leaders saying they are mad at Muslims and may want to target them.

No actual instances of this desire to attack Muslims has been seen, though. Only talk. Still, the FBI is all worried over Americans with guns.

An intelligence bulletin issued by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division in late May warns that so-called “militia extremists” are likely to begin targeting Muslim institutions, including mosques and other religious facilities. The bulletin titled “Militia Extremists Expand Target Sets To Include Muslims” was obtained by Public Intelligence after being released to law enforcement in late May, just days before a planned “freedom of speech” rally outside a Phoenix mosque which attracted numerous individuals dressed in camouflage, tactical gear and carrying loaded assault weapons.

Based primarily on a “large body of source reporting generated mainly since 2013,” the bulletin states that militia extremists are “expanding their target sets to include Muslims and Islamic religious institutions in the United States.” The recent targeting of Muslims augments prior FBI analysis, contained in a January 2015 report, which found that “established militia extremists target government personnel and law enforcement officers, perceived threats from abroad, and individuals or institutions that seek to constrain Second Amendment rights.”

Multiple FBI “sources with varying levels of access” report that militia extremists have been conducting surveillance of “diverse locations including Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Montana, New York, North and South Carolina, Utah, and Texas.” This reporting indicates that extremists have often focused on targeting Islamic facilities, such as mosques or community centers, though some have discussed targeting individual Muslims within their community. In September 2014, a source with “good access” reported to the FBI that “militia extremists in Mississippi discussed kidnapping and beheading a Muslim and posting video of the attack to the Internet.” Likewise, another source reported in early 2015 that the leader of a militia extremist group expressed “interest in training members for direct action against ISIS and associated ISIS locations.”

The FBI concludes that increased targeting of Muslims is being fueled by two fundamental misconceptions that are described as “salient perceptions within militia extremism that contribute toward an anti-Muslim bias”

With attacks by Muslims being thwarted right and left, with multiple Muslims being caught trying to leave the USA to join the ISIS jihad, and with bombing threats being constantly stopped by the FBI, with mass shooting breaking out at the hands of Muslims, it seems that the FBI is more worried about “militias” (i.e. white, male conservatives) attacking Muslims inside the USA than they are in Muslims attacking everyone else.

Could a “militia” perpetrate a crime against Muslims inside the USA? Sure. But since none ever have and it is thousands of times less likely that a “militia” will attack a Muslim than that a Muslim will commit an act of terror in the USA, one has to wonder where the FBI’s resources are being spent and if they are being directed in the proper manner?

One also has to wonder how much Obama’s often pro-Muslim agenda influences the FBI?

But Obama has pushed his FBI to go soft on Domestic Muslim terror before. In August of last year, for instance, his FBI threat matrix excluded Muslim extremism as a worry and made white people the object of worry.

This is all of a piece with how Obama has run the security services. Story after story proves to us that Obama has systematically instructed our policing agencies to steer clear of calling Islam a danger to this nation and repeatedly we see groups like the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security claiming that it is patriotic, tea party-going, whites who are the real danger.

What we have here is the Democrat Party agenda and PCism forcing our security agencies to ignore the real threats we face. Worse, it is obvious that Obama has wiped 9/11 from the memory of those who are supposed to be keeping us all safe.

Tech firms post want ads: foreign workers only…


A post-graduate student-visa program is just another scheme to displace American technology workers.


American technology workers won a big victory in the federal courts this month. The D.C. District Court ruled that a STEM-related visa program created by the Department of Homeland Security was potentially damaging to the domestic labor market and also in violation of federal rule-making procedure. For the plaintiffs in the case, the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, however, the fight against BigTech lobbyists and Homeland Security has only just begun. DHS’s so-called Optional Practical Training (OPT) program allows foreign nationals to live and work in the U.S. on a student visa even after graduation. In a rule promulgated by DHS in 2008, foreigners graduating in a STEM field at a U.S. school had these authorizations extended to nearly two and a half years after their graduation. U.S. employers love this because, on top of the longer work period, they have a greater chance to transition them into the H-1B program, a “professional specialty worker” visa that can last up to an additional six years. Also, employers receive a tax benefit for hiring OPT participants over Americans, as they do not have to pay Medicare and Social Security taxes for aliens on student visas. Plaintiffs’ counsel, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (which I work for), argued in court that the OPT extension, created not by statute but entirely by DHS, was really just a way to circumvent the existing H-1B cap of 65,000 annual visa grants set down by Congress years before. Helpfully for us, DHS had already admitted that this was the purpose for the extension. As it explained in the agency rule creating the extension, “the H-1B category is greatly oversubscribed,” which, as a result, has “adversely affected the ability of US employers to recruit and retain skilled workers.” With the H-1B cap having been held up by Congress over the last few years, DHS did the next best thing. As H-1B guru Norm Matloff describes in a blog post discussing our case, the agency simply went ahead and created “a de facto expansion of H-1B.” Let me digress for a moment on the H-1B lottery and the “oversubscription” issue. Unlike other visas, the fees for H-1B applications are refundable; there is no penalty for oversubscribing. As a consequence, heavy H-1B users, such as the outsourcing firms that supply BigTech companies as well as BigTech companies themselves, always apply for more visas than they really want in order to get close to their target. David North at the Center for Immigration Studies explains the process here. So when you hear in the press and elsewhere that “petitions have outstripped slots yet again by two-to-one,” the numbers are merely a reflection of companies’ trying to game the lottery system. RELATED: The H-1B Visa Program Gives American Workers a Raw Deal As Matloff explains, OPT is “just as harmful as H-1B.” The two programs are now similar in size, and the benefits to BigTech are also similar. Like H-1B holders, OPTs are younger than most American technology workers, and therefore cheaper. Citing the “prevailing wage” rules that technically exist for H-1Bs, Matloff notes that “the legal wage floors for H-1Bs depend on experience” (the worker’s age, in other words), “so hiring young H-1Bs in lieu of older Americans is legal.” As he says with cases such as SoCal Edison and Disney, “age was the key factor underlying the wage savings accrued by hiring H-1Bs.” See this link for information on a similar suit against Google based on age discrimination (which the company has since settled).

In the case of OPTs, however, this “wage floor” isn’t even available; being recent graduates, they’re all young (and cheap). Further, OPT participants are even cheaper to employ because, as stated earlier, aliens on student visas are exempted from Social Security and Medicare. Fundamentally, the OPT program, like H-1B, allows BigTech firms to flood the labor market, creating artificial competition and pressuring the standard of living we’ve earned through decades of hard-fought democratic and labor reforms. The cost savings, meanwhile, get siphoned up by private technology firms, many of which grew out of taxpayer-funded military programs. Thankfully, much of this wasn’t lost on the judge. DHS had asserted that our plaintiffs didn’t have standing to sue because (a) they couldn’t prove an OPT participant actually took one of their jobs (an impossible and unfair demand) and, in the alternative, (b) the plaintiffs were currently employed and so couldn’t show any injury — all are employed, mostly in contract positions. The judge knocked down both arguments by pointing out that “an influx of OPT computer programmers would increase the labor supply, which is likely to depress plaintiff’s members’ wages and threaten their job security, even if they remain employed” (emphasis added). RELATED: ’You’re Fired — Now Train Your Replacement’ More concrete evidence was also offered. Plaintiffs showed examples of job advertisements where only OPT participants were requested to apply. As Matloff likes to note, these companies are not just using H-1Bs and OPT participants to replace American workers, as in the SoCal Edison and Disney cases; they’re also hiring them instead of American workers. And many times, it isn’t “highly skilled” types that are being imported but simply “ordinary people, doing ordinary work.” The benefits of circumventing the H-1B program are apparently big. Arguing that DHS’s chosen 29-month extension period was an arbitrary and therefore invalid decision, plaintiffs showed the court that industry lobbyists CompeteAmerica, lobbyists from Microsoft and the Chamber of Commerce, and others had all been in contact with DHS requesting the same 29-month extension. And showing just how eager it was to comply, DHS implemented the rule without going through the statutorily mandated notice-and-comment period, a window of time in which the public can criticize agency action. GET FREE EXCLUSIVE NR CONTENT DHS tried to argue in court that skipping the process was necessitated by a looming “fiscal emergency” in the U.S. economy that could be ameliorated only by letting “tens of thousands of OPT workers” join the tech industry. Whose economic analysis did DHS cite to back this up? Studies from the technology industry itself. Ultimately, although the court knocked down the OPT extension on procedural grounds, the victory is only temporary. DHS can open up the rule to notice-and-comment and try again. MORE IMMIGRATION DID FACEBOOK INTENTIONALLY BLOCK POSTS FROM CONSERVATIVE IMMIGRATION THINK TANK? ON IMMIGRATION, SANTORUM ADDS SUBSTANCE WE CAN APPLY THE 14TH AMENDMENT WHILE ALSO REFORMING BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP Further, the judge rejected our argument that the program violates the law on other, more substantive (and less procedural) grounds. According to congressionally made statute (Immigration and Naturalization Act § 1101(a)(15)(F)(i)), student visas cannot be allocated for working purposes and may be allocated only to “bona fide students . . . solely for the purpose of pursuing such a course of study . . . at an established . . . academic institution” (emphasis added). But again, OPT, entirely a DHS creation, purports to let student-visa holders join the workforce. By ignoring the stipulations of Congress, the program exceeds DHS’s statutory authority. By giving DHS the authority to redefine what a “student” is, the court is allowing the agency to set the duration and conditions of a student’s stay, potentially letting them occupy the labor market for years upon years. Good for the foreign “student,” good for the trillion-dollar tech industry, but bad for the American worker.

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White House, Congressional, Homeland Security Staff Included in Ashley Madison Hack

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.05.45 PM


Yesterday it was revealed that a number of state government email addresses popped up in the Ashley Madison data, suggesting that government employees were among the clients who used the recently-hacked website to cheat on their spouses. (Due allowance must be made for the possibility that some of these email addresses are fakes, since Ashley Madison did nothing to verify them.)

How about clients from the federal government? There must be a lot of them, since it was already known Washington, D.C. was one of the top areas for customers.

The Associated Press reports that hundreds of federal employees have tumbled out of the client base so far, and they hail from every corner of the federal bureaucracy, including the White House, congressional staff, and federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.

The accounts include “at least two assistant U.S. attorneys; an information technology administrator in the Executive Office of the President; a division chief, an investigator and a trial attorney in the Justice Department; a government hacker at the Homeland Security Department and another DHS employee who indicated he worked on a U.S. counterterrorism response team.”

Employees from the departments of “State, Defense, Justice, Energy, Treasury, Transportation and Homeland Security” were included, along with others from “House or Senate computer networks.” There were hundreds of clients for the adultery network in the Defense Department, including some who worked at the Pentagon.

The AP notes that relatively few of these individuals actually used their official federal email addresses; their identities were established using the payment transaction data included in the data dump by the Impact Team hackers.

That also means the identity of these clients has been more firmly established than those revealed by most early sweeps of the AM data, which relied solely on the email address. The AP actually tracked one of them down, a Justice Department investigator who confessed to his membership on the site. The report does not include his name, as the AP observes none of these Ashley Madison customers stands accused of any crime. However, it is noted that Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has announced an investigation of military members who allegedly used the website, because “conduct is very important,” and actually committing adultery can be a criminal offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

In fact, it is noted that these federal workers had a penchant for using blind email addresses with names like “sexlessmarriage,” “soontobesingle,” or “latinlovers.”

Some of the Ashley Madison clients from the Justice Department had the presence of mind to use prepaid credit cards to conceal their identities… but then were foolish enough to actually log in to Ashley Madison from their office computers. Another triumph for the super-expensive government Internet security systems that brought you the Office of Personnel Management hack!

The Federal Times puts the total of unverified federal email addresses at 6,788 for the domain, 1,665 for, 809 for, 206 at the more generic, over 875 .gov addresses from various federal agencies, and 44 from the White House.

As several other reports have noted, some Ashley Madison users employed mobile devices to access the site, leaving their account data tagged with GPS coordinates of their exact locations at the time. This is exceptionally troubling in the case of customers who worked in sensitive positions, including military members.

The Federal Times quotes military veteran and former Office of Management and Budget official Jim Tozzi asking, “What injury is done to the government?” by its employees using Ashley Madison, after making due allowance for the higher legal standards applied to military personnel.

That’s a foolish question, and Tozzi himself goes on to answer his own question in part, by mentioning the cyber-security vulnerabilities created by using federal systems to access such a website. How about the fact that the overburdened tax serfs in the American electorate deserve better than having their overpaid federal “employees” using overpriced, under-secured government computers to set up adulterous affairs with paid subscriptions on Ashley Madison?

And how can anyone claim to be unaware of the immense blackmail threat created by this user database?

The Obama Administration let Chinese hackers walk away with a vast trove of data on government employees and contractors earlier this year, including the entire database of people who applied for security clearances.  he last thing we need is for bureaucrats, officials, and military members in sensitive positions to be setting themselves up for manipulation by foreign agents by diddling around on adultery websites.

Would the monster government that claims to be smarter and wiser than the entire private sector please stop treating security like an afterthought, and personal integrity like a joke?


Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.22.18 AM


McALLEN, Texas—Two illegal aliens from Mexico joined forces with human smugglers to kidnap and torture unsuspecting illegal immigrants being held at a stash house. Instead of charging the group with hostage taking or kidnapping charges, prosecutors charged them with human smuggling.

Federal authorities this week raided a house in the border city of Mission, where they arrested a group of illegal immigrants as well as Arthur Flores, a U.S citizen, and two illegal aliens from Mexico described as his henchmen. The two henchmen had been tasked with holding the immigrants under threats of violence, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.

The suspected kidnappers were identified as Nicolas Camargo and his younger brother described as an underage teen.

During questioning by agents with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Camargo said that he and his brother had crossed illegally on August 14 and were taken to a stash house, where unknown men ordered them to take part in the kidnapping of various illegal immigrants. Carrying various weapons, the gunmen stormed a house in an unknown location and kidnapped about 15 illegal aliens who were taken in three separate cars.

One of the groups went with Camargo and his brother to Mission, Texas, where HSI agents and U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested them days later.

Agents spoke with various illegal immigrants, including some of the kidnapping victims able to escape and get help. They spoke to agents about the torture they endured.

The victims described how Camargo and his brother used stun guns on them and beat them with baseball bats. Flores allegedly held them at gunpoint with a shotgun while they called their families demanding ransom.

This appears to be a common thread among human smuggling stash houses. In May, 2014 Breitbart Texas reported on a stash house in Pharr, Texas, where 35 illegal immigrants were being beaten and their families extorted for ransom. Earlier that year, the story of a house in Houston, Texas, where more than 100 illegal immigrants were being held in inhumane conditions was reported.

<p  style=” margin: 12px auto 6px auto; font-family: Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 14px; line-height: normal; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal; -x-system-font: none; display: block;”>   <a title=”View Kidnapping Aliens on Scribd” href=”;  style=”text-decoration: underline;” >Kidnapping Aliens</a></p>