Wesley Clark Calls for Interning “Disloyal” Americans

Advocates life sentence for people who have not committed a crime


Retired US Army General and the former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe for NATO Wesley Clark advocates rounding up “radicalized” and “disloyal” Americans and putting them in internment camps for the “duration” of the war on terror.

“In World War II if someone supported Nazi Germany at the expense of the United States, we didn’t say that was freedom of speech, we put him in a camp, they were prisoners of war,” Clark told MSNBC.

The difference is that World War II was a war declared under Article I, Section 8, Clause II of the Constitution whereas the war on terror is undeclared and thus illegal.

Clark is in essence advocating a life sentence for people who have not committed a crime but merely engaged in speech — often reprehensible, yet constitutionally protected — the government considers radical and in opposition to its foreign policy.

The Bush administration declared the war on terror would last a generation or more. Senior officials with the Obama administration meanwhile have said — when formulating “disposition matrix” to determine how terrorism suspects will be disposed of — they had reached a “broad consensus that such operations are likely to be extended at least another decade” or more.

The Edward Snowden “leaks reveal that the war on terror at home continues to grind on, capturing in its dragnet millions of Americans and foreigners, many of them innocent of any crime. The war on terror has become institutionalized, and the domestic costs of this war continue to mount: privacy is being eroded; communications are being monitored; and dissent is being cracked down on. The primary targets of the domestic war on terror continue to be Muslims and Arabs, though it is now clear that the sweep of the domestic war has ensnared millions of other Americans. And there is no end in sight to this domestic juggernaut,” writes Alex Kane.

Clark’s remarks reveal the mindset of the upper echelon of government. Those who disagree with the government are now to be rounded up and shut up indefinitely in political internment camps.

Mass internment of official enemies on par with Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union is now “on the table” and openly discussed as suspicious attacks and FBI orchestrated and grandstanded terror plots continue to grab headlines and build a reactionary consensus as the designed result of an incessant, decades-long propaganda campaign.

TERROR PANIC: Rep. Says NYC Officials Expecting DIRTY BOMB Attack on July 4th

Pentagon Issues alert; ISIS posts map of FBI Command Centers


New York Congressman Peter King was spreading more of his brand of fear on Fox News last night, telling viewers that officials in New York are worried that there is going to be a dirty bomb attack this weekend.

Speaking to Megyn Kelly regarding the heightened chatter of a possible terrorist attack during 4th of July celebrations, King took things to a whole new level.

Saying he’s never seen this level of concern, King stated “You wouldn’t see the… nuclear explosion detection devices being used the way they are… if this were just a routine warning.”

“Did you just say nuclear?” Kelly responded.

“Yes, that’s a big concern here in New York.” King replied, adding “Nuclear explosives, the dirty bomb. That’s why so much money has been put in to explosive detection devices.”

King, Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Counterterrorism, loves to perpetuate the idea that there are terrorists around every corner in US cities trying to set off nuclear bombs. He is obsessed with stripping away freedoms and rights in favour of more aggressive surveillance and tighter controls in the face of the threat of terrorism.

King has routinely called for the NSA to strengthen and increase its mass surveillance programs.

He has previously referred to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as a “terrorist appeaser”, and a traitor, and has called for the extradition and prosecution of Snowden, as well as journalists reporting on the issue of NSA surveillance.

King is an expert in terrorism, having supported the IRA in the 1980s, despite bombings that had killed British soldiers and scores of innocent people, as well as targeting British politicians, including the Prime Minister.

On the heels of official alerts from the FBI, the DHS, as well as former CIA officials over July 4th, the Pentagon has also issued an alert, noting that it is maintaining a “higher alert status” due to potential threats from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The call went for increased attacks during Ramadan, which is why you see us maintaining a higher alert status,” Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters Wednesday.

In addition, fears have been heightened by reports that the FBI is setting up command centers around the country to prepare for terror attacks on the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

ISIS has responded by widely posting a map showing the locations of the temporary command posts.


FBI employees have reportedly had all vacations cancelled over the weekend, and have been warning friends and relatives of a coming attack.

Germany BND chief to restructure agency following NSA spying scandal – report


The head of Germany’s BND foreign intelligence service is reportedly aiming to bring more oversight to the agency and hire external advisers, in an effort to prevent a repeat of the NSA spying scandal that engulfed it this year.

BND chief Gerhard Schindler told a meeting of the staff council leadership that he wants to bring the 6,500 agents in field offices under central control, stating that some of them have taken on “a life of their own,” Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on Monday.

In addition, Schindler said the “administrative and technical supervision” of the agency needs to be “significantly improved,” adding that the controlling system should be strengthened by legal and statistical testing bodies.

He also plans to hire external advisers to assist with the agency’s restructuring, and to put an end to the “frayed” work.

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​Germany provides NSA with staggering 1.3bn pieces of metadata per month – report
Schindler spoke of the agency’s operations, stating that tasks have previously been split between those in field offices and at headquarters.

That division in labor led to “significant problems in communication,” Schindler said, adding that those issues were “cemented yet further” after the agency’s HQ was moved to Berlin.

It comes shortly after German media revealed that the BND went against German interests while spying on European politicians and companies for the US National Security Agency (NSA). Those involved in the surveillance were divided between HQ and the listening post at Bad Aibling.

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Merkel defends her staff amid NSA spying scandal
Adding to the layers of problems was the fact that no one felt responsible for the employees at Bad Aibling, Schindler said.

That lack of responsibility and oversight led to the BND breaching its own 2002 ‘Memorandum of Agreement’ with the NSA – because the German agency wasn’t supposed to spy on NATO partners or European institutions on behalf of Washington.

Although BND employees felt some of the selectors ran contrary to the goal of the agency and German Foreign Ministry since at least 2008, it wasn’t until 2013 – in the midst of the Edward Snowden revelations – that an investigation showed that some of the selectors violated German and EU interests.

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But despite the spying scandal and imminent restructuring of the BND, Schindler is keen to continue working with the NSA. He stated in May that the BND is “dependent” on the US agency, adding that “without this cooperation we wouldn’t be able to carry out our work.”

The scandal has led to a dip in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s approval rating, with a May poll finding that one-third of Germans feel deceived by her.



Agency has Lockheed Martin technology to monitor finger swipes on phones

    by STEVE WATSON | INFOWARS | MAY 27, 2015

    The NSA has technology that can identify anyone from the way they swipe and text on a smartphone, according to officials with Lockheed Martin who helped design it.

    The revelations were made in an interview with Lockheed IT and Security Solutions’s senior fellow John Mears, who told Nextgov that the technology, known as ‘Mandrake’, remotely analyses the curve, speed and acceleration of a person’s finger strokes on a device.

    “Nobody else has the same strokes. People can forge your handwriting in two dimensions, but they couldn’t forge it in three or four dimensions,” Mears said.

    “Three is the pressure you put in, in addition to the two dimensions on the paper. The fourth dimension is time. The most advanced handwriting-type authentication tracks you in four dimensions.”

    Mears note that the NSA is able to actively deploy the technology right now, and could already be using it as part of its bulk data collection program.

    “We’ve done work with the NSA with that for secure gesture authentication as a technique for using smartphones. They are actually able to use it,” said Mears.

    The technology works via motion-recognition, a breakthrough originally achieved by the US Air Force in 1978 as part of a Pentagon program to capture the behavioural biometrics of a handwritten signature.

    Several reports insinuate that the NSA may be interested in using the technology for ‘security systems of the future’, or as an improvement on fingerprint identification. However, given that it is already known, via Snowden leaks, that NSA has made extensive use of QWERTY keystroke technology, to monitor everything a user does on the internet, it is impossible not to suspect this is also their goal as far as smartphones are concerned.

    Perhaps another purpose may be to counter so called NSA-proof smartphones which use encryption tools to mask the identities and whereabouts of users. Ironically, Pentagon personnel are said to already be using such devices.

    The latest revelation comes on the heels of news this week that the NSA planned to infect the app stores of smartphones with spyware in order to hack into phones and collect data from them without their users noticing.

    It has been known for two years that the NSA has already managed to insert code into potentially three quarters of all smartphones.

    Whatever the purpose of the technology may be, It appears that the NSA clearly is not preparing to end its mass spying program any time soon, despite declarations by government and the media that the agency is to be reigned in.

US ‘cuts’ spying cooperation with Germany over data leak

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 5.53.56 PM

The US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has ordered a review of cooperation between the National Security Agency (NSA) and the German intelligence agency BND, Bild newspaper reports.

Citing an unnamed source in US intelligence, Bild says Clapper is unhappy with Berlin’s “inability to contain secret data”. According to the report, the Bundestag committee on investigating the recent secret service scandals handed some secret documents to the media.

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‘German intelligence dependent on NSA’ – Berlin’s spy chief

For the US it is “more dangerous than what Snowden did,” Bild quoted the source as saying, referring to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations of worldwide surveillance.

Now, the US secret services are reviewing the areas in which cooperation with the BND can be reduced or ended altogether, the paper reports. Several joint projects have already been canceled, it says.

Both the German government and the US embassy in Berlin refused to comment on the report.

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In April, German media reported that over the past decade, the BND helped NSA in spying all over Europe. The US agency sent its German colleagues so-called “selectors”, which included IP addresses, emails, and phone numbers guiding what targets must be spied on.

READ MORE: Germany provides NSA with staggering 1.3bn pieces of metadata per month – report

One report suggested that the BND sends about 1.3 billion pieces of phone and text data to NSA per month.

The public outrage over those allegations and the subsequent investigation cost Chancellor Angela Merkel about a third of her approval rating. In late April, her government was accused of lying to parliament saying it had no knowledge of Washington’s surveillance activities in Germany.