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Said he would kill police officers until killed by them

On Tuesday Michael Leshawn McCullum was arrested for advocating on Facebook the shooting of “every white cop in the nation.”

The Iowa man is being held on a $100,000 bail on an aggravated misdemeanor count.

“I’ve thought about shooting every white cop I see in the head until I’m either caught by the police or killed by them,” McCullum wrote.

“Ha!!!! I think I can pull it off. Might kill at least fifteen tomorrow. I’m plotting now,” he wrote later.

The arrest of McCullum follows the earlier arrest of a Georgia woman, Ebony Dickens. The mother from East Point, a suburb of Atlanta, wrote: “All Black ppl should rise up and shoot at every white cop in the nation starting NOW… Death to all white cops nationwide,” according to police.

She said her remarks are protected under the First Amendment. “They reading this shit too right now. Freedom of speech tho… you can absolutely show me in the 1st amendment where it explicitly says you can’t say ‘kill all cops’…Other than that… NOPE!”

Dickens was charged with making terroristic threats.


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“The haystack is the entire country. We are looking for the needles, but increasingly the needles are unavailable to us.”


FBI Director James Comey provided a troubling assessment Thursday of the agency’s efforts to combat the domestic threat posed by potential ISIS operatives. Saying there are “hundreds, maybe thousands” of people in the U.S. being actively recruited by ISIS, Comey painted a grim picture of the government’s “needle in a haystack” search for potential threats.

“The haystack is the entire country,” Comey said Thursday. “We are looking for the needles, but increasingly the needles are unavailable to us.”

Officials say ISIS’ recruitment efforts involve an unprecedented level of sophistication in its social media outreach. Using Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms, the Syria-based terrorist group is effectively targeting what Comey described as “disturbed” people particularly vulnerable to their overtures. The terrorist group then directs them to encrypted venues where Comey said their communications become “lost to us.”

“This is the ‘going dark’ problem in living color,” said Comey. “There are Elton Simpsons out there that I have not found and I cannot see.”

The group’s method of mobilizing operatives like Simpson and Nadir Soofi makes attacks particularly difficult to anticipate.  Unlike Al Quaeda, ISIS does not necessarily impose direct orders or vet attack plans, frustrating the officials’ attempts to prevent attacks. The FBI was only able to notify Texas authorities of a potential threat of actions by Simpson three hoursbefore the “draw Muhammad” attack Sunday.

Comey said that hundreds of investigations are currently being conducted all over the country, with all 56 of the agency’s field divisions involved

Black Thugstress “Nook Babiiee” Pummels White Mother And Son For Stepping Into Wrong Neighborhood

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By V. Saxena, March 16, 2015.

Liberals, black elites and President Barack Hussein Obama (a liberal black elite) want Americans to believe that black men, women and children face an endless onslaught of racism, discrimination and violence from whites.

Unfortunately for them, the facts continuously belie this utterly fabricated premise, in that the individuals who should be most afraid may very well be white Americans themselves.

Why? Well, take for instance the case of a young white mother and son who stepped into a predominantly black neighborhood without first obtaining permission.

Watch what happened to them:



Both the mother and her son were viciously taunted and attacked by a black woman who herself was egged on by black onlookers.

The perpetrator then took to Facebook to brag with exceptional spelling and grammar (H/T Gateway Pundit):

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The folks over at Mad World News have identified the perpetrator as Nook Babiiee, a rapper wannabe who posted the following Beethoven-grade symphony to YouTube on February 4:


Her other talents include the uncanny ability to shake her butt in what Neanderthals refer to as a “twerk.”

Question: Does Nook’s clear-cut inability to function in society relate to her race?

Not at all, as Mad World News explains:

Ultimately, it’s not an issue of race that people conduct themselves with such depravity. It comes down to parenting, or lack thereof, and the media machine that makes excuses for poor behavior by giving idiots an “out,” while whining that they were unfairly targeted.

Exactly right.

Bad parenting sadly exists across all racial groups in America. But it is only bad black parents who get a pat on the back from liberals, black elites and President Barack Hussein Obama, all of whom erroneously believe that black people should never be held accountable for their actions.

Why should they not be held accountable? Because of racism and white supremacy, of course.

The tragic irony in this particular case is that “the female victim and her little brother were made a target because of their skin color” – meaning that the only racism at play was black racism . . .

AND NOW FOR SOME GENTLE GIANT NEWS: Facebook fight: 14-year-old Kierra’onna Rice shot dead after online argument

Published on Mar 2, 2015
A Facebook fight that led to a fistfight that was to be recorded and posted online ended in gunshots that killed a 14-year-old and wounded two others in Alabama on Friday, officials said.

Birmingham police said 14-year old Kierra’onna Rice was shot and killed around 5 p.m. in Birmingham after two males started shooting after Rice and several other girls met at a park to fight.

Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper said that some individuals in the group had planned to record the brawl and post it online.

The two other male gunshot victims were in stable condition Saturday, according to police. Authorities say they have suspects and formal charges are pending.

Austrian man sentenced for posting ISIS atrocities on Facebook

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A court in Vienna has handed a six-month conditional sentence to a young man who posted images of Islamic State atrocities and propaganda to his Facebook page.

The man’s name has not been made public; he has only been described as a 20-year-old Kurdish male from Vienna, Austria, Press Agency reported.

The man was among 13 people arrested by police at the end of November due to links with Mirsad O, and Islamic preacher from the Austrian capital who is accused of radicalizing youths and recruiting them to fight for the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria.

Security was heightened around the courtroom during the trial; eight armed guards with balaclavas covering their faces were stationed outside.

The young man was sentenced for posting images of decapitated and impaled heads and other atrocities committed by IS jihadists in Syria and Iraq on his Facebook page.

The gruesome pictures were accompanied by approving comments from the owner of the account.

According to the man, he was born in Iraq and had “nothing to do with religion until the age of 15 or 16.”

But then the realization that he was surrounded by unworthy people, like “drug dealers, gamblers and idiots” made him turn to Islam, he said.

The young man acknowledged that posting Islamic State images online was “really stupid” of him.

“Decapitating someone is really disgusting, I’m the kind of person who can’t even stand the sight of his own blood,” he told the judge, adding that by his actions he only wanted to “provoke” his former friends.

The young man was initially handed a six-month prison sentence, but due to him having no previous criminal record, his punishment was reduced to a conditional sentence and three-year probation.

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The man said the arrest has “really opened his eyes,” adding that he plans to work as a trainer at a gym after his sentence is over.

Earlier this week, Austria’s parliament passed controversial amendments to the country’s 1912 Islam law.

The bill, which is partly aimed at tackling radical Islam in the nation, bans foreign funding for Islamic organizations in the country and requires Austrian Muslims to submit and use a standardized German translation of the Koran.

Such restrictions are not applied to any other religion represented in Austria.

Half-a-million Muslims, the majority of whom are migrant workers from Turkey, make up around six percent of the country’s population.

Around 170 people have left Austria to fight for the jihadist Islamic State, which has established a caliphate ruled by Sharia law in parts of Syria and Iraq.


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Factor in the TSA/DHS’s ever-mounting paranoia, and you’ve got a recipe for a slew of false positives


The TSA is disappointed that so few Americans have opted out of its bottle-tossing, package-groping screenings by signing up for its PreCheck program. For a few years now, the TSA has been selling travelers’ civil liberties back to them, most recently for $85 a head, but it’s now making a serious push to increase participation. The TSA can’t do it alone, so it’s accepting bids on its PreCheck expansion proposal. (h/t to Amy Alkon)

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is seeking vendors for TSA Pre√® Application Expansion initiative to develop, deliver, and deploy private sector application capabilities expanding the public’s enrollment opportunities for TSA Pre✓® through an Other Transactional Agreement (OTA) awarded by TSA. The Government plans to award an OTA to multiple vendors. The Government will evaluate the proposed ready-to-market solutions’ application capabilities against this TSA Pre√® Expansion Initiative Solicitation and Statement of Work.

This will involve a new pre-screening process to weed out terrorists by looking through a variety of “commercial data” sources. The proposal [pdf link] is very vague on the details of what “commercial data” will be used by these third parties.

Contractors may use commercial data to conduct an eligibility evaluation (also known as pre-screening) of potential applicants. The eligibility evaluation shall include, at a minimum, validating identity and performing a criminal history records check to ensure that applicants do not have disqualifying convictions in conjunction with the TSA Pre✓® disqualifying offenses…

The proposal goes on to say something that sounds like the TSA safeguarding PreCheck applicants’ privacy by standing between them and any crazy ideas third party contractors might have about “commercial data.”

As a second component to the eligibility evaluation, TSA may also consider approving an option to use additional private sector processes to conduct a provisional risk assessment (based on an algorithm developed by the Contractor) for the purposes of assisting in identifying those individuals believed to pose a low risk to transportation security. TSA must approve any commercial data inputs proposed for use by contractors to include those which validate identity and determine provisional low-risk status.
More protections here:

Risk assessments may not be based on race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, financial status (e.g., credit ratings/scores, liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, annual income), health records, constitutionally protected activity, or other records reflecting an individual’s socio-economic status.
So far, so good. But while the TSA has pointed out a few examples of what won’t be permitted to be used to separate the threats from the travelers, it really never goes on to detail what will be permitted… at least not in the proposal itself. Those sources (and there are several) are tucked away inside the agreement boilerplate [pdf link] to be signed by winning contractors.

Here’s everything that’s open to inspection by PreCheck applicant screeners.

For purposes of this private sector enrollment initiative for the TSA Pre√® Application Program, “commercial data” includes: public record data, such as criminal history and real estate records produced by federal, state, and local governments; other publicly available information, such as directories, press reports, location data and information that individuals post on blogs and social media sites; and wide ranging data such as purchase information, customer lists from registration websites, and self-reported information provided by consumers that is obtained by commercial data sources such as data brokers.
So, the TSA is authorizing contractors to use social media posts in the screening process — which, yes, are by default public but tend to generate more noise than signal when it comes to spotting the terrorists in PreCheck approval queue.

[And I suppose my Facebook page — containing pictures I added a few months ago — will put me in the “questionable” group.]

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 5.13.37 PM

The TSA is looking to hire on third-party haystackers in order to pre-profile travelers. There’s a lot of “public/commercial data” out there, and very little of it has any relevance to the “threat level” of potential flyers. And the part about “purchase information” is particularly disturbing, considering the DHS would really like to have access to that data.

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said his department will be issuing new guidance to retailers this week giving them pointers on how to spot potential terrorists among their customers by looking at what they’re buying.

    While saying the government cannot prohibit sales of some everyday materials, Mr. Johnson said retailers should be trained to look for anyone who buys a lot from what he described as a “long list of materials that could be used as explosive precursors.”

    He said it was an extension of the “If you see something, say something” campaign launched by his predecessor, former Secretary Janet Napolitano, which tries to enlist average Americans to be aware of their immediate environment.

Couple Johnson’s statements with this proposal sentence (which immediately follows the “Risk assessments may not be based on…” sentence from the paragraph above), and you get an idea where this PreCheck database is headed.

Any algorithm used must receive DHS approval, which will be based upon a DHS evaluation requiring testing and review of commercial data inputs during that process.
Whatever data the contractors grab will be viewed by the DHS first, before it makes its decision to keep or discard it. And this will be in addition to the huge amount of data these two agencies already dip into to determine how many “S’s” to print on your boarding pass. The TSA’s role in the PreCheck program will be mainly limited to waving successful applicants through. (Something it has previously done to alleviate congestion with no apparent concern about PreCheck approval and all of its “safeguards”.) So, this is really the DHS’s program, one that allows it partake of third-party data hoovering and add anything it deems relevant to its databases.

That’s a lot of info to turn over for shorter waits at the airport. Generally speaking, the government has little interest in your purchases and social media activities, but by applying for PreCheck, you give them the green light to go digging. Sure, most of what’s there isn’t necessarily private, but it’s still information most people wouldn’t assume the government would find to be relevant to airport security. Factor in the TSA/DHS’s ever-mounting paranoia, and you’ve got a recipe for a slew of false positives, especially when the latter considers photography of public buildings to be “suspicious activity.”