7 Serious Issues Facing Black People that Aren’t ‘Oscars So White’

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Considering the massive amount of media attention the lack of black Oscar nominations is receiving, you would think the “Oscars So White” issue is the most consequential calamity facing black Americans since slavery.

It’s not. In fact, it’s far from that.

Certainly, social and economic anguish are not exclusive to any one ethnic group.

But below are seven devastating facts facing those black Americans who happen to not be the affluent entertainers currently bitching about not being validated by and receiving acceptance from a group of supposedly highbrow bigots.

1. By every economic measurement, black people are far worse off since President Obama took office.

There are more black Americans living in poverty today, 10.8 million at 26.2 percent, than there were in 2009, 25.8 percent, when President Obama took office.

A whopping 26.4 percent of black households receive food stamps assistance, despite the fact that black Americans constitute just 13 percent of the total population.

The economic reality for black children in America is far worse. Black children, under the age 18, made up 27 percent of the black population in 2014, but 38 percent of blacks in poverty.

2. America’s most dangerous cities have high black populations and are overwhelmingly run by Democrats.

In 2014, America’s most crime-ridden cities were run almost exclusively by Democratic mayors. Cities like Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland, and Baltimore are routinely plagued with violent illegality, are heavily populated by black people, and are often Democratic Party monopolies.

3. After 50 years of celebrating MLK’s civil rights legacy, black people now commit a catastrophically high amount of crime.

DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, black people committed 52 percent of homicides. And in 2013, black criminals committed 38 percent of the murders. Whites accounted for just 31 percent.

So how is it then that there are five times fewer black people than white people in America and, yet, we consistently carry out a larger share of the crimes?

4. In part because of wanton criminality, black people remain over-represented in America’s prisons.

Roughly 1 in 9 black children you pass on the street has or has had a parent in prison, according to a recent study by Maryland-based research firm Child Trends. About 1 in 10black men are currently behind bars.

Black men are 6 times as likely as their white counterparts to be incarcerated, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center study.

5. If you are a black child in America, there’s a 30 percent chance that you will grow up without a father in the home. 

And if you are fatherless and black, you are almost guaranteed to grow up poor.

This horrific phenomenon of fatherless, black households is the root cause behind so much of the economic stagnation in which many black Americans remain mired. The smallest increase in black marriages would help produce an economic dynamism for black people that would dramatically increase a black child’s chances of success at all stages of life.



6. While there’s been marginal improvement in recent years, black people still overrepresent HIV/AIDs deaths and transmission.

The number of new cases of black women with HIV has dropped by 40 percent in recent years. But infection rates have seen a sharp increase among young gay men, especially blacks, according to the latest CDC figures. “Blacks account for more new HIV infections, people estimated to be living with HIV disease, and HIV-related deaths than any other racial/ethnic group in the U.S,” reports the Kaiser Family Foundation.HIV,

7. Abortion. 

No one issue has brought more devastation to black Americans than abortion. Last August, I reported that pregnant-aged black women represent roughly 5 percent of the total U.S. population, but 35 percent of the abortions in 2010.

More from my August report:


Look again at the map above. Now consider the fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control data, that in 2010 “non-Hispanic white women and non-Hispanic black women accounted for the largest percentages of abortions (36.8% and 35.7%, respectively).”

Some math: Non-Hispanic white women account for about 38.5 percent of the population. I arrived at that number by cutting the number of all non-Hispanic whites in half. Using census and CDC data, that 38.5 percent of white women accounted for 36.8 percent of abortions in 2010.

Conversely, non-Hispanic black women make up about 6.6 percent of the population. That’s the black population divided by two. And, again, using census and CDC data, non-Hispanic black women accounted for 35.7 percent of the abortions performed in 2010.

Is that not a horrifically blatant disparity (especially considering less than that 6.6 percent consists of black women of actual childbearing age)?

Fact Check: Top 10 Lies in Obama’s State of the Union



President Barack Obama promised his final State of the Union address would be short. Dana Bash of CNN called it “low-energy.” One thing it was not was accurate–or honest. Here are Obama’s top ten lies, in chronological order.

1. “[W]e’ve done all this while cutting our deficits by almost three-quarters.This is pure fiction. Obama has doubled the national debt, and it’s not because he cut the deficit. Rather, he spent staggering amounts of money in his first months in office–which he assigns, dishonestly, to the previous fiscal year, under George W. Bush. He “cut” (i.e. spent more gradually) from that spending, but only under protest, after Republicans took the House in 2010.

(Update: It is true that Obama’s 2015 budget deficit was about 25% of his 2010 deficit. But he referred to “deficits,” plural. Until last year, all of Obama’s deficits were worse than all of Bush’s deficits except for the last two.)

2. “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.”With that line, Obama took a shot at his would-be Democratic successors, as well as his Republican critics. But the truth is that despite the slow recovery–the slowest since World War II–labor force participation is the lowest it has been in decades. Wages are stagnant, household incomes still have not recovered from the recession, and young people see ableak future.

3. “That’s what the Affordable Care Act is all about. It’s about filling the gaps in employer-based care so that when we lose a job, or go back to school, or start that new business, we’ll still have coverage.”That is a cruel joke, given that Obamacare canceled insurance coverage for millions of Americans who did not change jobs. It also raised deductibles and premiums so high that many insurance companies are leaving the Obama exchanges totally.

4. “Food Stamp recipients didn’t cause the financial crisis; recklessness on Wall Street did.” Actually, food stamp recipients, metaphorically speaking, were indirectly responsible–as well as Wall Street sharks. Obama leaves out the government’s role, under the Community Reinvestment Act, in pushing mortgages on people who could not afford them, and in backing the derivatives based on those mortgages that ultimately burst the whole bubble.

5. “We’ve protected an open internet…”Obama’s policy of Net Neutrality has turned Internet service providers into public utilities under an ancient regulatory regime. The result has been a sharp decline in broadband investment and a much less free and open system. In addition, the Obama administration is rushing to shift control of ICANN to the international community, which will ensure that the Internet is less free, and subject to overseas censorship.

6. “Seven years ago, we made the single biggest investment in clean energy in our history. Here are the results.” It is laughable that Obama would claim his failed clean energy spending–think Solyndra–led to the fracking-fed energy boom we have enjoyed for the past several years, especially when the administration did all it could to stop oil and gas development. He also nixed the Keystone pipeline and started a plan to kill coal plants.

7. “No nation dares to attack us or our allies because they know that’s the path to ruin.” Of all the lies in Obama’s speech, this was undoubtedly the worst, coming hours after Iran seized two U.S. Navy boats and ten sailors. Obama did not even mention those Americans in captivity at any point in his speech, declining the chance to reassure the nation that they would come home safely. It is an omission that will define this address in history.

8. “As someone who begins every day with an intelligence briefing, I know this is a dangerous time.” Obama does not attend most of his daily intelligence briefings, preferring instead to read intelligence reports–so he claims–on his iPad, a stark contrast to the attentive approach of his predecessor. Late last year, even as Obama claimed that there was little risk from attack, radical Islamic terrorists carried out brutal attacks in Paris and in San Bernardino.

9. “We are training, arming, and supporting forces who are steadily reclaiming territory in Iraq and Syria [from Islamic State].” The Obama administration’s attempt to train and arm Syrian rebels has been a disaster. Belatedly, the administration has helped Kurdish peshmerga forces, and the Iraqi military has made gains lately, but Obama has not made a serious effort to defeat the Islamic State, and is even giving up on regime change in Syria.

10. “Fifty years of isolating Cuba had failed to promote democracy, setting us back in Latin America.” And a year of appeasement has not promoted democracy, either. The Castros remain firmly in power, and we are not helping the opposition. Worse, the Cuban regime continues to arrest thousands of political dissidents, to cozy up to enemies like Iran and North Korea, and to carry out provocative acts–such as stealing a U.S. Hellfire missile.

Towards the end of his speech, Obama told one important truth: “There’s no doubt a president with the gifts of Lincoln or Roosevelt might have better bridged the divide…”.

An unusual, but overdue, admission of guilt.

9 Charts: This Is What Obama’s Economy Looks Like



Unemployment hit 5 percent in October and the economy added 270,000 jobs in an unexpectedly strong showing that is good news for the White House. But wages are stagnant, more than 95 million Americans are not working, and the federal debt is soaring.

President Barack Obama recently boasted he and his Democrat allies have “pulled the United States and the world out of an economic crisis” and “stabilized the financial system” since he took office, when unemployment was in double digits and the economy was tanking.

That may be true, but these nine charts inspired by a recent Zero Hedge post show some other key happenings in the economy since Obama took office. The charts are produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and the vertical bars represent times of recession.

1. Federal debt is soaring.

2. The Feds are printing an unprecedented amount of money.

3. Wages are stagnant.

4. Nearly 40 percent of Americans are not working.

5. The business workforce’s share of income is declining.

6. Spending on food stamps is soaring.

7. Student debt is soaring.

8. Home-ownership is still falling.

9. Real median family income is down.

Watch How They Reacted When Their Food Stamps Were Cancelled

The entitlement culture has spiraled out of control during Obama’s time in office.

There are millions of abled-bodied people in this country who choose not to work. Instead, they demand a handout from our government — and these handouts are paid for by hardworking taxpayers.

This video is going viral, and shows what happens when the government runs out of money to give to welfare dependents.

SHARE if you’re sick of supporting freeloaders with YOUR tax dollars!

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