Hey Whitey! Here Are Eight Ways You Can Tell If You’re A Racist (And Responsible For The Baltimore Riots)

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MAY 5, 2015

  • Sociologist Tony Brown has it all figured out. He’s going to let you know how to tell if you’re a racist.

    Blaming “white privilege” for the Baltimore riots, Brown lays the responsibility precisely where it isn’t: You white people.

    So how did you – rotten white person – cause the Baltimore riots? Here’s Dr. Brown’s list of “signs you’re a racist,” courtesy his op-ed in the Tennessean:

    Your child’s behavior is racist and it’s your fault (mostly).

  • You never intentionally read children’s books with main characters of color, but you raised Sarah to appreciate diversity.
  • You lived in a residentially segregated neighborhood, and thought that fact sent no implicit messages to Evan.
  • You chose to worship in a church or synagogue where Katey was surrounded by white people, and she understood that way of life to be normal.
  • You choose the best schools for Chase, but never considered the fact that those schools were racially homogenous.
  • You talked to Isabelle about poverty but implied that all poor people are black and it’s their own fault.
  • You let grandma say n***** at Thanksgiving in front of Elizabeth because grandma is old and doesn’t know any better.
  • You told a racially insensitive joke in front of Liam, condoning symbolic violence.

Isn’t it cute how Dr. Brown threw in first names that are stereotypically white? But hey, that’s OK. Nothing like a little good-natured “microaggression” here.

Dr. Brown then has a call to action: He wants “black and brown” people – and what he calls “doubting whites” to video record everything.

 “Record the discourteous way co-workers or service industry workers or police officers treat you. Record your friends talking about the indignities and micro-aggressions you as a person of color, for example, face in all- or mostly-white spaces,” he writes. “If you happen to identify as white, then record Uncle Roy talking at a private family gathering about the good old days when blacks knew their place (what sociologists call backstage racism). Record how pleasant your interactions are with police officers doing routine traffic stops. Record whether and how the conversation changes when people of color enter the room.”

You first, Dr. Brown. If you want “black and brown” people being treated unfairly by white people, turn that camera around and record the culture of victimization that has been perpetuated in the black community by a ubiquitous welfare state.

The Odd Connection between Obamacare and Foodstamps

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Ever since Obamacare has been implemented, food stamp usage has increased, seemingly disconnected from the “improving” economy:

In most affected states, the enrollment increases were not huge, ranging from 1 percent to 6 percent over two years, according to an Associated Press analysis. The sole exception was Nevada, where enrollment shot up 14 percent.

The enrollment is climbing as Republicans try to cut the costs of the food program and at a time when food-stamp usage would normally be expected to decline. Eligibility rules have not changed.

West Virginia’s food-stamp enrollment increased 4 percent after a Medicaid expansion that was part of the health care changes. Enrollment jumped because people were “more engaged with our systems and more aware what they’re eligible for,” said Jeremiah Samples of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

So Obamacare forces people to engage with the welfare system in at least one way, and some of those people are dipping into other welfare services while they’re there. Because why not?

Everyone knew Obamacare was going to be more expensive than anyone had predicted. But not even the most diehard opponent of Obamacare foresaw this. People would have said we were grasping at straws if we had predicted an up-tick in welfare enrollment correlated to Obamacare. Yet that is just what is happening.

So what’s the solution? The solution is obvious. Get the civil government out of the welfare business. They are really terrible at it. By that, I mean that they are really terrible at actually helping people. They are very adept at finding new ways to give “support” to people who would probably be better off without it in the long-term.

There probably isn’t a chance of abolishing Obamacare at this point. Everyone points to how well it’s working. No one seems to care that we can’t afford it. Well at least we’ll be able to eat some freshly minted food stamps when the economy collapses.

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