Mainstream Media Goes Berserk


A culture that featured a Piers Morgan as a reputable source of wisdom and proposition is a sick society

by Sartre

The practice of objective journalism has been effectively banned from the body politik. The social culture is driven by the embodiment of an unceasing drumbeat of disinformation; spoon fed prevarications and carefully shaped distortions, projected by a mass media that is in the tank for protecting the ruling elite. The myth that the press is endowed with an inherent courage to confront the establishment has been laid bare for any honest observer to witness. However, the problem is that the bulk of the marginally functioning intellects that still accept the mind control of the corporate media, continue to linger on in their dream world of obeying the prevailing order.

Some order, the nation is breaking apart at the seams all over the country. The reign of terror that appears on the boob tube, news site or printed rags from the accepted moguls of the new social media keeps pushing out the tired diatribe that the system still is working well.

PLEASE, wake up and smell the coffee.

Running the gambit of ideological shades of grey, the mainstream media all share the same common trait; keep the can kicking down the road. It is a universal prerequisite to achieve a long lasting career in the bowels of the beast that a propagandist must ignore truth to power.

Mastering linguist games played to conceal and confuse the extent and depth of the unmitigated corruption in the political and economic system is the criteria used to advance one’s position in the mainstream media.

You know this is true, but even the most enlightened and forewarned consumer of news often watches or reads the discourse from network, cable or the national mainline press.

When the party line machine is rolling, the content in the cyber zone world is a love feast. The talking heads, point their venom towards the outsiders, as they share notes on how to bring down the impure, while swapping tails on how to push contract negotiations to extract a higher salary for producing the newspeak that their media masters demand.

So it comes with great satisfaction when a charmed princess of the dark side melts down in public and loses her cool. Inside Source Says Megyn Kelly Could Be Prepping to Leave Fox News and ‘Go Mainstream’ is one such example.

Author Garbriel Sherman said during a Newsmax interview on Thursday, that Megyn Kelly could consider ditching her hit show “The Kelly File” to seek a spot with a more “mainstream” news outlet.

“You know there was some talk before [Kelly’s] most recent contract that she was flirting with CNN to kind of jump from Fox to CNN,” Sherman said.

“I think she wants to leave all options on the table and if she gets down in the weeds and really slugs it out with Trump that would hurt her brand.”

The uproar over the aspiring debutant of mean losing her protected status is so unsettling to the executives at Fox News that the little darling needed to take time off to lick her wounds. This episode from the first edition of trick the candidates that are not part of the good old boys club, took its toll on the entire media culture.

When Kelly plays the “got you” scenario, there is no pretense of objective reporting. This twist on the hallowed format of gonzo journalism is nothing similar to the Hunter S. Thompson tradition of created analysis.

When Trump refuses to observe the rules of polite vilification, a shocked media flips out. These gatekeepers are deficient in eating humble pie. The celebration of political reporting is evidently absent in sincere discourse.

What has the mainstream so perplexed is that their script for selecting the daily sound bites has been stripped from their control. This fact has the lackey stars in a funk. They have become irrelevant.

The driving force in the paper chase in every news cycle is the ratings. When a Bernie Sanders strikes pay dirt in motivating the progressive groupies, the media pundits forego their protective practices to shield Hillary Clinton.

The populist message, even when it promotes a socialistic solution has the correspondents tripping over each other to get on the ground floor. Who expected such enthusiasm?

The Wall Street corporatists are not amused. So much money has been placed into the hands of the Clinton’s and Bush’s that the rigged contest should have just plotted along.

While there are no guarantees that the excitement of an entertaining show will last, the most likely conclusion will not provide an administration that can reverse the damage that the last several decades has already taken.

Once upon a time there were newsmen like Edward R. Murrow and Eric Sevareid. The profession of journalism was held in esteem. When the carnival side show features the “bimbo” stars of bleached hair, cosmetic adjustments and eye candy, the substance of the actual news product suffers greatly.

Add into the mix the serial deception that comes so readily from trained lawyers, who aspire to be newsreaders and you get a dialogue of contrived illusion.

The refreshing refusal to engage the fifth estate for the establishment protection racket needs to be savored. When people obtain their daily dose of news from ordinary folks via YouTube, you have a much better chance of seeing the real uncensored deal.

However, even a longtime defender of the establishment, like former CNN alumni Howard Kurtz, takes his show to FAUX News reported the following:

“And media insiders. Who are sometimes indistinguishable, since they often appear on the same shows.

Together, they mocked and minimized Donald Trump as a sideshow. Among the worst offenders is the Huffington Post, which still refuses to end its little stunt of putting Trump stories in the entertainment section, with one writer calling him a “fringe candidate” (who happens to be the Republican presidential front-runner).

As Trump soared, the insiders soon shifted their stance to one of bemusement: Well, he’s hot now, but he’ll burn himself out. Always happens. We’ve seen that movie.”

Forced to admit the self-evident about Trump is an attribute that is in small supply by the professional porters carrying the political bags for the two party elites.

Also that other cable news outlet, CNN is involved in its own tizzy. Carly Rips CNN Debate Criteria, Calls On RNC to Intervene points out the length the process is stacked against the insurgence candidates.

“Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager, Sarah Isgur Flores, hammers the network for its reliance on polling conducted prior to the first debate, in which she is widely perceived to have dominated the “undercard” event.

“It’s a simple question: Will we have a fair debate process or will the political establishment keep ignoring grassroots Republicans?” she asks.”

Keeping Fiorina off the stage with the also ran candidates in the Donald Trump reality show, might well be a blessing for Carly. She may well have another chance to appeal to the rational voters who watch the JV debate.

Since the corporate media is posed to promote anyone but Trump, the caveat is added that a Republican female does not qualify as ANYONE.

There is only room for one feminine Democrat in this gala and transgender Clinton is the pick.

Going berserk to maintain the status quo is in the DNA of the Nielsen rating superstars. Getting and staying at the top in rankings follows a formula that is in a crisis from the challenge of The Donald.

A breath of good news comes from an unlikely source. Why Al Sharpton Is Happy With His MSNBC Demotion, and so should any honest person who despises the race hatred coming out of the Reverend. Since Brian Williams will join the staff of other losers, maybe Megyn Kelly should apply for the slot vacated by Sharpton?

Traction for the populist message is real and growing. This fact has the MSM climbing a wall of fear and accountability. The practice of truth and consequences is being played out by the population.

If the only spike in ratings comes from the eyeballs watching the “Make America Great” movement, it is time for a true American-First policy renaissance that transcends the personality of Trump, and becomes the battle cry of all responsible politicians no matter what party their affiliation.

When the media becomes uncomfortable with their own self promotion, you know their scheduling lineup is ready for a shake up. The best weapon to seal the demise of the lying media culture is to pile on each and every phony journalist who betrays the trust of the public.

A culture that featured a Piers Morgan as a reputable source of wisdom and proposition is a sick society. Now that the Kelly File is slipping into a black hole, it is time for Roger Ailes to do some soul searching and replace the panel with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum for the next Fox News presidential debate on Jan. 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Anyone who watched both debates on August 6, 2015 knows that the early format was conducted by professionals as opposed to a “60 Minutes” hit squad.

Herridge: 3 Gov’t Agencies Say Info in Clinton Email Was Classified When Sent


Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported this morning that three government agencies are now confirming that information contained in Hillary Clinton’s private email was classified at the time it was sent.

Herridge said the classified information was in an email three years ago from Clinton aide Huma Abedin to the then-secretary of state, and the messages kickstarted the ongoing FBI probe of Clinton’s email server.

The DIA, the NSA, and the NGA, which oversees U.S. government spy satellites, confirmed to Herridge that the information was classified at the time and remains classified now.

The State Department, along with the Clinton team, have maintained that the information was not classified at the time, with Clinton characterizing the situation as a “disagreement” among agencies about what should be classified.

“That has nothing to do with me,” Clinton said last week in Las Vegas.

Herridge noted that under an Obama executive order from 2009, the State Department cannot decide whether information from other agencies should be classified.

She said only the agency that obtains the information can decide whether to mark it as classified.

Watch her full report above to hear more on the new developments.

Next GOP Debate Moderator Hugh Hewitt Comes Out Against Trump



CLEVELAND, Ohio — Billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump is the 2016 GOP frontrunner despite the efforts of the Fox News Channel to target him in the first debate here in the city in which a year from now the Republican National Committee (RNC) will host the 2016 GOP convention.

Now the question becomes whether a nationally syndicated radio host who thinks Trump doesn’t have the “temperament” to be president — Hugh Hewitt — can be a fair moderator in the next debate.

Hewitt, a nationally syndicated radio host through Salem Communications, will, along with CNN’s Jake Tapper, moderate the next GOP debate on Sept. 16 at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Salem Communications is the same company that owns Red State—whose founder Erick Erickson, a Fox News contributor, chose not to invite Dr. Ben Carson to his gathering of GOP candidates and activists this past weekend in Atlanta and disinvited Trump.

This weekend on Meet The Press in an exchange with host Chuck Todd, Hewitt admittedhe doesn’t think Trump can be president of the United States.

“Hugh Hewitt, let me start with you,” Todd asked Hewitt. “Does Donald Trump have the temperament to be president?”

“No, no he doesn’t,” Hewitt replied. “A disappointing part of this debate is it was a 9-10 debate in a 9-11 world. We have the Iran deal coming up, the most consequential deal facing probably the next 30 to 40 years in the world. It got very little attention. The Russian cyber attack on the Pentagon got very little attention.”

“Is that the candidates’ fault or the organizers’ fault?” Todd interjected.

“Well, it’s both,” Hewitt said before blaming Trump for Fox News’ mistakes. “Donald stepped on a lot of important stories. The New York Times has a story on Hillary Clinton’s server. Only Scott Walker brought up Hillary Clinton’s server. So I thought what he did to build the audience, it was enormous, at the same time I wanted a different issue set talked about so the Republican primary voter lost.”

When Hewitt appeared on Morning Joe on MSNBC on Monday morning, he doubled down in his belief that Trump doesn’t have the “temperament” to be president of the United States. During that appearance, Hewitt did criticize the Fox News moderators for in his opinion being “out to embarrass Donald Trump” while not spending enough time talking about important issues.

Host Joe Scarborough later in the segment—before Hewitt doubled down on his anti-Trump comments—noted that “Hugh Hewitt, by the way, has not been positive about Donald Trump.”

“There are a couple things about temperament,” Hewitt said on Scarborough’s show.

I was asked by Chuck Todd on Meet The Press yesterday whether Donald has the temperament to be president. I said no. What I should have said was he doesn’t have the ordinary temperament. Sometimes you have got to be angry. You remember Ronald Reagan in the Nashua Telegraph debate saying ‘I paid for this microphone, Mr. Green.’ But you can’t stay that way. Sometimes you have got to be quiet. Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis, Reagan leaving Reykjavík—you remember that Joe—but other times you have got to be angry. I just think that Donald Trump needs to modulate it a little bit more so that he stays away from personality conflict and tries to bring it back perhaps with the humor. He was on my show last week on Monday. He was very funny. We talked about the nuclear triad. We talked about the wall and immigration, but the fact of the matter is Megyn Kelly is not a winner for him. That is not a good place for him to be right now.

These are hardly the only times where Hewitt has shown himself to be opposed to the candidacy of Donald Trump for president. While he was appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program in late July, Hannity opened a segment with Hewitt by asking: “Hugh, as I know, you’ve been a bit of a critic of Donald Trump.”

“Yeah,” Hewitt agreed.

“I would think knowing you as much as I know you that you understand where this is coming from—that he is speaking his mind, he is politically incorrect, he’s bringing attention to issues in a way that Republicans have been far too weak and timid to deal with,” Hannity said to Hewitt. “I’m sure you get that aspect of it, right?”

“I do, and I was very critical of the comments about Sen. McCain but I will say this and I think it’s true about every one in the race on both sides of the aisle and of all the presidential candidates for the past many years, Donald Trump is the only one about whom it is likely a broadway musical will be made,” Hewitt replied, mocking Trump’s candidacy. “That is what he is. I have never said that before but it occurred to me on vacation—I’ve been on vacation for a couple of weeks. He’s vastly entertaining.”

A moment later, Hewitt predicted that Trump’s overwhelming support among Republicans “won’t last.”

“It won’t last, I don’t think it will last, I’m skeptical of it lasting,” Hewitt said.

On Meet The Press on Sunday, when Hewitt was giving his opinion on the exact same thing, he said “the Trump thing will—as David [Brooks] says, the 20 percent is going to go I think to 10 but  the candidates need to keep talking about big issues.”

Todd, the Meet The Press host, got the joke. “Hugh, are you wishing it away?” Todd asked Hewitt.

“No I don’t think so,” Hewitt replied.

In addition to Hewitt’s criticisms of Trump, he has also predicted Republicans will fail in 2016—and that current Democratic frontrunner former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

“She’s 67,” Hewitt said on Adam Carolla’s podcast back in June. “She’ll be 69 if she wins and I think she will – the presidency.”



by and

If Donald Trump’s comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly are hurting his standing in the Republican primary, it’s not showing in the numbers.

According to the latest NBC News Online Poll conducted by SurveyMonkey, Trump is at the top of the list of GOP candidates that Republican primary voters would cast a ballot for if the primary were being held right now.

The overnight poll was conducted for 24 hours from Friday evening into Saturday. During that period, Donald Trump stayed in the headlines due to his negative comments about Kelly and was dis-invited from a major conservative gathering in Atlanta.

None of that stopped Trump from coming in at the top of the poll with 23 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz was next on the list with 13 percent.

NBC News Online Poll Conducted by Survey Monkey Graphic 1
NBC News/SurveyMonkey

During the Fox News debate Thursday evening, Trump was the only Republican candidate to say he would not rule out a run as an independent candidate. According to this poll, that’s just fine with over half of his supporters. 54% of Trump supporters said they would vote for him for president, even if he didn’t win the GOP nomination. About one in five Trump supporters said they would switch and support the eventual Republican candidate.

NBC News Online Poll Conducted By Survey Monkey
NBC News

The surprise result from the poll might have been businesswoman Carly Fiorina’s performance. 22% said she won the debate, besting Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio and Cruz. In overall support, she came in fourth with 8% of Republican primary voters saying they would support her in a primary or a caucus. This may not seem like a lot, but she had a gain in support of six points, which was the second highest in the poll. Fiorina may have benefited from stepped up media coverage due to her performance in the so-called “Happy Hour” debate that aired on Thursday before the prime-time event.

Click here for full poll results and an explanation of the methodology.

The NBC News Online Survey was conducted online by SurveyMonkey from August 7-8, 2015 among a national sample of 3,551 adults aged 18 and over.

Respondents for this non-probability survey were selected from the nearly three million people who take surveys on the SurveyMonkey platform each day. Results have an error estimate of plus or minus 2.4 percentage points for the entire sample and 3.4 percentage points for Republican primary voters. A full description of our methodology can be found here.

The survey was produced by the Analytics Unit of NBC News in conjunction with Penn’s Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies with data collection and tabulation conducted by SurveyMonkey. Analysis by the University of Pennsylvania’s Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies.

Note to GOP Leaders and Conservative Media Wringing Hands Over Trump: Grow a Pair

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 5.57.30 PM


After Thursday night’s first GOP Presidential debate, it became clear that Fox News had Trump in its sights, with the goal of taking him down.

From Megyn Kelly’s questions to Charles Krauthhammer’s analysis and Frank Luntz’ crazy post-debate focus group and comment that “he witnessed the total destruction of a campaign,” Americans pretty much knew that the fix was in.

Perhaps the Republican party leaders gave Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch, his marching orders, as did big donors to the establishment candidates prior to the debate. Fearful that the billionaire’s inflammatory rhetoric has inflicted serious damage to the GOP brand, they hoped to pivot away from the Trump sideshow and toward a more serious discussion among a deep field of governors, senators and other candidates.

Trump had also been scheduled to fly to Atlanta on Saturday to address RedState, but leader Erick Erickson revoked his invitation late Friday night. Erickson said Trump crossed a line of decency when he made a comment that Kelly “had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), a fellow candidate, said Trump was jeopardizing the GOP’s chances of winning back the White House and urged party leaders to stop “tiptoeing” around him. The only candidates who refused to trash Trump were Senators Rubio and Cruz.

Well, I’ve got news for all of you media pundits, party leaders, and establishment candidates: Shut the hell up and give Americans what we crave right now.

We’ve been talked down to, maligned, lied to, and harassed by an out of control Presidential Administration and its complicit media for 7 years now. The Republican establishment has proven to be impotent even though we gave it both chambers of Congress in 2010 and 2014.

Donald Trump is like a blast of fresh air with his politically incorrect talk.  Yes, he’s brusque, and he talks tough. Maybe we want to fantasize about somebody who would kick Putin’s butt and put a stop to the endless stream of illegal aliens from pouring across our border.  We’ve been fed tofu for far too long when all we want is a big hunk of red meat.

Trump’s bold rhetoric may grow tiresome, but that won’t happen if party leaders and the media attempt to stick him in a closet (Good Luck with that).  The best way to cure someone of something they crave is to give them too much of it, until it becomes run-of-the-mill and no longer exciting and new. Or it just makes them sick. And that’s exactly what will happen with conservatives if Trump doesn’t up his game and start talking about serious solutions to the serious issues he is forcing into mainstream debate.

Unlike the Democrats, we’ve got a deep bench of serious contenders for the 2016 Republican nomination, many of whom could challenge their front-runner, Hillary Clinton, at a time when she appears increasingly vulnerable.

The first primary debate on Fox attracted a record cable television audience of 24 million viewers and lent some clarity to a presidential race that has seemed hazy. It underscored former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s inability to excite the party’s grass roots. It also marked the emergence of back-of-the-pack candidates, including Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former technology executive Carly Fiorina, as potential contenders.

So, Republican establishment and media: give us what we want.  We are not children to be told what to do; we actually have the ability to make up our own minds about who we want to lead us.

Keep in mind that it’s not about YOU; it’s about We the People.

Report Says Bill Clinton Called Jeb Bush Before Debate and Assured him the “Trump Thing Will be Taken Care of”

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 5.46.43 PM

At this point it’s pretty much accepted reality among all spectrums of the political realm that Fox News had a pre-meditated plan to ambush Donald Trump. Both those who support him as well as those who don’t like him admit it. Anyone who tries to dispute it does so through eyes glazed over by the love of another candidate and inability to read between the lines.

What isn’t known, though, is who ordered the political hit. Dick Morris thinks Fox News is making an effort to be accepted by the mainstream media industry in a larger capacity. Some say the RNC used influential relationships to work in the attacks. Or was it just an order down from the top of the Fox News food change to do everything possible to knock Trump down a few notches and change the dynamic of the race?

There is no question Megyn Kelly had to get her “war on women” ambush question approved from higher up the chain. You don’t go out in front of tens of millions of viewers in a debate as big as this one with a loaded cannon like that and fire it without orders (or permission) from the brass.

Truth is, we just don’t know who ordered the hit. And quite frankly we may never know. But today the plot thickened when Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit pulled up a story from July 11th, a story published roughly a month before the debate.

Get a load of this. (Reminder, this story was published July 11, 2015)

Initially during Mr. Trump’s rise in the polls the Bush team was dismissive, declaring it a momentary blip. As days turned to weeks though, and Trump supporters appear to be multiplying at a pace that even has people associated with the Trump campaign surprised, the Bush 2016 operation is now openly declaring it wants help with the what is being called, “The Trump problem.”

The call for help has even been issued to Jeb Bush’s seeming Democratic rival – Team Clinton. Apparently Bush operatives believe that between the two political dynasties and their many supporters among the Mainstream Media and corporate business world, the Trump threat can be quickly terminated before it grows into a legitimate challenge to the seemingly pre-determined Bush vs Clinton 2016 showdown.

A D.C. Whispers source put it this way:

“It’s said that Hillary Clinton wants nothing to do with Donald Trump. To most they just call him a clown, but privately they’re afraid of him. The Clinton team doesn’t fear Jeb Bush because they know what they are up against and that lack of fear is mutual among the Bush operation as well. They both run in similar circles politically and financially, so it’s a choice of shades of the same color and that’s how they want to keep it.”

Apparently Jeb Bush’s focus on “The Donald” has become quite personal. Bush is said to be “deeply disappointed” that the media and corporate attacks on Mr. Trump have only made the outspoken billionaire’s appeal to voters that much stronger. It is a political dynamic for which Bush political operatives are increasingly confused and concerned over.

Those concerns were said to be given some salve in the form of assurances from Bill Clinton during a personal call he had with Jeb Bush two days earlier. While most of that conversation remains private, Jeb did share with others that the former president reminded the would-be presidential hopeful that, “a lot of this Trump thing will be taken care of during your debates, if not sooner.”

Mainstream media completely ignored this story. They didn’t try to fact check it, they didn’t dispute it, they didn’t mention it. No they completely blacked the entire story out. From my search not one of the big outlets said a word about the report.

Don’t you think Fox, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc should have at least made a phone call or two on this? I mean, if this is true it suggests the entire primary and general election is being set up and controlled by the same financial and political powers that bankroll Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. If Bill Clinton truly did call Jeb Bush and assure him Trump would be knocked down before or during the debate, wouldn’t that be major national news?

Even if it weren’t true, it’s news to report that it isn’t, is it not? Yet the major outlets completely bypassed the entire story.

Is journalism not alive anymore? How is this not major breaking news in light of what Fox News and Megyn Kelly did the other day?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Buchanan: Trump Had ‘Establishment’ FNC Trying to Bring Him Down

Buchanan: Trump Had ‘Establishment’ FNC Trying to Bring Him Down×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.48.52 AM


Columnist Pat Buchanan stated that Donald Trump “held his own” with “part of the establishment, Fox News” trying to take him down during the debate on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “Well, John, I think everybody’s going to focus in on Donald Trump, and it was a very rough, tough night for him. But I think basically what he did, was he hardened and solidified his base, and may have added to it, because he was in a battle with FOX News, Megyn Kelly and back and forth. So, I think that, by and large, he helped himself or held his own.”

Later Buchanan said of moderator Megyn Kelly, “She was very much a participant then in the debate. She’s catching the devil on tweets and everything for going after Trump that way, that it was unfair.” And “I think basically, what people are going to come away from that, is part of the establishment, Fox News joined them, and they’re all together, and they’re trying to bring The Donald down.”