Republicans should fire McConnell and Boehner

Republicans should fire McConnell and Boehner

Senate Republican boss Mitch McConnell and his House counterpart, John Boehner, have a clear strategy and a honed communications plan to undermine the opposition. Unfortunately, the two men believe that opposition is comprised of people who think the congressional GOP should actually do things. For that reason — and the opportunity that the feckless duo are poised to botch — their Republican peers in Congress should fire them.

Remember the last time Congress mattered? In the four years after the 1994 Republican landslide, a GOP-led Congress forced a Democratic president to accept welfare reform, tax cuts, and the first balanced budget since 1969. Can you think of a significant conservative legislative accomplishment from the Beltway GOP since that era? Neither can anyone else. Nor does anyone seriously think McConnell and Boehner are up to the task of challenging Obama successfully in the final two years of the Obama era — even if Republicans win control of both houses of Congress.

Time and again, McConnell and Boehner have failed to fight wisely or even fight at all.

They have lost every major budget fight with President Obama. At the end of 2012, Obama cited his reelection mandate and demanded a tax increase. Instead of pointing out that they too had a mandate from the reelection of a Republican House, Boehner and his colleagues caved in, allowing the highest income tax rates since the Jimmy Carter era: a whopping 39.6 percent (and higher still with taxes on investments). It was 28 percent when Ronald Reagan left office.

McConnell and Boehner also lost showdowns with Obama over subsequent budget and debt-limit deadlines, and funding for unpopular Obamacare enforcement. It wasn’t wrong for the Beltway GOP leadership to lament that Senator Ted Cruz shut down the government. It was wrong for them ever to accept the Democrats’ framing of the issue that way, and then to capitulate preemptively on future showdowns. Instead of even attempting to change the phony media dialogue or hold Democrats to account for never-ending tax-and-spend, McConnell declared: “There won’t be another government shutdown; you can count on that.” Thus did congressional Republicans hand away one of their few tools: Congress’s power of the purse.

Instead, Republicans could have pointed out that they were funding all of the government except for widely hated Obamacare, and Democrats led by Harry Reid and Obama were the ones who shut the government by insisting on new Obamacare spending.

But McConnell and Boehner keep their powder dry for other targets. When asked about conservative challengers to the country club wing of the GOP, McConnell vowed in March that “we are going to crush them everywhere.” Borrowing the liberal media’s favorite bogeymen, McConnell called the Tea Party “bullies” and said he “wants to punch them in the nose.” McConnell can sound like Dirty Harry, just as long as his enemies are Beltway-approved.

However, the 72-year-old senator strikes a different tone when he addresses non-Beltway audiences. His campaign has bought Google advertising so that a search for “McConnell tea party” brings up an ad titled “Mitch Defends Tea Party.” The campaign web site to which the ad links naturally mentions none of McConnell’s attacks on grassroots conservatives.

Indeed, like the rest of the GOP establishment, McConnell doesn’t hesitate to demand favors of the activists he scorns. Whenever questioned why the congressional GOP has accomplished so little, McConnell complains that he doesn’t have a Senate majority. He then routinely tells conservative activists to go get him one — including in his March speech at CPAC, in which he promised to fight “tooth and nail” for conservatives if they won him more power.

This is doubtful. Even with Republican control of the House and a filibuster-capable Senate minority, no major federal program has been shrunk other than the military. Obama is fond of saying he wants to cut government with a scalpel instead of hatchet. In fact, he hasn’t had to use either: when Obama leaves office, Uncle Sam will spend $1.3 trillion more annually than it did when Obama was elected, despite controlling the House for only the first two years of his administration. With today’s tax revenues, all the government would have to do is go back to its 2008 spending level and it would have a balanced budget. However, explaining these simple realities seems beyond the capacity of McConnell and Boehner.

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March 31st Is Here, Originally Last Day Of ObamaCare Open Enrollment: New Report Shows 50 Percent Simply Ignoring White House Mandate

March 31st Is Here, Originally Last Day Of ObamaCare Open Enrollment: New Report Shows 50 Percent Simply Ignoring White House Mandate

Guess what? Today is March 31st…the last day of open enrollment for ObamaCare. Oh wait, I forgot that the Regime issued another delay. After all 38 of them, it is getting a bit crazy trying to keep them all in mind. Of course, all of these changes are also quite possibly unconstitutional. After all, once a law has been passed, no one has the right to make unilateral changes in that law without actually going back and receiving legislative approval to do so. The White House and Obama have never done this, not even once during all of there 38 changes.

This ‘law of the land’ that is also supposed to be the legacy legislation of our amazing community organizer in chief is nothing more than an expensive toy. Since there has been extension after delay after exemption there really is no reason to sign up for the thing…unless you are pretty desperate to obtain some type of healthcare, even sub par coverage like this.

The White House, the president, and the media has been on an unprecedented public relations campaign designed to raise awareness of ObamaCare and get people to sign up, especially those in the critical 18-34 year-old demographic. The original goal of the Regime was to have 7 million enrolled by the end of March, which was also the end of the open enrollment period. Of course, they quickly backed away from this number after all the problems upon launch, settling on a goal of 6 million people.

A new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation has shown how poorly this campaign is going. They reveal that half of all people are choosing to remain uninsured. Furthermore, another 10 percent either don’t know about the mandate or simply refused to answer the question (presuming that it was still against the law to not buy insurance). In fact, nearly 60 percent of the uninsured are unaware of the sign-up deadline.

The interesting thing about all this is that the White House gave an entirely different reason for the delay in the end of open enrollment. Democratic Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid stated that the delay was because people were not technically savvy enough to use the internet to sign up for ObamaCare. Of course, he never mentioned the fact that people can mail or call in their enrollment if they cannot figure out the internet site.

Even under the ideal projections made by the Congressional Budget Office there will still be something in the neighborhood of 30 million Americans without health insurance. So, once again, we are seeing that the Obama Regime is well behind on their enrollment projections.

Despite Obama going on every TV show he can find, the young people are not flocking to ObamaCare, either. It has been estimated that only 20 to 25 percent of those enrolled fall into the 18-34 year-old demographic. According to the numbers cited above, it looks as if they are not alone, with many people choosing not to sign up for this coverage.

What do YOU think? Is ObamaCare a ‘good product’ that is ‘working as promised,’ according to recent statements from Obama? Have you signed up for your plan yet? Or will you take advantage of one of the many exemptions offered by the White House?

Communist Party USA to Push Obama’s Agenda at Convention

Communist Party USA to Push Obama’s Agenda at Convention

The Communist Party USA is returning to the site of its founding. The group is scheduled to hold their annual conference in Obama’s hometown of Chicago on June 13 – 15, 2014. Though the party is now officially headquartered in New York City, its roots are in Chicago with the party being officially founded in 1919 and meeting as a group for the first time in 1984. It also retains a satellite office in the city of Chicago.

The Illinois Herald reports that the conference’s theme will be one synonymous with what the Democrat party preaches. That is to ‘put people before profit’ and ‘build a movement to transform America’.

The vision of the party is also in line with the Occupy Movement, which was supported by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and even President Barack Obama. In their announcement, they make a proclamation against ‘the 1%.”

‘The people of the United States face enormous challenges today, ‘We live in a capitalist system where 99% of people struggle every day to survive and the richest 1% control the vast majority of wealth and power. Capitalism cannot meet the needs of the vast majority.’ The notice goes on to take aim at three common adversaries of the working class including ‘the rich and powerful’, ‘the extreme right’, and ‘the Republican Party’.

The group echoes Obama’s determination to fundamentally transform America as they lay out the plan for the conference and the issues that they will address.

“The convention will be an important moment in helping build a transformative movement in our country. Such a movement will put the interests of the ninety-nine percent over the one percent and lay the basis of eliminating class, gender and racial inequality,” said CPUSA Chairman Sam Webb, “It’s an exciting time. The labor, civil rights, women’s, immigrant, youth, and LGBT movements are poised as perhaps never before to turn our great country around.”

The issues that the Communist Party USA will address at their conference read like a page from the progressive, Democrat agenda including minimum wage, fast food workers, voting rights, the environment, and immigrant rights.

The Democrat Party has long been accused of hiding their Marxist and Communist based ideology despite the use of Marxist terms such as ‘income inequality’ and Communist code words like ‘shared sacrifice’. However, unlike the Democrat party, the Communist Party USA embraces their Marxist roots and lays it out for everyone to see, even stating so in their Communist based Constitution.

With Marxism-Leninism guiding our actions, the Communist Party strives to build the broadest unity against global capitalist imperialism now headed by U.S. imperialism, for immediate gains and reforms that benefit working people, and for a progressive democratization of the government, the economy, and society of our country on the road to and after winning socialism.

In 2012, Democrat Danny Davis, who represents Illinois’ 7th Congressional District and was instrumental in Obama’s quick rise up the political ladder, accepted an award from the Communist Party USA for a ‘lifetime of inspiring leadership’. Obama previously said of Davis in 2004, “He is one of the greatest congressmen in the country because he shares our values.”

Will the man labeled by Obama as ‘one of the greatest congressmen in the country’ be on hand at the Communist Party USA conference in his home state of Chicago to accept another award?
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Cruz: GOP Senators think they have ‘foolish, gullible constituen​ts’

Cruz: GOP Senators think they have 'foolish, gullible constituen​ts'

(The Hill) – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) explained fellow Republican senators’ anger over his filibuster of the debt-ceiling vote by saying that they hate being “forced to tell the truth.”

“In the 13 months I’ve been in the Senate, it has become apparent to me the single thing that Republican politicians hate and fear the most, and that is when they’re forced to tell the truth. It makes their heads explode,” Cruz told radio host Mark Levin Thursday.

Cruz tried to filibuster a vote in the Senate to raise the debt ceiling Wednesday, forcing the approval of 60 senators instead of a simple majority. That required Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to take a politically risky vote in favor of the increase.

“Make no mistake about it, this was their desired outcome,” Cruz said. “A lot of the Republicans wanted exactly what Barack Obama wanted, exactly what Nancy Pelosi wanted, exactly what Harry Reid wanted, which is to raise the debt ceiling, but they wanted to be able to tell what they view as their foolish, gullible constituents back home they didn’t do it.”

Cruz pointed out that in the weeks before, Republican senators had been saying that they wanted concessions attached to the increase, not the “clean” bill that ended up passing.

“It’s like they think the American people are just a bunch of rubes, that we don’t remember what they say,” Cruz said.

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Republican​s Asked Clerks Not to Announce Names During Debt Ceiling Vote So They Could Secretly Switch

Republican​s Asked Clerks Not to Announce Names During Debt Ceiling Vote So They Could Secretly Switch

(The Blaze) – Financial markets were watching, the retirement accounts of millions of Americans on the line.

Nervous senators were watching too, well aware that political fortunes could be on the line.

So on perhaps the most important vote of the year, the Senate did something extraordinary this week: It tried to keep the vote tally secret until the outcome was assured.

As lawmakers voted Wednesday on must-pass legislation to increase the government’s debt limit, they dropped the parliamentary equivalent of a curtain on the voting as it was in progress.

Typically, roll-call votes in the Senate play out in a very public manner. People watching from the galleries or tracking action from afar via C-SPAN can watch democracy unfold in all its messy wonder.

Each senator’s vote is announced by the clerk; each time a senator switches sides, that’s announced too. Onlookers can keep a running tally of how it’s going.

But not this time. Fifteen minutes into the vote, as captured by C-Span cameras, the tally clerk rose to recite the vote. A Senate aide alerted Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of the six Republicans who later switched his vote from “nay” to “aye.” McCain intervened, and the clerk sat right back down. “Would you …” McCain said before the live microphone cut off.

Republicans Allegedly Asked Senate Clerks Not to Announce Names During Debt Ceiling Vote So They Could Secretly Switch

A McCain spokesman denied the Arizonan intervened. “McCain didn’t know that they weren’t going to read the names and he didn’t care if they did. He didn’t have input on that,” emailed spokesman Brian Rogers.

Senate leaders hoped they would get the necessary votes ultimately, but they were worried at the time and faced financial and political repercussions if the vote cratered in public view.

Both sides were concerned that investors might panic, causing the stock market to tank in real time. That’s what happened in 2008 when the House voted to reject a Wall Street bailout plan, triggering a 7 percent drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Skittish Republicans had an additional concern: They knew the Democratic-backed legislation couldn’t move forward without at least a few GOP votes, but none of them wanted to be left hanging out there alone on what could be a politically treacherous vote.

Whatever the reason, they kept the public in the dark while they worked things out. A Democratic spokesman later explained that Republicans requested the clerk stay silent so it would be easier for GOP senators to switch their votes.

No more announcing each individual “yea” and “nay.” The running tally was known only by a handful of insiders.

What was clear, though, as the vote dragged on well beyond the allotted 15 minutes, was that Republicans were reluctant to help Democrats overcome a filibuster by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican and tea party favorite who set out to keep the Senate from even voting on the actual debt measure.

It takes 60 votes to break a filibuster, and the count was stuck at 58. The debt limit measure teetered on the brink of failure.

Cruz’s insistence on getting 60 votes prevented the bill from being passed with a simple majority in the 100-member Senate. Had he not objected, the 53 Democrats and two independents who align themselves with Democrats could have done it by themselves without forcing any Republicans – particularly those up for re-election this year – to cast politically painful votes.

Republicans Allegedly Asked Senate Clerks Not to Announce Names During Debt Ceiling Vote So They Could Secretly Switch

But now the filibuster vote was on. And the only way to know where the tally stood was to sit in the Senate chamber and track the vote of every senator, typically made with just a hand gesture.

It’s a challenging task for even the most accomplished Senate watcher to perfect.

Nervous Wall Street traders and other interested observers were out of luck as the voted dragged on for more than an hour.

Financial markets floated softly southward as suspense built.

“We were very disappointed that Wednesday’s change in Senate voting protocol kept us from giving the public real time access to this key vote,” said Terry Murphy, C-SPAN’s vice president of programming. “The tactic certainly gives the concept of legislative transparency a black eye.”

Afterward, there was confusion. Initially, a spokesman for Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who runs the Senate, said Reid was unaware at the time that Senate procedures were being bypassed. Later, spokesman Adam Jentleson said Reid “consented to Republicans’ request.”

While acknowledging the media’s concerns had merit, Jentleson couldn’t guarantee a veiled vote won’t happen again.

“After the vote began, it was quickly clear that Republican leaders were struggling to deliver enough votes … and a potentially catastrophic default suddenly seemed possible,” Jentleson said. “At Senate Republicans’ request, the clerk did not call the names during the vote to make it easier for Republican leaders to convince their members to switch their votes.”

So GOP leaders struggled to find the five GOP votes needed to help the Democrats overcome Cruz’ filibuster.

Reporters crowding the chamber took to Twitter to describe the action, but the Senate was officially silent.

The decisive moment came when top Republicans Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and John Cornyn of Texas, both up for re-election this year, stepped to the well of the Senate and voted “aye.”

That appeared to put the tally at the required 60, but no one could be positive.

Had a Democrat skipped the vote to get out of town ahead of a looming snowstorm? Did the press gallery staff members who unofficially record each tally as a service to the media miss a crucial hand gesture in the initial flurry of votes?

A few minutes later, photocopies of the official tally arrived in the press gallery, showing that six Republicans had switched their votes in solidarity with McConnell, who faces a tea party challenge in a May primary.

The final vote – 67-31 – was posted on the Senate’s web site. But information on who switched votes isn’t available there.

“We are extremely concerned with the way the vote tally was handled yesterday on a pivotal debt-ceiling vote,” said Siobhan Hughes, chairwoman of the Standing Committee of Correspondents, which represents the interests of Capitol Hill’s print media. “When the vote tallies are not read aloud, it makes it harder for the media and therefore the public to get the information they need to hold lawmakers accountable.”

The day’s dramatic turn of events played out at a time when every action has taken on added significance because control of the Senate hangs in the balance. Some Republicans found themselves weighing their votes with one eye on the November elections and the other on primary-election challengers from the right.

It will take a net gain of six seats for Republicans to retake the chamber, something campaign watchers say is within reach.

McConnell, whose seat is one of the few controlled by Republicans that could flip to Democrats, was clearly loath to vote yes.

Predictably, he was blasted after the vote by hard right conservatives.

Cornyn, who initially voted “nay”, switched to an “aye” right after McConnell, putting him squarely at odds with Cruz, his Texas colleague.

That the top two Republicans voted to advance the measure could take some of the sting out of the vote for embattled Democrats.

But it didn’t placate those who felt the whole thing played out without the transparency such an important vote deserved.
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Republicans, the Beltway/Establishment variety, are idiots. John Boehner, Speaker of the House, is first among them.

The House Republicans have a get-away every year to plan their legislative agenda for year. This year, more than any other year, the agenda was a list of how to sell out the nation, screw the Republican base, and make a package deal with the US Chamber of Commerce and a group of moderate, left-of-center, establishment Republican organizations for their souls.

Why anybody would cut a deal to purchase the souls of moderate members of the House is beyond us, they transferred ownership of those worthless articles a long time ago. The Democratic Leadership in DC has them in a rusted tomato paste can in Harry Reid’s bottom desk drawer.

Here’s what’s being reported about the conference by Breitbart, and it’s a different tune than the Establishment is singing.

That said, it is hard to imagine Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) moving forward after yesterday’s closed-door showdown. According to estimates from those who were in the room–both in favor of moving forward and against–the dozens of GOP lawmakers who spoke were at least 80-20 against bringing a bill to the floor this year.

There is a palpable sense of disappointment among those interested in moving forward. In private conversations, the word that is used is that the meeting was “predictable.” The same people in the GOP conference who kept Boehner from moving on a bill in 2013 are just as opposed in 2014.

Apparently even Boehner isn’t overly optimistic.

He even suggested this is just not in the cards.

“These standards are as far as we are willing to go. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said yesterday that for her caucus, it is a special path to citizenship or nothing. If Democrats insist on that, then we are not going to get anywhere this year,” Boehner told members, according to a source in the room.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), who outside of Boehner is the biggest force pushing the conference to bring forward legislation, also seemed to be feeling the heat.

This “plan” is an absolute sell ou and needs to be killed. Dead.

The plan is an out-and-out amnesty for about 15 million illegal aliens currently in the US and will extend to another 40 million of their relatives in the next 10 to 15 years. It offers instant “legal residency” subject to some kind of mystical “probation” that will give the government time to verify that all 15 million illegal aliens are really good citizens before they can move forward toward green card status and eventual citizenship.

The selling point that Boehner and Ryan are pushing is that border security must happen before any sort of path to citizenship happens. Anyone who believes that, we’ve got a great deal for you on some Arizona swamp land that will make a great vacation home during those cold winters in blue country. That whole meme is a lie that makes Obama’s Liar of the Year award with “You can keep your health plan…” look like a Papal Decree.

This one, courtesy of Boehner and Ryan – with the assistance of the US Chamber of Commerce, etal – works out to be “You can keep your country if you like it. Period.”

Any immigration legislation that has been or will be considered hinges on being able to trust the administration – and future administrations – to follow the law and actually secure the border. That isn’t going to happen, and it’s not likely to happen no matter which party holds the Oval Office. Certainly, this administration has refused to follow our current immigration law, and has created new law without bothering to consult the Congress. The “Dreamers” rules that legalize children of illegal aliens who were brought here by their parents was a regulation enforcement mechanism created by the Obama administration, it not only is NOT law, it runs exactly counter to our current immigration law.

The idea that Paul Ryan and the surrender caucus can write a law that this, or any, administration will have to follow is simply a fool’s paradise. If Boehner and Ryan are successful in getting this legislation to the floor of the House it’s a good bet that the nation dreamed of by our Founders is dead, and unlike amnesty legislation, it won’t be resurrected.

Get ready for all out war. We are going to have to blow up the House phones and let our Representatives know this bill is poison.