Emails show Qaddafi son offered talks – but Clinton ordered top general to 'not take the call,' source says

Following day U.S. began participating in airstrikes over Libya


Exclusive – New emails obtained by Fox News show that in March 2011, at the height of the Arab Spring revolution inside Libya, dictator Muammar Qaddafi’s son Saif was willing to talk peace from the ground in Libya – but a source told Fox News the offer was rejected by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In the years since Qaddafi was forced from power, Libya’s government has collapsed, and extremist groups including ISIS have exploited the power vacuum. While the Obama administration has promoted the use of “soft power” and diplomacy, the documents suggest the option was not vigorously pursued here.

One key email describing the offer of talks was dated March 18, 2011 and sent at 7:27 a.m. EST to three members of The Joint Staff. It states, “Our contact will arrange a face-to-face meeting with Saif [Qaddafi], or a Skype/video-telecon [teleconference] to open communications if time does not permit … A peaceful resolution is still possible that keeps Saif on our side without bloodshed in Benghazi.”

The response from a senior policy adviser, on her government email account, was sent to 11 staff members at 7:57 a.m. The adviser writes, “Sirs, the JCSWG’s [the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Working Group] contact is ready to arrange a meeting with Saif on a skype/video-telecon. Might be worth passing to folks who do this stuff routinely.” These “working groups” are stood up to deal with specific issues or challenges.

Copied on that same email is then-Lt. Gen. Charles Jacoby. During March 2011, Jacoby served as director of strategy, plans and policy for The Joint Staff and was responsible for planning coalition and NATO operations in Libya.



As explained to Fox News, what happened next was a high-stakes drama which played out at the Pentagon, the State Department, and the White House.

The source told Fox News that a staffer was sent to look for Jacoby at the Pentagon, and somewhere between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., Clinton instructed Jacoby “to not take the call from Saif and that Ambassador Gene Cretz was the only one she authorized to talk to Saif.” At the time, Cretz was the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

Clinton’s instructions effectively meant no high-level administration official took the call. The following day, on March 19, the U.S. began participating in airstrikes over Libya – Muammar Qaddafi himself would be killed seven months later.

While it is not possible to independently assess the credibility of Saif’s offer, his father did follow through on a 2003 pledge to come clean on Libya’s weapons of mass destruction program, after the U.S. invaded Iraq, and Qaddafi met with then-deputy director of the CIA Steve Kappes.

A review of Clinton’s public schedule shows March 18, 2011, was indeed a pivotal day during her tenure as secretary of state. Clinton was in Washington, D.C., that day and made three trips to the White House. Brad Blakeman, former adviser to President George W. Bush, said the number of trips was unusual, and most likely reflected sensitive foreign policy deliberations.

“This is a crisis. It’s a high-level decision that is being made and for there to be shuttle diplomacy to be made between the White House and the State Department tells me it is so highly compartmentalized that there’s no use of phones,” Blakeman explained. “It’s all personal communication between the president or the senior staff at the White House and the Secretary.”

While the offer to engage directly with the U.S. government, and its apparent rejection, were first reported by the late journalist Michael Hastings for Rolling Stone in October 2011, the new emails document that the offer was real – and show it was known at senior levels of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who advise the president. The Washington Times in January 2015 reported a five-part series called “Hillary’s war” that concluded the Pentagon did not trust Clinton’s strategy on Libya. The series included taped conversations between then-Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a critic of the war, and Saif Qaddafi sometime later in May 2011.

Jacoby received Fox News’ request for comment, but did not respond over a two-day period. A similar request was put to the press office for The Joint Staff seeking comment from others copied on the emails. The use of military sources to identify opportunities in highly volatile environments, such as discussions with Saif during the Arab Spring, is in line with the group’s mandate.

Clinton’s team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The account appears to stand in contrast with Clinton’s autobiography “Hard Choices,” which does not mention the March 18 episode. Rather, on page 371, the Democratic presidential candidate notes that the day before, on March 17 while she was in Tunisia, she called Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the deteriorating situation in Libya. “We don’t want another war,” she wrote.

In addition, a redacted account of Clinton’s schedule that week in March from top aides Jake Sullivan and Cheryl Mills, called “tick tock on Libya,” was among the emails released in May.  The content is marked “B-5” which refers to the deliberative process and can be withheld from the public and Congress. However, it does state: “March 14-16-“HRC participates in a high-level of video- and teleconferences…”

Seventeen months later, the US mission in Benghazi would be attacked and four Americans would be killed, including Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, former Navy Seals Ty Woods, Glen Doherty as well as Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Saif Qadaffi was sentenced to death in July, and is jailed in Libya.

Russia Just Exposed Obama’s MASSIVE Secret About ISIS… He NEVER Thought This Would Get Ou




Russia recently announced that they are going to take the lead in the war against ISIS because after all, SOMEONE HAS TO! We all know Obama sure as hell isn’t going to do anything, unfortunately.

As the Russia military went into Syria, they made a HUGE discovery about ISIS that Obama and the U.S. leaders have been keeping secret… and they just exposed this secret for the world to see!

Most of us suspect Obama of deliberately going easy on ISIS for several reasons. They are his Muslim brothers and worship the same Allah as Obama does. They are exterminating Christians which Obama doesn’t seem to mind. It’s pretty obvious that Obama is NOT going to make any effort to defeat these savages. Do you remember the Democrats with their ‘jobs 4 ISIS’ campaign? LMAO!

Steve Griffiths at Top Right Newsreports:

Alexei Pushkov, the head of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee, created a firestorm today when he took to Twitter and said Barack Obama is not bombing ISIS.

“McCain accused us of striking out at US-trained insurgents… However, since they have either run away or joined al-Qaeda, hitting them is a mission impossible,” Pushkov wrote on his Twitter account.

“The US-led coalition spent a whole year pretending they were striking ISIL targets but where are the results of these strikes?” Pushkov asked during and interview with France’s Europe 1 Radio.

 Max Boot, of the Council on Foreign Relationsadmits the U.S. bombing campaign against ISIS is primarily smoke and mirrors.

“Obama’s strategy in Syria and Iraq is not working… (because) the U.S. bombing campaign against ISIS has been remarkably restrained,” Boot wrote forNewsweek in February.

Figures compiled by the CFR reveal the U.S. has dropped 43 bombs on ISIS per day since the campaign began. In 1991 the Pentagon dropped 6,163 bomb per day on Iraq and 1,039 in 2003. Even Serbia, which posed no threat to the United States, saw a total of 60 bombs per day in 1995.

Earlier this week the Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam said there “is clearly no seriousness” to the war against ISIS. He added the objective is not eliminating the Islamic State but rather an effort by the West to “force their presence” in the region and worsen the situation there.

“From the very outset, this air campaign has NOT been directed against ISIS,”writes Michel Chossudovsky. “The evidence confirms that the Islamic State is not the target. Quite the opposite.”

My good friend Sean Brown at Mad World News adds:

The CFR compiled figures from America’s campaign in Syria and found that U.S. forces have dropped an average of 43 bombs on ISIS daily since the start of the effort against the group, which sounds like a lot but really isn’t. During the 1991 invasion of Iraq, America dropped some 6,163 bombs a day in the country. Then in 2003, the average number of bombings a day was 1,093.

While Obama says his intent is to destroy ISIS as quickly as possible, it appears as if the exact opposite is happening, and Russia called him out on it. Since the start of the U.S. campaign, Obama has been accused of not hitting them hard enough, and after looking at the numbers, it’s apparent he isn’t.

Some have said the U.S. intentionally engineered the rise of ISIS in order to create instability in the region. Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen, but his lack of action against the terror group has undoubtedly allowed it to grow to the size it is now, and they’re only going to continue to grow until someone takes the lead and wipes them off the face of the planet once and for all.


How Mi-24 gunboats guarding Russia’s hub of anti-ISIS ops

Published on Oct 7, 2015

Jihadist militants have set up position, just kilometres away from a Russian airbase in Syria – the key launch pad for Moscow’s anti-terror air campaign. RT watches how the Russian military base in Syria is being protected by helicopters.

Wow that’s what i call powerful machines, not the toys NATO has…

Release the hounds, send in the Chechen boys to mop the floor with these pos terrorist!!! That’s the party Im waiting for:D

Russia said that they wouldn’t send ground troops, but wouldn’t stop volunteers either. Chechen leader already said that he wants to fight ISIS. So we might see them in Syria soon.

Happy Birthday Putin!! Hang those bastards

Russians Launch New Airstrikes On Syrian Opposition Forces

Published on Oct 7, 2015


October 07, 2015 – Russia joined the Syrian conflict saying it would target ISIS, but many of the locations Moscow says it’s hit are not in areas controlled by ISIS militants. Syrian activists say the latest wave of airstrikes struck areas including the center of a province bordering President Bashar al-Assad’s stronghold. CBS News reports President Obama and Vice President Biden will talk with Secretary of State John Kerry about which steps the U.S. may take next. Holly Williams reports.

Russia is giving the big middle finger to America by bombing Syrian rebels they know damn well who they’re targeting and Russia does not give a f*** what America thinks they are pushing Americas buttons and the more we sit around and do nothing the more they’re going to keep running rebels until Assad has complete control America needs to put the slap down on Russia an aside and Shawn we are still number 1 or else America will start going down little by little


Obama Arms ISIS-Linked Militants, Pushes Gun Control On Very Same Day

Obama authorizes resupplying “Syrian opposition” on same day he demanded gun control


President Obama authorized a shipment of guns to the Syrian opposition, a.k.a. ISIS-linked militants, on the exact same day he demanded more gun control in response to the Oregon shooting.

Even more shocking, Obama did the very same thing after the 2013 D.C. Navy Yard shooting.

The president approved the re-arming of the Syrian opposition, which predominantly consists of ISIS and its affiliates, on Oct. 1, the same day Obama suggested the U.S. should start banning guns after the Umpqua Community College shooting.

“The approval came at a National Security Council meeting on Thursday,” CNN reported. “…The President also emphasized to his team that the U.S. would continue to support the Syrian opposition as Russia enters the war-torn country.”

Virtually all of the rebels in Syria have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State since at least 2013.


“The Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Council, the vaunted bulwarks of the moderate opposition, only really exist in hotel lobbies and the minds of Western diplomats,” journalist Ben Reynolds wrote in November. “There is simply no real separation between ‘moderate’ rebel groups and hardline Salafists allied with al-Qaeda.”

The New York Times made a similar statement.

“Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of,” the newspaper reported in 2013.
Recently a group of Pentagon-trained “moderate rebels” known as Division 30 handed their weapons over to the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jahbat al-Nusra.

The Pentagon had trained the group as part of a PR stunt to counter the fact that nearly all Syrian rebels are affiliated with ISIS.

“[Division 30] handed over a very large amount of ammunition and medium weaponry and a number of pick-ups,” a tweet from al-Nusra member Abu Fahd al-Tunisi stated.

And while Obama is arming these Islamic extremists who are beheading Christians and throwing gays off of buildings, he’s trying to disarm peaceful, law-abiding Americans.

“Each time this happens [a mass shooting] I am going to say that we can actually do something about it, but we’re going to have to change our laws,” he said Oct. 1.

However, it’s unlikely the Obama administration is requiring the ISIS-linked Syrian opposition to face the same restrictions and undergo the same background checks as gun owners in America.

In 2013, Obama waived a provision in federal law specifically designed to keep the U.S. government from supplying firearms to terrorist groups, according to the Washington Examiner.

On the very same day he waived the provision, he announced he was drafting executive orders for more gun control in response to the D.C. Navy Yard shooting.

5 people arrested in Sydney terror-related raids – police

© David Gray

Australian police have arrested five young people in terror-related raids following the murder of police veteran Curtis Cheng last week. A 15-year-old gunman carried out the attack that has been described as politically motivated and linked to terrorism.

Five arrests have been carried out at homes in Merrylands, Guildford, Wentworthville and Marsfield.

All those arrested are between 16 and 24 years old.

“Those arrested include a 16-year-old male and an 18-year-old man from Wentworthville; a 22-year-old man and a 24-year-old man from Merrylands; and, a 22-year-old man from Marsfield,” NSW police said in a statement.

Those arrested have been taken to various police stations where they will be interrogated about Friday’s fatal shooting of a police officer, the police said.

Police in the area are on high alert due to the possibility of retaliatory attacks, NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas said earlier.


The raids – a coordinated operation involving the counterterrorism and homicide squads – were launched after 6 am local time on Wednesday.

It involved more than 200 armed NSW officers, as well as Australian Federal Police units.

Prior to the recent arrests, police also detained a teenager who had reportedly posted a video on Facebook showing Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione breifing the public about the shooting. The caption read “merryland [sic] police station is next hope they all burn in hell,” ABC reported.


The action comes in the wake of a fatal shooting outside the NSW Police’s Parramatta headquarters, according to reports.


On Friday, 15-year-old Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad shot and killed 17-year police force veteran and accountant Curtis Cheng at close range outside the NSW Police headquarters in Parramatta.

It is being assumed that the teen was not acting alone when he lethally opened fire in Charles Street.

Police suspects that the teenage gunman was politically motivated and link his attack to terrorism.

I find it incredible to think that a 15-year-old boy could undertake this action without any form of help or assistance or encouragement,” Premier Mike Baird has also said.

It is believed that Farhad’s sister could have been lured into joining jihad and she is now suspected of having traveled to Turkey and may be trying to reach Iraq or Syria.