Obama May Be Importing Radical Islamists Into the U.S.



The bloody and terrifying war being fought between Muslim terrorists — from radical groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), al-Qaida-affiliate Al Nusra Front and others — and the regime of Syrian President Bashir Al-Assad has brought the largest number of refugees and asylum-seekers to the United States in a decade. However, counterterrorism experts within U.S. law enforcement are concerned with terrorists using the refugee exodus as cover to enter the United States. And, according to the U.S. Department of State, many more thousands are expected to arrive in 2016.

Human rights groups specializing in refugees and asylum-seekers, like the International Rescue Committee (IRC), have been urging the U.S. government help thousands more from Syria relocate to the U.S., claiming that more than 12 million are in dire need of some type of humanitarian assistance. Meanwhile, the United Nations has estimated close to 200,000 fighters and civilians have been killed in the savagely fought conflict that includes beheadings, mass shootings of prisoners, killings of Christians and Muslim apostates and many others.

The surge of refugees and asylum seekers from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, in addition to those coming here with visitors’ visas, has caused concern about the Obama administration properly vetting them, in order to identify Islamists and those with terror ties seeking to exploit the immigration system. Lawmakers are worried that not only is Syria the headquarters of ISIS, the most brutal and deadly of all terrorist groups, but also that Arab country’s state of chaos is making it extremely difficult to screen the refugees, many of whom possess little or no identification documents.

While Syrian refugees have already been resettled in the United States this year — with the goal of bringing upwards of 2,000 in by the years end — a number of American cities and states have been less than cooperative with Obama unilateral actions. A number of Americans are also suspicious of Obama’s program since it appears the only Syrians entering the U.S. are Muslims, a large segment of them being Sunnis, the same sect as al-Qaida, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Michael McCaul, R-Texas, had written a letter to President Obama voicing how he and other congressmen are finding it difficult to support Obama’s plan to resettle another 2,000 Syrian refugees in the United States in final months of 2015.

In the letter, McCaul mentioned what he and others have warned the Obama administration about in the past: that radical Muslim terrorists have repeatedly bragged on their Internet websites that there are plans to exploit any international program in order to breach the security of European Union nations and the U.S. mainland.

In the letter to Obama, McCaul also wrote about the national security threats posed by Obama’s magnanimous sounding refugee program that will cost the American people millions of dollars for housing, food, healthcare and other benefits given to refugees. “It’s one of the personal problems I have with the so-called progressives. They are quick to be magnanimous with other people’s lives and other people’s money. Then they give one another awards for their actions which actually cost neither blood nor treasure,” said former U.S Marine and police detective Michael Snopes.

“Despite all evidence towards our homeland’s vulnerability to foreign fighters, the Administration still plans to resettle Syrian refugees into the United States,” McCaul said in his letter to the President, which was copied to Obama’s so-called national security team including Secretary of State John Kerry, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey.

“The Director of the National Counterterrorism Center and the Deputy Director of the FBI both sat before my Congressional Committee… and expressed their concern with admitting refugees we can’t properly vet from the global epicenter of terrorism and extremism in Syria. America has a proud tradition of welcoming refugees from around the world, but in this special situation the Obama Administration’s Syrian refugee plan is very dangerous,” warned Rep. McCaul.

NY Muslim Who Threatened to BEHEAD His Daughter ARRESTED for AIDING, RECRUITING for ISIS (Islamic State)

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.58.43 PM

ByPAMELA GELLER on July 29, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.01.48 PM

Another Lackawanna jihad plot — remember, The Buffalo Six, aka the Lackawanna Six, but also the Lackawanna Cell, or Buffalo Cell, a group of six Muslims convicted of providing material support to Al Qaeda.

Now jihad in America is daily.

Arafat M. Nagi was arrested by federal officials for knowingly attempting to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Nagi, 44, is an American citizen who lived in a house on Olcott Avenue in Lacakwanna. Nagi said in Federal Court on Wednesday that he used to work as a delivery man for a medical supply company, but that he hasn’t worked since 2009.

He is divorced and has a 23-year-old son and 21-year-old daughter. Nagi was arrested in 2013 for threatening to behead his daughter.

“Helicopter Descends On Home Of Man Charged With Trying To Help ISIS,” Daily Caller, July 29, 2015

Another man has been arrested for ties to the Islamic State, this time in New York.arafat-nagi

Authorities arrested Arafat M. Nagi, 42, of Lackawanna, N.Y., Wednesday morning and charged him with attempting to provide material support to ISIS. Authorities say he tried to recruit Americans, bought military gear, and traveled to Turkey twice to help ISIS.

He is set to appear in court Wednesday on the charge of attempting to help a designated foreign terrorist organization. Authorities were reportedly alerted to the man as a threat by someone who heard him talking about jihad.

Neighbors told WTHITV News that they heard a helicopter above their normally quiet neighborhood Wednesday morning during the arrest.


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Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.38.32 PM

“We know where you live”


A letter threatening to “destroy the families of unbelievers” is reportedly being sent to wives of British soldiers living in the United Kingdom.

The letter is entitled ‘JIHAD – The Holy War For Islam – A warning to the brides of British Soldier Warmongers’.

The full text of the letter reads;

“You have been identified as an unbeliever and a bride of a murderer of the servants of Allah in the Holy Land.”

“Our peoples have suffered at the hands of your husbands who have murdered, killed and raped our women and children.”

“We the servants of Allah intend to avenge our peoples by destroying the families of unbelievers in the land of hate.”

“You along with many others will pay the price for your husband’s destruction in the Holy Land.”

“We now know where you live and will begin to destroy the unbelievers and their families as they have done to us.”

The letter ends with the words, ‘The Circle of Allah – Avengers Serving Allah’.

Twitter user Rikki Bates posted the letter this evening, stating that it was delivered to the Leicester home of his friend who is serving in the armed forces.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.41.45 PM

The wife of the soldier reportedly responded to the threat by leaving the house and moving back in with her parents.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.43.16 PM

As we reported earlier today, while these kind of threats are becoming more commonplace, British citizens are being arrested by police for the thought crime of offending Muslims.

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson was re-arrested by police reportedly to prevent him from attending a meeting last week with the organizers of a ‘draw Mohammad’ cartoon contest.

Liberty GB leader Peter Weston was also arrested by police last year for the “racially aggravated crime” of quoting Winston Churchill on the subject of Islam during a speech.

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ISIS Plans Massive Attack in India and Provoke ‘End of the World’ – “Armageddon”, ‘apocalyptic confrontation’ with America

ByPAMELA GELLER on July 29, 2015
isis army

A recruitment document has revealed the Islamic State’s (ISIS) “grand ambition” to ignite a war in India, build a new terror army in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and provoke an Armageddon-like “end of the world” situation.

The document also urges the world to ‘swallow the bitter truth’ that the caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire globe and beheads every last person who rebels against Allah.

Obama’s response? His Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson said — wait for it — that the government will call such attacks “violent extremism” over “Islamic terrorism” out of respect for the Muslim community. Jeh Johnson  announced this policy mandate at a national security conference on July 23.

Be afraid, my fellow Americans.


“Why do you, and the Obama Administration, describe this as violent extremism and not – and refuse to use the phrase – Islamic extremism?”

Johnson responded, “I believe strongly – and I hear this over and over again from Muslim leaders in this country – that to refer to ISIL as ‘Islamic extremism’ concedes too much. It dignifies them as occupying some part of the Islamic faith, which is about peace.” Really, he pulled out that old line.

He further stated, “And so if you call it ‘Islamic anything,’ uh, we are dignifying this terrorist organization with occupying a part of the Islamic faith which Muslims in this country I know, push back very strongly on,” Johnson said. “So If I went into these [Muslim] communities calling it ‘Islamic extremism,’ I’d get nowhere.”

Lizza pushed back, “Isn’t the government denying the fundamental religious component of this kind of extremism by not using the word, ‘Islamic’?”

He added, “To some people, it sounds like political correctness.” To most people, really.

“I could not disagree more,” Johnson retorted.

Johnson then went on to state the alternative to identifying Islamic terror as Islamic:

“And so here domestically, I think it’s critical that in order to build our relationships and build our level of cooperation with the Islamic community here. Um, we have to say to them ‘Look, we understand that what this depraved terrorist organization is doing is no part of your religion.”

ISIS must be reeling at the Obama administration’s superior knowledge of Islam.


A rose is not a rose and if you say it is a rose, you are a hater and a bigot.

“New ISIS document reveals ‘grand plan’ to wage war in India, trigger ‘Armageddon,’” Business Standard, July 29, 2015 (thanks to Narain):

A recruitment document retrieved from Pakistan’s lawless tribal lands has revealed the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) ‘grand ambition’ to ignite a war in India, build a new terror army in and and provoke an Armageddon-like ‘end of the world’ situation.

The 32-page-document, titled ‘A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC),’ has been obtained by American Media Institute (AMI), and says that ‘The Caliphate, according to the Prophet’, seeks to unite various terror factions in Afghanistan and Pakistan into a single army, the Today reports.

The document, which highlights a ‘never-before-seen’ history of the ISIS, describes future battle plans and urges Al Qaeda to join the group. It says that the self-styled Islamic State leader should be recognised as the sole ruler of the world’s one billion-strong Muslim population under a religious empire called, ‘caliphate’.

It also warns that ‘preparations’ are on for an attack in and predicts that an attack will provoke an ‘apocalyptic confrontation’ with America.

The document also urges the world to ‘swallow the bitter truth’ that the caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire globe and beheads every last person who rebels against Allah.

U.S. officials are concerned about the recruiting efforts of the ISIS, as the group has stepped up its online outreach.

Confronted with efforts by the Islamic State to inspire Americans to commit violence, the F.B.I. in recent months has apprehended people suspected of being Islamic State sympathizers soon after they came onto the government’s radar.

The F.B.I. has arrested and charged at least 25 people in the past three months with having ties to the Islamic State or other terrorist groups, compared with 20 people arrested over the previous year, according to court records.

The revelation came after former Punjab DGP K P S Gill claimed that the terror attack that took place in Gurdaspur, Punjab recently was carried out under the umbrella of the ISIS.

At least six people were killed and nine injured after three terrorists, who were armed with mortars and night-vision devices, apart from AK-47s, crossed the Ravi on the border and came to Dinanagar by taking the route to the railway track.

The GPS devices showed they were activated at Talwandi Point in Gurdaspur’s Parmanand village and their next target was civil lines in Gurdaspur town, around 25 km from Dinanagar.

– See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/07/isis-plans-massive-attack-in-india-and-provoke-end-of-the-world-armageddon-apocalyptic-confrontation-with-america.html/#sthash.7QI6y8Nd.dpuf

Report: Iran Executes Almost 700 People in Six Months, Obama Yells at Kenya About Gay Marriage

ByPAMELA GELLER on July 28, 2015
gay sharia afdi apartheid ad

The depth and breadth of Obama’s duplicitous hypocrisy is without equal. While our “Kenya-American” president excoriated our ally Kenya on the world stage about gay marriage, he remains monstrously silent about the treatment of gays under Islamic law (forget gay marriage in Muslim countries, just being gay will get you killed).


Obama felt safe to abuse and attack a country that worships him. How brave of him to attack our key ally in the region — one under siege by Islamic groups (he didn’t talk about jihad, either).

Obama pontificated:

As an African-American in the United States, I am painfully aware of the history of what happens when people are treated differently, under the law, and there were all sorts of rationalizations that were provided by the power structure for decades in the United States for segregation and Jim Crow and slavery, and they were wrong.

You can always count on Obama to dredge up America’s worst moments in front of the world. It’s evil.

Kenyan President Kenyatta gave President Obama a big boy reality check. He said that Kenya has many more problems to focus on, and that the West should be helping them on issues related to equality for women, water sanitation, and economic growth before attacking laws that many Kenyans view as an important safeguard of their culture.

Why didn’t Obama bring up gay rights in the Iranian negotiations? They are executing gays at an unprecedented rate. Why hasn’t Obama ever raised the issue of gay rights about gays who live in Muslim countries under the sharia (Islamic law)? Muslims are throwing gays off the roof and Obama is beating up our allies over gay marriage? Gay activists in Iran estimate that thousands of gays have been executed by Iran since its 1979 Islamic Revolution. Most victims of capital punishment are executed via hanging.

Why give a country that executes its own people and threatens annihilation to its neighbors nuclear weapons, while insulting our ally over the sanctity of gay marriage?

Report: Iran Executes Almost 700 People in Six Months, By Mary Chastain, Breitbart, July 24, 2015

Amnesty International’s latest report on Iran states the regime executed 694 people between January 1 and July 15. This means the country averages at least three executions a day.


“Iran’s staggering execution toll for the first half of this year paints a sinister picture of the machinery of the state carrying out premeditated, judicially-sanctioned killings on a mass scale,” explained Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme. “If Iran’s authorities maintain this horrifying execution rate we are likely to see more than 1,000 state-sanctioned deaths by the year’s end.”

The organization rallies against the death penalty, but they keep a very close eye on Iran’s executions. Amnesty claims the death sentences “are invariably imposed by courts that are completely lacking in independence and impartiality.” These suspects do not receive fair trials or access to proper defense attorneys. They are also shocked that some offenses are criminal within the regime, “let alone attract the death penalty.”

Courts found the majority of the executed guilty of drug offenses. A new law allows the death penalty for numerous drug charges, “including trafficking more than 5kg of narcotics derived from opium or more than 30g of heroin, morphine, cocaine or their chemical derivatives.” Amnesty found no evidence that a death penalty sentence lowers drug use or trafficking. In fact, despite the harsh new law, “methamphetamine production and abuse of hard drugs are skyrocketing.” Officials say at least 2.2 million Iranians are addicted to drugs. Only 1.3 million are in a rehabilitation program.

Iran hanged eleven prisoners a day before Amnesty released their report. Ten prisoners lost their lives at the Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, while another died at the Esfaham prison. The regime executed 65 people in one week during April.

From the National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI):

In the past week (from April 12 to 18), henchmen hanged at least 65 prisoners. Forty-five of these have been executed just in Karaj City prisons. On April 13, eight prisoners were hanged in Karaj’s Central Prison while 13 other prisoners were executed in Ghezel Hessar Prison. On the next day, 19 prisoners were hanged in Gohardasht Prison. And on April 15, henchmen hanged five prisoners in Gohardasht. Among those executed was Javad Saberi, a juvenile at the time of his arrest.

During this period, one prisoner was hanged on April 12 in Mehriz (Yazd Province), eight prisoners were hanged on April 12 and 15 in Arak, three were hanged on April 14 and 15 in Shiraz, four prisoners were hanged on April 13 in Esfahan, and four were hanged in Zahedan on April 18. Two of those executions, in Mehriz and in Shiraz, were public hangings.

The holy month of Ramadan did not stop Iran from executing or severely punishing people. At leastten people lost their lives during the month. NCRIreported the regime flogged 900 people for not fasting during Ramadan. That number includes young children and women. Another 3,000 received warnings.

The regime added more torture practices on political prisoners, because fasting keeps them extremely weak. “Prisoners are constantly experiencing symptoms of dryness of mucus, muscle pains, severe headaches, blurry vision, vomiting and numbness,” they state.

Officials cut off water to Varamin’s Qarchak Prison for women if they do not observe Ramadan. Police tortured and raped numerous women in this prison during the 2009 uprising. Prison officials told guards “to flog women who eat or drink during fasting hours.” But the regime also performed more executions during the holy month. On June 18, NCRI said the government readied 22 prisoners for death and issued ten more death verdicts.

– See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/07/report-iran-executes-almost-700-people-in-six-months-obama-yells-at-kenya-about-gay-rights.html/#sthash.Hg4vK8pH.dpuf

Former EDL Leader Imprisoned To Stop Muhammed Cartoon Contest

Published on Jul 29, 2015

In a section of the report summarising the backgrounds of the Mohammed Cartoons organisers, Lowles claimed Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Lennon, had been:

“returned to prison for breach of license (for a conviction for mortgage fraud) in what appeared to be an attempt by the authorities to prevent him from getting in the cartoon plot”


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.41.20 PM


Syria’s bloody civil war has brought the country’s largest number of refugees and asylum-seekers to the United States in a decade, and thousands more are expected in 2016.

But with the influx comes mounting concerns over whether the Obama administration can properly vet them, and keep out those with terror ties seeking to exploit the system. Lawmakers are worried that not only is Syria the headquarters of the Islamic State, but that the country’s state of chaos makes screening refugees that much harder.

“I agree that the vast majority of Syrian refugees do not have ties to terror groups,” Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., who chairs the Homeland Security Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee, said at a recent hearing. “However, we have been reviewing the current security vetting procedures for a number of months, and I have a number of concerns, not the least of which is the lack of on-the-ground intelligence necessary to identify terror links.”

According to the State Department, 968 Syrian refugees have been resettled in the United States this year alone — with the goal of bringing upwards of 2,000 in by the end of 2015. Before the start of the civil war, the number of Syrian refugees entering the U.S. each year typically was under 30.

In addition, as of March, more than 1,500 Syrians have been granted asylum in the U.S. since the start of the war, according to the latest figures provided to FoxNews.com by the Department of Homeland Security. By contrast, the number granted asylum in 2009 was 11.

The difference between the two categories is asylum-seekers are fleeing specific persecution and file for protection once getting to a host country; while refugees must apply for entry and be approved in advance, typically from a refugee camp or other place outside the host country.

More on this…

  • US, Turkey plan new campaign against ISIS

The United States for decades has accepted both categories of people fleeing wretched conditions in their home countries. But the resettlement of refugees from Syria is a unique challenge.

King noted heightened terror alerts involving ISIS recruitment and active terror plots here. “The U.S. has seen the danger of flawed refugee vetting, as well as the potential for refugees to be radicalized once they are in the U.S.,” he said, pointing to the Boston Marathon bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who settled here from Dagestan and Kyrgyzstan.

But Anne C. Richard, State Department assistant secretary of state for population, refugees, and migration, told FoxNews.com that Syrian refugees are subjected to the same enhanced screening as anyone from that part of the world. That’s why it takes upwards of two years or more for adults and their families to get here once they apply.

“It is not a fast-moving process,” she said. “We have a very careful, very deliberative process.”

She notes that nearly 4 million people have fled the civil war in Syria as of March 2015. Embattled President Bashar Assad’s crackdown on the Sunni population, coupled with the ruthlessness of the Islamic State, has squeezed the Syrian people and sent them to the squalor of refugee camps in neighboring countries. Currently, according to USAID, there are 1.2 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon; 1.7 million in Turkey; 727,300 in Jordan; and 246,800 in Iraq, which is still reeling from its own conflicts.

King says Syria’s “failed state” is the very reason why it’s impossible to trust the screening.

At the same June hearing, Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, noted he sent a series of letters to the White House this year warning against accelerating the acceptance of Syrian refugees. McCaul said the White House “was vague” when he asked about current screening procedures.

“Terrorists have made it known they want to manipulate the refugee program to sneak operatives to the West,” he said, using the example of two Iraqi Al Qaeda members discovered in 2009 living in Bowling Green, Ky., where they were brought as refugees.

David Inserra, policy analyst for homeland security and cybersecurity issues at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said people have a right to be concerned.

“Whenever you are looking at folks coming from a war-torn region and there are groups there — whether it be IS, [Al Qaeda], al Nusra — it can be difficult to do the background checks, to find out if they are who they say they are,” he told FoxNews.com. “However, there are things we can do, and the U.S. agencies working on these cases work with various other international partners and organizations to do the proper checks. But it is a challenge.”

Syrians are a tiny minority compared against the 69,909 foreigners who were resettled in the U.S. in 2013, the most recent numbers available. In that year, while only 36 Syrians were granted refugee status, 16,299 Burmese were resettled here, the largest number from any one country. Others coming from “high risk” countries with ties to terror groups included Iranians (2,579), Iraqis (19,487), and Somalis (7,608).

Meanwhile, that year the U.S. granted asylum to 3,102 Egyptians, representing a sharp, post-Arab Spring rise — before the 2011 revolution, the number of Egyptians granted asylum in the U.S. every year typically numbered in the hundreds.

Advocates like the International Rescue Committee (IRC) have been urging the U.S. to accept thousands more from Syria, noting that 12.2 million are now in dire need of humanitarian assistance. The United Nations estimated last August that 191,000 had already been killed in the conflict.

“Every day, survivors of torture, women widowed by the Syrian conflict, children traumatized by war and others tell (IRC) and other nongovernmental organizations that they think the world has given up on them,” David Miliband, IRC president, wrote in an op-ed earlier this year. “The United States is in a position to help by swiftly expanding resettlement and encouraging other donor states to follow its example. The moral choice is clear.”

Richard said the program is welcoming the weakest and most vulnerable, which means female heads of households, those with medical needs, and persecuted people typically get through first. But all are subjected to layers of checks involving not only the State Department, but the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

“We cannot be naïve about terror screening,” Richard said. “State Department officials themselves have been the target of terrorists’ threats so I don’t think anyone thinks that somehow we should skip over careful screening.”

She said Congress continues to have input — though it does not have the final say in the number of refugees or where they come from.

At another House homeland security hearing earlier this year, FBI Assistant Director Michael Steinbach cautioned that databases are lacking information on some of these applicants, “and that’s the concern.”

Richard said: “The better outcome of this would be that peace comes to Syria and people could go home, but no one predicts that anytime soon.”