Germany’s Head Of Domestic Intelligence AFFIRMS Terrorists Are Disguised As Refugees




Hans-Georg Maassen, the head Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV), said the terrorist attacks in Paris last November had shown that Islamic State was deliberately planting terrorists among the refugees flowing into Europe.

“Then we have repeatedly seen that terrorists … have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees. This is a fact that the security agencies are facing,” Maassen told ZDF television.

“We are trying to recognize and identify whether there are still more IS fighters or terrorists from IS that have slipped in,” he added.

The Cologne attacks showed the immediate problem with the influx of refugees although the European Union is denying any link between the attacks and refugees.

Germany's Head Of Domestic Intelligence AFFIRMS Terrorists Are Disguised As Refugees

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American Nanny Murdered by Muslim Migrant Rapist in Austria


Why would a young American girl take in a Muslim migrant and provide him with shelter to stop him from being deported? Because the European and American media, the left and the political establishment insist that the “refugees” are harmless, and that we should welcome them, and that any concern about them is islamofauxbic. Because Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who enjoys the unimaginable riches of living in a free society, agreed to impose Merkel’s sharia-compliant restrictions on free speech and block all migrant stories.

This is the result.

Notice how freely these savages move about Europe. From Austria to Switzerland to Syria,  thanks to the Euro-Med agreement.

Illegal immigrant is arrested over murder of American nanny in Austria after she took him in to stop him being deported – and is revealed to have raped underage girl

Lauren Mann, 25, was found half-naked, face-down on a mattress at her apartment in Austrian capital last month
Autopsy found high-flying student from Grand Junction, Colorado, was suffocated and prosecutors confirmed today she was murdered
Gambian failed asylum-seeker, 24, who Mann had apparently taken in to help him avoid deportation was arrested on Thursday

He is named only as Abdou I. and was found at an asylum center in Bern, Switzerland, suggesting he was trying to claim a right to stay there
Illegal immigrant was already known to police in Germany where he had raped an underage girl, Austrian newspaper reportsBy Flemming Emil Hansen In Vienna, Austria, For, 5 February 2016

An illegal immigrant has been arrested over the murder of an American nanny who had given him shelter at her Vienna apartment.

The 24-year-old Gambian had been wanted by police since the death of Lauren Mann, 25, from Grand Junction, Colorado last month.

He was arrested on Thursday in Bern, Switzerland, at an asylum center there after his mobile phone use was traced.

american nanny
Lauren Mann (pictured in a Facebook photo) was discovered lying half-naked, face-down on a mattress at her fourth district address on Tuesday 26 January. Her alleged murder has finally been arrested

american nanny home

Police and firefighters had to force open the door to Ms Mann’s apartment inside this building in Vienna after her employers became concerned by her unexplained absence from work

The location of the arrest suggests he was trying to use the immigration system to avoid being returned to his home country.

He was named by prosecutors in Austria only as Abdou I., under a legal convention that the surnames of alleged criminals are not released until they are convicted.

No mugshot was released by authorities in either country.

Austrian newspaper Krone also reported that he was already known to police, having raped an underage girl in Germany.

The case is likely to highlight concerns which are growing in Europe over sex-crime related to the wave of immigrants arriving in the continent – although Abdou I. is from West Africa rather than the Middle East, from where the vast majority are currently arriving.

Austrian authorities will now have to request his extradition from neighboring Switzerland.

Nina Bussek, spokeswoman for the Austrian State Prosecutor, told Daily Mail Online: ‘A suspect has been arrested in Switzerland. We can’t provide any further details at the moment.

‘The arrest is supported by concrete evidence, but I can not say what this evidence consist of, since it is part of an ongoing investigation and cannot be made public.

‘We have handed in a extradition request at a Vienna court. Whether they have made a formal request by the Swiss authorities yet I can’t say, but the request has been made by our office to have the suspect handed over to Austrian police.’

american family nanny

Concerns:The alarm was first raised on Monday when she failed to show up to her au pair job at the home of Michael Kuen and his wife Verena Jaschke-Kuen. She helped care for their family

Grand Junction Colorado USA. Home of Shelly Hide, mother of slain nanny Lauren Mann found murdered in her apartment in Vienna Austria. Photo for Daily Mail by: Jonathan Castner

Mourned at home: In Grand Junction, Lauren’s brother-in-law told Daily Mail Online she was being remembered as ‘a brilliant, beautiful person’.

nanny crime

Investigation: A forensic examination of the 550-euro ($600) a month studio apartment where the student lived was carried out after he body was found

Local reports in Austria suggested that the Gambian had failed in his attempt to stay in the country but had been taken in out of compassion by Mann to avoid him being deported.

The arrest also meant that prosecutors confirmed that they believe Mann was murdered.

Initially they had said they were waiting for toxicology tests after an autopsy found the nanny and part-time student had been suffocated.

One theory they had been revealed to have considered is whether the death was a ‘sex game’ gone wrong – which was angrily rejected by her family.

Law enforcement blaming the victim – these vicious cowards smear, defame the victims for kissing the feet of these savages.

By announcing that they are treating the case as a murder and Abdou I. as a murder suspect, prosecutors are effectively dropping that theory.

Local reports in Austria suggested that the Gambian had failed in his attempt to stay in the country but had been taken in out of compassion by Mann to avoid him being deported.

The arrest also meant that prosecutors confirmed that they believe Mann was murdered.

Initially they had said they were waiting for toxicology tests after an autopsy found the nanny and part-time student had been suffocated.

One theory they had been revealed to have considered is whether the death was a ‘sex game’ gone wrong – which was angrily rejected by her family.

By announcing that they are treating the case as a murder and Abdou I. as a murder suspect, prosecutors are effectively dropping that theory.

Her brother-in-law had told Daily Mail Online that the au pair would ‘never’ have got involved in anything like that. 

‘I knew Lauren and she wasn’t like that,’ he said.

‘She would never have done anything like that. She just wasn’t that kind of a person.

‘There’s been a lot of inaccurate stuff written and it’s just not right.’

Instead of dwelling on her death, Doutis said he would always remember her as ‘a brilliant, beautiful person’.

‘It’s so terrible what happened to her,’ he added. ‘We’re all really upset.

‘She was so excited about living in Europe – she had always wanted to move there. It’s a really hard time for all of us.’

Neighbors on the peaceful Wiender Hauptstrasse were skeptical of the theory and insisted that Lauren was ‘a very lovely girl’ and a ‘model tenant .

The theory had also been met with skepticism by the University of Colorado graduate’s friends in Vienna.

The alarm was first raised on Monday 25 January, when she failed to show up to her au pair job at the home of Michael Kuen and his wife Verena Jaschke-Kuen.

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Facebook Censorship and the War on Free Speech



Free speech is under assault — not only in repressive dictatorships suddenly able to influence global conversations through the Internet, but across the Western world, and even in the American bastion of free expression.  Absolute protection for speech as an inalienable right has given way to bitter squabbling over how much free expression should be sacrificed for various, ostensibly noble goals, and who the censors will be.

Writing at the Gatestone Institute, British journalist Douglas Murray looked at Facebook as a battleground in the war on free speech Friday, recalling a recent case in which the social media giant was “forced to back down when caught permitting anti-Israel postings, but censoring equivalent anti-Palestinian postings.”

To this, Murray adds the disturbing September incident in which German chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on an open mike, asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg if he would help suppress “anti-immigration” postings… and he replied that he was already working on it.

It’s clear enough that Merkel and the rest of her government believe the best way to handle the insane migrant disaster they’ve unleashed upon Europe is to forbid their citizens from complaining about it.

It’s also clear that Merkel, and every other censor around the world, can usually get Internet providers to play ball, either through ideological sympathy or intimidation.  (Russia seems especially eager to play China’s game of telling social media titans they need to either get with the government program or find themselves locked out of huge authoritarian markets.)

The ensuing months have given us an idea of what Zuckerberg told Merkel his company was working on, as described by Murray:

Last month, Facebook launched what it called an “Initiative for civil courage online,” the aim of which, it claims, is to remove “hate speech” from Facebook — specifically by removing comments that “promote xenophobia.” Facebook is working with a unit of the publisher Bertelsmann, which aims to identify and then erase “racist” posts from the site. The work is intended particularly to focus on Facebook users in Germany.

At the launch of the new initiative, Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, explained that, “Hate speech has no place in our society — not even on the internet.” She went to say that, “Facebook is not a place for the dissemination of hate speech or incitement to violence.”

Of course, Facebook can do what it likes on its own website. What is troubling is what this organization of effort and muddled thinking reveals about what is going on in Europe.

“The sinister thing about what Facebook is doing is that it is now removing speech that presumably almost everybody might consider racist — along with speech that only someone at Facebook decides is ‘racist,’” Murray writes.  “And it just so happens to turn out that, lo and behold, this idea of ‘racist’ speech appears to include anything critical of the EU’s current catastrophic immigration policy.”

That would come as no surprise, and no great cause for concern, to American campus activists.  The sacrifice of free speech inexorably slides into acceptance of totalitarianism, which doesn’t just mean iron-fisted goose-stepping dictatorship.

Totalitarianism is the politicization and control of every aspect of life.  It can easily be sugar-coated and sold with high-minded language.  When it begins slipping in more sinister directions, the supporters of “benevolent totalitarianism” are willing to forgive its appetites, because they don’t want to surrender their sense of idealism… and they really don’t mind if people they loathe are oppressed.

Frankly, they think oppression against designated villain groups is impossible.  They would laugh out loud at the notion that a “racist, xenophobic” purveyor of “hate speech” — with “privilege” dripping from his every pore — could complain about being oppressed.  If those people comprise majority opinion, as the opponents of Merkel’s migrant policies do… well, that’s just proof society is dominated by mouth-breathers who must be tamed through the power of the State and its willing, enlightened partners.  Social-media CEOs, for example.

What Murray describes at Facebook is but one example of a new mindset taking shape across the Western world – a view of free expression as a liability, a toxic agent of chaos to be contained.  Countless stories from the last few years show us that free speech is now negotiable, and the negotiations take place along Marxist class-consciousness lines.  Designated victims must be protected from ideas that would hurt their feelings.  The cost in liberty to “privileged” oppressors is a small price to pay.

Citizens must learn to weigh their words very carefully.  That’s a way of teaching them to weigh their very thoughts carefully, internally policing themselves, lest external social-justice police have to be called in.  We are told to accept this new, constrained view of free expression because only “bad” thoughts will be suppressed, but as Murray demonstrates, the definition of bad-thought becomes elastic very quickly, and the ability to write those definitions is a source of incredible power.

The new twist on this grim old formula is the rise of computerized communication, which makes it possible for ordinary people to share their thoughts as never before… but also gives a few corporate titans unprecedented power to both censor our communications, and conceal the censorship.  Automated “hate speech” suppression systems keep human fingerprints off censorship decisions.  Some of the most insidious social media censorship systems keep the targeted user from realizing he has been censored – he still sees his own post, but has no idea the system is hiding it from the outside world.

Murray warns that free speech provides a vital release for tensions, which can explode into violent unrest more easily in the “pressure cooker” created by censorship.  As he puts it, looking back at the horrific experience of Germany between the World Wars, tensions rise when signals are sent to angry citizens that “the time for talking is over.”

A fair warning… and yet, the experience of the past decade suggests that totalitarians are getting better at controlling unruly populations.  At the dawn of the Obama presidency, during Iran’s Green Revolution, there was euphoric speculation that the Internet would represent an evolutionary leap for freedom, the next step beyond the fax machines of China’s Tienanmen Square uprising, making totalitarianism all but impossible.

The opposite seems to have happened, as both Tienanmen Square and the Green Revolution were put down, and governments across the ideological spectrum have found the Internet a deep sea in which dissent can be drowned – more useful for organizing Social Justice Warrior mobs of vigilante speech police than for challenging the established order.

We are all totalitarians now.  Anyone bothered by that reality had better speak up, loudly enough to be heard by billionaire CEOs, while they still can.

Austria mulls sending troops to Balkans to shut off refugee flow

Vienna is considering deploying troops and police to the Balkans to reduce the flow of refugees on the route between the Turkish coast and Central Europe. “In the worst case” they will be stopped on the Austrian border, officials warn.

At an informal meeting of EU’s foreign and defense ministers in Amsterdam on Friday, Austria’s top officials said Vienna is working out hardline approaches towards refugees who reach Western Europe via the so-called Balkan route.

This 2,819-kilometer route is now the main passageway for refugees trying to reach Western Europe and Scandinavia via the Balkans.

It begins on the Turkish coastline, where migrants embark on boats or improvised vessels, and then goes through mainland Greece and Slovenia. Non-EU Macedonia and Serbia are harder to reach due to border closures and newly erected fences.

Athens must protect its Turkish borders better, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz told the informal meeting, expressing his skepticism at Greece’s ability to adequately assess and manage the situation.

“I still don’t have the feeling that it has dawned on Greece how serious the situation is” for receiving nations like Austria, he told the meeting as quoted by AP.

“If not, we’ll find other ways […] to reduce, suppress or perhaps even stop the influx,” he added, as quoted by Der Spiegel.

Austria’s solution would be army and police deployments in the Balkan countries to secure borders and help register incoming refugees. “If Greece doesn’t want to receive help, then Macedonia and others are ready to do so,” Kurz said, naming Serbia among the “others.”


“I say this very clear – if we do not manage to control the situation… our only option will be to cooperate with Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia,” he stressed, as quoted by AP.

Kurz was supported by his Hungarian counterpart, Peter Szijjarto, who said EU nations are “defenseless from the south. There are thousands of irregular migrants entering the territory of the EU on a daily basis.”

“If Greece is not ready or able to protect the Schengen zone and doesn’t accept any assistance from the EU, then we need another defense line, which is obviously Macedonia and Bulgaria,” he added during the Saturday meeting, AP reports.

In the meantime, Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki already expressed his country’s commitment to the idea of securing borders and curbing illegal migration.

“The essential thing is that we have people and equipment to control the border and do registration where legal crossing should happen,” he said after the meeting adding that Macedonia already deployed its military to the border to take it under control.


“They’re making sure that we have decreased the illegal crossings through our border and we’re going to continue to make these efforts,” Poposki said, as quoted by AP.

Most migrants want to reach wealthier Germany and Scandinavia despite the long journey, and, in some cases, the illegal border crossings they have to undertake. According to the EU’s border agency Frontex, in 2015 alone more than 764,000 refugees crossed Europe’s regional and common borders illegally – 16 times more than in 2014.

The future military mission could be set up by the EU, a coalition of affected countries or bilaterally, the Austrian foreign minister added.

Austrian Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil, who also took part in the EU meeting, said the army is ready to go for a“combined civil-military mission in the Balkans” if necessary, citing the 100-strong military task force already involved in Frontex missions.

“Border protection is also a question of our military cooperation,” he said.

“In worst-case scenarios,” if military options don’t work, Austria is considering stopping refugees directly at its borders, Foreign Minister Kurz added.


This should “send a message” to Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina urging them to cooperate, the diplomat said, hinting at the trouble hundreds of thousands” of refugees could bring to those small countries.

In March, Austrian defense officials are scheduled to discuss the military mission to seal off the Balkan route with Serbia, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia, Spiegel reported.

Austria is among the European countries that are imposing stricter policies on refugees. Earlier in January, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann announced a plan to introduce a cap on the number of asylum requests that can be approved in 2016, fixing it at 37,500.

The move added to the foreign minister’s assessments that Austria, with a population of less than 8.5 million people, has so far accepted the second highest number of refugees per capita in Europe, topped only by Sweden.


President Obama’s Speech at Islamic Center of Baltimore: A Fact Check

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 12.06.29 PM


Perhaps it’s because he was making faces in Qur’an class instead of paying attention to his teacher. Or maybe he just has a selective memory about what he was taught as a young Muslim student in Indonesia.

Whatever the reason, President Barack Obama got a lot of things factually wrong in his 3 February 2016 speech at the Islamic Center of Baltimore. Things that are basic to doctrinal Islam are not only knowable because they are readily available in English but, it might be argued, obligatory that an American commander-in-chief should know in fulfillment of his oath to defend the Constitution against “all enemies foreign and domestic.”

First, Mr. President, a mosque is not simply the Muslim version of a church, synagogue or temple. Because of the example of Muhammad, who is called the perfect man in the Qur’an (believed by Muslims to be the exact words of Allah), we know that mosques are established not only as places of prayer and worship, but also as centers for indoctrination, the dispensing of shariah justice, the stockpiling of weapons, and the launching of jihad. If in doubt about any of this, please check with the French police, who recently have been conducting raids on mosques and Islamic Centers in the wake of horrific jihadist attacks in Paris.

The president must have missed more than one lesson on Arabic grammar, too. When he claims that “the word itself, Islam, comes from salam—peace,” he is mistaken. While the words “Islam” and “salam” share the same three root letters—s, l, m—they are, in fact, very different words with completely different meanings. While salam” indeed means “peace” in Arabic, “Islam” means “submission.” Submission to what? To Allah and Islamic Law. A “Muslim” is a person who submits. Surely the president knows this. Or maybe the White House Arabic language translator needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, in pursuit of that submission, Islamic doctrine obligates Muslim conquest of the Dar al-Harb (places not yet subjugated to shariah). We know this not only from the example of Muhammad’s own life as taught to Muslim students from the 1st grade, but also from the Qur’an and hadiths. For example, Qur’an verse 9:29 says: “Fight those who believe not… until they pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.” The Qur’an is quite clear in verse 3:85 as well: ‘Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam will never have it accepted of him…’ Islamic Law defines jihad quite simply: “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims.”

This is not cherry-picking Qur’anic verses. This is Islamic doctrine as uniformly presented in the Qur’an, hadiths, biography of Muhammad, and Islamic Law. It is the agreed consensus of all authoritative Islamic scholars throughout the centuries. We may wish that more Muslim scholars would teach the prohibition of terror (jihad). But of course, they cannot teach what is contrary to Islamic doctrine. For the Qur’an itself commands Muslims to “make ready your strength to the utmost of your power… to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy.” (Q 8:60)

And when the President purports to quote the Qur’an about killing an innocent, he either willfully or out of ignorance is misquoting Islamic scripture. In fact, Qur’an verse 5:32cites from a Jewish commentary on the Talmud: “On that account, We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person—unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land—it would be as if he slew the whole people…” This is the definition of killing without right in Islam. The takeaway here is that a Muslim may not kill except those who themselves have killed without right or perpetrated “mischief in the land”—which may include failing to accept Islam. What the President and others too often leave out is the next verse, Q 5:33, which lays out the punishments for those who disobey 5:32. They are: “death, crucifixion, amputation of the hand and foot on opposite sides or exile from the land.” The President might be asked why he left those out, when they are precisely the punishments the Islamic State (IS) is applying to those under its control in faithful obedience to what they believe is the word of Allah. This isn’t an IS version or interpretation of the Qur’an. It is what the Qur’an actually says.

These are just a few of the things the President might have said, were his intention to be accurate about the enemy we fight. He might have added that we are not actually fighting terrorism: we are fighting to defend the Constitution from attack by forces of jihad seeking to impose shariah. This does not mean we must be at war with all Muslims. But all those who fight or support the Global Jihad Movement are on the wrong side of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the way of life Americans treasure because, unlike Islamic doctrine, they enshrine principles of individual liberty, equality before man-made law, government by consent of the governed, and the right to freedoms of belief and speech.

Those, Mr. President, are the “first things” principles we Americans are willing to fight and die for. American Muslims who accept and defend them are patriots, too—but unfortunately, these are not principles to be found anywhere in the authoritative Islamic canon—and Americans need to know that.

Clare M. Lopez is Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy.


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