Biden’s 7-Figure Hotel Bill for One Wild Brazilian Night Brings ‘Cost-Cutting Mission’ to Abrupt End


By Michael Hausam 23 hours ago

Remember last summer, when President Obama appointed Joe Biden to head the Campaign to Cut Waste to root out wasteful government spending?
Like you, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the results of the comprehensive report that’s surely coming any day now. In the meantime, it seems like he’s adding to the list of things to root out.
Last month it was reported that every weekend he gets a lift from D.C. to his home in Wilmington, Delaware, via Air Force Two — the V.P.’s airplane — and Marine Two — the V.P.’s helicopter. And he often gets a mid-weekend lift back to the Andrews Air Force Base for a round of golf with the President.
Based upon the $22,000 an hour cost for the airtime, that works out to about $1 million per year in shuttling costs. That doesn’t count the cost of the 20 condominiums that the Secret Service rents in Wilmington nor the cost of Air Force Two sitting and waiting for him while he plays 18 holes of golf.
Just this week, details were released for his one-night trip to Brazil for the USA versus Ghana World Cup game, as well as some meetings with the President and Vice President of Brazil.
According to the State Department documents, four different hotels were needed, but the actual number of rooms obtained was not released. Although establishing a total “room night” count is standard practice, it can be assumed that more than one room per hotel was used.
The total cost for the one-night was $2,245,343, spread over all four hotels. It must be nice to be ‘down for the working man,’ while living like royalty in foreign lands spending big bucks that can be put to better use here in America.
Ed. Note: Ironically, much like when Biden called J-O-B-S a three-letter word, the editor wrote that it was a 6-Figure hotel bill. He was giving Biden’s cost-cutting skills a bit too much credit. Corrected.