Paul Ryan asks conservatives not to revolt…

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House Speaker Paul Ryan kicked off a policy summit at the Heritage Foundation with a clear message for the conservatives who have been his allies over the years but made life hard for former Speaker John Boehner: Please don’t revolt, at least not this year.

“The Left would love nothing more, they would love nothing more than for a fragmented conservative movement to stand in a circular firing squad and fire so that progressives can win by default,” Ryan said at the 2016 Conservative Policy Summit, hosted by Heritage Action.

Ryan was warmly received at Heritage, but his call for unity included a mild rebuke for the conservatives who have hounded GOP leadership in recent years. He issued it while warning that conservatives may have to ignore some of President Obama’s unilateral executive actions, which Ryan described as “distractions” designed to prevent the Republican party from uniting around a conservative agenda.

Ryan urged the Heritage crowd not to “take the bait” when Obama tries to provoke the GOP. In exchange, he promised to spend the next years preparing to push a conservative agenda, including a politically risky plan for entitlement reform, if a Republican wins the presidency in 2017. “I am fine if I lose my seat in 2018 after doing the right thing to save America,” Ryan said.

The newly minted House speaker seemed concerned that some activists leaders would thwart that opportunity by channeling their anger over Obama’s maneuvers towards Republicans this year.

SE he said. “When voices in the conservative movement demand things that they know we can’t achieve with a Democrat in the White House, all it does is depress our base, and in turn help Democrats stay in the White House.”

That’s the complaint that mainstream Republicans and leadership allies have made about Heritage Action since at least 2013, when the organization backed Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Sen. Ted Cruz, R.-Texas, in an attempt to defund Obamacare that ended unsuccessfully with a government shutdown.

Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham, a thorn in the side of Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, briefly justified such tactics while introducing Ryan. “In recent years, the Republican party has been too often not been the party of ideas, but a party of patronage doling out benefits to constituents and treating conservatives as just one more constituency to be pacified,” Needham said.

But then he distinguished Ryan from other GOP leaders. “Going forward must be different. As such I am thrilled to welcome you to our third policy summit and cannot think of a better man to start off the day,” he said.

Those comments are a sign of Ryan’s early success in cultivating the grassroots leaders since taking over as House speaker, and Ryan returned the favor when thanking Needham for the introduction. “I see a lot of myself in that guy from where I was a couple decades ago in the think tank world,” Ryan said.


Paul Ryan seeks to tame conservatives…

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Speaker Paul Ryan is frequently asked if he’s managed to tame the raucous House Freedom Caucus. His consistent response: Nobody can be tamed.

Despite those protestations, Ryan has spent his first couple months as Speaker aggressively courting some of the same Freedom Caucus conservatives who forced his predecessor, John Boehner, out of office last fall.

The Wisconsin Republican ensured that conservative rebel Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas), ostracized for years by Boehner and his allies, won a subcommittee gavel and a coveted spot on the powerful Speaker-aligned panel that picks committee chairmen.
He’s invited Freedom members to weekly dinners he hosts in the Capitol. And Ryan has made Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a frequent thorn in Boehner’s side, a key member of his advisory team.

So far, founders of the nearly 40-member Freedom Caucus have praised Ryan’s more inclusive leadership style and are willing to give him some breathing room to show what he can do in his new role. But Ryan knows he’s walking a perilous tightrope: A major misstep this year and the Freedom Caucus could send him packing, just like they did to Boehner.

Freedom Caucus members themselves are also feeling heat from grassroots conservatives and some talk-radio hosts, who want them to dump Ryan. Some lawmakers are still receiving phone calls from constituents angry that they helped give Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, enough votes to win the speaker’s gavel last October, aides said.

Fortunately for Ryan, there aren’t many political landmines in 2016. The budget deal Boehner struck with Obama in October during his final days in office cleared the decks for Ryan, setting government spending levels for the next two years and ensuring there would be no debt default until at least March 2017, after a new president is sworn in.

Freedom Caucus leaders are also aware that Ryan is enormously popular on Capitol Hill right now, both among rank-and-file members and the press. His media shop has been sending out glowing profiles of the 45-year-old Speaker on almost a daily basis. GOP strategists said the newly empowered Freedom group, which ousted Boehner just nine months after it was founded, would “lose credibility” and appear petty if it moved too quickly against Ryan, who appears to be bending over backwards to accommodate conservative rebels.

At this month’s joint House-Senate Republican retreat in Baltimore, Freedom members said they’re pushing for a vote this year on a long-awaited plan to replace ObamaCare. They also want use the GOP’s fiscal 2017 budget blueprint to cut billions from top-line spending levels that were part of the Boehner-Obama budget deal.

But conservatives demurred when asked if they would target Ryan if he doesn’t accede to their wishes.

“The words that are said need to be met with action, so let’s see what happens over the next year and we’ll be in a better position to assess how we’re doing as a conference,” Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), a Freedom Caucus co-founder, said just as the three-day GOP pow-wow in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor was wrapping up.

“I think you need to give it time.”

Ryan may have bought himself time by immediately reaching out to some of Boehner’s fiercest foes in the GOP conference right from the start.

After crossing Boehner, Huelskamp in 2012 was booted from both the Budget and Agriculture committees — a huge blow for a congressman whose state economy relies on farming. The relationship got so toxic that Boehner didn’t even bother calling Huelskamp when he visited his district last year, according to Huelskamp.

One of Ryan’s first orders of business upon moving into the Speaker’s office was backing a conservative push to overhaul the powerful GOP Steering Committee, the Speaker-led panel that decides which lawmakers get committee gavels and committee assignments.

In the shake-up, several influential committee chairman lost their spots on the Steering panel; Huelskamp, the current chairman of the Tea Party Caucus, was elected to one of the vacancies. Then this month, Small Business Committee Chairman Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) made another surprise announcement: He was naming Huelskamp the new chairman of the subcommittee on economic growth, tax and capital access.

A fifth-generation farmer, Huelskamp said he’s now seeking to win back his seat on the Agriculture Committee.

“We’ve seen what happens when you change out a Speaker who was dedicated to retribution and attacking conservatives rather than Obama,” Huelskamp said in a phone interview from Kansas on Monday. “We’re now hoping it translates into some policy changes in the House.”

The courtship has also been taking place behind the scenes. Ryan has hosted Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and other conservative hard-liners at some of his weekly dinners in the Capitol. Each time, Ryan typically invites a cross-section of the 246-member GOP conference, from hard-core conservatives and centrists to chairmen and rank-and-file members. The Speaker’s goal is simple: force members to talk to each other.
The Ryan dinners are a contrast from Boehner, who would frequently dine with close-knit group of buddies at Trattoria Alberto on Barracks Row.

Ryan’s “having small dinners with everyone, not just conservatives,” said Meadows, who authored a resolution last summer to oust Boehner from the Speaker’s office. “The dinner I went to allowed me to have a great conversation with colleagues who aren’t part of my normal social circle.”

Jordan had served in the Ohio delegation with Boehner, but the former Republican Study Committee (RSC) chairman and the Speaker often viewed each other as political rivals. Once Boehner was out, Ryan swiftly brought Jordan into his inner circle. The new Speaker named Jordan and another key Freedom Caucus leader, Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), to his advisory group, an informal kitchen cabinet that meets weekly. The group also includes close Ryan confidants and leaders of the conservative RSC and centrist Tuesday Group.

Allies argue that the Speaker’s outreach efforts aren’t aimed solely at conservatives — they’re targeting all factions within the enormous GOP conference. With Donald Trump and other GOP presidential hopefuls at each other’s throats, Ryan is working to unite his usually fractious caucus behind what he’s described as a positive, pro-growth election-year agenda.

“We will follow a lot of what happens on the presidential side, but we need to lay out a distinct vision for the country, so I’m with Paul on that effort,” said Rep. Sean Duffy, a fellow Wisconsin Republican and close Ryan ally.

Another way Ryan is getting his members on the same page: giving them more time and opportunities to weigh in on what exactly that 2016 agenda should look like. He’s added a second GOP conference meeting each week on Thursdays that focused on debating policy ideas. And the open-microphone session at the Baltimore retreat was more freewheeling than it has been in the past, lawmakers said.

“I didn’t feel like I was vilified as much for speaking the truth,” Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, a GOP gadfly who is not part of the Freedom Caucus, told reporters. Both he and Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) unsuccessfully challenged Boehner for Speaker a year ago.

“We ought to be a party where people can stand up and exchange ideas freely and not be worried about losing a chairmanship or a committee because we expressed a different view than the leadership,” Gohmert continued. “Because it’s only when you have the free flow of ideas that you have the party that will appeal to the masses of Americans.”


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There is a movement under way to primary Paul Ryan out of office.

Paul Ryan – The Bearded Boehner

In mid-December Speaker Ryan passed a trillion dollar budget deal that was widely praised by Barack Obama and Democratic leaders.

Democrats got everything they wanted.

ryan rush
After Republicans passed this budget Rush Limbaugh posed the question: Tell Me How the Budget Deal Would Be Worse If Democrats Ran Congress
It wouldn’t.

Now there is a movement under way to primary Paul Ryan out of office.
ryan facebook
facebook page was set up to primary Paul Ryan from Congress.

The page already has 31,900 likes.

There is also a Fire Paul Ryan webpage set up online.

On the Wisconsin Tea Party declared war on Ryan.

Now this…

There are rumblings that a conservative and veteran may step up to take on Paul Ryan in the Republican primary.
Via Primary Challenge Paul Ryan Facebook page:

More… Another Wisconsin conservative and activist contacted The Gateway Pundit before Christmas and may also run against Speaker Paul Ryan in the primary.

The GOP Joke is on Us, Paul Ryan = John Boehner

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Paul Ryan is our new John Boehner. He just proved that by overseeing the latest $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill which gained widespread bipartisan support and flew through both houses of Congress.

Ryan might actually be worse than Boehner. People knew Boehner was a rat traitor. They don’t know that about Ryan yet, so he was able to father this monstrosity of a spending bill largely uncontested. Here’s hoping he won’t remain uncontested.

Republicans have a majority in the House and the Senate. What are they doing with that majority? Monterey Jack. The question has been asked: Would this omnibus spending bill be different if Democrats controlled Congress? The answer: No.

Here are some of the worst things from the bill, to whet your outrage.

1) Even more debt spending:

The Bipartisan Budget Act set a maximum amount of discretionary spending, not a spending goal that had to be obtained. Since its enactment in 2011, the Budget Control Act caps set by the law have been exceeded each year.

2) Continued funding to Planned Parenthood:

The trillion-dollar budget deal would continue to allow hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, from both discretionary funding under Title X and from Medicaid reimbursements, to flow to Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliates—despite recent disturbing videos showing Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of body parts of aborted babies.

3) Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Rider

The bill passed by Congress also strips away many of the previous anonymization provisions included in previous versions of CISA, which has drawn significant criticism from the security community. In effect, the new language clears the way for an open channel between tech companies and the government, unaffected by existing privacy laws.

That’s just a few of the things you should be angry about in this bill. There are 14 riders attached to the omnibus bill. It’s a monster. It’s unjust. It’s disgusting. Paul Ryan should be ashamed. But he’s not.

Also, does anyone remember who the last Republican candidate for Vice President was? Oh, yeah. Paul Ryan. When are you going to wake up, America? If Romney and Ryan had been elected, you really think anything would be different now? If you do, you’re an idiot. There is no Republican solution to America’s problems. There is no Democrat solution. They are the problem.


from Last Resistance


Senate Democrats on Friday boasted that they successfully managed to get just about everything they wanted in a massive spending and tax cut bill, despite being the minority party in both the House and Senate.

“Months ago, Democrats called on Republicans to work with us to craft a budget agreement. We wanted to get rid of sequestration, we were able to do that,” said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “We wanted to make sure there is parity between defense and the middle class, we wanted to make sure that we kept these poison pills off the legislation.”

“All three goals we had, we accomplished,” he said. Reid said Democrats were able to beat back GOP efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and stop plans to tighten rules for accepting refugees.

Even the lone GOP victory, ending the ban on U.S. oil exports, was matched by the extension of green energy tax credits.

More from the Washington Examiner

“The legislation caps off a successful year for Senate Democrats,” Reid said.

The Senate passed the $1.1 trillion spending and tax cut bill 65-33 Friday morning, sending it to President Obama for his signature into law.

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said the positive results for Democrats came after his party blocked passage of key defense bills that would have boosted defense spending, without any promise to boost domestic spending. Blocking those bills eventually forced Republicans to agree to the Democratic demands.

The final spending bill increases spending by $80 billion over the next two years, ending a large part of the sequester.

Durbin also boasted that Democrats were able to push to renew the Export-Import Bank, after it was prevented from taking on any new business since the summer. The bank was renewed as part of a long-term highway bill.

Also from the Washington Examiner

“Do you remember when there was a time that the Export-Import Bank was beyond reach, no one could touch it?” Durbin asked.

Top Story

What Paul Ryan just shoved through Congress shows EXACTLY why Trump is so popular

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Written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief on December 17, 2015

Conservatives breathed a hopeful sigh for about five minutes after former Speaker John Boehner announced he would be handing over the gavel. Clearly we needed a change in leadership, as a strong majority in the House – along with a majority in the Senate – seemed to change nothing in terms of halting or at least slowing the Obama agenda.

And now with Speaker Paul Ryan, we appear to be getting a lot more of the same.

As per, “when Paul Ryan was handed the speaker’s gavel in late October, he pledged to restore normal order to the People’s House and eliminate the sort of backroom deals that rank-and-file members complain are shoved down their throats at the 11th hour. So, late Tuesday night, Ryan unveiled a few thousand pages of consequential tax, spending, and regulatory legislation costing roughly $2 trillion and gave Congress and the public two whole days to review everything.”

Business as usual.

Congress will be passing a nearly $2 trillion spending bill that increases spending across the board and increases the federal deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars.

While $2 billion out of $2 trillion is basically chump change, one item in the spending bill is particularly disheartening as Americans worry about criminal illegal immigrants and terrorist infiltration.

The massive spending bill awards $1,645,201,000 for ‘refugee and entrant assistance activities’ here in the United States. What that actually means is resettlement right here within our borders.

As the Free Beacon reports, “Congress would award the massive check to the government just as the U.S. isexperiencing a surge in arrivals of immigrant children at the southern border. Last week, federal agencies said they were opening two temporary shelters with 1,000 beds in South Texas to cope with the surge. A 400-bed shelter is also to be opened in Southern California.

In October and November, U.S. government data showed that over 10,500 unaccompanied immigrant children crossed the southern border with Mexico, according to the Washington Post. That number is more than double the count of unaccompanied minors that arrived at the border during the same time period last year.

In the event that the new temporary shelters in Texas and California are not enough to account for the surge in migrants, HHS asked the Department of Defense last week to make plans for 5,000 more shelter beds to be made available.”

Is it any wonder the electorate is hungering for an outsider to lead? Whether you love him or hate him, Donald Trump is certainly NOT business as usual, which is all we’re getting from our elected officials currently.

Very disappointing.