Speaker blamed for causing the “power of Congress to atrophy, thereby making Congress subservient to the executive and judicial branches”


John Boehner, the whimpering poster boy for the left right paradigm and its inner corporate mechanizations.

The overseer of the shameful backdoor deals rampant in the nation’s capitol that have spiraled out of control and spilled out into the streets of America.

Congressman Walter B. Jones discusses H.Res.385, which would declare the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives vacant.

MYSTERY: Debt Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000 — for 150 Days…


150 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

By Terence P. Jeffrey | August 12, 2015 | 11:50 AM EDT

(CNSNews.com) – The portion of the federal debt that is subject to a legal limit set by Congress closed Monday, August 10, at $18,112,975,000,000, according to the latest Daily Treasury Statement, which was published at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

That, according to the Treasury’s statements, makes 150 straight days the debt subject to the limit has been frozen at $18,112,975,000,000.

$18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million below the current legal debt limit of $18,113,000,080,959.35.

On July 30, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew sent a letter to the leaders of Congress informing them that he was extending a “debt issuance suspension period” through October 30.

In practice, that means that unless Congress enacts new legislation to increase the limit on the federal debt before then, the Treasury will continue for at least the next eleven weeks to issue Daily Treasury Statements that show the federal debt subject to the limit beginning and ending each day frozen just below that limit.

The Daily Treasury Statement for March 13 was the first to show the debt subject to the limit closing the day at $18,112,975,000,000. Every Daily Treasury Statement since then has reported the same thing: the debt closing the day at $18,112,975,000,000.

Every Daily Treasury Statement since Monday, March 16, has also reported the debt beginning and ending each day at $18,112,975,000,000.

Table III-C on the Daily Treasury Statement for August 10 says the debt began the month of August at $18,112,975,000,000, began the day of August 10 at $18,112,975,000,000, and closed the day of August 10 at $18,112,975,000,000.

On March 13, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew sent an initial letter to House Speaker John Boehner and other congressional leaders informing them that he was planning to declare a “debt issuance suspension period.”

“Beginning on Monday, March 16, the outstanding debt of the United States will be at the statutory limit,” Lew said in that letter. “In anticipation of reaching that date, Treasury has suspended until further notice the issue of State and Local Government Series securities, which count against the debt limit.”

On July 29, Lew sent another letter to the leaders of Congress informing them: “I expect to extend the debt issuance suspension period through October 30.”

Lew explained that he believed the Treasury would be able to continue using “extraordinary measures” to keep the debt from exceeding the limit through at least the end of October.

“The effective duration of the extraordinary measures is subject to considerable uncertainty due to a variety of factors, including the unpredictability of September tax receipts and the normal challenges of forecasting the payments and receipts of the U.S. government months into the future,” Lew told the congressional leaders.

“Given this unavoidable uncertainty, Treasury is not able to provide a specific estimate of how long the extraordinary measures will last,” Lew said. “Nonetheless, we believe that the measures will not be exhausted before late October, and it is likely that they will last for at least a brief additional period of time.”

The next day, July 30, Lew did in fact send a notice to the congressional leaders saying: “I have determined that a ‘debt issuance suspension,’ previously determined to last until July 30, 2015, will continue through October 30, 2015.”

In his March 13 letter, Lew explained some steps the Treasury would take during the debt issuance suspension period.

“Because Congress has not yet acted to raise the debt limit,” Lew said in that letter, “the Treasury Department will have to employ further extraordinary measures to continue to finance the government on a temporary basis. Therefore, beginning on March 16, I plan to declare a ‘debt issuance suspension period’ with respect to investment of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and also suspend the daily reinvestment of Treasury securities held by the Government Securities Investment Fund and the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Thrift Savings Plan.”

Lew informed Boehner that these same actions had been taken “during previous debt limit impasses.”

For example, as CNSNews.com reported, when Secretary Lew declared a debt issuance suspension period in 2013, the Treasury reported the debt subject to the limit was frozen at $16,699,396,000,000 for 150 days, running from mid-May to mid-October of that year.

The Treasury has also posted Frequently Asked Question sheets that explain the actions the Treasury takes during a “debt issuance suspension period” and their statutory basis. The Congressional Research Service has also explained it.

“Under current law, if the Secretary of the Treasury determines that the issuance of obligations of the United States may not be made without exceeding the debt limit, a ‘debt issuance suspension period’ may be determined,” the Congressional Research Service said in a report published on March 27. “This determination gives the Treasury the authority to suspend investments in the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Trust Fund, Postal Service Retiree Health Benefit Fund, and the Government Securities Investment Fund (G-Fund) of the Federal Thrift Savings Plan.

“In addition,” said CRS, “this gives Treasury the authority to prematurely redeem securities held by the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Trust Fund and Postal Service Retiree Health Benefit Fund.”

“The total federal debt consists of debt held by the public and intragovernmental debt,” the CRS said inanother report published in 2011. “Debt owed to the public represents borrowing from entities other than the federal government, and includes borrowing from state and local governments, the Federal Reserve System, and foreign central banks, as well as private investors in the United States.

“Intragovernmental debt,” said CRS, “consists in debt owed by one part of the federal government to another, which are mostly held in trust funds.”

The net effect of the Treasury’s actions is that although the publicly held debt of the government continues to fluctuate–as the Treasury redeems maturing debt held by the public and issues new debt held by the public—the overall debt subject to the limit set by Congress closes each business day at $18,112,975,000,000.

Back on March 13, the debt held by the public was $13,083,880,000,000 and the intragovernmental debt was $5,068,578,000,000 according to the Daily Treasury Statement. By the close of business on August 10, also according to the Daily Treasury Statement, the debt held by the public had increased by $37,043,000,000 to $13,120,923,000,000, and the intragovernmental debt had decreased by $38,260,000,000 to $5,030,318,000,000.

But on every business day from March 13 through August 10 the Treasury reported that the federal debt subject to the legal limit set by Congress closed the day at $18,112,975,000,000.

Sean Hannity: Three Senators Confirm That Mitch McConnell Lied To Ted Cruz And America


I look no further as to why the “establishment” fears the likes of Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz than one statement recently made by Mr. Cruz. When someone in the Washington political scene has the nerve to dare speak the truth and call one of their own a liar it is sure to raise some eyebrows.

You would think when one has the audacity about them to speak up, other’s would follow suit but apparently that is not the case. In a recent radio program Sean Hannity reveals just how our government is ran by cowards and suck ups!


PJ Media reports:

Sean Hannity says that three senators confirmed Ted Cruz’s account of a conversation he had with Senate Majority Liar Leader Mitch McConnell about a possible deal with Democrats about the Export-Import Bank. You may recall that Cruz blasted McConnell on the Senate floor for saying there was no deal, while there clearly was one.

Although other Republicans have attacked Cruz for telling the truth — without denying his account of the conversation, by the way — a few have come out in support of him. Senator Mike Lee has been willing to go on record to confirm Cruz’s account. Sadly, he’s the only one. Hannity says that two others confirmed the story, but they wish to remain anonymous. This is what he said when Cruz appeared on his radio show recently.

This leaves little doubt about the truth of Cruz’s statements. What’s more important, though, is the utter lack of courage from his colleagues in the U.S. Senate. Think about this: 50 senators don’t have the courage to speak out about this issue, and of the four (including Cruz) who do, two are so afraid of McConnell’s leadership team that they don’t dare do so publicly.

Remain anonymous, REALLY??? If you cannot in good faith stand up for what’s right then we don’t want you period. People need to realize, this is the problem we have with the political machine in Washington… POLITICIANS HAVE NO BACKBONE!

Most people do not understand the power that Boehner and McConnell have over the Republicans in Congress. It isn’t ideological, it is re-election support and job assignments. These people are so worried about getting re-elected and the position they are awarded that they are afraid of confronting their leaders. Both leaders(That’s truly a sad thought in itself) have the power to deny financial re-election aid to any member who does not toe the line as well as actually supporting a primary challenger. This isn’t about the citizens of the US, its about their future on the gravy train.

McConnell and Boehner parade around wearing the Republican mantle but are faithless in executing its principles. I hold them in even lower esteem for their betrayal. It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone holding ALL to a higher standard. I call on my fellow Americans to watch as the month’s continue to pass and rally behind those that stand and speak for the people. Few do this but I applaud the one’s who do, thank you Senator Cruz remain strong….”We The People” have your back!


Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.32.29 PM

Americans demanding congressional leaders slash all federal money for Planned Parenthood

“Let me say it again,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., warned Tuesday. “No more government shutdowns.”

Government money expires Oct. 1, the start of the federal fiscal year. The House and Senate haven’t sent any annual spending bills to the White House for President Obama to sign. That means lawmakers must prep an interim spending bill (known as a “Continuing Resolution” or “CR”) to keep the lights on.

Here’s the catch, and why the next two months’ negotiations may not be as simple as McConnell makes it sound.

Pro-life lawmakers are apoplectic about covert videos purportedly showing Planned Parenthood officials callously discussing harvesting fetal tissue from aborted fetuses. Dozens of conservatives are demanding congressional leaders slash all federal money for Planned Parenthood in an emergency spending package. The Senate failed to secure a supermajority Monday just to debate a standalone bill to strip Planned Parenthood of federal dollars.

More on this…

  • Sen. Paul continues fight to defund Planned Parenthood

“At some point we’ll negotiate the way forward,” McConnell predicted of an autumn spending accord.

But the Pandora’s Box has been opened. And Democrats are more than happy to preach of the ills associated with it — namely, that the “defund” push could jam up any government spending bill.

“The move is theirs,” said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., of Republicans. “There is no such thing as a clean CR for Republicans.”

Despite Reid’s supposition, it’s not a certainty that Republicans would affix a rider to a makeshift spending measure. It’s politically risky for Republicans to choose that course. Such a maneuver would prompt the GOP base and Tea Party affiliates to chirp that McConnell and Boehner again hung them out to dry.

During Boehner’s speakership, the Ohio Republican has repeatedly shown a willingness to assemble a minimal group of GOPers — coupled with a large contingent of Democrats — to approve “must-pass” measures and avert political crises.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is expecting a CR. She knows this drill all too well — especially when her office phone rings and you-know-who is on the line.

“If they don’t have the Republican votes to pass it, then hopefully we can have some influence over what is in that CR,” Pelosi said.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, engineered one potential solution. Collins’ idea would address the Planned Parenthood issue without hooking it to the spending bill and opening Pandora’s Box. She authored an amendment which simply strips dollars from the specific six Planned Parenthood clinics involved in the fetal tissue harvesting scandal, pending an investigation.

“I want to take a more measured approach,” said Collins about her amendment compared with the across-the-board Planned Parenthood cuts backed by many GOPers. “It’s a blunt approach which penalizes clinics which have done nothing wrong.”

But Collins never got to offer her amendment. Monday night’s vote just to consider the defund Planned Parenthood bill required 60 votes. It only scored 53 yeas. You can’t offer an amendment to a bill which doesn’t even make it to the floor.

Back to Pandora’s Box.

“I would hope that my colleagues would think back to 2013,” noted Collins of the last set of political gymnastics.

The calendar is not a friend to lawmakers now. Both bodies of Congress don’t meet for legislative business again until Sept. 8. By that point, Congress will approach the final days of the two-month window to consider President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. The House and Senate are aiming to disapprove of the pact. Citing the gravity of the issue, McConnell wants all 100 senators to speak on the floor about the matter. He wants fellow senators to “remain in their seats and listen.” He also intends to suspend all committee hearings during this crucial time.

This could eat up days.

Lawmakers will break in mid-September for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Couple that with a visit to the Capitol in September by Pope Francis, and you can see why this is trouble.

Here’s the real challenge: Most Senate bills face two procedural hurdles of 60 votes. The first deposits the bill on the floor for debate. The second ends debate and allows the measure to advance to final passage. Senate rules require large chunks of time before those votes “ripen” for a roll call. Senators could also require time tranches stretching as long as 30 hours following each vote.

Now, envision a scenario where the GOP brass elects not to include a rider to defund Planned Parenthood. Remember, it takes 60 yeas just to get the bill on the floor and 60 again to finish debate. McConnell could lift a page from Boehner’s playbook and request Democratic help to avoid a shutdown. Republicans currently hold 54 Senate seats. Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., was the only true GOP defector on the procedural Planned Parenthood Monday. Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., were the only Democrats who sided with Republicans on that same roll call. McConnell could need 16 Republicans (including Kirk) to vote with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown. Usually it’s Republicans trying to scrape together a few Democrats.

Better enjoy what’s left of August. September is going to be quite a month. And Pandora’s Box may already be open, with its infirmities flying about Capitol Hill.

Capitol Attitude is a weekly column written by members of the Fox News Capitol Hill team. Their articles take you inside the halls of Congress, and cover the spectrum of policy issues being introduced, debated and voted on there.

RINO Boehner Upset that Americans ‘Get More Information About Their Gov’t Than Ever Before’; Rush Limbaugh Obliterates

RINO Speaker of the House John Boehner is no fan of new media. He laments the day that Rush Limbaugh saved AM radio and almost single-handedly resurrected the conservative movement in America.

Boehner seems to reflect with favor on the days when all media was controlled by three leftist T.V. networks and only a handful of major networks where people could learn about their news.

In fact, John Boehner thinks you’re just getting too much information about what the government is up to, and he’s not at all happy about it.In an interview with the Golf Channel’s David Feherty released this week, Boehner reflected back to the days when media provided very little information about the shenanigans and cronyism going on in big government, where calculating back-door dealmakers like him could sheme and plot under the radar and out of the sunlight.

“Twenty years ago when, uh, we won the first Republican majority in 40 years, there was one radio talk show host that nobody’d ever heard of.  Uh, there was one cable news channel that just did news,” Boehner told Feherty.  “And you look at today, you’ve got hundreds of radio talk show hosts all trying to outdo themselves, right — going further right and further right and further right. Uh, you’ve got all these cable news channels, and all they do are politics, and it’s tending to either push or pull people into one of two camps,” he contended.

Boehner continued, lambasting blogs, Facebook and Twitter and other “mediums” for giving people two much information about what government is doing to them.

“What’s happening is — the American people are getting more information about their government than they’ve ever got before,” Boehner complained. “Trying to find common ground between the left and the right is more difficult. There’s no questions about it,” he explained, as if the reason he was elected was to compromise with leftists hellbent on destroying America.

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RINO Boehner then complained that he’d like to play more golf with Marxist wannabe dictator Obama, but the mean-spirited conservative media would pounce all over him, something he even communicated to Obama.

Radio talk show legend Rush Limbaugh powerfully responded to Boehner’s whining, stating that Boehner’s comments are sure to feed leftist media outlets, who in the past have accused Limbaugh of somehow holding Republican leadership hostage, an absurd charge since RINOs rarely listen to conservatives.

“This comment is gonna feed every liberal blog and every liberal news outlet which has accused them of being prisoners, and accused me of being the titular head of the Republican Party and all that,” Limbaugh said on Tuesday about Boehner’s Golf Channel interview.  ” This is gonna confirm it.  And the stories are gonna be, “House Republican Leaders Afraid of…”  They’ve tried to run that story over and over again and get it to stick, but they’ve never had it admitted to by actual Republican leaders,” he explained.

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Limbaugh continued to summarize Boehner’s comments, stating with barely any tongue and cheek that the next thing conservatism will be blamed for by Republican Party leadership is for exposing Planned Butcherhood.

“We have just learned that I, your host, am the reason the Republican House feels trapped and unable to do what they would really like to do.

It’s all because 20 years ago we had this “talk show host nobody ever heard of” who has now spawned countless other talk shows, “each trying to outdo the other,” Boehner said, “moving far right.”  Then we got Fox News over here pushing everybody far right, making compromise impossible because everybody’s being pushed into “one of two camps.”  And it’s all my fault, ’cause I’m the guy nobody ever heard of 20 years ago.  Actually, they all heard of me 20 years ago.

It’s 27 years ago, by the way, and they all knew who I was by the time 1994 came around.  What he means by that is when I burst on the scene with this program, nobody knew who I was because I was not a networker-type guy. I had not spent a lot of time getting to know politicians in Washington.  I just did my show in Sacramento.  So to people like that, I did come out of nowhere.  I was a guy nobody ever heard of.

But look at this.  In just one half hour, look at all that is my fault! (chuckling)  And I’m sure before we’re finished, that will not be all.  Before this is all over, you watch: I’m gonna be blamed for whatever’s happening at Planned Parenthood — or we, in conservatism, will be blamed for what is happening in Planned Parenthood because we’re the ones telling you about it, and if we weren’t hyping it, if we weren’t talking about it, you wouldn’t know it!

You wouldn’t feel bad, and therefore everything would be better.”

Watch below to see Boehner’s comments followed immediately by Rush’s reaction:


GOP Congressman Confirms John Boehner DOES NOT Have The Votes to Remain Speaker

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.58.02 PM


Things are looking bad for John Boehner. The Speaker of the House will apparently be losing his leadership role, as he can’t get the votes to remain speaker.

Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot Radio spoke to Florida Republican Congressman Ted S. Yoho, a serious voice for conservatives who believe in limited government, fiscal conservatism, personal responsibility, and free enterprise.

Speaking to Breitbart’s senior investigative political reporter Matthew Boyle, Yoho explained why he signed on as a co-sponsor to Rep. Mark Meadows bid to unseat Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner.

Yoho said that Boehner spends too much time retaliating against conservatives and has let Obama basically get whatever he wants.

Yoho confirmed that a vote to keep Boehner as the speaker of the House was postponed last week — because Boehner was having difficulty whipping enough votes to get re-elected as the leader in the House.

Pretty much no one likes John Boehner, and apparently, that’s not limited to just us regular Americans — it looks like his fellow politicians can’t stand him, too. But don’t worry too much for Boehner… a few bottles of spray tan and he’ll get over it just fine.



BREAKING Video: Boehner Likely Leaving – Here’s Who Is Replacing Him.

Bye bye?

Rep Mark Meadows (R-NC) is a proud conservative in the House of Representatives who is known for obliterating Obama back in 2013 when he said “we did not elect a dictator.”

Because he refused to support the Obamatrade deal, the Republican leadership removed Meadows from his subcommittee chairmanship. Now, Meadows is making moves to oust failed speaker John Boehner from his leadership position.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Meadows introduced a resolution on Tuesday entitled “Declaring the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Vacant.” GOP leadership staffers claim that the move does not require immediate consideration from the House, where it could easily have found support from conservatives who see Boehner as too moderate.

In two of Boehner’s three terms as speaker, a large portion of conservatives have voted against him when he tried to get reelected to speaker. This could finally be what does him in.