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Gang member receives handouts before attempting to proceed further inside the U.S.


A woman in South Texas housed, fed and clothed a group of illegal immigrants traveling past her home, one of which turned out to be a member of the notorious Central American gang MS-13.

The Rio Grande City resident says when she spotted a group of three exhausted and famished illegal immigrants on Monday, all she could think to do was offer help.

“He (one of the immigrants) said he was fainting and that it’s been three days since he was in Mexico and eaten,” Maria Jimenez recently recounted to ValleyCentral.com. “When they passed by here we offered them water and food.”

Jimenez also allowed the immigrants to shower inside her home, while she tended to their laundry, and was apparently about to let them stay the night.

Unbeknownst to her, she was aiding a member of one of the most violent gangs in North America, Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13.

Local police were responding to a noise complaint when they saw the three illegals run inside Jimenez’s house. Once they obtained permission to enter her home, one of the officers “noticed that one of the men had an MS-13 tattoo on his left forearm,” reports KRGV.com. “The man eventually confessed [to] being a member of the hyper-violent gang.”

It should go without saying, but police caution it is foolish to open one’s doors to strangers. “Anytime you invite a stranger into your residence you are inviting trouble,” Rio Grande City Police Lt. Joey Solis told Action 4 News.
“I do know there are documented murders, kidnappings here in the U.S. involving these gangs,” Lt. Solis also noted.

In Central America, children as young as 10 join gangs, like MS-13, an intelligence report notes, and according to an FBI report, many are initiated by having to commit murder.

“Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is the best known transnational street gang in the world, with ongoing command, control and coordination between gang leaders and cliques in different countries,” the Texas Department of Public Safety Texas Gang Threat Assessment report states. “MS-13 remains a constant threat to the State of Texas through its use of violence and disregard of law enforcement.”

Texas state Senator Dan Patrick recently revealed official estimates put the number of illegal immigrant gang members inside Texas at just around 100,000.

Last week we documented an instance in which a La Grulla, Texas, police officer encountered an immigrant with MS-13 gang tattoos, who later admitted to being a gang member and reacted to the officer in a “tough and aggressive” manner.

When asked if he thought the gang member was in the country “to cause trouble,” the La Grulla cop agreed, stating, “In my opinion I believe so, to spread the outbreak of gang members, to recruit more people.”

Jimenez maintains she “helped them out,” adding, “and I would hope that others would also help my own son,” apparently oblivious of the level of danger she managed to escape. “We are human, how are we going to let them go and die in the woods?”

As Infowars has reported, illegal immigrant minors who admit to being gang members are actually being released inside the U.S. to await immigration court hearings, which nearly 90 percent of immigrants fail to attend. The vice president of National Border Patrol Council Local chapter 3307, Chris Cabrera, recently disclosed that, so long as they have no criminal record in the U.S., CBP agents are being ordered to release them onto the streets of America, leading many border agents to seek new employment.



WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans want to slash President Barack Obama’s emergency spending request for the border, speed young migrants back home to Central America, and send in the National Guard.

The proposals Wednesday morning amounted to a rebuke of Obama’s proposed solution to the crisis on the Southern Border. They put the House on a collision course with the Democratic-run Senate, and increased the likelihood that congressional efforts to address the crisis on the Southern Border, where unaccompanied kids and teens have been showing up by the tens of thousands, will end in stalemate.

“Without trying to fix the problem I don’t know how we actually are in a position to give the president any more money,” said Speaker John Boehner, shortly after the rank and file reviewed steps to respond to the influx of tens of thousands of kids and teens across the Rio Grande. “What the president’s asking for is a blank check.”

Moreover it was not clear if the House would be able to approve the proposal rolled out Wednesday by a working group Boehner established.

Conservative lawmakers voiced objections, and Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana said Boehner told Republicans he was undecided about bringing the plan to the floor because he doesn’t know if there are enough votes to pass it.

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala, said he couldn’t support it, complaining that Obama has turned the U.S. into the “world’s sugar daddy.”

Several GOP lawmakers said the House plan would cost about $1.5 billion, compared to Obama’s original $3.7 billion request for more immigration judges, detention facilities and other resources to deal with unaccompanied kids.

A plan by Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski would cost $2.7 billion.

But the biggest conflict between the House and Senate is not over costs, but policy instead.

Mikulski, D-Md., said she was omitting from her legislation any changes to a 2008 trafficking victims law that Republicans say has contributed to the crisis by allowing Central American youths to stay in this country indefinitely while awaiting far-off court dates.

Republicans are demanding changes in that law as the price for approving any money for the crisis.

“Modifications to the law can be done to expedite the process while ensuring proper protections are in place for the children who need them,” said Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, who led Boehner’s working group.

The result looks like a stalemate, with little time left to resolve it because Congress’ annual August recess is just around the corner.

“Unfortunately, it looks like we’re on a track to do absolutely nothing,” Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said.

It comes even as Homeland Security officials are pleading again for action, saying overstressed border and immigration agencies will run out of money in the next two months. “Doing nothing in Congress is not an option,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Tuesday.

More than 57,000 minors have arrived since October, mostly from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

The 2008 law guarantees them judicial hearings, which in practice allows them to stay in this country for years – before any deportation can be carried out – because of major backlogs in the immigration court system.

Republicans want the law changed so that unaccompanied Central American children can be treated like those from Mexico, who can be sent back by Border Patrol agents unless they can demonstrate a fear of return that necessitates further screening. Republicans say that’s the only way to send a message to parents in the Central American nations that there’s no point in sending their children on the arduous journey north.

White House officials have indicated support for such changes but have sent mixed signals, under pressure from immigration advocates who say they would amount to sending kids fleeing vicious gang violence back home to their deaths. Some Democrats initially were open to such changes but most are now strongly opposed.

“I’m very reluctant to change the law because I think these children face death, murder, vicious abuse, persecution, if they are returned,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said.

Polls suggest the public is paying attention and demanding a solution, but lawmakers could not say where a compromise might lie.

Minutemen militia recruiting 3,500 volunteers to patrol US border


The co-founder of an organization composed of armed Americans adamantly opposed to illegal immigration says he plans to recruit as many as 3,500 volunteers to participate in a massive border fortification next year.

Minutemen Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist announced earlier this month that he has begun planning for the event, “Operation Normandy,” to be waged on May 1, 2015 along what he calls the “porous areas” between San Diego, California and Brownsville, Texas.

“If you are familiar with the Normandy invasion of France in 1944, then you have an idea how large and logistically complicated this event will be,” Gilchrist wrote in an announcement on the Minutemen Project website. “However, there is one difference. We are not going to the border to invade anyone. We are going there to stop an invasion.”

“Operation Normandy will provide a vital defense against the waves of illegal aliens flooding over the border in search of welfare benefits, jobs and school places that rightfully belong to American citizens,” Gilchrist added. “In the spirit of the original Minutemen, I believe the only solution is to once again defend our United States. Next May, I shall head to the Southern Border to stand against this invasion.”

Gilchrist co-founded the Minutemen Project activist organization in 2005, and soon after made headlines for the militia’s efforts to curb illegal immigration by hosting training sessions for recruits and sending armed volunteers to the border. Now in the midst of reports that more migrant children than ever are illegally crossing into the US in record numbers, Gilchrist says he wants his group to once again focus its energy on fortifying America’s southern border.

“Our federal, state and community governments have failed to address and fix this calamity. In the spirit of our nation’s Founding Fathers, it is once again time to bring unprecedented national awareness to the decades-long illegal alien crisis jeopardizing the United States,” Gilchrist wrote.

Unlike the historic landing at Normandy, however, Gilchrist likely won’t be surprising anyone if his plan to put militiamen on the border comes to fruition. The allied invasion during World War Two was largely a success, historians agree, due to the forces’ ability to plan and perfect an attack in utmost secrecy; in Gilchrist’s case, he’s giving advanced notice nearly a year in advance.

According to Gilchrist, “It will take 10 months to recruit, organize and launch this event.”

Speaking to KPHO-TV earlier this month, Gilchrist added that he doesn’t want his militiamen to act aggressively. Rather, he said, his group will only assist federal border agents overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants.

“You do not put a hand on anyone, you do not talk to anyone, you do not confront anyone,” Gilchrist told the network. “You report to Border Patrol.”

Earlier this month, US Customs and Border Protection issued a statement responding to similar announcements made by other Americans who’ve expressed interest in defending against an alleged “invasion.”

“Customs and Border Protection does not endorse or support any private group or organization from taking matters into their own hands as it could have disastrous, personal and public safety consequence,” it read in part. “CBP appreciates the efforts of concerned citizens as they act as our eyes and ears. Securing our nation’s borders can be dangerous. Interdicting narcotics and deterring and apprehending individuals illegally entering the US requires highly trained law enforcement personnel.”

And as for Gilchrist’s latest efforts, opponents are already chiming in to condemn his organization’s planned activities: his “Operation Normandy” initiative was profiled on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch” blog this week, where earlier in the month the site spoke up against his “tendency toward delusional grandiosity.”

“The most chilling aspect of the possible involvement of the Minutemen in the increasingly tense fight over how US immigration officials handle the humanitarian crisis at the border involving large numbers of Central American children– who, under laws passed in 2002,cannot be immediately deported but must undergo complex hearings to determine if they warrant asylum – lies in their established track record,” the SPLC said earlier this month. Previously, former Minuteman leader Shawn Forde was charged with murdering a 9-year-old girl and her father, and another ex-affiliate is currently awaiting trial on three counts of child molestation.

According to US officials, upwards of 52,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the Mexican border into the United States in southwest Texas in the first half of 2014.


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“In other words [the government is] assisting in the downfall of America..”


By leaving strategic areas along the southern U.S. border unprotected, and by using children as the face of the illegal immigrant surge to elicit public sympathy, the federal government is engaging in a sophisticated military tactic known as “asymmetrical warfare” against the American people, a former U.S. Border Patrol agent is warning.

Scroll to 11:44 for “asymmetrical warfare” reference (see transcript below). / Video courtesy of Little Bonanza Productions. For more information, please contact: lisa@littlebonanzaproductions.com.

As the government allocates resources to South Texas, it is systematically leaving areas within the U.S., as well as vast swaths of land along the border, unguarded, outspoken former Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent Zach Taylor says in an excerpted clip taken from an upcoming documentary entitled, “Back to the Border.”

“This gives people that are trying to get their infrastructure, their personnel, their drugs, their dirty bombs, their biological weapons, their chemical weapons into the United States without being noticed” the opportunity to do so, “because this part of the border is open, it is not being controlled,” the 26-year Border Patrol veteran outlines in the extensive interview.

“If asymmetrical warfare is going to be successful, the first thing that has to be done is to compromise America’s defenses against invasion,” Taylor says, “because they have to have their personnel inside the United States to affect the infrastructure.. they have to affect the degeneration from inside the United States.”

The retired federal agent claims that by magnifying the mere ten percent of the influx that is apprehended, and by mostly centering on the one percent who are immigrant minors, the government is deliberately drawing attention away from the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who evade capture – who may or may not be harboring communicable diseases, or may or may not have gang affiliations.

In Central America, children as young as 10 join violent gangs, like MS-13, an intelligence report notes, and according to FBI statistics, many are initiated by having to commit murder.

“What the people don’t realize is that it is putting their own children at risk, because these children are going to be put in schools with their children,” Taylor says.

Taylor, who also serves as Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, had previously made headlines for slamming the recent immigrant wave as an Obama administration-manufactured crisis.

“This is not a humanitarian crisis,” Taylor wrote in a press release last month. “It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor Illegal Alien children at risk for purely political purposes. Certainly, we are not gullible enough to believe that thousands of unaccompanied minor Central American children came to America without the encouragement, aid and assistance of the United States Government.”

Below is a transcript of the portion of the video where Taylor explains how the immigration crisis is covert asymmetrical warfare aimed at the US public.

The whole idea of asymmetrical warfare is to defeat your enemy from within. It is not to attack him from without. Of course the threat comes from without, but they have to be inside of the US to effect a successful warfare strategy.

If asymmetrical warfare is going to be successful, the first thing that has to be done is to compromise America’s defenses against invasion, because they have to have their personnel inside the United States to affect the infrastructure: our hospitals, our schools, our electric grid, our power supplies our water supply – basically what we call “infrastructure.” All of those things create our infrastructure – but they have to affect the degeneration from inside the United States.

The markers that we’re seeing that indicate this is “asymmetrical warfare” is because the reaction that the United States is taking is they’re taking the opportunity of inviting these illegal aliens to come here, they’re concentrating them in one place in the United States, the Rio Grande Valley, and they’re drawing the resources that are protecting the rest of the US border to care for the illegal alien children, to help with the overflow of the minors, to transport, to take care of the needs of these people while they’re in Homeland Security custody.

All this takes the resources that are protecting America at the border, off of the border. So now the borders are wide open. This gives people that are trying to get their infrastructure, their personnel, their drugs, their dirty bombs, their biological weapons, their chemical weapons into the United States without being noticed because this part of the border is open, it is not being controlled.

It is a perfect military strategy. It doesn’t raise any eyebrows because we’re focused on the children, but we need to focus on our children, because this is asymmetrical warfare. Everything says it is. And the way the United States government is responding to it is concealing that fact from the American people.

In other words they’re assisting in the downfall of America, and you need to understand that.

Report: White House Ignored Warnings of Border Crisis Until It Was Too Late



Philip Wegmann / July 21, 2014 /

Infographic by Richard Johnson and Christina Rivero/The Washington Post
The Obama administration knew of the impending crisis on the U.S.–Mexico border as early as 2012 but chose to ignore the warning signs in light of political considerations, sources told The Washington Post in a story published days before President Obama meets with the leaders of three Central American countries.

A former senior federal law enforcement official told the Post that numerous government agencies were “ringing alarm bells” within the Obama administration—warnings that went continually unanswered.

“There were warning signs, operational folks raising red flags to high levels in terms of this being a potential issue,” said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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The looming immigration crisis was developing as Obama campaigned for a second term. Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-CA, recalls that lawmakers understood the gravity of the situation but feared the political blowback.

“That was always a concern of mine: How to address the issue in a way that did not detract from the need for comprehensive immigration reform,” Roybal-Allard said.

Another anonymous source, this one with access to White House internal deliberations, told the Post that the Obama administration wanted to focus on overarching reform rather than an immediate solution.

“Was the White House told there were huge flows of Central Americans coming? Of course they were told. A lot of times. Was there a general lack of interest and a focus on the legislation? Yes, that’s where the focus was.’’

>>> Commentary: Throwing Money at Border Crisis Won’t Solve Problems

Meanwhile, a host of politicians, advocacy groups, and faith initiatives continued to decry federal inaction. In April 2012, Texas Gov. Rick Perry urged Obama “to take immediate action” and return unaccompanied minors to their home countries.

In an open letter to Obama, the Republican governor warned that “every child allowed to remain encourages hundreds more to attempt the journey.”

The Washington Post reports that Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement budget ballooned from $149 million in 2011 to $376 million in 2013, as the number of unaccompanied minors spiked from 3,933 to 20,805 in the same time.

Earlier this month, Obama asked Congress to approve an emergency funding package to address the issue. Republicans contend the president’s proposal lacks border security measures.



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Monday, Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) announced he is deploying 1,000 Texas National Guard to the U.S. border with Mexico, saying he can not idly sit by while “our citizens are under siege.”
Pointing out the tens of thousands pf unaccompanied minors only make up roughly 20 percent of those being apprehended illegally crossing the border, Perry said he can no longer wait for the president to act as gang members and drug cartels flood into Texas, causing crime to skyrocket. Perry pointed out Texas tax payers can not bear the expense of processing and housing the surge of illegal immigration caused by President Obama’s 2012 executive action “Dream Act” which has given people in Central America the idea children will be allowed to stay once in the United States.
Perry has repeatedly called on President Barack Obama to visit the border, calling his refusal Obama’s “Katrina,” moment.

Border Crisis Worsens; Mexican Cartels Firing On Border Patrol Agents

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Joseph R. Carducci, July 21, 2014

Real Border Security
For those of you who don’t think the situation along our southern border is any big deal, think again. We now have confirmed reports that Border Patrol Agents along the Texas side of the Rio Grande river were fired upon. The belief is that these shots came from a member or members of the Mexican drug cartels.

Folks, this is simply the next stage in the planned disintegration of our borders by the wonderful community organizer in chief Obama. Listen to a description of these events as related by Representative Louie Gohmert (Rep, TX) to Fox News:

“US Border Patrol agents on the American side of the Rio Grande were forced to take cover Friday night when high-caliber weaponry was fired at them from the Mexican side of the river, sources told FoxNews.com. The weapons were fired at the US side of the riverbank in the area of the Rincon Peninsula across the Rio Grande from Reynosa, Mexico, at about 8:30pm, sources said. Bullets ricocheted into an area where Border Patrol Agents were positioned, Rep, Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told FoxNews.com.

‘We don’t have any armor that can stop a .50-caliber round, so our Border Patrol Agents had to take cover when the rounds were ricocheting around them,’ said Gohmert, who has been in the area for the last week to get a first-hand look at the border situation. Sources said they believe the gunfire came from members of Mexican drug cartels, which include former military members trained in shooting that type of weaponry.”

Simply the next phase in the war against our border. The influx of illegal immigrants continues to overwhelm our agents and facilities, which is leading the cartels to operate with more and more impunity. They know we are actually having to pull agents off active duty in order to play babysitter at the detention and processing centers. This lessens the amount of effort and attention we can continue directing at the even more dangerous Mexicans, including actual drug runners.

You have probably seen my earlier reports on how many cartel drug smugglers are literally walking over the low mountains along our Mexican border, carrying backpacks weighing 50+ pounds, filled with illegal drugs. This trend continues…and now it looks as if the cartels are beginning to step up their game even further.

Personally, this looks to me like they are trying to test our positions. This is designed to find out how strongly we are defending the borders along several key points (it could also be done to serve as a distraction for other cartel members to cross the border). If Obama allows this to continue and our Congress also takes no action to at least try and put a stop to the current situation, it will soon degenerate to the point where it will take armed troops to re-establish control, much like a military invasion, for that is really what this is.

What do YOU think? Should we be tolerating Mexican cartels firing at our agents? How can this situation be fixed? If we had a president who was actually a leader, what would he do? Is Governor Rick Perry right for taking action on his own?