Jeb Bush’s Border Slogan: ‘We Can’t Do It’


by Neil Munro

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says his fellow 310 million Americans just can’t build a wall along the 2,000-mile border with Mexico.

“What Donald Trump is proposing is a wall that can’t be built,” Bush said in a Sunday radio interview with John Catsimatidis on New York’s AM 970.

Bush’s declaration of American helplessness comes 70 years after the United States built two nuclear weapons to end the bloodletting in World War II, 65 years after the United States built a huge military to win the Cold War, 59 years after the U.S. government began building the 161,000-mile National Highway System, and 46 years after the United States built rockets to take Americans 120,000 miles to the Moon.

Bush’s insistence on Americans’ inability to build a concrete-and-metal wall comes 408 years after early Americans settlers built a wall around the town of Jamestown, or roughly 500 years after Chinese people hand-built the 5,500-mile Great Wall to exclude undocumented Mongols, or roughly 8,000 years after laborers build the first walls of Jericho.

Bush’s “We Can’t Do It,” mantra contrasts with Trump’s “Make American Great Again” slogan. So far, the public seems to prefer Trump’s confident vision to Bush’s passive, pessimistic vision. A new poll of Iowa voters shows that 23 percent of voters support Trump, and six percent support Bush.

However, immediately after Bush declared a wall can’t be built, he also contradicted himself by saying construction of a wall would cost “billions.”

“If it was [built], it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars,” he insisted.

Bush’s calculations predict that each mile of border fence would cost at least $100 million to construct.

It appears Bush may have exaggerated the cost of the wall that can’t be built. Experience shows that walls are much simpler to build than spaceships and rockets, nuclear weapons, or a huge military. In fact, the Government Accountability Office concluded in 2009 that the most ambitious border wall under consideration would cost $5.1 million per mile.

Trump is a construction professional, and he predicts a lower cost than “hundreds of billions.”

“We’re building a wall,” Trump told CBS in August. “And it’s going to be a great wall. And, by the way, Mexico will pay for it. It’s going to a great wall, because I know how to build,” he said. “And it’s not going to cost nearly as much as what they’re saying for a crummy wall.”

In other interviews, Trump has pointed out that the United States spends roughly $100 billion a year aiding — and occasionally, repatriating — its resident population of 11 million illegal immigrants. The Trump border wall would reduce the inflow of expensive illegal labor, cut federal spending, and also give American families a better chance of earning higher wages.

Video Jorge Ramos Says Kate’s Law Is Unfair To Illegal Immigrants


Over the weekend, Univision’s Jorge Ramos said on CNN that “Kate’s Law,” named after the San Francisco woman murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five prior times, is “completely unfair” to millions of other illegal immigrants in the country.

The proposed law would force deported immigrants caught re-entering the country to serve a five year prison sentence.

RAMOS: I think it is unfair that because one undocumented immigrant killed a wonderful human being that all immigrants are being blamed for that killing. It is so unfair… it is as unfair as if we were to criticize all white men in the United States for what happened in that theater in Aurora, Colorado.

WAR!… RINO Jeb Bush Calls Trump “Buffoon”, “A$$hole” and a “Clown”



Jeb Bush declared war on Donald Trump today before the first debate of the election season.

The Politico reported:

Jeb Bush, the man who would be frontrunner, was as surprised as anybody when Donald Trump jumped into the 2016 presidential race in June. His instinctive first reaction was to hold his tongue, and his advisers agreed the best option was to keep his distance from an interloper who wanted to drag him into a reality-show shouting match.

Bush stayed strategically silent even when Trump delivered his infamous crack that some Mexican immigrants were “rapists.” It wasn’t easy, considering Bush speaks nearly flawless Spanish, backs comprehensive immigration reform and is married to the former Columba Garnica de Gallo of Leon, Mexico.

Like everyone else, Bush soon found Trump impossible to ignore. When Trump reposted a nasty tweet a couple of weeks after his contentious announcement speech— “Bush has to like Mexican illegals because of his wife”—the former Florida governor was forced to respond. “You can love your Mexican-American wife,” he told one interviewer before telling another that Trump was “preying on people’s fears.”…

“Seriously, what’s this guy’s problem?” he asked one party donor he ran into recently according to accounts provided by several sources close to Bush—and he went on to describe the publicity seeking real estate developer now surging in public polls far ahead of Bush and all the 15 others in the Republican field as “a buffoon,” “clown” and “asshole.”

The Politico dropped this report just in time for the first debate.
This ought to make tonight’s debate an even bigger draw.

*Ugh* Jeb Bush Sides With Jorge Ramos, Says Reporters Deserve “A Little More Respect”



Last night leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa.

During the press conference Trump was heckled and interrupted by Univision reporter, Jorge Ramos.

Jorge Ramos refused to wait his turn and refused to quit talking.
*Ugh* Jeb Bush Sides With Jorge Ramos, Says Reporters Deserve “A Little More Respect”

Jim Hoft Aug 26th, 2015 4:10 pm 91 Comments

Last night leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa.

During the press conference Trump was heckled and interrupted by Univision reporter, Jorge Ramos.
trump ramos
Jorge Ramos refused to wait his turn and refused to quit talking.

Trump had Ramos escorted from the room for his outburst.

Today Jeb Bush defended Jorge Ramos and criticized Donald Trump for not putting up with his abusive outburst.
NBC News reported:

Jeb Bush says that Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, who was escorted out of a press conference held by Donald Trump on Tuesday night, should have been “treated with a little more respect.”

“I think people with the press ought to be treated with a little more respect and dignity,” he told reporters.

Ramos was removed from the press conference after Trump accused him of interrupting another reporter to ask a question about immigration policy. Ramos was later allowed back into the room.

Bush’s comments came after a town hall event in Pensacola, Florida, where Bush continued to blast Trump’s immigration proposals as “not conservative” and said the real estate mogul should be held to the same standards as other Republican candidates.

“This guy is now the frontrunner,” he said. “He should be held to account, just like me.”

“Go through these questions and what you’ll find is this guy doesn’t have a plan,” he added. “He’s appealing to people’s angst and their anger. I want to solve problems so that we can fix this and turn immigration into what it’s always been: an economic driver for our country.”

Jorge Ramos: Latinos Won’t Forget Trump Promoting Bigotry and Hatred


by Pam Key

Sunday on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,”  while discussing his confrontation with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump last week at a press conference, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said next year at the polls Latino voters “won’t forget,” Trump “promoting in his speeches bigotry and hatred.”

Ramos said, “I think it’s very important that as journalists we challenge those who are in power. And I think it’s very dangerous that he wants to do the mass deportation in history, that would cost more than $137 billion. And I think it’s very dangerous that he’s promoting in his speeches bigotry and hatred against immigrants. After I was expelled from that press conference, I saw a man, a Trump sympathizer who said, get out of my country. Interesting because I’m also a U.S. citizen, but this happened just seconds after he told me, go back to Univision. Those messages of hatred that’s precisely what Trump is promoting.”

He added, “If Donald Trump wants to change this country the way he’s proposing, he has to be challenged, And this is what’s going to happen. Latinos won’t forget this. 60 million Latinos will go to the polls next year and, just to put in perspective, that number, President Barack Obama won by less than 5 million votes. In other words, Latinos could define this election.”