OUTRAGEOUS Your Tax Dollars Paid for Boston Bomber’s Family’s Trip to U.S.

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Survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing are outraged after learning that family members of convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were flown to the U.S., put up in a hotel and provided with extensive security – all paid for with taxpayer dollars.

“Fox and Friends Weekend” broke down the numbers, and they are shocking.

Anna Kooiman reported that it cost $2,500 per person to fly to the U.S. from Amsterdam, $200 per person a night at the hotel, $100,000 for round-the-clock security, plus lawyer fees.

“[This] shouldn’t surprise you because you’ve been paying for it since day one,” Tucker Carlson said. “Mrs. Tsarnaev was brought here along with her boys, the ones she claimed that were wronged, at your expense.”

“They claimed asylum and then they immediately went on welfare. They’ve been living at taxpayer expense on the dole all these years, and now their extended family is doing the same.”

Kooiman pointed out that the reason the federal government is spending all this money and going through all this trouble is to be sure that the appeals process does not happen over and over again.

The 12 jurors who found Tsarnaev guilty on all charges now have to decide whether he will be sentenced to death or life in prison. The verdict must be unanimous. A divided jury would result in a life sentence for Tsarnaev.

“They want to get it right the first time,” Kooiman said. “It’s unfortunate, though, what is the result.”

Muslim Says Paying Back $32K In Student Loan Interest Is ‘Against My Religion’… Gets BRUTAL Response

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I’m sure in a religion where blowing up a bunch of people can get you several dozen virgins, some sort of loophole can be arranged…


Well, this is a new one: a student who converted to Islam since his time in university now claims that it’s against his religion to pay back the loans that he accrued to pay for his schooling.

Amir, a Seattle-area student who wrote to financial blogger Steve Rhode, the “Get Out of Debt Guy,” said that his religion forbids loans that involve interest.

However, Rhode gave Amir a religious smack-down, telling him that his position on student loans might jeopardize his entrance into the afterlife.

Amir had, according to his letter, taken out $32,000 in student loans from a company that then sold his loans to Sallie Mae (now Navient). Thanks to some deferments, Amir’s $32,000 has now exploded into $64,000.

“My conditions have changed I was born into Islam however never knew much about my religion. Since 2012 I have been learning more about my faith and it is strictly forbidden in my faith to have dealings with interest,” Amir wrote.

“I am offering to pay off the original amount I owe however due to religious reasons would like them to recognize that my awareness and conditions have changed from the time of originally accepting the loan with Citi-Student Loan Corp and not even with them at Sallie Mae.

“Can I get the interest wiped out and close this account and case with just paying the original amount borrowed?”

I’m impressed. Who could have thought the religion of peace could be so cynically used in a temporizing fashion?

Unfortunately for Amir, Rhode was having none of it.

“Asking any lender to adjust their terms and conditions after the fact for religious reasons is just not going to happen,” Rhode wrote.

“You’ve also learned a painful lesson, the damage caused by deferment is enormous,” he added. “Most people think it is an innocent time not to make payments and get a payment vacation. In fact it just puts the debt in turbo and the interest causes the balances to explode.”

Rhode then told Amir that, if he were actually motivated by religious reasoning, he might want to pay that loan off posthaste.

“(I)f your faith is guiding your repayment then you’ll have to seek wise counsel on how to deal with what (an) imam told me. He said, even those that borrowed with interest, are obligated to repay their entire debt and if they don’t they will be prohibited from entering paradise when they die,” Rhode wrote.

“How you overcome that little issue is above my pay grade,” he concluded.

I’m sure in a religion where blowing up a bunch of people can get you several dozen virgins, some sort of loophole can be arranged. However, don’t expect Sallie Mae to buy it.

And don’t expect us to buy it, either.

h/t: EAGNews

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Aussie doc says ISIS needs medical ‘brothers & sisters’ in ‘jihad’ against West

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A young Australian doctor has appeared in an Islamic State propaganda video calling on medical “brothers and sisters” from around the world to come to Syria to join the “Jihad for Islam” against the West.

My name is Abu Yusuf. I’m one of the medical team here. I came from Australia to the Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS] to live under the khalifah,” the blue-eyed man with a distinctive Australian accent states in the YouTube video, which comes complete with a logo for the ‘Islamic State Health Service’.

He says he’s a doctor who traveled to Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa, about 160km east of Aleppo, to offer his medical services.

I saw this as part of my Jihad for Islam to help the Muslims in the area that I could, which is the medical,” the man, addressing the camera with a stethoscope slung around his neck, explains.

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I wish I’d come sooner,” Abu Yusuf adds, apparently shown in the neonatal unit of the Raqqa General Hospital while tending to infants in incubators.

After being here it’s disappointing to think how many fellow Muslim brothers and sisters who are in the medical field; doctors and nurses, physios and dentists are still living in the West and unfortunately here the Muslims are really suffering from not lack of equipment or medicine, but lack of qualified medical care,” he states.

So I suppose a message I would want to send out to any brothers and sister still living in the West who are considering coming … we really need your help,” the man adds.

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Islamic State Health Service? ISIS launch British-inspired NHS

According to news.com.au, the young doctor has been identified as former Adelaide University student Tareq Kamleh, believed to be in his late 20s, who completed his medical studies and later moved to Perth. He had a reputation as a “clean-cut medical student who drank alcohol and had lots of girlfriends.” But while dating a nurse from the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Kamleh allegedly settled down.

A former Adelaide University student told news.com.au that Kamleh had shown no signs of fundamentalism in his college days.

He was a pretty normal guy, he didn’t have any IS-related interests,” the woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said.

Australian Medical Association (AMA) Vice-President Stephen Parnis said the most influential membership organization representing registered medical practitioners and medical students of Australia has been outraged by ‘Abu Yusuf’s’ video.

The medical profession is distressed by this because unfortunately it [the IS] does contradict what we stand for,” the Australian has quoted him as saying in Melbourne.

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What we’ve got is a regime that does terrible harm, that does not respect life. The notion of working for and supporting that regime is, I think, abhorrent to almost every Australian doctor.

He said the doctor was not a member of the AMA, although this is not compulsory, and the Medical Board will have to decide whether or not to revoke his license.

Acting Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek has also stated that it’s unacceptable for an Australian to advocate on behalf of a terrorist group.

“I‘m sure the full force of the law will be used against him,” she told reporters in Sydney on Sunday.

The Australian Greens, meanwhile, urge better prevention programs aimed at curbing youth radicalization. The party says that it’s hardly enough for the prime minister just to call on young people not to join the IS.

“It won’t work – it’s a recipe for complete failure,” Greens leader Christine Milne said in a statement.

ISIS doc from Australia was sex pervert, liked to put his pecker on women’s shoulders

Published on Apr 27, 2015

Dr. Tareq Kamleh was recently featured in an ISIS propaganda video, shown cradling small babies and placing them into incubators as he discussed the need for more radicalized people with medical degrees to come and assist ISIS as it builds his caliphate.

And while the man in the video seems to be a smug pious individual, reports from his former classmates at medical school and roommates back in his native Australia paint a very different picture of Tareq Kamleh.

According to multiple sources who knew the man, Tareq was a party animal with extremely poor judgment. His favorite party trick was to approach a woman from behind and pull out his pecker and slap it on her shoulder. As one might imagine, many of his victims found this particular party trick rather distasteful.

The doctor is also alleged to have been a serial womanizer, sleeping with as many women as he could get his hands on, including a patient who was a sex worker. While there were no signs indicating that he had been radicalized or was even slightly interested in religion he recently turned up at ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, Syria and not long after starred in a propaganda video. Those who know him say his motivation for joining the terror group is simple: he has a personality disorder and enjoys attention, even if that attention comes from ISIS thugs.


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Dishonestly refer to the Houthis as an Iran “proxy”


Obama expressed his desire for Saudi dictator Abdulaziz to continue his illegal assault on Yemen, “pushing for a continuation of the war” and announcing, mafia-like, that “the job is not done”.

The dictator has complied, carrying out further attacks on the impoverished and starved country, with a Saudi Prince announcing that he will reward the terrorists physically carrying out the bombings with Bentleys, a brand of ultra-luxury automobile.

Further, Moon of Alabama (often cited by Glenn Greenwald) has found evidence to suggest that Saudi Arabia is directly supplying al Qaeda in Yemen. Al Qaeda has made unprecedented gains there due to the the US-assisted Saudi assault. Moon notes that the terrorist group is not considered extreme by Saudi Arabia, which mandates, under pain of torture or death, a like ideology, and is already known for supporting al Qaeda.

Meanwhile, Obama yesterday executed seven innocent people in Yemen with one of his “Hell Fire” devices (innocent if “innocent until proven guilty” still matters to anyone). Obama has been bombing Yemen throughout his time in power, one part of what the world’s most cited scholar, Noam Chomsky, has called “the most extreme campaign of terror of modern times”, Obama’s global execution-by-robot operation.

While US government and media continue to propagandize the population into passively accepting the US/Saudi/axis of dictators’ campaign against Yemen by dishonestly referring to the Houthis as an Iran “proxy”, US intelligence itself states unequivocally that the Houthis are not an Iran proxy (“It is wrong to think of the Houthis as a proxy force for Iran,” a U.S. intelligence official told The Huffington Post).

Indeed, Gellhorn Prize-winning journalist Gareth Porter re-confirms this, and documents that the Houthi are actually (as was pointed out this week at WB) “flush with American arms that may be worth as much as hundreds of millions of dollars”, which they took when they were able to hold, without contest, numerous military facilities that had, like much of the Middle East, been pumped full of US weaponry (the US is the world’s biggest arms dealer).

In reality, as Antiwar.com and others have noted, it is the Saudis who are a US proxy, illegally attacking an entirely domestic movement, as the US has done over and again around the world as it seeks to dominate. – See more at: http://www.empireslayer.org/2015/04/obama-urges-saudi-dictator-abdulaziz-to.html#sthash.on1Xb0Gi.dpuf

ISIS releases ‘Kill List’, Did Your City Make the List?

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Texas: Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, Kileen

Indiana: Michigan City, Bolivar

Michigan: Dearborn Heights, Lake Orion

Connecticut: Barkhamsted, Manchester

Nevada: Reno

Georgia: Griffin

Maryland: Upper Marlboro, Warrensburg, Lexington Park

Arizona: Phoenix

Louisiana: Shreveport, Bossier City

South Carolina: Daniel Island, Charleston

North Carolina: Fayetteville, New Bern

Virginia: Burke, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Springfield, Norfolk, Chesapeake

Colorado: Colorado Springs

California: Manford, Solvang, San Ardo, Monterrey, Newberry Park, Carlsbad

New Mexico: Farmington

North Dakota: Minot

South Dakota: Rapid City

Florida: Merritt Island, Palm Coast, Saint John, Middleburg, Saint Augustine

Washington: Colton, Cheney, Seattle, Spokane, Ancortes

Nebraska: Bellvue

Illinois: Orland Park

Rhode Island: Newport

Idaho: Bonners Ferry