Obama Thanks Muslims for ‘Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation’


From the White House website, posted on Sunday, July 27 (emphasis added):

As Muslims throughout the United States and around the world celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to them and their families. This last month has been a time of fasting, reflection, spiritual renewal, and service to the less fortunate. While Eid marks the completion of Ramadan, it also celebrates the common values that unite us in our humanity and reinforces the obligations that people of all faiths have to each other, especially those impacted by poverty, conflict, and disease.

In the United States, Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy. That is why we stand with people of all faiths, here at home and around the world, to protect and advance their rights to prosper, and we welcome their commitment to giving back to their communities.

On behalf of the Administration, we wish Muslims in the United States and around the world a blessed and joyous celebration. Eid Mubarak.

Earlier this month a Gallup poll indicated that 72% of Muslims approve of the job Obama is doing, even though his support has plummeted among virtually every other group.

Two weeks ago, Obama celebrated the Muslim holiday of Ramadan in the White House.

Al-Qaeda group releases video of first American suicide bomber in Syria


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Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.07.09 AM

The Syrian Al-Nusra Front, a jihadist organization aligned with Al-Qaeda, has released a video of a US citizen who blew himself up in a suicide attack in Syria. He is believed to be the first US national to carry out a terror attack in the country.

The American who joined the Syrian rebels becomes the first known US suicide bomber

The man was identified as Moner Mohammad Abu Salha, a US citizen from Florida He went under a different name in Al-Nusra – Abu Hurayra Al-Amriki (Abu Hurayra the American).

Abu Hurayra was among four Al-Nusra men who carried out suicide bombings on army positions in Idlib province, northwestern Syria on May 25. Dozens were killed and wounded, though exact numbers of casualties are still unknown.

In the 17-minute video about ‘the life and death’ of Abu Hurayra, the 22-year-old American from Florida appears smiling and saying he looked forward to going to heaven.

“I want to rest in the afterlife, not in this world… My heart is not at peace here. Hopefully it will be in heaven,” Abu Hurayra says in broken Arabic in the YouTube footage posted on Friday by Al-Nusra Front’s channel.

He sits with three jihadists, allegedly other suicide bombers. One of them was identified as the jihadist from the Maldives. Abu Hurayra talks about his background and life since he arrived in Syria in 2013.

Abu Hurayra Al-Amriki (screenshot from AP Video)Abu Hurayra Al-Amriki (screenshot from AP Video)

“I came to Syria without money to buy a rifle or a pouch. God gave me a rifle and a pouch and everything, and… (Then) he gave me even more,” he said.

US law enforcement and counterterrorism officials confirmed the suicide bombing and said they have identified the American.

The video released right after the attack shows a huge explosion. Then a young, bearded man – Abu Hurayra – cradling a cat appears.

The parents of Abu Salha own a grocery store in Florida, his father is from Jordan and mother is a convert to Islam, local US media outlets said.

Syria plunged into civil war in 2011 when peaceful uprisings against Assad descended into violence. More than 150,000 people have been killed and millions more have been displaced in the three years since fighting began.

The rebels are made up of a very loose coalition of opposition groups, some of whom – like Al-Nusra Front – have openly affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

Al-Nusra Front, operating in Syria and Lebanon, was created in 2012 during the Syrian war. Its aim is to overthrow President Bashar Assad’s government.

Abu Hurayra Al-Amriki (screenshot from AP Video)Abu Hurayra Al-Amriki (screenshot from AP Video)

According to Matthew Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, there are about 12,000 foreign fighters in Syria. These numbers show a stunning 50 percent increase in just three months. Of them, more than 1,000 are from Europe and more than 100 are from the US, he said.

“What is also of concern is that there are a number of veteran Al-Qaeda individuals that are now in Syria, taking advantage of the really permissive environment that exists there – basically the opportunity to train and prepare to carry out attacks against the West,” he added.

According to Matthew Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, there are about 12,000 foreign fighters in Syria. These numbers show a stunning 50 percent increase in just three months. Of them, more than 1,000 are from Europe and more than 100 are from the US, he said.

“What is also of concern is that there are a number of veteran Al-Qaeda individuals that are now in Syria, taking advantage of the really permissive environment that exists there – basically the opportunity to train and prepare to carry out attacks against the West,” he added.

Hamas and North Korea in secret arms deal

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Exclusive: Hamas has paid North Korea for missiles and communications equipment in arms deal worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

Con Coughlin By Con Coughlin, Defence Editor7:00PM BST 26 Jul 2014

Hamas militants are attempting to negotiate a new arms deal with North Korea for missiles and communications equipment that will allow them to maintain their offensive against Israel, according to Western security sources.
Security officials say the deal between Hamas and North Korea is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is being handled by a Lebanese-based trading company with close ties to the militant Palestinian organisation based in east Beirut.
Hamas officials are believed to have already made an initial cash down payment to secure the deal, and are now hoping that North Korea will soon begin shipping extra supplies of weapons to Gaza.
“Hamas is looking for ways to replenish its stocks of missiles because of the large numbers it has fired at Israel in recent weeks,” explained a security official. “North Korea is an obvious place to seek supplies because Pyongyang already has close ties with a number of militant Islamist groups in the Middle East.”
Using intermediaries based in Lebanon, Hamas officials are said to be intensifying their efforts to sign a new agreement with Pyongyang to provide hundreds of missiles together with communications equipment that will improve the ability of Hamas fighters to coordinate operations against Israeli forces.
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Like other Islamist terror groups in the region such as Hizbollah, Hamas has forged close links with North Korea, which is keen to support groups that are opposed to Western interests in the region.
The relationship between Hamas and North Korea first became public in 2009 when 35 tons of arms, including surface-to-surface rockets and rocket-propelled grenades, were seized after a cargo plane carrying the equipment was forced to make an emergency landing at Bangkok airport. Investigators later confirmed that the arms cache has been destined for Iran, which then planned to smuggle the weapons to Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.
Following Israel’s latest military offensive against Hamas operatives based in Gaza, Western security officials say Hamas is now trying to persuade North Korea to provide fresh supplies of rockets to replace the thousands of missiles that have been fired at Israel since the commencement of hostilities two weeks ago.
Israeli military commanders supervising operations against Gaza believe North Korean experts have given Hamas advice on building the extensive network of tunnels in Gaza that has enabled fighters to move weapons without detection by Israeli drones, which maintain a constant monitoring operation over Gaza.
The North Koreans have one of the world’s most sophisticated network of tunnels running beneath the demilitarised zone with South Korea, and Israeli commanders believe Hamas has used this expertise to improve their own tunnel network.
The Hamas arsenal has become increasing sophisticated with foreign assistance and now boasts five variants of rockets and missiles. Its basic weapon is the Iranian-designed Qassam rocket with a range of less than ten miles but it also has a large stockpile of the 122mm Katyushas which boast a range of up to 30 miles.
The introduction of the M-75 and Syrian-made M0302 missiles means Hamas boast offensive weapons with a longer range of up to 100 miles and a much greater explosive impact.
Since the 2012 eight-day war, Hamas has increased the size and strength of its rocket arsenal. Israeli military intelligence puts its stockpile at around 10,000 rockets and mortars, including long-range rockets capable of reaching Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the northern port city of Haifa.

Watch: Islamic Extremists Just Blew Up This Holy Christian Monument In The Name Of Allah

Will they still blame Israel?


After all of the Iraqi Christians were forced to flee the embattled city of Mosul in the last week, this video shows Islamic militants destroying the tomb of Jonah. According to officials and residents of Mosul, this holy site, also known as the Mosque of the Prophet Yunus (Jonah), was destroyed yesterday.

Residents were prevented from entering the mosque–where the biblical prophet from the Book of Jonah, known for being swallowed by a great fish, is believed to be buried.

After banning worshippers, militants reportedly spent an hour wiring and placing explosives throughout the tomb. The video shows the detonation as the building instantly becomes nothing more than a cloud of dust and rubble.

Since their takeover of northern Iraq in June and their establishment of a new caliphate in the region, ISIS has launched an attack on Israel and has taken over the homes of Christians. Just this past week, they forced all remaining Christians out of the Islamic state, threatening them with death if they didn’t convert, pay a tax, or flee.

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/will-liverals-justify-action-isis-militants/#mik8rMC4ghDL68sH.99

More Brits signing up to join ISIS than UK Army Reserve

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Written by Allen West on July 26, 2014

Today there will be a rally to support Middle East Christians from 12-3 pm in front of the White House. It will be interesting to see who shows up and if the media covers it at all. If you can’t make it, you can sign this petition to the White House.

Across the pond in England, there are also two concurrent calls for support. One is for Army Reservists. The other one is not so jolly – in fact, it’s a disturbing reflection of the policies of multiculturalism and coexistence.

As the UK Daily Mail reports, “More British citizens signed up to fight in Iraq and Syria than joined the Army Reserve last year. Just 170 extra reservists enlisted over the past year – despite a Government target to boost the stand-by force by 11,000 by 2018.”

“But at the same time, the brutal al-Qaida inspired ISIS forces tearing through Iraq have been boosted by ‘several hundred’ Brits.”

So I want you to digest what was just stated: more Brits signed up to fight in the Middle East for ISIS than to fight for their own country, as reservists. This goes beyond the scope of “homegrown terrorism.” It is now a clear and present danger to the stability of western civilization.

Just yesterday we reported that ISIS has gone from being a “just” a terrorist organization to a full-blown army. Let me put this all in a historical sense.

There were Americans of German descent who left the country and fought on the side of the “fatherland.” These individuals were highly effective when they were dropped in behind our lines and caused disruption in our operations. Why? Because they looked like Americans, and talked like Americans and knew American culture.

Once again those who failed to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Just as those young Germans felt a calling for their homeland, it seems these unassimilated Muslims — and some converts — have a calling to jihad. And for all you apologists, this is not about some “inner struggle” – it’s about wreaking death and destruction.

The Mail reports that’s “terror experts believe there could be as many as 500 Brits fighting alongside the jihadists in the Middle East for ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). A senior government minister said: ‘There is a real problem about people going in and being radicalized and then coming home. There are several hundred who have gone from Britain that we know of. It is a worry. ‘To get to Iraq most of them will have to go through Syria, so the two are connected.’ Foreign Secretary William Hague yesterday admitted Brits will ‘inevitably’ be fighting alongside ISIS which he called the ‘most violent and brutal militant group in the Middle East.’”

“Hague said, ‘As I have previously told this House, we estimate the number of UK-linked individuals fighting in Syria to include approximately 400 British nationals and other UK-linked individuals who could present a particular risk should they return to the UK.’ He said ‘some of these, inevitably’ are ‘fighting with’ Isis. Shadow defense secretary Vernon Coaker said he revelation was humiliating for the country and needed to be tackled. Coaker said, ‘The government’s own figures show more UK citizens are joining ISIS than signing up for the Armed Forces Reserves. This is shameful, embarrassing and will cause deep concern.”

Shameful? Embarrassing? Deep concern? What about down right dangerous? And you can bet if there was a crackdown of Islamic jihadist activities in the UK, all the weak apologists would come out and complain. Just look at how many of them joined in to protest in support of a terrorist organization, Hamas, against Israel.

There are neighborhoods in England where law enforcement stays away because sharia rules. What an insidious surrender of the British rule of law. How many recall the gruesome and barbaric murder of British Soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight by two Nigerian Muslim jihadists? I know, we have no sense of total recall. I will not forget, and the freshly bloodied hands of the animal who posed for the camera and delivered his speech.

And what was the response? Restraint, don’t blame Muslims, don’t blame Islam — this is what it gets you folks, weakness is enticing to these monsters. And yes, the $10,000 question: how many have departed our own American shores to fight beside ISIS?

Perhaps the gravity of the situation is beginning to sink in. The Mail reports that “UK Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire has warned any Brits considering joining the battle abroad that they will face jail in Britain for any terror-related offences – even if they are carried out abroad.”

Brokenshire says “the Serious Crime Bill would extend the reach of the Terrorism Act 2006 so that UK-linked individuals and those who seek to harm UK interests, who travel overseas to prepare or train more generally for terrorism, can be prosecuted as if their actions had taken place in the UK.”

Here is the deal. There has to be a law clearly defining that on this 21st Century battlefield, if you depart your country of citizenship and travel to ally with Islamic terrorist organizations, you have in turn renounced your citizenship and become an unlawful enemy combatant. If engaged on the battlefield, you will be treated as the enemy. If captured on the battlefield, you will have lost your rights and will be treated as the enemy.

Of course the problem is that here we afford the enemy constituional rights. If we didn’t, it would eliminate all the angst about the fate of Anwar al-Awlaki and his ilk.

This is a very serious issue. But I guess it’s just too serious to disturb the Fundraiser-in-Chief.

Read more at http://allenbwest.com/2014/07/brits-signing-join-isis-uk-army-reserve/#hLWjkFb4PykXgdfh.99


Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 3.27.37 PM
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BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip (AP) — Hamas said it fired five rockets at Israel late Saturday after rejecting Israel’s offer to extend a 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire by four hours, casting new doubt on international efforts to broker an end to 19 days of fighting.

Hamas said two of the rockets were aimed at Tel Aviv. Police in Israel’s second-largest city dispersed a peace rally attended by several thousand people because of the threat, a spokesman said.

In Paris, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and European foreign ministers met earlier Saturday to find ways to transform Saturday’s initial 12-hour lull into a sustainable truce.

In Gaza, thousands of residents who fled the violence streamed back to devastated border areas during the cease-fire to find large-scale destruction: fighting had pulverized scores of homes, wreckage blocked roads and power cables dangled in the streets.

In the northern town of Beit Hanoun, Siham Kafarneh, 37, sat on the steps of a small grocery, weeping. The mother of eight said the home she had spent 10 years saving up for and moved into two months earlier had been destroyed.

“Nothing is left. Everything I have is gone,” she said.

More than 1,000 people, mainly civilians, have been killed and more than 6,000 have been wounded over the past 19 days, Palestinian health official Ashraf al-Kidra said. Israeli strikes have destroyed hundreds of homes, including close to 500 in targeted hits, and forced tens of thousands of people to flee, according to Palestinian rights groups.

Across Gaza, more than 130 bodies were pulled from the rubble Saturday, officials said. In southern Gaza, 20 members of an extended family were killed before the start of the lull when a tank shell hit a building where they had sought refuge, al-Kidra said.

Israel says it is doing its utmost to prevent civilian casualties, including sending evacuation warnings to residents in targeted areas, and blames Hamas for putting civilians in harm’s way. Israel has lost 40 soldiers and two civilians, and a Thai worker also has been killed.

“There is no proof that any kind of gratuitous damage is being inflicted,” said Israeli legislator Ofer Shelah of the centrist Yesh Atid party. Israeli troops are “fighting with an enemy dug in within the civilian population, dug in underground or within the houses there,” he said, adding that “those are the consequences of such a fight.”

Israel launched a major air campaign in Gaza on July 8 and later sent ground troops into the Hamas-ruled territory in an operation it said was aimed at halting Palestinian rocket fire and destroying cross-border tunnels used for attacks.

Later Saturday, Israel decided to extend the 12-hour lull by four more hours, until midnight (2100 GMT) Saturday. However, Israel set its own terms for the extended truce, saying it would continue to demolish Hamas military tunnels.

The Israeli military said that through Saturday’s lull, troops uncovered four more tunnel shafts.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri later said that the group rejected the four-hour extension. Shortly after that, Hamas claimed responsibility for firing five rockets at Israel, including two at Tel Aviv. The Israeli military said three rockets fell in southern Israel.

Al-Kidra said that a 36-year-old Palestinian man was killed by a sniper near the central Gaza town of Deir el-Balah shortly after the 12-hour truce ended.

In Paris, Kerry met with European foreign ministers and later with foreign ministers from Qatar and Turkey to try to salvage truce efforts.

On Friday, Israel rejected a proposal by Kerry and U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon to halt fire for a week and to begin talks during this period on easing the border blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Hamas has said it would not halt fire until it won guarantees that the border blockade, enforced by Israel and Egypt, would be lifted.

Any new border arrangements for Gaza would likely give a role to Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the main political rival of Hamas.

Hamas had seized Gaza from Abbas in 2007, triggering the Gaza blockade by Israel and Egypt. However, Abbas, who heads the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, reached a power-sharing deal earlier this year with Hamas. Under the deal, a government of technocrats headed by Abbas was to prepare for new elections in the West Bank and Gaza.

Egypt wants forces loyal to Abbas to be posted on the Gaza side of the mutual border before considering open the Rafah crossing there, Gaza’s main gate to the world.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in Paris that he and his counterparts from other nations are calling on both sides to negotiate a sustainable cease-fire.

Such a truce should meet Israeli security concerns, but also “the Palestinians’ expectations in terms of economic development and access to Gaza,” he said. “We are convinced of the need to involve the Palestinian Authority in achieving these objectives.”