Jihadists funded by welfare benefits, senior police officer warns

Taxpayers’ money is being claimed fraudulently and used by terrorists in countries such as Iraq and Syria, according to Terri Nicholson, from the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command unit

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By Peter Dominiczak, Tom Whitehead and Christopher Hope10:00PM GMT 26 Nov 2014

Britain’s benefits system is being abused to fund terrorism, a senior police officer has warned.
Terri Nicholson, from the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command unit, said that taxpayers’ money was being claimed fraudulently and used by terrorists in countries such as Iraq and Syria.
She said there had been “a number of cases” recently of terrorists making fraudulent student loan claims to fund their activities.
MPs described the prospect of British money being used to bankroll potential terrorist plots on British soil as “sickening”. Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs committee, said he would in the coming weeks question Theresa May, the Home Secretary, over the “shocking” disclosures.
Two brothers became the first Britons to be jailed for Syria-related terrorism offences, having gone to a training camp in the country.

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Another jihadist, who skipped bail to fight in Syria, used Twitter to mock the lapse in security that allowed him to flee.
Meanwhile, the family of Fusilier Lee Rigby claimed that Facebook failed in its “duty of care” when it missed messages in which one of his murderers discussed killing a soldier. Facebook was accused in a report of being a “safe haven for terrorism” after it failed to pass on information that could have prevented the killing of Fusilier Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London, last year.
Miss Nicholson, a Met Assistant Commander, said terrorists were using “innovative” techniques to send money abroad. “We are seeing a diverse fraud, including substantial fraud online, abuse of the benefits system, abuse of student loans, in order to fund terrorism,” she said.
She also said women were being used to smuggle money out of Britain to fund terrorists abroad, as it is believed they will arouse less suspicion. Earlier this month, Amal El Wahabi, a British mother-of-two, was jailed for more than two years for trying to arrange to smuggle €20,000 (£16,000) to her husband, who is believed to be a jihadist fighting in Syria. She duped her friend, Nawal Msaad, into carrying the cash in her underwear.
Philip Davies, the Tory MP, said of Miss Nicholson’s claims: “I know the Government has been cracking down on benefit fraud. It seems to me that this shows that if anything, they need to go further.”
He added: “It is sickening to think that [UK money is funding terror plots] but whenever there is any money being doled out, it’s obvious that terrorists will be trying to get their hands on as much of it as possible.”
Kwasi Kwarteng, a Conservative member of the Commons work and pensions committee, said: “Ordinary people will be very, very concerned about this and it’s something which the Government obviously has a duty to crack down on.”
Mr Vaz said: “It is shocking that this is happening. We need to see assurances from government that the integrity of the student loan and benefits
system has not been compromised, with the full cooperation of the banking network.”
A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “No one should doubt our commitment to rooting out benefit fraud.”
Ministers said up to 50 suspected jihadists a year are expected to be prevented from going to Syria or other terrorism hot spots under proposed powers to seize passports.
Around 15 terror suspects a year will also be placed under the revamped terrorism prevention and investigation measures (Tpims), which restrict their activities.
The measures are part of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill.

Muslim Ferguson Protester Arrested for Spitting on Officer; Says it’s Just What “Arabs” Do

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Bassem Masri, the Muslim Ferguson protest leader who has threatened the lives of police on video, was interviewed on CNN after being arrested for spitting on an officer.

Before a contentious appearance with host Michael Smerconish, Masri denied he spit on the officer, but said was expressing himself in a way that “Arabs” do.

If you are not familiar with the vile Masri, he is the self-described “Palestinian” Muslim who has been at the center of several violent incidents involving rioters over the past 2 months. Here is one particularly sick video where Masri warns White police officers:

“You will never be safe, never in your life. None of you. Not you, not your children – none of you will be safe.”

Masri champions the Muslim terrorists of Hamas, who routinely murder Israeli civilians, and has compared their “cause” to Ferguson:

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 11.45.09 AM

At the beginning of the CNN interview, Smerconish got right to the point and asked Masri if he spit on an officer. Of course Masri denies it, but we have him ON VIDEO below admitting to the act (@2:49):

Smerconish knows damn well he did it, having surely seen the video, so he asks him right up front, and get the denial, but also a bizarre injection of his “Arab,” “cultural” heritage.

Here was the exchange, as reported by PunditPress:

“No, no I didn’t. That was an expression that, uh, we use in, uh, Arabs, you know what I’m sayin’? Basically, it’s just a sound of me being, you know, me spitting. It’s not what I was actually doing. So, uh, yeah.”

Smerconish then pushed Masri, asking if he was aware that he was arrested specifically for spitting on an officer.

Masri responded, “Yeah, they believe, they believe videos and they believe twitter shows before they actually look at evidence. But that’ll get thrown out of court. That’s cultural background, so, it’s all good, you know?”

Near the end of the interview, Smerconish asked if Masri wanted to wait until all the facts of the Grand Jury came out, and Masi said: “We don’t need to see the facts, we know what happened,” insisting Brown was murdered.

If this is who is still leading the Ferguson protests, we may be for some serious violence next week.

Iraqi dealers confirm ISIS hoarding gold, precious metals to issue currency – report


Islamic State militants are reportedly acquiring gold, silver and other precious metals in a bid to further solidify their control over large swathes of Syrian and Iraqi territory by issuing their own currency, Iraqi metal dealers confirmed to McClatchy.

Earlier this month, the militants’ Beit al Mal, an ancient Islamic term which translates as “Treasury Department,” issued a statement announcing the plan. The coins, which they plan to fashion from gold, silver and copper, will be modeled on the 8th century currency of the Umayyad Caliphate.

At the time, experts expressed doubts the militant group had the technological capability and overall knowhow to produce their own modern currency for the territory under their control; roughly one third of Iraq and Syria.

A recent report in McClatchy, however, which draws on interviews with precious metal dealers in northern and western Iraq, would indicate the group is in fact moving ahead to obtain enough material necessary to carry out the plan.


One Fallujah-based gold trader, identifying himself as Hajj Samir, told McClatchy that foreign jihadists had been buying up all the gold and silver in the city’s markets. He said he alone had sold more than 15 pounds to known affiliates of the militant group.

“They said it was for gifts for their wives, but now I know why, and all the traders say the same thing,” Hajj Samir told the news portal. “We’ve been making trips to Baghdad to get more, and they buy all of it.”

Another 37-year-old trader who has worked out of Mosul told a similar story of selling off his precious metals to those connected to the group.

“We don’t ask why they’re buying so much,” said the trader, Osman Ahmed.

“But even silver in small shops outside the city is sold out.”

Ahmed said the speed with which they were buying up precious metal stocks was forcing traders such as himself to travel to cities in Kurdish-controlled territory to renew their stocks.


Zakaria Ahmed, a Mosul resident not related to Osman, said US-led airstrikes had taken their toll on IS’s currency plans, noting they had made it difficult for the militants to transport valuables.

Despite the setbacks, Zakaria, whose brother is reportedly an IS official, said the currency plan was still coming along.

“It is still in an ongoing process to be released,” he told McClatchy by phone.

The desire to create their own currency has also extended to the battlefield, with militants reportedly stripping copper wiring from electric transmission cables and other sources to gather materials for the coins.

The Islamic militant group notorious for extreme violence and war crimes has gone to great lengths to establish a caliphate with all the requisite state institutions over a piece of territory roughly the size of Belgium.

Relying on funds brought in from taxes, stolen oil and gas and organized crime, IS has, in the words of Jordanian journalist Raed Omari, “undergone the quickest transformation to statehood in modern history.”

Here’s why Somali Muslim Refugees are moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming, Prepare to be shocked

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by Pamela Geller
wyoming somali muslim immigrantsThey are going there to get subsidized Section 8 housing vouchers to take to another state.

Refugee resettlement is a euphemism for importing whole Muslim communities, importing jihad. I have long documented the targeting of gateway cities (smaller cities) overwhelmed with Muslim refugee immigration from countries like Somalia — cities like Emporia, Kansas, Nashville, Greeley and Fort Morgan, Colorado, Lewiston, Maine et al. The over-saturation and drain on city resources has driven these immigrants northward to settle in Wyoming, according to these reports.

Organizations like Lutheran Family Services profit enormously from the Federal government handling these refugees.


The sharia compliant enemedia, like Wyoming’s Tribune Eagle, attacks critics of mass refugee immigration into Wyoming as “bigots.” Shocka.

Most Americans are unaware that under the “Refugee Resettlement Program,” whole Muslim communities from hostile nations are imported into the United States, circumventing whatever immigration laws that are still intact.

This is made even more dangerous by what organization determines who are refugees and who aren’t. It’s the UN, driven largely by the world’s largest international body, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC is a modern-day caliphate made up of 56 countries and the Palestinian terrorists.

For years, a handful of my colleagues and I have warned of the reckless immigration polices here in America and in the West — refusing immigration status to persecuted religious minorities (Christians) under Islam (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc.), while allowing whole Muslim communities from jihad nations to immigrate.

I have documented this dangerous practice and warned of the eventual consequence of importing jihad. We have seen its deleterious consequences with many members of the Somali community in Lewiston, Emporia, Greeley, etc. Muslim gangs targeting women, gays ….

What are the numbers of Muslims coming into the US from jihad nations under the Obama administration? And why aren’t the victims being given the opportunity to escape the vicious and bloody jihad by Islamic supremacists?

Ann Corcoran reminds us here to keep in mind as you read this article that the meat packers (often foreign-owned companies) get cheap captive laborers and “you, the American taxpayer, supports the rest of the refugee family’s life.”


“So why are those Somalis moving to Cheyenne, WY? Prepare to be shocked,” Refugee Resettlement Watch

They are going there to get subsidized Section 8 housing vouchers to take to another state

(See our earlier posts here and here about Somalis in Cheyenne.)

This is an NPR radio report at KQED that aired this past Wednesday. Here is the astounding transcript (but be sure to listen to the 3 minute story):

(Emphasis below is mine)

In the last few years demand for public housing assistance across the country has skyrocketed, while congressional funding has stayed flat

Right now federal funds covers less than a fourth of families in the United States eligible for a Section 8 housing voucher. Waitlists for voucher in big cities are often years long, if not closed all together. As Wyoming Public Radio’s Miles Bryan reports that made small cities like Cheyenne more attractive to those seeking housing aid, because of shorter wait times.

Tuesday night is when Cheyenne’s Somali community gets together at the Free Evangelical Church to catch up and socialize. Its usually busy but tonight is packed: church volunteers have subbed out the regular English classes for a special lesson in blanket making. (Yeh, who needs English anyway—ed)

Cheyenne’s Somali population has grown rapidly in the last couple of years. That’s surprising because Wyoming doesn’t have an official refugee resettlement program, and most jobs around here require fluent English.

But Cheyenne has one really big draw: housing assistance.

Faiso Abdi moved to Cheyenne last year. She says she was happy living in Greeley Colorado, but she couldn’t even get on the waitlist for that city’s section 8 housing voucher program.

“The real problem is that people are desperate for the housing subsidy and they are willing to do almost anything to get one.”

Cheyenne’s voucher wait list runs almost a year, but many bigger cities like Greeley have simply stopped accepting new applicants entirely. But here’s the thing: getting your housing voucher in Cheyenne doesn’t mean you have to use it there. Organizer Gretchen Carlson says what’s called “portability” is a big draw.

“There are quite a few of them that have already lived here one year and then have moved elsewhere. But they lived here for one year in order to get that voucher.”

Housing voucher money is distributed city by city, but it all comes from the Feds, and they say that every housing voucher eventually has to become portable, or transferrable to any city in the US. Cities can decide whether to let you port your voucher immediately or require you to wait a year. So if you can’t get a housing voucher in say, Denver, you can get one in Cheyenne and, a year later, take it with you back to Denver.

“The frustration is that pot of money was provided to address housing needs here in Wyoming.”

That’s Mike Stanfield, Executive Director of the Cheyenne Housing Authority. When people take vouchers out of Cheyenne the receiving housing authority can chose to absorb the cost or keep billing Cheyenne. Stanfield says lately Cheyenne has been footing the bill more and more often. And while the average cost for a Cheyenne voucher is only about 400 dollars.

“The average cost for a ported voucher that moves somewhere else is 733 dollars.”

Now Cheyenne Housing Authority oversees about 1700 vouchers, with another 1400 families on the waitlist. Only about 70 voucher are currently ported out. Stanfield says that may not seem like much, but there are Cheyenne families on the waiting list who need help now.

“And when they are told that waiting list is 12 to 18 months that is almost beyond comprehension for those families. They are struggling trying to get to tomorrow. Let alone 18 months from now.”

Susan Popkin is a Fellow at the Urban Institute. She says portability is not a problem.

“The real problem is that people are desperate for the housing subsidy and they are willing to do almost anything to get one.”

Popkin says portability is a vital part of the system: it means families don’t have to pass up a better job somewhere else just to keep their housing. She says what’s happening in Cheyenne is a just one symptom of the overwhelming need for housing help across the United States.

“Things that used to be ‘oh well, we can handle it’ ten, fifteen years ago–they just they can’t anymore.”

In Cheyenne Housing Authority Director Mike Stanfield has decided he can’t handle the outflow of housing funds anymore. Recently he began a policy of giving preference for housing vouchers to Cheyenne locals.

Wait for it! Can we expect CAIR to ride to the rescue of the Somali Muslims in Cheyenne?

See all of our coverage of the conflict involving Governor Matt Mead going on for a year now about whether Wyoming should become the last state in the nation to directly “welcome” the third world to come on in—our welfare is great!

And, those resettlement contractors dare to tell us that refugees bring economic benefits to communities when, in fact, they are taking from American low income people!

An afterthought: I bet Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains helped them take advantage of Wyoming!

Muslim groups seek to co-opt Ferguson protests, says watchdog group


By Steven Edwards
·Published November 18, 2014

A watchdog group believes Muslim activists have an ulterior motive for their involvement in protests over the police shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown, left.

Muslim groups have stepped up efforts to co-opt protests over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., with a drive to equate the teen’s death to the death of a radical Islamist shot during an FBI raid in 2009, a Washington-based security watchdog group is warning.

Using social media, conference calling and traditional outreach methods, leaders of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are portraying Brown and Detroit mosque leader Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah as African-American victims of police targeting, according to the Washington-based Center for Security Policy (CSP). In a conference call organized by CAIR-linked “Muslims for Ferguson, a CAIR official called Abdullah a “Shaheed,” or martyr, and said both he and Brown were victims of a national security apparatus that had “completely gone wild” and engaged in “demonizing and criminalizing Muslims.”

“The reality is that this country, in law enforcement, be it local, state or federal law enforcement, people with guns have always seen black men and black people as threats,” Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR’s Michigan Chapter, told the some 100 protest organizers on the call, made on the five-year anniversary of Abdullah’s death and which was monitored by CSP.

Walid claimed Brown was a Muslim, although when pressed, Walid denied he had made such a claim. Brown was buried in August after a memorial service at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis.


Linking Brown and Abdullah, who federal prosecutors say was a separatist intent on overthrowing the U.S. government, is part of a wider effort to co-opt minority group support for causes they promote, according to Kyle Shideler, director of CSP’s Threat Information Office. One such cause is to reduce police scrutiny of the American Muslim community in terror-related matters.

“They’re interested in building coalitions with other organizations in order to effect a legislative change to weaken anti-terrorism laws and weaken the ability of law enforcement to engage in counterterrorism,” said Shideler. “And they’re trying to bring other people into their efforts so it doesn’t look like it is just a Muslim effort.”

“By hosting the conference call,” Shideler wrote, the campaign is “fulfilling the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America to be positioned as the leadership of a broad coalition seeking to target law enforcement under the camouflage of civil rights.”

The effort comes as police in the St. Louis suburb brace for a possible resurgence of the violence seen following Brown’s Aug. 9 death if an imminently expected grand jury decision passes on indicting Darren Wilson, the white police officer involved in his shooting.

Muslims for Ferguson’s Facebook page has offered instruction on protest and media outreach and the group held a news conference call Nov. 17 to discuss activist preparations “on the ground” in response to the grand jury’s decision, when it is announced.

Speakers – who represented such groups as the Organization for Black Struggle – spoke of ways to sustain the momentum of the Michael Brown cause, called for the targeting of federal buildings, but also said protests should be non-violent.

One speaker said the police were the “No. 1” source of violence on the streets.

Also on the conference call linking Brown to Abdullah, Muhammad Sankari, youth organizer with the Chicago-based Arab American Action Network, argued that black and Latino minorities should look to Muslims as the “gatekeepers of policing” in the United States because anti-terrorism efforts had provided police with greater arsenals that, he claimed, were now being turned on those communities. He said “justice” could only be found “in the streets,” and not in “marble halls and marble buildings.”

“Black youth, now, are facing tanks and M16s,” he said. “Under the guise of fighting terrorism, police are now armed as a military force in their neighborhood.”

The shooting and subsequent protests have already drawn in a host of Muslim groups, including a committee that calls itself “The Palestinian Contingent,” which includes CAIR and seeks to “focus on a target highlighting intersections of militarized policing in Ferguson and Palestine.”

Palestinian sympathizers have also shown solidarity from afar, but Shideler suspects stateside Muslim groups played a role when Palestinians tweeted tips to Ferguson protesters on how to deal with tear gas.

“I have a hard time believing that folks in Palestine were minding their own business and then they learned that something was going on in Ferguson and they felt honor bound to tweet something,” he said. “I am more inclined to believe that the various networks that support Palestinian causes in the U.S. reached out to their contacts over there and said, ‘We want to do this. Can you help us out?'”

Shideler believes the Muslim groups’ involvement could potentially make the protests more violent than they otherwise may have been by further undermining confidence in law enforcement. In his report, Shideler references incendiary language used in the conference call, as well as “false claims issued by CAIR’s Walid of shadowy conspiracies and ruthless murders carried out by the FBI.” Shideler also writes that the call distorted the circumstances surrounding Abdullah’s death, “calling Abdullah a Shaheed (martyr) and blaming Abdullah’s death … on law enforcement malfeasance.”

The FBI has said that agents shot him after the 53-year-old mosque leader opened fire on them as they tried to arrest him and 10 others during a raid on a warehouse in Dearborn, Michigan, on charges that included conspiracy to sell stolen goods and illegal possession of firearms. They say that Abdullah, who had an extensive criminal record, shot dead an FBI dog.

In an interview with FoxNews.com, Walid dismissed as “preposterous” the CSP charge that CAIR or other Muslim groups were active in the Michael Brown cause in order to win favor with other minority groups.

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Jamil Carswell, son of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah speaks outside the Dearborn, Mich., police station in 2010, after his father was killed during an FBI raid. (AP)

“I’m black, Iman Luqman was black, and Michael Brown was black,” he said from his Michigan office. “And us being Muslim does not stop us from being black, and there is a long history in America – that continues – of excessive force against black men.”

Walid said Muslims For Ferguson representatives were on site in St. Louis and “prepared” for the grand jury’s announcement.

“We’re prayerful that, irrespective of whether Darren Wilson is indicted or not, people will remain peaceful,” he said. “That’s the most important thing – and that there is not property damage (nor personal) injury to human beings.”

Walid said there was no CAIR timetable for the length of time any protests would continue.

“The protest is up to the grass-roots, and the people who are there and how it mobilizes them toward further action,” he said. “Michael Brown can’t be brought back, but there needs to be more citizens’ input into police practices and procedures (because) the real goal is accountability – it is not simply about whether he is indicted or not.

“But, obviously, people are looking for him to be indicted…and we strongly believe there is enough evidence to at least indict him, and then he can face a jury of his peers in a criminal trial.”