Patriots Hotline Founder: We’re Forming a Human Chain to Stop Illegals

Patriots Hotline Founder: We're Forming a Human Chain to Stop Illegals

Friday, 27 Jun 2014 04:36 PM
By Sean Piccoli

Militia members and other concerned U.S. citizens are converging on the border town of Laredo, Texas, on Friday to create a blockade against illegal immigrants crossing into the United States, the organizer of the human chain and protest said on Newsmax TV’s “MidPoint.”

“This will continue for days and weeks to come” and spread “to other points” along the U.S.-Mexico frontier, Barbie Rogers, founder of the Patriots Information Hotline, said in a telephone interview.

Rogers declined to give an exact head count beyond “more than 50 people” or reveal whether participants are armed, citing worries about their security.

But she said blockaders will follow the same rules of engagement as protesters in an April standoff between federal officials and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

“Just like at the Bundy ranch, there will be no patriot out there on that line that will fire first,” Rogers said.

Her website on Wednesday posted a “call to ACTION for all Militia, III%ers, Oathkeepers, and Patriotic support personnel.”

“We are trying to contact every person and every patriot in the United States to go down and help do something the government should have done a long time ago,” Rogers said.

As for whether blockaders are carrying firearms, she said, “The situation these men are walking into — they have a very good possibility of being shot by the drug cartels down there, the gang members down there, and also by our own government down there.”

A surge of migrants from Central America, many of them unaccompanied children, has caught border officials off guard and left federal and state authorities in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico scrambling to respond.

Rogers said her organization is stepping into the fray with a message: “We’re trying to say that we the people are fed up.”

“The government promised us a wall down there years ago,” Rogers said. “The money … was supposedly given to put this wall up, and it’s not there. Where is it at? Where’s the money at? The government needs to start having accountability to the people.”

Two political analysts appearing on “MidPoint” criticized the blockade as ineffectual and potentially dangerous.

“There really is nobody who I believe rationally … could think that about 50 or so people could really stop the influx of immigration via just a simple human chain,” said liberal commentator Justin Duckham, senior Washington correspondent for Talk Radio News Service.

“Plus, you also have a situation where, if there are any bad actors and somebody gets hurt, this is going to end up to be a disaster,” he said.

“It’s not a good idea,” said conservative commentator and political strategist Erica Holloway, “and probably not as wise as making sure the people that are supposed to be doing their jobs [in immigration enforcement] are doing their jobs.”

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BREAKING: Militia Has Arrived to Defend the Border

BREAKING: Militia Has Arrived to Defend the Border

Civilian militia groups, including several present during the Bureau of Land Management incident at the Clive Bundy Ranch in Nevada, are responding to the growing humanitarian crisis in Texas.

As federal Customs and Border Protection agents remain completely overwhelmed by the increasing flood of illegal immigrants across America’s southern border, the state of Texas has announced a “Texas Border Surge,” and the militia groups are responding.

Militia representatives announced during a recent conference call that they have approximately 500 militia troops on Arizona’s southern border as well as an advance group in the Laredo, Texas area.

Republican State Representative Steve Toth made comments apparently aimed at discouraging such militia participation, but the affect–if any–of those comments on the militia groups remains unclear. An online announcement declared the initial intent to man the border crossing at Laredo, Texas.

The militia’s “action alert” as it appears on Brietbart:

***ACTION ALERT*** All Texas & National Militia Available Please Converge Immediately Status GO: Mission close down Laredo Crossing for starters ((All need to be closed)) Operation complete when border fence is in place and secure Name: Love’s #298 Love’s Travel Stop 28527 Interstate 35, Encinal, TX 78019 (956) 948-7044 Location: I 35 & Hwy 44, Encinal, TX Distance from Encino: 93.7 miles Contact numbers: for location and or pick up 580 889 1036 423 333 8872 Militia ***ACTION ALERT*** All Texas & National Militia Available Please Converge Immediately Status GO: Mission close down Laredo Crossing for starters ((All need to be closed)) Operation complete when border fence is in place and secure Name: Love’s #298 Love’s Travel Stop 28527 Interstate 35, Encinal, TX 78019 (956) 948-7044 Location: I 35 & Hwy 44, Encinal, TX Distance from Encino: 93.7 miles Contact numbers: for location and or pick up 580 889 1036 423 333 8872 Militia Conference Number 24/7 For info and assistance 559 726 1300 access 639939# It’s time to bring down the thunder. Activating the Patriots willing to stand up for America GO GO GO. III% Kelli in Texas USA Let’s share this like the brushfires of Liberty

A militia leader has confirmed that the militia has indeed deployed on the southern border:

Another leader of the conference call said there are 500 militia troops currently deployed on the Arizona/Mexico border. She declined to specify where they are deployed. She also confirmed they have “boots on the ground” in the Laredo sector at this time.

The extent to which militia participation complements and aids the Texas Border Surge remains to be seen; certainly, militia members must be careful to abide by any lawful orders issued by state and federal government representatives and agents to prevent exacerbating an already unstable situation.

But the militia’s deployment acknowledges that something must be done to secure our nation’s borders and mitigate a growing humanitarian crisis involving unknown thousands of immigrants, many of whom are unaccompanied children. If, as seems to be the case, the Obama administration is unwilling to act, someone else must.

Please share this article on Facebook and Twitter in support of securing the border to prevent this humanitarian crisis from getting any worse.


Tea Party Revolution Taking Place in Europe?

Tea Party Revolution Taking Place in Europe?

The left loves to pretend that the Tea Party Movement is more complicated than it is. They posture and demonize and claim that we are terrorists, anarchists, that we’re some radical faction of conservatives dedicated to bigotry and financed by the Koch Brothers.

It gets old.

In truth, the Tea Party is not only a movement, but an idea that is deceptively simple: we are a group, millions strong, that believes that the government works for us, not the other way around. We are moms, dads, sisters, brothers- everyday people who believe in, essentially, three core principles:

1) Constitutionally-limited government
2) Free markets
3) Accountability from government

Forget what Harry Reid says- his vision of government is so far removed from these principles that he cannot be expected to have the vaguest understanding of our movement.

While the Tea Party Movement is largely an American undertaking, it’s also worth noting that our calls for liberty are being heard and imitated around the world.

Across the pond, the UK Independence Party is surging in Great Britain with calls for conservative ideals. The British version of the Tea Party (an ironic notion considering the movement is named after the famed revolt against the British) is making waves in parliament and calling for immigration reforms and a removal of the UK from the European Union.

Townhall reports:
The UKIP received the most votes in May’s European Parliament elections (electing delegates known as MEPs) with 27.49 percent, followed by Labour with 25.40 percent and the Conservatives (or Tories) with 23.93 percent. It was the first time in over 100 years that a party other than Labour or Conservatives have won the most votes in a nationwide election. Most of the remaining vote went to the Green and Liberal Democrat parties – but with over 50 percent going to UKIP or the Conservatives, it is clear the country is undergoing a conservative shift. The UK has been led since 2010 by Prime Minister David Cameron of the Conservatives.

Although the UKIP won the most votes in the UK’s European Parliament, it still has a lot of catching up to do in the UK’s two traditional legislative bodies. Cameron has only appointed three UKIP candidates to the 780-member House of Lords, and the UKIP has yet to win a single election in the House of Commons (MPs). Last week, the Conservatives won the Newark election for MP, with 44.9 percent of the vote. The UKIP candidate came in second with 25.8 percent, well ahead of Labour with only 17.6 percent. That means a whopping 70 percent voted for a right-leaning party.
Europe has traditionally been more left-leaning in recent decades than the United States and the effects of economic and cultural liberalism has been widely seen. From Greece’s economic destruction to the cradle-to-grave welfare that threatens the economies of several European nations, it’s easy to look down the road upon which America is travelling and be able to witness the problems that are ahead if we don’t take a firm turn to the right.

The results in Great Britain are truly remarkable and a good sign that the Tea Party message not only resonates in America, but in Europe as well.

Koch Brothers Support United Negro College Fund, Reid Silent

Koch Brothers Support United Negro College Fund, Reid Silent

Blake Neff

Charles and David Koch have made a big $25 million donation to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), the organization announced Friday.

The UNCF is the largest provider of scholarships to black college students in the U.S. and also supports historically black colleges and universities. The $25 million donation is the fifth-largest ever received by the group.

Democrats, in particular Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, have fought hard to vilify the brothers in the past several years due to their extensive support for libertarian and conservative political causes.

Reid’s official Senate website has an entire page dedicated to attacking them, accusing them of seeking to destroy Social Security and of wanting to dismantle public education for supporting vouchers. Reid has also called the brothers “un-American” and said they are “trying to buy America.”

The donation, which is being made by Koch Industries Inc. as well as the Charles Koch Foundation, will be split between $18.5 million that will support a new Koch Scholars Program of nearly 3,000 individual scholarships and $6.5 million that will provide general support to the UNCF and historically black colleges. The Koch Scholars Program will run for seven years.

“Increasing well-being by helping people improve their lives has long been our focus. Our partnership with UNCF will provide promising students with new educational opportunities that will help them reach their full potential. We have tremendous respect for UNCF, and we are hopeful this investment will further its effectiveness in helping students pursue their dreams,” Charles Koch said in a statement published by UNCF.

Michael Lomax, president and CEO of UNCF, told the Associated Press that he’s happy to take the donation regardless of the ire it may raise from those who dislike the Kochs’ politics.

“Criticism is a small price for helping young people get the chance to realize their dream of a college education, and if I’ve got to bear the brunt of someone else’s criticism to ensure that we have the resources to help those students, then I can handle it,” Lomax said.

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Feds claim Cliven Bundy owes more money than all other ranchers combined

Feds claim Cliven Bundy owes more money than all other ranchers combined

Cliven Bundy isn’t the only cattle rancher in United States, but his bill with the federal government might make you think as much. The embattled states’ rights activist reportedly owes the feds more than all other ranchers combined.

For failing to pay the US Bureau of Land Management decades’ worth of grazing fees and other fines, the federal government says the Clark County rancher owes around $1 million to Uncle Sam. That dispute was the catalyst behind a high-profile standoff earlier this year in which BLM officials attempted to wrangle up Bundy’s cattle, in turn rekindling a discussion on states’ rights that quickly made him the most famous rancher in the US, if not the world. Now upon analysis of his bill, he’s also the most indebted.

The $1 million that Bundy owes to the BLM is practically quadruple the amount that all other ranchers owe in grazing fees, E&E reporter Phil Taylor wrote this week.

“Of the roughly 16,000 ranchers who graze cattle on BLM lands, 458 have late grazing bills totaling $237,000,” Taylor reported citing agency date.

On Bundy’s part, he’s accumulated grazing fees and trespassing fines since the early 1990s that now account for more than $1 million. As things stand now, though, he’s all but expected to pay up. Bundy has said several times that he will pay his dues to local authorities, but refuses to acknowledge the jurisdiction that the BLM, a federal agency, has over land that he claims to have had in his family long before the government.

“I would pay my grazing fees to the proper government, which I would say is Clark County, Nevada,” Bundy told Deseret News back in April.

“I don’t believe I owe one penny to the United States government,” Bundy said. “I don’t have a contract with the United States government.”

As it turns out, Bundy is in the minority with respect to this: Taylor reported in Wednesday’s article that less than one percent of the 16,000-or-so ranchers using BLM property are behind in their bills.

“We have good relationships with our permittees,” BLM spokesman Craig Leff told Taylor. “By far, the vast majority pay their bills on time.”

As it currently stands, those bills are based off of a fee of $1.35 per month for each cow and calf on BLM and Forest Service lands, which Taylor reports is far below what is charged on private or state lands.

Nevertheless, Dustin Van Liew — the director of federal lands for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association — told E&E that other ranches are feeling pressured from these small but still significant fees, which the White House has proposed raising by upwards of 75 percent.

“Nearly all public land permittees (97 percent) pay their market-based grazing fees, and on time, despite the fact that they continue to face greater regulatory pressure and ever increasing costs of operating from the federal government in the form of endless regulation stemming from the endangered species act, monument designations, and backlogged permit renewals,” he told Taylor.



Obama admin ramps up targeting of political enemies

Attorney General Eric Holder unveiled his plan to create a new Justice Department task force this week that will focus on the threat of “homegrown” terrorism.

In a statement posted to the department’s website Monday, Holder argued that the focus on terrorism should “return” to the U.S. as opposed to remaining overseas.

“We face an escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders,” Holder said. “As the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet, it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home.”

The “Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee,” an admittedly revamped version of Janet Reno’s post Oklahoma City bombing task force, will include U.S. Attorneys as well as members from the FBI and Justice Department’s National Security Division.

Holder pointed to a 2013 Congressional Research Service report that claims domestic terrorism has produced more than two dozen incidents since 9/11 as justification for the task force, specifically noting the Boston Marathon bombing and Fort Hood shooting.

“Horrific terror incidents like the tragic shootings at Fort Hood and last year’s Boston Marathon bombing demonstrate the danger we face from these homegrown threats,” Holder said.

Holder’s announcement comes only days after The Washington Times revealed a chilling Department of Defense directive that details instances in which President Obama believes he would be authorized to use lethal military force against American citizens. A U.S. official speaking with the Times also revealed how the Obama administration considered using military force against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters.

Unsurprisingly, Holder’s announcement fails to mention that the vast majority of domestic terror plots since 9/11 have been created by the FBI, a point noted in the 2012 New York Times piece “Terrorist Plots, Helped Along by the F.B.I.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano documents the federal government’s history of creating domestic terror plots.

In reality, Holder’s task force will undoubtedly focus on the Obama administration’s political enemies, mainly returning military veterans, conservatives and those who identify with the Tea Party. Such groups have been increasingly linked to terrorism by multiple federal agencies.

Just last month, a military whistleblower revealed documents to Infowars that showed how a military training center in North Carolina, also used to train police and the DHS, was updated to include a Baptist church and farmhouses. Once modeled after foreign cities, training centers, such as the U.S. Army’s new 300-acre “fake city” in Virginia, are now being modeled after areas of the U.S. cities instead.

Last October, Army troops at Mississippi’s Camp Shelby alerted media after a new training course labeled the American Family Association, a mainstream Christian ministry, as a domestic hate group similar to the Ku Klux Klan. A seperate briefing told officers to keep an eye on troops who supported such groups, insinuating that they were a domestic terror threat.

That same month, soldiers at Fort Hood were told that Christians, Tea Party supporters and anti-abortion activists were a major terror threat as well. Soldiers were told that support for such groups could result in disciplinary action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

A Department of Defense training manual obtained by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch in August 2013 listed supporters of “individual liberties” as likely “extremists” from a “hate group.” The manual also warned military personnel to avoid “active participation” in such groups, even banning them from “publicly demonstrating,” “rallying” and “fundraising.”

A 2012 report from the Small Wars Journal featured in Forbes even went as far as explaining “how the U.S. Military would crush a Tea Party rebellion.”

A Department of Homeland Security funded study uncovered in 2012 characterized Americans “suspicious of centralized federal authority” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists. The study also links Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack to terrorism as well.

In line with President Obama’s DoD directive, a leaked US Army Military Police training manual from 2012 also outlined how the military would be used against U.S. citizens during civil unrest. The manual even detailed how Americans would be “re-educated” under U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations to support all U.S. policies.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to disown a 2009 report that labeled returning military veterans as the main terror threat. Incredibly, a story in New York Times published during the same time period revealed how Boy Scout Explorers were being trained to kill “disgruntled Iraq war veterans.”

Holder’s decision becomes even more apparent in light of the Obama administrations recent decisions regarding foreign terrorism. In 2013, President Obama brazenly waived a federal law designed to stop the US from arming terrorists in order to provide military support to the Al-Qaeda run “Syrian rebels.”

In fact, former U.S. State Department official Steve Pieczenik announced on the Alex Jones Show Monday that he is currently being charged by the Obama administration for complicity in the 1978 murder of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro due to his refusal to negotiate with Red Brigade terrorists.

Attempting to stay afloat in a sea of scandals, the Obama administration has become increasingly desperate to regain a positive public image. Given the documented history of the federal government’s involvement in facilitating terrorism, the administration will likely do whatever it can to create the necessary scenario to bolster its executive power.