Harry Reid’s ‘Begging’

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8:05 AM, OCT 31, 2014 • BY DANIEL HALPER

Harry Reid is now “begging” for support. He made the comment in an email to supporters of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The subject for the email from Reid, the Senate majority leader, reads: “I’m begging.” Which is no wonder considering his job is at stake — if Democrats lose the Senate, Reid will no longer hold his current leadership position.

“Daniel — I’ve been emailing a TON,” Reid writes.

But I’m emailing once more because this moment is absolutely critical. I know you’re a busy person, but this is an absolute MUST-READ:
Our Final Weekend Get Out The Vote Push is on the chopping block: We’re still $1,389,071 short with 24 hours left.
If we don’t fill that budget gap, we’ll be forced to scale back our plans to mobilize 575,000 voters this weekend. These are voters who could determine the outcome of the whole Senate.
I’m begging for your help to close the gap IMMEDIATELY. If we fall short before the last end-of-month deadline tomorrow, our chance to keep the Senate gets a whole lot smaller.
Will you pitch in to the Final Weekend GOTV Push before the final deadline in 24 hours? We’ll triple-match your gift.

The election is next week.

Reid, Obama’s Allies Pump $1.3 Million In Bid To Save Jeanne Shaheen

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Breitbart) – Super PACs of the institutional left, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s personal Super PAC, are pumping more than a million dollars into the Granite State in a last-minute bid to save struggling incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

“A trio of Democratic-backing independent groups is adding another $1.3 million in TV ads to New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate race as the contest there remains tight,” the Associated Press’ Phillip Elliott wrote on Wednesday evening. “Senate Majority PAC, Patriot Majority USA and Women Vote are running joint ads criticizing Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s Republican challenger, former Sen. Scott Brown. The ads started Wednesday and will run through Election Day on Boston broadcast and cable stations, as well as Manchester cable.”

Senate Majority PAC is Reid’s personal Super PAC. Patriot Majority PAC is funded by labor unions, and Women Vote is a project of pro-abortion EMILY’s List.

Shaheen has struggled as of late, even stooping as low this afternoon to attacking Brown’s past when he posed for a photograph in Cosmopolitan magazine. “I’m happy to talk about what Scott Brown was doing 30 years ago when he was in New York modeling,” she said in response to Brown criticizing her history on energy from years ago.

Brown has hit Shaheen time and again for supporting the president’s open borders policies and the ramifications that has for the current Ebola and ISIS crises. It came up again at a news conference Thursday morning, when Shaheen said America needs to get used to Ebola. Labor groups and Reid are some of the biggest national supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens. Immigration has become a battleground issue in this race, and if Shaheen loses, it will be seen nationally—according to Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)—as a major blow to the president’s plans for an executive amnesty.

“Ebola is a new disease—it’s not new, but it’s relatively new to the United States in terms of people not knowing enough about the disease and not being familiar with it,” Shaheen said. “So I appreciate that people are concerned about that threat. But the question is what do responsible leaders do about that threat? Do they try and address people’s fears and come up with responses to address both the potential emergency as well as the concerns people have, or do they play on that fear for their own political gain? That’s what my opponent has done. I think it’s important for serious people to come up with solutions and responses to help the public figure out what’s going on.”

Former Sen. Scott Brown, Shaheen’s opponent, is getting pummeled by the groups in ads—and the GOP establishment, radio’s Laura Ingraham says, has left Brown for dead on the battlefield because he’s fighting against amnesty.

“Republicans should be up 10 to 15 points,” Ingraham said this week. “I think where Republicans aren’t up, we’ve had an Establishment that has refused to contribute significant money like we’re seeing with Scott Brown. They are not giving him the resources he needs. How dare they not! So he’s not getting the ad coverage he needs.”

Brown is on television with a final campaign ad buy, a positive spot about himself in which he speaks directly to the camera about how he’ll be an independent Senator, and Shaheen will continue voting 99 percent of the time with President Barack Obama. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), spokesman Brad Dayspring told Breitbart News, is running $350,000 worth of television ads here this week. A Republican media buyer tracking NH ad buys told Breitbart News, too, that Ending Spending PAC—which is a Super PAC in favor of Brown—has just under $601,000 worth of ad time scheduled in Boston-area television markets and Manchester, New Hampshire cable.

- See more at: http://www.teaparty.org/reid-obamas-allies-pump-1-3-million-bid-save-jeanne-shaheen-64894/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=reid-obamas-allies-pump-1-3-million-bid-save-jeanne-shaheen#sthash.RhG8hbOU.dpuf

Poof: Casino ethics complaint against Reid disappears

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BY: Paul Bedard

Nobody is saying “cover-up” just yet, but an ethics complaint against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid received by the Senate Select Committee on Ethics nearly a year ago has mysteriously disappeared, and the panel claims it never received it despite a signed receipt.

The conservative watchdog group Cause of Action said that it has had to refile the complaint that alleges Reid pressured the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to hasten EB-5 visa application reviews for overseas investors in the SLS Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The group said that Reid’s son Rory and his law firm, Lionel, Sawyer & Collins P.C., were the lawyers for SLS, raising potential conflicts.

According to a letter provided to Secrets, the group sent the original complaint on Oct. 16, 2013. It said that the Senate Ethics Committee received it Dec. 20, and it provided the receipt to prove it.

The committee has been rocked with negative media reporters about poor management, prompting Cause of Action to say sarcastically, “the notion that committee staff may have lost or otherwise misplaced Cause of Action’s complaint against the majority leader is plausible. However, the available evidence contradicts the committee’s claim.”

The group has ties to Koch Industries, a Reid critic.

For good measure, Cause of Action re-sent it’s original letter and provided the basic charge:

“It alleges that Senator Reid violated the Senate’s ethics rules and suggests that the EB-5 visa program, designed to help create jobs for American workers, may be a vehicle for moving foreign money of uncertain provenance into the United States to benefit politicians and their cronies.”



Crime may fit pattern of downplayed black on white crime

Some are questioning whether a series of hammer attacks which took place near Las Vegas last Friday were motivated by racial factors, a distinction which would add it to the growing list of black on white crimes garnering little to no attention in the mainstream press.

Las Vegas resident Damien Robins, 31, faces six attempted murder charges and one count of assault with a deadly weapon after he launched a series of random assaults last Friday on drivers in Boulder City, carrying out multiple sledgehammer attacks on nearly 10 people within the course of an hour.

Fox 5 Vegas reports:

[Henderson Police Department spokesperson Keith] Paul said the incident started in Boulder City around 8 p.m. Friday when Robins is accused of attacking a woman in a car with a one-handed sledgehammer in a convenience store parking lot. He then attacked two elderly people in the parking lot of a Boulder City auto parts store, according to Paul.

Next, police said Robins ran a driver off the road on U.S. 93 and hit the male driver several times with the hammer. Authorities said after that attack, Robins drove off and ran another driver off the roadway and attacked that driver with the hammer.
Attack victim Nicole Thompson (pictured below) told CBS affiliate 8 News Now she pleaded for her life as Robins smashed out her windows and proceeded to hit her in the head.

27-year-old sledgehammer attack victim Nicole Thompson told news outlets she told attacker, “I don’t want to die.” / Credit: 8NewsNow.com
27-year-old sledgehammer attack victim Nicole Thompson told news outlets she told attacker, “I don’t want to die.” / Credit: 8NewsNow.com

“He got out, holding something, a hammer in his hand,” Thompson said. “So, I was saying ‘Please, you have the wrong person, please, please, please,’ and he started hitting the car. I just started telling him you know, I don’t want to die, I have a child at home, and he just started hitting me in the face.”

“He was just crazed,” she said. “I don’t know, he was just going and just hitting me.”

Maggie McDonald says Robins attacked her sister through a Taco Bell drive-thru window. / Credit: Fox5Vegas.com
Witness Maggie McDonald says Robins attacked her sister through a Taco Bell drive-thru window. / Credit: Fox5Vegas.com

While police are still reportedly seeking a motive, one plausible explanation is that the attacks were motivated by race.

As we have witnessed in the past, the corporate media routinely underreports crimes perpetrated by black citizens in which the victim is white, while on the other hand, white on black crimes are magnified in order to promote the theory that blacks face a growing hate crimes threat from whites, serving to further incite racial tensions.

“In reality, crime statistics drawn from Justice Department and FBI figures show that ‘Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit violent crime against a white person than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery,’” Paul Joseph Watson reported in 2013.

Last year following the acquittal of Trayvon Martin murder suspect George Zimmerman, we documented a rash of unprovoked black on white attacks which received little to no mainstream media attention aside from sites like WND, Drudge Report and Infowars.

trayvon1We reported on accusations leveled against the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in July 2013 claiming it helped cover up the hate crime murder of two white brothers who were possibly attacked due to a bumper sticker on their truck that read “Free Zimmerman.”

We also reported on the beating of a white conservative journalist and filmmaker who said he was approached repeatedly by protestors demanding he stop filming. The journalist said he was surrounded by an angry mob and attacked by an interminable number of people before he was able to fend them off.

Even before Zimmerman’s case went to trial, we documented a spate of violent incidents that were conducted in the name of “Justice for Trayvon.”

In April 2012, Matthew Owens was seriously injured in Mobile, Alabama, after “about 20 African American adults beat Owens — who is white — into a bloody pulp with brass knuckles, pipes and even paint cans,” according to the Huffington Post. “Now that’s justice for Trayvon,” said one of the assailants.

Also in 2012, the Toledo Blade reported that a 78 year old man was attacked by a gang of thugs. “While Mr. Watts was down the boys kicked him, over and over, shouting, ‘[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon … Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man],’ according to a police report,” the newspaper reported.

The media’s latest racial exploitation revolves around the August 2014 police shooting death of Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown, where the press’s slanted coverage has driven protesters into a frenzy, with some issuing calls to launch unprovoked attacks on white people, despite evidence emerging which suggests the cop who shot the teen may have been justified in doing so.



Reid’s approval rating hovers around 20%

By Steven Dennis and Humberto Sanchez

Harry Reid’s caucus is running from him on the campaign trail, but that doesn’t mean a revolt is in the works — yet.

The majority leader has twisted the Senate into a pretzel all year to protect his vulnerable members, but the Nevada Democrat is now facing skepticism on the campaign trail from some of those same Democrats, as well as from some would-be newcomers. And there’s at least one scenario that could force his hand.

Still, there’s that old saying: You can’t beat somebody with nobody, and so far, none of the senators who might have the chops to take on Reid have made any noises about doing so.

That includes No. 3 Senate Democrat Charles E. Schumer of New York, who has long been seen as having the inside track to replace Reid atop the Democratic power structure.

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Schumer has shown immense patience, and Reid has given him tons of power in the meantime. But Schumer dismissed the notion Reid could get the boot.

“Is Harry Reid bigger than the majority?” NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd asked Schumer on Sunday, noting that nearly a dozen Democrats have suggested they’d like a different majority leader.

“Harry Reid will run for majority leader and he will win with an overwhelming, probably very close to a majority vote,” the New York Democrat said.

Reid “is not concerned at all,” his spokesman Adam Jentleson told CQ Roll Call Monday.

Still there are unknowns.


Independent Greg Orman in Kansas could be the most intriguing wild card — particularly if the Senate is otherwise 50-49 Republican without his vote. The businessman is running against Republican Sen. Pat Roberts on a message of disgust for Washington, D.C., and its partisanship. He has said he won’t vote for Reid or Republican Mitch McConnell for leader.

What would happen if a majority-maker — or breaker — such as Orman demands a new leader as the price of choosing to caucus with Democrats? That would be analogous to the long-shot scenarios some House conservatives have pitched as ways to deny Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, another term with the gavel.

A Democratic aide predicted any senator trying to force a change in leadership in return for caucusing with Democrats would likely become “a pariah.”

“People would not take kindly to that kind of tactic,” the aide told CQ Roll Call. “If you are doing that then you are essentially telling the caucus, ‘You can’t have the leader you want because I say so.’ … I think you would be shooting yourself in the foot in terms of your own prospects to make what is essentially a symbolic point.”

Besides, the aide added, “It’s very deeply against the grain of what makes a caucus function.” Such a power-grab “would put a new leader in that scenario under a huge cloud — they basically would be assuming the leadership under a hostage situation — and I don’t think anybody would really want to become leader that way.”

A former Democratic leadership aide said there’s a “less than zero” chance of Schumer taking on Reid, given the loyalty he has on his team. The same goes for Schumer’s housemate, No. 2 Democrat Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, or Sen. Patty Murray of Washington.

Instead, expect a steady diet of blaming the White House, and more minor adjustments to assuage the malcontents.

“Any fallout that occurs would mostly fall at the feet of the administration and to the extent there are calls for change among Senate Democrats, I think Sen. Reid has shown himself perfectly willing to entertain different approaches and tactics to respond to his members while still remaining leader,” the former aide said.

Reid told CQ Roll Call in an interview last year that he’d like to stick around until 2022, indicating that other Democrats would only get their chance to lead the caucus if he dropped dead.

But the grumbling in the ranks has grown louder as Election Day nears.

At a debate Monday evening, Mary L. Landrieu conceded she has said previously she would back Reid. But she’s changed her tune.

“I said a couple of months ago that I would, but I’m going to make my decision based on what is before me and who is running,” the Louisiana Democrat said. ”I think Harry Reid gets beat up more than he deserves, and I’m not saying yes and I’m not saying no. I’m not saying no. I’m going to see what the leadership is, what the lineup is, and then make my decision.”

In a New Hampshire debate last week, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen sounded a similar note. She said there should be a contest to see who’ll the next Democratic leader, and refused to endorse Reid.

“I’m not sure who our choice will be,” Shaheen said. Pressed by the moderator to say whether she believed Democrats should have a choice, she said, “I do.”

“I’m not going to speculate on who, but I think, I think it’s important for us to have a contest in these positions because we need to think about how we’re doing business in the Senate,” said Shaheen, who is being challenged by former Massachusetts Sen. Scott P. Brown.

And Democrat Rick Weiland, who is challenging Republican Mike Rounds for the South Dakota Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., vowed to vote against Reid.

“Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have given us the most dysfunctional government in a generation and they need to step aside,” Weiland said during a debate last week. His campaign made sure the statement reached reporters. “They have both failed the American people and it’s time for new leadership.”

Another Democratic senator who hasn’t endorsed Reid is Virginia’s Mark Warner, who said recently in a debate that both parties might be better off with new leadership.

Republicans, who need to win a net of six seats to reclaim control, have used the “Fire Reid” slogan this year on the campaign trail. It’s a similar tactic to the “Fire Pelosi” rhetoric against then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California that helped the GOP win back the House in 2010.

The Democratic aide dismissed the idea that Reid was an anchor for the party.

“People in races who are out there every day on the ground, they are not hearing … complaints about Harry Reid denying amendments from voters. That is all inside the Republican echo chamber,” said the aide, who noted the majority leader took the actions he’s taken because members asked to be protected from politically difficult votes.

“They are not going to turn around and blame him for doing exactly what they’ve asked him to do for the last few years,” the aide said, adding that Reid “is a big boy” who doesn’t take the criticism personally and has told members to do what they need to in order to win.

There’s also at least theoretically the potential for Reid to step aside if Democrats lose in a blowout — although there’s the counter argument that in that scenario you’d want an experienced tactician like Reid to engage in the daily battles with a newly ascendant McConnell.

Pelosi notably rebuffed a revolt after the 2010 shellacking cost her the gavel, and has shown no signs of budging since.

Niels Lesniewski contributed to this report.