Security expert speaks out on Obama’s $19 billion cybersecurity program


President Obama’s $19 billion cybersecurity program, in which the president will appoint a ‘Cyber Czar,’ will end in failure if implemented, according to cybersecurity expert John McAfee.

After years of ignoring the cybersecurity issue, the president announced his billion-dollar ‘Cybersecurity National Action Plan’ on Tuesday to “to enhance cybersecurity awareness and protections” and “maintain public safety as well as economic and national security,” but McAfee pointed out a major hole in the president’s proposal.

“Basically the government as it exists is too incompetent to implement such as thing,” McAfee said in a phone interview. “They don’t have the people.”

Obama unveiled his $19 billion cybersecurity proposal, including $3.1 billion to replace older computers, as part of his 2017 budget request.

McAfee, who’s perhaps best known for developing the first commercial anti-virus program, is running for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination to highlight the public’s need for cybersecurity amid government surveillance, especially after U.S. intelligence director James Clapper said the NSA and other agencies will use Internet-connected, “smart” household appliances to spy on Americans.

“What I bring to the Libertarian Party is cybersecurity, which in their platform is not even mentioned although it’s probably the number one thing right now,” McAfee said. “I think cybersecurity is the greatest issue that we have today because the next war is not going to be fought primarily with bombs, battleships and airplanes but with someone in China pushing a button and our infrastrure instantly disappears.”

“We won’t have any power, emergency services… food production will end and with it food distribution.”

“It’s a monumental problem and it’s right on the horizon,” he added. “So that’s why the Libertarian Party: they bring me ballot access and I bring them into the modern age of technology.”

Obama’s Gun Control 2016 – Summary – Educate Yourself NOW & IMO

Published on Jan 8, 2016


These psychopaths, through the NSA/NDAA, have been able to legally access, track, record and store personal information about our finances, and our social, political and religious affiliations. Now, to complete our individual profiles, they need access to the mother load of all PERSONAL information – our MEDICAL RECORDS! Yes, they want to disarm as many of us as possible, however, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, now through Obamacare, under the guise of gun control/mental health issue, they can bypass and eventually completely abolish our rights to privacy under HIPAA! Let the database classifications, RFID chipping and population culling begin – CHECKMATE!

Trump is losing it now and there are absolutely no candidates for president other than the usual babblers. The U.S.A. is going down now. It’s all run by lawyers:

Stand up & fight: Armed militia seize fed buildings in stand against US govt

Published on Jan 3, 2016

150 strong armed militia has occupied a federal building in the state of Oregon, USA. They critisize the authorities of a failed legal process concerning 2 locals convicted of arson. Both were charged under the anti-terrorism law. Protesters are calling on ‘American patriots’ to join them and stand up against the government.

Good for these guys!  Wish I lived out that way – would join them

I admire the effort but nothing will come of this small uprising. They will get tired in about a week and go home if no one joins them.



Backdoor plan to circumvent Congress

Anna Giaritelli | Washington ExaminerDECEMBER 31, 2015

The Federal Register will publish a new Department of Homeland Security regulation Thursday that instructs the State Department to give millions of employment authorization documents to aliens prior to authorizing green cards.

The new regulation was designed to override current visa caps outlined in the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952.

“This is a backdoor plan to circumvent Congress and bust immigration caps, executed during a time of record immigration, lowering wages and eliminating jobs for Americans,” an anonymous Senate staffer told the Washington Examiner.The move comes after a discovery earlier this year that the Obama administration had printed up millions of work permits to issue to people who are in the country illegally.

Members of the House and Senate had requested appropriators defund the extra documents, but their attempts were denied. Funding was included in the recently omnibus budget bill.


Renowned journalist breaks down the military’s attempt to bypass Obama and defeat ISIS – DECEMBER 31, 2015

Alex Jones speaks with legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh about his latest article, Military to Military, and the Pentagon’s soft coup against the Obama White House.

Meanwhile in Russia … Putin on TV: To forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to him is up to us. We’ve prepared a “bright and loud” firework for the new year celebration in Syria. I look forward to see it live.

I’ve been awake for awhile now, and I still get excited to learn new things. Never heard of Sy Hersh until now. Glad I tune in everyday

It came out in the News today that Obama and the NSA is still spying on Heads of State even after they agreed to stop…

holy crap, this interview is a big deal!! Good job infowars

it’s no wonder US policy in Syria has been so muddled! you have John Kerry recently saying they’re not seeking to overthrow Assad and then Obama saying “Assad must go”, and you have the military carrying out a secret counter policy! The US’s obsession with the middle east will go down in history as it’s greatest downfall, god knows why the US gives two shits who is in power in Syria ? to the average American it doesn’t matter one jot! all of the post 9/11 craziness has not only made America less safe it’s made Americans less wealthy! these wars are costing tremendous amounts of money, the type of expenditure that could eventually bankrupt the nation.

with each Trump, Drudge, Hersh, more mainstream people will feel safe going on the show.

will the pentagon refuse orders to take arms from the people of the usa?

Impeach MAO Obama