Watch Marilyn Mosby’s Long-Forgotten Judge Judy Appearance


A video has recently surfaced of Marilyn Mosby, the district attorney responsible for charging six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, making an appearance on the popular arbitration court series “Judge Judy” more than a decade ago.

The video dates back to the early 2000s, in the show’s fifth season, when Mosby was in college and still going by her maiden name, Marilyn James. Mosby was on the program with a rather bizarre case: She was suing business owner Ryan Johnson for damages to the apartment she lived in while at college.

During an off term where she returned home, Johnson, who coveted the large apartment for his own use, broke into it and began using it as a living space for himself, his wife and his children. When Mosby returned to school, Johnson attempted to pass off the damage as the work of a burglar, despite odd features such as baby shower decorations being put up.

Whatever the merits of her current prosecution of six Baltimore police officers, Mosby acquits herself well in the video, presenting her case clearly while Judge Judy absolutely savages Johnson.

“You think a burglar would make a baby shower?” she asked Johnson. “You don’t know nothing! You broke into the apartment!”

Judy awarded Mosby $1,700 from Johnson, and said if Mosby had sought punitive damages she’d have won those as well.

Mosby praises Judy for giving her the justice she says was denied her by regular law enforcement.

“I feel like finally there’s some justice served,” Mosby said at the end of the episode. “I tried to speak to the DA, I spoke to police officers, and finally, Judge Judy, she finally gave me justice.”

Live anthrax shipped across states, to S. Korea by accident – Pentagon

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The Pentagon says that live anthrax was inadvertently shipped across state lines from a military lab in Utah to nine other states and a military base in South Korea. However, a Department of Defense spokesperson says the public is not at risk.

One unnamed US official also told Reuters that anthrax samples were being shipped out from two military facilities for over a year, from March 2014 to April 2015. These samples were mistakenly marked inactive, the official said.

While the anthrax samples were first moved out of Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, they were later shipped from Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland to federal, private and academic facilities.

Authorities have suggested that four people inside the US take preventative medicine in the wake of the news, Reuters reported. It’s unclear if they were exposed to any live anthrax samples.

The one sample accidentally sent to South Korea arrived at the Osan Air Base, the Pentagon stated. The sample was destroyed and, so far, no one is believed to be at risk.

Warren confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday that the anthrax had been shipped out of state, but assured “there are no risks to the public.”

“We are investigating the inadvertent transfer of live anthrax from a DoD lab from Dugway Proving Ground,” Col. Warren said. Dugway Proving Ground is a USArmy facility in Utah.

According to the Pentagon, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is assisting the military with investigating the matter.

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CDC lab director resigns following anthrax scandal

Col. Warren told the Associated Press that the government had confirmed that a single shipment meant to contain dead, or inactivated anthrax samples for research use actually contained live specimens. According to AP, Warren said the government believes eight other shipments contained similarly live samples.

The samples in question were shipped to labs in Texas, Maryland, Wisconsin, Delaware, New Jersey, Tennessee, New York, California and Virginia, according to AP.

Last year, the director of the CDC’s bioterror laboratory resigned after a scare raised concerns that dozens of government employees has potentially been exposed to anthrax at an Atlanta facility.

So-Called Populist Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren Made Thousands Off Backs of Poor People Losing Their Homes

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Massachusetts Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren traipses around the country claiming that she is the champion of the poor, the downtrodden, and the little people. But now we find out that she made herself rich by speculating on the foreclosed homes of poor people.

If she cared so much about poor people, why didn’t she use her millions to help them keep their homes instead of preying on the poor when they lost their homes?

The home’s new owner: Elizabeth Warren, today a Massachusetts senator who has built a political career on denouncing the sort of banking titans and financial sophisticates who make a buck off the little guy. Five months after purchasing Veo Vessels’ old home, Warren flipped the property, selling it for $115,000 more than she’d paid, according to Oklahoma County Property Assessor records.

Warren rose to political prominence in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis as a crusader against big banks and a dispenser of common-sense economic advice. She campaigned for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, intended to shield people from the predations of the mortgage and credit-card industries, among others. In her 2006 book All Your Worth, co-authored with her daughter, Amelia, Warren lists as a top myth the idea that “you can make big money buying houses and flipping them quickly.” She has made a career out of telling people how to behave in financially responsible ways, and out of creating laws that will make it illegal for them to do otherwise.

…Records show Warren bought the house Hickman inherited from her mother, located at 200 N.W. 16th Street, in August 1993 and quickly obtained permits to do plumbing and electrical work, selling it five months later for a 383 percent gain.

The National Review story goes on to detail a bunch of other houses that Warren “flipped” and made tens of thousands on to the detriment of poor people who lost their homes.

THIS is the perfect example of the hypocrisy of the left. They rail at people who make money but are quietly are doing the same thing in their own lives.

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Baltimore Wants to Charge American Taxpayers for the $20 Million in Riot Damages

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The City of Baltimore has done a preliminary cost analysis of the recent riots and decided that the damage amounts to some $20 million. And now the city wants to send the bill to FEMA and have all the rest of us pay their bill.

The city has come up with its estimate and is planning on using discretionary funds for some of the costs. But tucked into the Baltimore Sun story is this…

Henry J. Raymond, Baltimore’s finance director, said the city can temporarily cover the costs from its rainy day fund while seeking reimbursement for up to 75 percent from Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“The city remains on strong financial footing,” Raymond said. “Hopefully, with the FEMA reimbursement, it will reduce the financial stress that we’re under. In terms of the city’s overall revenue structure, we’re on firm footing and we’ll move forward.”

Both Gov. Larry Hogan and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have requested federal aid.

Get that, America? Baltimore wants YOU to pay for its riots.