HHS: Bailing out Obamacare insurers an ‘obligation’…

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Ominous signs for the future of Obamacare

The Department of Health and Human Services attempted to reassure private insurers on Thursday that they’ll be able to recover losses from participating in Obamacare by claiming it was an “obligation” of the U.S. government to bail them out.

At issue is a provision within the law known as the risk corridors program. Under the program, which runs from 2014 through 2016, the federal government is to collect money from health insurers doing better than expected and use those funds to provide a federal backstop to other insurers who incur larger than expected losses from rising medical claims. The idea was to provide training wheels to insurers in the first years of Obamacare’s implementation, and to take away any incentive for insurers to cherry pick only the healthiest customers.

Republicans, fearing that this could turn into an open-ended government bailout in the event of industry-wide losses, included a provision in last year’s spending bill that limited the program, requiring HHS to pay out only from the pool of money collected, rather than supplementing it with other sources of government funding. President Obama signed that bill.

Now that insurers have been able to look at medical claims, what they’ve found is that enrollees in Obamacare are disproportionately sicker, and losses are piling up. For the 2014 benefit year, insurers losing more than expected asked for $2.87 billion in government payments through the risk corridors program, but HHS only collected $362 million from insurers performing better than expected. Thus, the funds available to the federal government only amounts to 12.6 percent of what insurers argue that they’re owed.

So insurers are not happy. And now the industry lobbying group America’s Health Insurance Plans — which happens to be helmed by Marilyn Tavenner, who previously oversaw the implementation of Obamacare as head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — is aggressively fighting for more money.

In a statement issued Thursday, the same day that the nation’s largest insurer, UnitedHealth announced it may exit Obamacare due to mounting losses, Tavenner said, “We’ve been very clear with the administration about the serious challenges facing consumers and health plans in this Exchange market. Most recently, nearly 800,000 Americans have faced coverage disruptions as a result of the significant and unexpected shortfall with the risk corridors program. When health plans cannot rely on the government to meet its obligations, individuals and families are harmed as a result. The administration must act to ensure this program works as intended and consumers are protected.”

In an effort to reassure the industry, CMS, the HHS agency Tavenner previously led, issued guidance reiterating that HHS would use money collected from insurers in 2015 and possibly 2016 to make up the $2.5 billion shortfall that exists in 2014.

But what happens if there still isn’t enough money, and after 2016, the program is taking in less than the money sought by insurers?

HHS said it, would “explore other sources of funding for risk corridors payments, subject to the availability of appropriations. This includes working with Congress on the necessary funding for outstanding risk corridors payments.”

The agency further added: “HHS recognizes that the Affordable Care Act requires the Secretary to make full payments to issuers, and HHS is recording those amounts that remain unpaid following our 12.6 percent payment this winter as fiscal year 2015 obligation of the United States government for which full payment is required.”

In reality, this doesn’t mean much at all. Risk corridor payments for 2016 won’t be due until mid-2017, and by that point, it will be an issue for a future Congress and future president. Nothing that a previous administration’s HHS said in 2015 will really matter.

That said, this is another demonstration that for all of Obama’s sanctimonious rhetoric about taking on insurance companies. In reality, his signature legislative achievement was to put government in bed with private insurers. And now that his pet project backfired, he wants taxpayers to take care of those very insurance companies he spent years railing against.

ObamaCare Death Spiral: America’s Largest Health Insurer Ready to Bail

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The departure of UnitedHealth Group could be the death blow not even ObamaCare’s most stubborn and dishonest defenders can spin away.

Watching one state co-op after another keel over from fiscal heart attacks was enough handwriting on the wall, as UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley specifically mentioned the failure of co-ops as one of the major factors making his board nervous.

As Forbes describes it, UnitedHealth basically dipped a toe in the ObamaCare waters but might be about to pull it back before they get frostbite:

UnitedHealth Group in a surprising announcement, said this morning it has revised its profit expectations for the rest of the year due to what it called a “deterioration” of its individual commercial insurance offerings on government-run exchanges under the Affordable Care Act and offered no commitment it would stay in the business beyond next year.

The nation’s largest health insurer said it was “evaluating the viability of the insurance exchange product segment,” pulling back on its marketing efforts for individual exchange products for next year and “will determine during the first half of 2016 to what extent it can continue to serve the public exchange markets in 2017.” The insurer sells individual plans on public exchanges in 24 states and covers more than a half million Americans in these plans.

UnitedHealth had been among the more cautious in offering coverage to individuals on the exchanges, entering only a handful of markets in 2014, the first year such coverage became available. The company expanded for this year and only recently said it would expand its offerings in nearly a dozen more states for 2016. But this morning, it said the business has deteriorated and it expects a reduction in earnings for the fourth quarter of this year of $425 million, or 26 cents per share “driven by 2015 and 2016 exchange product pressure.”

This is portrayed as a stunning reversal from what the company was saying just a month ago:

Just last month, UnitedHealth president and chief financial officer David Wichmann touted growth for the individual commercial business, saying “we continue to expect exchanges to develop and mature over time into a strong viable growth market for us.”

But UnitedHealth and other insurers need more Americans to come into the public exchanges because the patients that are signing up for coverage are sicker, making a “higher overall risk pool,” insurance executives say. It’s a key reason many Americans are seeing rate increases of 10 percent or more across the country on public exchanges.

That’s how the death spiral works: young healthy suckers who were supposed to get their pockets picked to fund this idiotic scheme are taking a pass, depriving the insurance companies of the easy money Obama promised them, and their bailout mechanisms have been disabled.

The Washington Examiner notes that “several programs designed to mitigate risk for insurers through federal backstops go away” in 2017, essentially pulling the “training wheels” off the Affordable Care Act and leaving insurers to “thrive on their own.” Great – it’s a battered, rusty bicycle pedaled by a kid already covered in cuts and bruises, and the training wheels are coming off.

The departure of such a big player would probably scare some of the remaining smaller fish out of the pool. (Frankly, hearing them talk about getting out is going to rattle a lot of cages.) It will also lower the poor quality of ObamaCare insurance even further, leaving consumers with fewer options and less competition… and, as the Washington Examiner points out, dumping even more expensive high-risk enrollees on the surviving providers.

Maybe UnitedHealth is floating this story because they want to rattle the government’s cage, threatening a blockbuster walkout unless some mixture of taxpayer loot and regulatory benevolence is offered to keep them on board. One suspects the Democrat Party doesn’t want headlines about the biggest player in health insurance cashing out of ObamaCare in the heat of a presidential election year.

Another thing that will scare more people away from ObamaCare, and make the death spiral steeper, is the growing realization that Obamacare’s crappy health insurance is virtually useless, because the out-of-pocket expenses are so high.

This was a very deliberate part of the ObamaCare scam – the true costs were hidden from consumers for as long as possible by turning them into financial bear traps that hapless customers wouldn’t really notice until they tried to use their “benefits.” The resulting complaints would be anecdotal evidence of failure, and the ObamaCare con artists believe, with good reason, that their control of the media would immunize them against anecdotal evidence. When was the last time you saw a major media organization publish a roundup of sob stories from dejected ObamaCare customers?

It looks like ObamaCare’s inoculation against media viruses is running out, because just such a litany of complaints was published this week… by the New York Times. And the title of the piece was “Many Say High Deductibles Make Their Health Law Insurance All but Useless.”

Ouch. The only favor the NYT could do for the rotten scheme it helped to force down our throats was keep the word “ObamaCare” out of the headline. “Health law insurance?”Really, guys?

Actually, the Times does another favor by uncritically relaying the hilariously false claim by the Administration that “low premiums” are available on the marketplaces – premium sticker shock from ObamaCare is a major crisis in most markets – but at least the body of the story proceeds honestly, with the devastating revelation that ACA insurance gets far more expensive if the buyer tries to, you know, use it:

“The deductible, $3,000 a year, makes it impossible to actually go to the doctor,” said David R. Reines, 60, of Jefferson Township, N.J., a former hardware salesman with chronic knee pain. “We have insurance, but can’t afford to use it.”

In many states, more than half the plans offered for sale through HealthCare.gov, the federal online marketplace, have a deductible of $3,000 or more, a New York Times review has found. Those deductibles are causing concern among Democrats — and some Republican detractors of the health law, who once pushed high-deductible health plans in the belief that consumers would be more cost-conscious if they had more of a financial stake or skin in the game.

“We could not afford the deductible,” said Kevin Fanning, 59, who lives in North Texas, near Wichita Falls. “Basically I was paying for insurance I could not afford to use.”

He dropped his policy.

[…] “Our deductible is so high, we practically pay for all of our medical expenses out of pocket,” said Wendy Kaplan, 50, of Evanston, Ill. “So our policy is really there for emergencies only, and basic wellness appointments.”

Her family of four pays premiums of $1,200 a month for coverage with an annual deductible of $12,700.

In Miami, the median deductible, according to HealthCare.gov, is $5,000. (Half of the plans are above the median, and half below it.) In Jackson, Miss., the comparable figure is $5,500. In Chicago, the median deductible is $3,400. In Phoenix, it is $4,000; in Houston and Des Moines, $3,000.

Democrat spinners are still spinning, but no one can make an honest case that this absurdly low-quality insurance is worth anything close to the billions of dollars poured into ObamaCare, never mind the damage to our constitutional rule of law. Defending this failed program is like telling someone to be happy with a lemon automobile he just paid $250,000 for because the radio sounds okay, and the air conditioning sort of works. Just ignore that it gets 4 gallons to the mile and can’t go faster than ten miles an hour, and accept that it’s what you deserve.

Don’t believe any of that for a second. America can do a lot better than ObamaCare. At this point, if Republicans win the White House and repeal it in 2017, hardly anyone will notice it’s gone, because there isn’t much left… and what’s left is not worth another stolen dollar of taxpayer money. The insurance companies certainly don’t seem to think it’s worth their money.

Neil Cavuto embarrasses student who wants free college and has no idea how to pay for it

I don’t mean to be Captain Obvious, but we live in a day and age where entitlement thinking is running amok, and the youth of our nation are so twisted up with the “gimme, gimme, gimmes,” they drop their brain in the toilet and flush it down the drain.

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Fox Business host Neil Cavuto confronted a student demanding free college and a $15 minimum wage for student workers on campus with all sorts of facts and figures, which turned into one of the most painful to watch, cringeworthy interviews ever.

If this girl represents the norm for young, college aged kids these days, it’s time to weep for our future.

From TheBlaze:

Keely Mullen, an organizer for the Million Student March movement, joined Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto on the air Thursday to discuss the movement’s demands for free public college, student debt cancelation and a $15-an-hour minimum wage for student workers. In the awkward 9-minute interview, Cavuto repeatedly cited facts and figures that seemed to fluster the student.

When asked who would pick up the tab for the demands she listed, Mullen said, “The 1 percent of people who are hoarding the wealth and causing a catastrophe students are facing.”

“If the 1 percent just had their taxes raised a few years ago back to almost 40 percent then to pay for the healthcare law, they had them raised another few percentage points, then they had their deductions limited to raise another couple points — depending on the state or locality — they’re pushing over about 50 percent in taxes,” Cavuto told Mullen. “How much more do you think they should pay?”

This question, asked near the beginning of the interview, became the main focus of the discussion, but Mullens wasn’t really able to provide a true answer.

Mullen did say the rate should be raised to “enough until we have a system where not one in two families are threatened with poverty.” And when asked if she and her friends and family would pay more in taxes for her demands, she said “we already are.” However, according to Forbes, 45 percent of households pay no federal income taxes.

“They’ve done studies on this, Keeley, I don’t want to get boring here, but even if you were to take the 1 percent and take all of their money — tax it 100 percent — do you know that couldn’t keep Medicare, just Medicare, in this country going for three years?” Cavuto asked. “Did you know that?”

“Yeah, I don’t believe that,” Mullen said in response. “Yeah, I’m sorry, that just sounds completely ludicrous to me.”

Kelley doesn’t seem to understand one of the most fundamental rules of the universe, which is sad for a girl her age:

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

“Free college,” is as mythical a creature as the unicorn that poops rainbow-colored ice cream cones, because the price for education is always being paid by someone.

If a student isn’t paying for it, the rest of us who are working to provide for our families are. Why should hard working Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck be forced to pay for some stranger’s care or education?

Sure, they say the middle class and lower income people won’t be affected, but when top earners — who typically own the businesses where we all work — are taxed so heavily they flee the country, who’s going to be left with the bill?

To make matters worse, when these earners leave, they’re taking jobs with them, which means increased unemployment. How can the average Joe pay his own bills, plus pay out the backside for taxes so some entitled brat can go to college, if he has no work?


This is why liberalism is a mental disorder. It defies logic.

Obamacare Threatens ‘Bigger Fines’ if You Don’t Sign Up



The Obama administration is sending a new message to people on the Obamacare e-mail list. Sign up for health insurance by December 15 or face big fines.

“Important,” the new email warns subscribers. “The penalty for not having health insurance is increasing. If you don’t sign up for coverage, you’ll risk having to pay $695 per person or more for the year.”

Since the new enrollment period is in session, email messages from the Obamacare website have increased urging more people to sign up for coverage or face fines. When asked about the fines faced by Americans without insurance, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that he was unaware of any plans to reduce the penalties.

“I’m not aware of any plans to change the penalties that would be levied,” Earnest said, during the daily press briefing reminding reporters that some people would be fined more for not having health insurance than the actual the cost of health insurance itself.

“I think we’re going to continue to be creative … we’re going to be aggressive about making sure we get the word out,” he said.

Another Obamacare Co-Op Shuts Down




Consumers Mutual Insurance of Michigan has announced it will be winding down its operation prior to 2016, making it the twelfth Obamacare co-op to fail this year.

An FAQ on the insurer’s website reads, “[You] will need to purchase health insurance from another company prior to December 15, 2015 in order to have coverage on January 1, 2016.” Consumers are also told that, as long as they continue to pay their premiums, the co-op will handle their claims through the end of the year.

The closure of Consumers Mutual represents a grim milestone for the Obamacare co-ops, as more than half of the 23 original co-ops have now failed. Previous closures include the co-ops in Arizona, Utah, South Carolina, Colorado, Iowa/Nebraska, Louisiana, New York,Nevada, Tennessee, Oregon, and Kentucky.

The Obamacare co-ops are non-profit insurers created to offer lower cost options to consumers on the exchange. Their rates were often among the lowest in a given state. However, those low rates turned out to be a problem when enrollment did not meet expectations or when healthcare claims exceeded expectations. An Inspector General’s report published this summer found that 22 of the 23 co-ops lost money in 2014. Nineteen had claims that exceeded premiums.

No statement about the closure has, so far, been released by the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services. Several of the co-ops that have failed in the last month cited an announcement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on October 1 that it would only pay 12.6% of requests made under the so-called risk corridors program.

Risk corridors is a pool of money which insurers who earn more than anticipated pay into so that those who earn less than needed to cover expenses can draw from it. In 2014, only $362 million was paid into the pool, and $2.87 billion was requested from it. Because HHS is prevented by law from supplementing the pool with additional funds, it could only pay out 12.6% of claims.


RUSH: So how does the budget deal pave the way for Hillary Clinton?  Folks, it’s real simple.  Over half of any Republican candidate’s campaign arsenal has just been neutered.  The Republican Party cannot campaign by running around blaming the Democrats for destroying budget, for overspending, for threatening the very fabric economically of the country.  They can’t do it.  This is the Republican budget deal that Barack Obama cannot wait to sign.

So the idea that the Democrat Party and their nominee, most likely Hillary Clinton, pose a grave threat to this country’s future because of their runaway spending, their expansion of the welfare state, the expansion of the entitlement state, the creation of more and more dependents, we can’t say that anymore.  A Republican presidential candidate is not saying that anymore.  All the Democrats are gonna have to do is say, “Wait, wait, whoa, you’re accusing us of doing what?”  And they just have to go back and cite this budget deal, which is coming up for a vote today.

That’s how over the top this is.  It’s how far the Republican Party has abandoned its own principles in putting together this budget.  The fact that they make it a two-year budget takes it out of the presidential campaign as having any relevance.  And if the Republicans happen to win the presidency, the new president already has his first fiscal year budget signed into law by Barack Obama.  Now, these things can be open ’cause budgets are actually one year.  I understand all that.  But the effort here is to take this off the table for two years so there will be no fights on the debt limit, therefore no potential government shutdowns.

In other words, the Republicans are looking at it as though they are taking themselves totally out of any political risk circumstance.  And that may be, but the way they did it was to essentially act like Democrats in putting together this budget.  When you can’t go after the Democrat presidential nominee for who she is and what she will do and why you don’t want that to happen because you’ve already made sure it will happen, what in the world are you gonna campaign against her on?  That she’s incompetent, Benghazi, secretary of state, Huma Abedin, Bill Clinton?  What’s gonna be the primary campaign message when all of this is off the table?

So I will be eager to see.  This just argues more and more for a presidential candidate that’s not part of this apparatus.  And eventually it may even happen tonight, if there’s some bright-eyed, bushy-tailed debate moderator tonight.  “Can I see a show of hands of candidates who agree with the Republican budget and support it?”  That’s a sitting duck.  That’s just waiting to happen tonight.


RUSH:  Here’s another thing.  Another thing I’m sick and tired of hearing about is the “dysfunction in” Washington.  I’m sick and tired of hearing about how Washington’s not working together.  The hell they’re not!  The two parties in Washington work together all the time.  They work together. The only thing they’re not working together on, and didn’t, is Obamacare.  I could spend the next half hour going through all the pledges and promises the Republicans made in the campaign in 2010 to give them back the House, all the pledges that have just been blown to smithereens in just one deal, this budget deal that they did.

The way to look at this budget deal is, Barack Obama just got his ninth year.  If you want to know what this budget deal is, that’s how you look at it.  We have a two-year budget deal that blows through every spending cap that we had previously won.  It gives the Democrats and Hillary and Obama every spending measure they want.  It raises the debt limit a trillion dollars, so we’re looking at a $20 trillion national debt the next couple of years.  It’s a two-year budget that takes the budgeting process out of play and no work on it for two years ’cause it’s a done deal.

That’s how we get the ninth year of Barack Obama, and he didn’t have to do a damn thing for it other than be there — which, apparently, scares the Republicans to death.  Like I said earlier, I can’t explain what the Republicans are doing.  There is no common-sensical, common-sensible reason for what they are doing politically.  What they’re doing is not helping their presidential campaign.  What they’re doing is filibustering the election of Democrats, either Hillary or whoever.  Just to repeat this again, the reason this greases the skids for Hillary is because over half of the reason to oppose her we just agreed to!

Government spending and government growth as far as the eye can see.

We can’t campaign for the presidency on how we’re gonna be in favor of reduced government, how we’re gonna make it smaller, how we’re gonna be responsible and we’re gonna reduce the debt, the deficit, what have you. We can’t say any of that with credibility because our party just engineered a two-year budgeting that blows the smithereens out of any kind of spending discipline whatsoever!  It gives Barack Obama, philosophically, his ninth year.  Whoever is president, starting in 2017, is gonna be saddled with an Obama budget.

You tell me the parties aren’t working together?  You tell me they’re not crossing the aisle?  Governor Bush, we don’t need any more of that.  Governor Christie, we don’t need any more crossing the aisle.  Senator McCain, stop!  We’ve got enough of it.  That’s not the dysfunction in Washington.  The dysfunction in Washington is they’re acting like there’s no Constitution.  And it’s not just Obama.  Because when Obama violates the Constitution and nobody holds him to account, it must be nobody cares.

I know what they’re all saying.  “You remember the budget battle of ’95, Rush?  Remember what happened to us? We tried to fight Clinton back then.  Look what happened.  We can’t.”  Yeah, I know.  I know exactly why.  The conservatives that won the House in 1994 immediately stopped teaching conservatism.  They stopped explaining it as they went. They did not respond to the Democrat media efforts to tarnish them, to trash them, because they figured, “Nobody’s gonna believe this stuff.”

So now all you have to do is ask Mitt Romney about contraception and (stammering) “Bah bah bah, what do you mean, George?”  War on Women is what we get next.  Oh, yeah, that’s another thing! Mitt Romney was responsible for the War on Women, and these are the people he wants to work with!  I’m tired of so much of it.  I’m tired of my intelligence being insulted.  This business of, “I need to be the guy you elect because I can work with the other side.”  No! We already have plenty of people doing that.  The party lines have been sufficiently blurred inside the Beltway.

All right, well, here.  Let me read to you the pledge, the part of the pledge. Republicans in their campaign in 2010. This is the leadership, now, the people who put this together.  This is part of the pledge that they gave us.  They actually said this.  I mean, I’m reading it verbatim.  You’re probably not gonna believe it, but here it is.  “Washington’s out-of-control spending spree needs no introduction. Our debt is now on track to exceed the size of our economy in the next two years. The lack of a credible plan to pay this debt back causes anxiety among consumers and uncertainty for investors and employers.

“It isn’t just that we need to stop spending so much — we need to stop spending so irrationally. The spending process in Washington is designed to make it easy to increase spending and raise taxes and difficult to cut spending and lower taxes. The deck is stacked against limited government and fiscal responsibility. This must stop.”  Four years ago they wrote this.  Four years ago they promised to do just this.  “Over the past three years, non-security discretionary spending (the spending that is approved each year by Congress outside of the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Veterans Affairs) has increased a staggering 88%.”

Discretionary spending, 88%.

Everything about defense and Homeland Security, basically.

“As a result,” they wrote, “we now borrow 41¢ of every dollar we spend, much of it from foreign countries, including China, and leave the bill to our kids and grandkids.” What have we just done? We have just raised the debt limit! The people that wrote this just orchestrated a $1 trillion increase in the debt limit.  And in their minds, this program is the problem, and Fox News is the problem, and everything that’s not the old three networks. Everybody in the New Media is a problem, ’cause we point this stuff out.

You’re not supposed to remember this pledge.  They gotta get this done before Ryan sworn as speaker so his fingerprints aren’t on it.  That’s the leadership’s gift to him, give him this budget deal so he won’t have to get his hands wet doing a budget from couple of years. He’s already got it done but he didn’t have anything to do with it.  Ahem.  The pledge goes on.  “Economists have warned that all this borrowing runs the risk of causing a damaging spike in interest rates, which would cripple job creation. If our economy remains debt-driven, it will not be in a position to support a lasting economic recovery.”

Right.  So let’s add another trillion dollars to it, why not?

This pledge is actually 2010.  That was the election year.  In that pledge, they promised to “Cut Government Spending to Pre-Stimulus, Pre-Bailout Levels,” and then a paragraph on how they’re going to do it. They promised to “Establish a Hard Cap on New Discretionary Spending,” and then a paragraph on how they’re going to do it. They promised to “Root out Government Waste and Sunset Outdated & Duplicative Programs,” and then a paragraph on how they’re going to do it.

They promised to, “Reform the Budget Process to Focus on Long-Term Challenges.” They said, “We will make the decisions that are necessary to protect our entitlement programs for today’s seniors and future generations. That means requiring a full accounting of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, setting benchmarks for these programs and reviewing them regularly, and preventing the expansion of unfunded liabilities.”  I guess that stopped being operative some time ago.  So what happened after the voters read this pledge and believed it and trusted the Republicans to do what they said they were gonna do and elected them to run the House?

What happened?

“Upon taking control of the House in 2011, Republicans approved a budget with $1.3 trillion in deficit spending, pushing the national debt to $14.7 trillion (this is the officially recognized debt, not taking into account tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities),” which are in the $50 trillion to $60 trillion range. “Today, after four years of GOP control of the House, during the last ten months of which Republicans have also controlled the Senate, the debt stands at $18 trillion.” It was $14.7 trillion when they took over in 2011. Now, wait.  I know some of you might be shouting, “Obama! Obama!”

Remember that they didn’t follow through on stopping Obama.

Oh, yeah, we got some spending caps, but they took care of that.  And the sequester. We took care of that.  Those obstacles are out of the way.  Obama hated ’em anyway and they’re gone now.

During the last 10 months, Republicans have controlled the Senate, the debt stands now at $18 trillion, up from 14.7 in 2011.  In his last official act, Speaker Boehner, along with Senate leader Mitch McConnell, will accede to Obama’s demand to push the debt limit up to 19 and a half trillion dollars in the next two years, which is an attempt to remove the threat posed by deficit spending as a 2016 election issue.  This is how the road has been paved for the Democrats to win the White House again.  We have removed the threat posed by deficit spending, which is what Democrats traditionally have been known for.

We cannot run a campaign for president now accusing the Democrats of deficit spending, big spending, dangerous spending, destructive spending.  We’ve done it.  That’s half the arsenal against your Democrat presidential campaign every four years, and we just took the arrows out of the quiver.  So $5 trillion nearly added to the national debt since the 2010 pledge to end control out-of-control borrowing and spending.  And it’s not because we’re not crossing the aisle and working with Democrats.  It’s not because of dysfunction in Washington.  Well, there’s dysfunction, but the dysfunction is not that we aren’t working with the Democrats.

That’s one of the biggest smoke screens. That’s one of the biggest insults they fire at us, as though somehow it’s our fault, by the way.  We, you and I, we’ve elected people that won’t cooperate.  We need to work with these people, we’re told.  It seems to me that’s exactly what’s been happening.  And for all of this to happen, something has to take a big, big hit, and that is the Constitution of the United States.

Now, in the 2016 campaign, I fully expect the Republicans are gonna try to blame all of this on Obama and the Democrats.  And they’re gonna continue to hope that you don’t realize the spending that’s contained in this budget deal.  They’re gonna have their friends and allies in the media tell you it’s a great budget deal, that we beat Obama at his own game.  We got a two-year budget and we’ve taken a government shutdown off the table, and that’s the biggest threat to our winning the White House, and that’s what they honestly think.

So that’s what they’re gonna tell you.  We beat Obama. We got a two-year deal. We forced our discipline on this country and on Obama, and we’ve eliminated the threat of a government shutdown, and then they’re gonna go out and start trying to blame Hillary for all the spending she wants to do, the destruction that will happen if she gets to do it.  They will hope that you don’t remember any of this and realize that they promised to stop it and not only caved in stopping it, they joined and worked with and crossed the aisle to make it happen.  We will probably continue to hear, “If you’ll just turn out and vote for us, we’re not gonna do business the way the Democrats have been doing it for the eight years of Obama.”  So just my two cents.

But, folks, all of this, these monologues here in the past hour, all of this is why the idea of writing these books for children was so appealing to me, for young people to learn the truth of how this country was founded.  At some point the people of this country are going to have to become learned enough, educated enough on how this country works and how prosperity happens, how growth happens, how freedom is maintained.  People are gonna have to understand this.  They’re not being taught in schools.  They’re not being taught of the greatness of this country.  They’re not being taught the Constitution.  They aren’t being taught the sacrifices.

Instead they’re being taught of all the racism and the bigotry and the social injustice and the immorality of the early days of this country, and how we’ve gotta pay the price for that. That’s why we have to open the borders, because we’ve been so selfish.  We have stolen all the resources of other people all over the world to enrich ourselves, and those days are over.  We’ve got to pay it back.  This superpower status of ours, that’s not legitimate.  We didn’t work to own that.  We stole that from people.  We stole their cultures. We stole their resources, their diamonds, their minerals, their gold, whatever, we’ve gotta give it back.

We’ve got people who have been deprived for 200 years ago because of the existence of the United States finally have to be permitted to get theirs.  That’s the compassion of this immigration thing all wrapped up.  And it’s bogus, and so the opportunity to — I mean, young kids are not gonna listen to this show.  They’re just not.  When you were eight, 10, 12, 13, you didn’t listen to talk radio.  But I sure wish they did.  I wish they were able to comprehend.  I know the parents try to explain it as best they can, but that’s why writing these kids books is so appealing.  You know, the old “make a difference” thing.  And that’s why the fourth one in two years is out, Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner.


RUSH:  Here is Brian, St. Augustine, Florida, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thanks taking the call, Rush.  I just wanted to say for ten years Harry Reid and the Democrats ran the country on continuing resolutions because they didn’t want to be blamed with deficit spending and now the Republicans go ahead and make a back door deal with them, a backroom deal to do just that, and —

RUSH:  You know, that —

CALLER:  — they take the blame for it.

RUSH:  Let me tell you, that is a fascinating point.  We haven’t had budgets.  We’ve had continuing resolutions, and one of the reasons for continuing resolutions is that you always get to get what you want really at the point of a political gun.  It’s hard to say there’s deficit spending with continuing resolutions.  And so the Democrats didn’t want that moniker, they didn’t want to be labeled as deficit spenders, so the continuing lubrication.  It also enabled them to say the Republicans were not cooperating, it’s the only way they could go. And so now the Republicans have gone ahead, “Hey, okay, we’ll take the deficit spending label ourselves. We’ll do it, we’ll do it. We’ll give you two years.  Lay it off on us, happily.”