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London Independent claims you’re promoting “white supremacy” if you care about those killed


You’re racist if you support the victims killed in the Nov. 13 Paris attacks, according to the London Independent.
The Independent’s Lulu Nunn claims if you use Facebook’s Paris image function, which allows users to place a transparent French flag over their profile images to show respect to the victims, you’re promoting “white supremacy.”
“It’s a dismaying and damaging truth that Westerners care about and empathise with images of white-skinned women grieving in Topshop bobble hats far more than brown-skinned women grieving in niqabs and, when you lend your voice to Euro-centric campaigns such as Facebook’s flag filter, you exacerbate this,” she wrote. “When we buy into such easy corporate public mourning, we uphold white supremacy.”
“We’re essentially saying that white, Western lives matter more than others.”

Who in the hell cares about the Paris victims’ skin colors? Should we stop caring as much because the victims were born with racial characteristics they had no control over?
The very notion that we should base our decision to care about victims on their skin colors is inherently racist, and numerous people commenting on the Indepedent’s article agree.
“This article is utterly disrespectful to victims of terrorism and those showing solidarity everywhere,” Thomas Hobbs wrote. “As for the phrase ‘white supremactists,’ perhaps the writer should be minded she’s a hollow, soulless human being having the arrogance and vile bile to assume what any of us think or how we should support it.”
Similarly, #BlackLivesMatter protestors and other radical leftists were attacking people supporting the victims of the Paris attacks by promoting the hashtag #FuckParis.
“I aint seen one dead body on the #ParisAttacks #Prayers4Paris my ass…. #fuckparis #BlackLivesMatter,” one self-described “internationally known” activist tweeted.

Renaming Washington D.C. – Name of U.S. Capital is ‘Racist’ & ‘offensive’ – Not a Safe Space

Published on Nov 16, 2015

In an experiment, social critic Mark Dice asks beachgoers in San Diego to sign a petition he said would rename the Capital of the United States to something else because Washington D.C. is named after George Washington, a slave owner. (c) 2015 by Mark Dice.

Dam this country as sunk so low, I shake my head and walks away in disgrace !

and I bet they don’t know who George Washington is

Mark please petition that the color “white ” on anything, say couches, crayons, your grandma’s favorite China be renamed. no more egg whites or white bread

OMG…@1:30 that SOB wants to change the flag too, Morons :/

White people are the ONLY race that WELCOMES their own destruction…. Phucking amazing.

No Child Left Behind : A Failure

Lol! The look on Mark’s face when that fag with earings said, “We should change the flag too” 😂😂 Classic!! But that aside, very sad. How many people are going to wake up before the collapse?

Missouri Poop Swastika Is When Social Justice Jumped Shark



No evidence has yet surfaced that a Nazi symbol made of human feces was left on campus at Missouri, less still that it was a racially-charged statement.

It seems more likely that the swastika is a hoax, just as — whisper it — so many other high-profile black victims on American campuses celebrated endlessly by progressive journalists turn out to be mendacious frauds.

But “facts” haven’t stopped students, and even some idiotic professors, from hurling themselves into grievance-fuelled hysteria on campuses all over the country, even at Yale. Such are the levels of hysteria following this fecal fabrication that Mizzou students hallucinated the KKK into existence yesterday.

Missouri’s poop swastika has been taken for granted as evidence of white supremacy terrorising innocent black kids by the media, who now attack anyone who dares to ask for a shred of proof that this thing ever existed. The progressive media establishment iscommitted to the idea of “white privilege,” the notion that somehow all white people are racist and so is society, even if no one’s actually aware of any bigotry and there’s no evidence for it anywhere.

So any time any black person offers up proof of white racism, the media leap on it as evidence of what they’ve been saying all along. The trouble is, eye-catching claims of racism and sexual assault, especially from college campuses, very often don’t withstand scrutiny. Think of Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz, the Duke Lacrosse case and the recent Rolling Stone debacle, to name just three.

If the Missouri swastika were real, there would be pictures of it. It would be the most Instagrammed poo in human history. If it were real, it could even be tested to see whether it comes from a white or black person. (You can examine something called haplotypes, apparently.) Of course, it’s possible that the police report will confirm the existence of this gruesome daubing, but… is it likely? Missouri students have been unable to produce a single witness to it.

FOX Sports has gone as far as to ask: “Is The Entire Mizzou Protest Based on Lies?” 

Whether it’s the pay gap, campus rape culture or “white privilege,” the media’s narrative of oppression when it comes to anyone who is not straight, white and male does not reflect reality. Poor white boys in fact have the worst start in life, especially in the UK. The public has scented this inconsistency, and is starting to ask the media tough questions about its racist assumptions. The media is responding by closing its comment sections.

Fortunately, a few brave souls in libertarian journalism and from comedy are striking back, with occasionally devastating effect. The entire new season of South Park has been dedicated to lampooning social justice warriors and their bullying tactics.

It’s now open season on social justice warriors and political correctness, both of which the entertainment industry and most serious journalists now recognise as a threat to creative freedom and freedom of expression. Public opinion is shifting, too: I’ve been reporting on social justice warriors in some way or another for most of my career, and it’s only the last few months I’ve noticed real hostility toward hand-wringers.

That hostility is now coming from the left, too, with left-wingers who don’t sign up to the progressive consensus, openly mocking trigger warnings and safe spaces, aghast at their own side for the inane drivel now published daily on sites like Vox, Buzzfeed, Mic, Vice and Gawker.

But what’s so brilliant about the social justice tendency is that it refuses to acknowledge when it has been beaten in the court of public opinion. SJWs aren’t just doubling down, they’re going full retard, installing codes of conduct that read like something from the Twilight Zone. Just this week, Vox instructed its staff not to “mansplain” to one another.

This is all good news, because it makes them easier to beat. The bitter white middle-class bloggers who fuel so much misery and division in American society are lurching ever further away from the public and even their own readers by ignoring facts and indulging in hurtful, speculative narrative based on discredited and preposterous far-left ideology.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the poop swastika comes to be seen as emblematic of the media’s abandonment of duty and capitulation to ideological lunacy. It would certainly be a fitting tribute to the most shitty, fascistic, delusional media tendency in living memory.



Former president had nothing to do with the acts of racism that occurred on campus

Sara Schroeder | Liberty HangoutNOVEMBER 13, 2015

The University of Missouri – a public university located in Columbia, Missouri – has recently been making national headlines.

Earlier this September, the Missouri Students Association president, Payton Head, was called the “N-word” repeatedly while walking on campus. He went to Facebook to post about his first-hand experience with racism, which started a dialogue about the racial climate on campus. Not even a month later, members of the Legion of Black Collegians became the targets of racial slurs by a man on campus. The group shared a letter on social media describing their encounter with the man, as well as their feelings about racism on campus, and ultimately encouraged officials on campus to act against racism. These incidences of racism were later accompanied by a third episode in which a student drew a swastika in feces on the wall of a dorm bathroom.

The next incident, which seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, occurred during the Mizzou Homecoming Parade on October 10th. While protesting, members of Concerned Student 1950, a group of Mizzou students that is attempting to fight discrimination and racial inequality on campus, blocked a car carrying UM System President Tim Wolfe for about fifteen minutes. One of the protestors then hit the car carrying President Wolfe – which can clearly be seen if one takes the time to watch the video of the incident – and then claimed that the car had hit him and drove off. Following this incident, Concerned Student 1950 was unhappy with the lack of response from Tim Wolfe. Subsequently, just ten days after the parade, they released a statement of eight demands that they believed the University and its administration should meet. The demands included a formal apology from President Wolfe and his removal from office. Concerned Student 1950 met with Tim Wolfe a few days later, but no issues were resolved. On November 2nd, MU grad student Jonathan Butler, unhappy with President Wolfe’s response, or lack thereof, announced that he would go on a hunger strike until Wolfe was removed from office. Butler made it clear that he would not consume food until he either died or Wolfe was removed from office. Once Butler announced his hunger strike, students began to camp on Carnahan quadrangle in support of Butler and the movement to remove Wolfe from office. Protests became more frequent and more intense and the University began to make national headlines as Butler’s hunger strike continued, lasting seven days total.

On November 7th, the black players on the MU football team announced that they would no longer participate in any football related activities “until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences”. The next day, Coach Gary Pinkel announced that he and the rest of the football program were standing behind the boycotting players. After this announcement, it became unclear what would happen to the team as they were/are scheduled to play Brigham Young University on Saturday the 14th in Kansas City. If the Mizzou Tigers were to fail to take the field Saturday at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, the team would have been forced to pay a cancellation fee of $1 million.

On the morning of November 9th, Tim Wolfe announced his resignation amid protests over his handling of the racially charged incidents that took place on campus. In his statement, Wolfe took full responsibility for his lack of action following incidents of racism and asked that the university stop intimidating each other and use his resignation to heal and start talking again. Butler and members of Concerned Student 1950 took to campus to celebrate the resignation, cheering, chanting, and embracing each other. What will come next, now that Butler and Concerned Student 1950 have achieved their first goal? It seems that they will continue to push their demands on the administration until all of their goals are achieved. The eight demands can be found here.

So, as a University of Missouri student, what’s my take on all of this? Personally, I do admire those participating in the movement for standing up for what they believe in. I cannot imagine how it would feel to feel as if you have been silenced, marginalized, and oppressed. I cannot imagine how it would feel to be called racial slurs while simply walking across the campus that you call home. That being said, I do not support resorting to threatening suicide to bully someone out of his job. Tim Wolfe had nothing to do with the acts of racism that occurred on campus. He oversaw four universities and over 75,000 students. He had little to no influence on the campus social climate.

That aside, my main issue with the movement is that in its attempt to give a voice to minorities and other marginalized students, it is silencing others by refusing to allow any dissenting opinions. Butler himself said “either engage fully in this pursuit towards justice at Mizzou or don’t comment.” To me, that is absurd and hypocritical. If you are protesting because you feel that nobody is listening to you, that you have been silenced, that you do not feel at home at the university you attend – who are you to attempt to silence anyone who has a different opinion? I believe that students and faculty alike have been coerced into supporting a movement they do not fully agree with because nobody will dare to express an opinion that isn’t in full accord with the movement. I have seen it all over social media – the moment someone expresses a rational opinion that even dares to criticize an aspect of the movement, the vultures attack.

If this is one Mizzou, then we ALL get to have an opinion on this and we are all entitled to express said opinions without being attacked. However, students, faculty, and administrators have all been intimidated into compliance by social justice warriors who allow only certain views and opinions to be voiced. We are not creating a free and open dialogue; instead, we are creating a climate where certain students are afraid to express their opinions for fear of extreme retaliation. The current movement headed by Concerned Student 1950 has done much more to divide our campus than it has done to unite us. Seriously, everyone (except a select crappy few) wants to end racism. Nobody wants their fellow students to feel marginalized, oppressed, or unsafe. However, the methods currently being used to combat racism at Mizzou are only dividing students. If we want to eradicate racism at Mizzou, we need to truly listen to each other and be willing to listen to everyone’s opinion – not just the opinions that we want to hear. We need to stand united in order to combat racism and other issues facing students successfully. We cannot stand united when only certain viewpoints are allowed into the discussion and others are simply dismissed and ignored.

The final straw for me was today, when multiple faculty members actually cancelled class in order to allow their students and themselves to attend protests. Any professor cancelling class to participate in a protest is withholding education from paying students. I may not be a part of Concerned Student 1950, but I am a paying student at the University of Missouri and this is my campus, too. I have a right to the education that I pay for. I have a right to express my opinion without being called uneducated, racist, or insensitive. We are all students at Mizzou, and like it or not, we ALL have a voice.

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Questions dwell on over-sensitive racial issues for political advantage

The St. Paul Public Schools district—paid for by the property owners in St. Paul—has issued a “white privilege survey.” It was contrived by the Pacific Educational Group, an activist organization dedicated to transforming “beliefs, behaviors, and results so people of all races can achieve at their highest levels and live their most empowered and powerful lives.”
The survey poses a number of questions supposedly designed to address “white privilege,” the idea some people have an advantage because they were born with white skin.
Let’s take a look at a few of the questions:
“If I should need to move, I can be pretty sure of a hassle-free renting or purchasing in an area in which I would want to live.”

Life is not “hassle-free” on many levels, but for the white privilege crowd only a hassle based on race is important. For instance, a landlord—a person who owns private property and rents it to individuals—may object to a potential renter for many reasons based on his or her subjective attitudes and experience. He may not like people with long hair or tattoos, or may object to the car she drives or where he works. The landlord may decide the potential renter is a financial risk based on a credit report and therefore decide not to rent to that individual. As the owner of private property, rejecting an applicant for any reason—including race—is his prerogative.
The same principle applies to purchasing. The person who owns items for sale—who paid for the items with her labor or savings—should be able to decide who she can sell the items to. However, doing this is now illegal under federal law: it is a crime for “public accommodations” to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin and the penalty is severe.
“I can turn on the television or open the front page of the newspaper and see people of my race widely and positively represented.”
Many people are negatively represented on television and on the pages of newspapers, but for the white privilege crowd this is only an issue if the person negatively portrayed is black. Daily white males are portrayed on television as childish and incompetent. The specific complaint here, however, is not that black people are portrayed by racial stereotype, but rather that many news reports on crime involve young black males. Black crime is a statistical reality, but to report this fact is viewed by the white privilege crowd as racist. In fact, it can be argued that the news media underplays and often ignores black-on-white crime.
“I can go into most supermarkets and find the staple foods which fit my racial/ethnic traditions; I can go into any hairdresser’s shop and find someone who can cut my hair.”
As a for-profit business, a supermarket stocks and sells items it has decided appeal and will sell to the majority of people. Moreover, it would be virtually impossible to sell items appealing to hundreds of different ethnic groups. Many cities, however, do have specialized supermarkets selling items for the needs of different ethnic groups. If we use the privilege argument, white people would be justified in demanding a store specializing in Chinese or Mexican food sell food preferred by their racial or ethnic group.
“I can arrange to protect my children (or children from my family) most of the time from people who might mistreat them because of their race.”
What about children who are mistreated because they are white, or obese, have a foreign accent, a deformity, or any number of other reasons? Why is this only an issue for black children? Bullying and violence are nearly epidemic in this culture, but for the white privilege folks this is only important when black children are abused. Mistreatment is only a valid concern when physical violence is used against an individual. Calling a person a derogatory name no matter how emotionally hurtful should not be a reason to criminalize speech.
“I can swear, dress in secondhand clothes, or not answer letters (?) without having people attribute these choices to the bad morals, the poverty, or the illiteracy of my race.”
These are choices made by individuals and as free individuals they have the right to engage in any behavior they wish so long as they do not use violence against others. It is impossible to change the subjective opinion of a person, especially if that person has no desire to change. Any attempt to do so by force or penalty would be immoral and criminal. And yet this is precisely what the white privilege crowd wants to do—force people to think as they do and, short of that, turn them into criminals and social outcasts.
The survey consists of more than two dozen questions, all dwelling on seriously over-sensitive racial issues, including, absurdly, the color of bandages.
The take-away is that the people who created the survey desire an idealized world where people do not notice differences between each other, regardless if those differences are considered positive or negative.
Finally, the goal of the survey is to engender a racist hierarchy where some people are more discriminated against than others despite the fact all of us are discriminated against for various reasons throughout our lives. The white privilege zealots would use this to gain political advantage and exclude and persecute people who do not accept their ideology. This sort of persecution—not necessarily based on race—was used in the 20th century to kill millions of people. It will be used in a similar fashion in the 21st if the white privilege crowd is allowed political advantage.

Black-only student meeting stirs racial controversy at high school…

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.26.17 PMBY JEFF EHLING

Updated 24 mins ago

Parents from one local high school now say school officials are stirring up problems where there aren’t any.

This morning, Klein Oak High School held what it called a Unity meeting. Some parents say they’re upset because only African-American students were allowed to attend.

“I asked my child not to attend the meeting,” said parent Latanya Rhodes.

Rhodes is not happy that Klein Oaks would hold a Unity meeting solely for African-American students, a meeting she knew nothing about until our reports this morning.

“I went on to Channel 13, watched the video that they had and then I had some concerns from there,” said Rhodes.

Rhodes says she’s upset because parents did not know about the meeting and were not allowed to attend once they showed up to the school this morning.

Rhodes says she’s never heard of racial problems at the school and administrators were not forthcoming about the content of the Unity meeting.

Opal Davis was initially upset too but did attend the meeting and has changed her mind.

“They want to make sure that the students are not being ignored and that they do have a voice and that they do have opportunities here to take advantage of,” said Davis.

Klein ISD gave us the following statement about the Unity meeting.

      Texas campus principals are charged with improving the academic performance of all students. They specifically must look at improving the performance of all sub-groups as defined by the state of Texas. In studying the test data, the Klein Oak principal found a need to work to close the achievement gaps in three sub-groups: economically disadvantaged students, English Language Learners and African American students.
      The school has been hosting a series of small student group meetings within these sub-groups to address their academic needs. These small group meetings led to great open dialogue resulting in a request from the African American students to hold the meeting today.
      All African American students were invited to today’s celebration meeting, termed Unity, Understanding the Needs and Interest of Today’s Youth but they were not required to attend. Topics revolved around how they can be successful academically and included motivational speakers followed by open dialogue. The intent of the meeting was to improve the academic performance of the students.
    Klein Oak High School’s philosophy is about servicing the students. Other examples of group meetings to meet student needs include holding an orientation for students coming to Klein Oak from other countries. The bottom line is when there is a need, Klein Oak seeks to meet that need. All students at Klein Oak are valued and their opinions are important.