Six Years Later, Not Even 1 Out of 10 Believe in President Obama’s Famous ‘Hope & Change’ Line…

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The Washington Post has a report on a new poll conducted by the AP that measured how enthusiastic voters are about the Obama presidency. What the AP found was that voters aren’t very enthusiastic about the Obama presidency anymore. Clearly, the magic has faded.

Here’s what they found:

The AP-GfK poll asked the approve/disapprove question, finding 17 percent of likely voters said they strongly approve of Obama and 44 percent strongly disapprove. But then it asked a separate — and we would argue, more enlightening — question about the Obama administration. It asked how people felt about it, and gave them four options: “enthusiastic,” “satisfied but not enthusiastic,” “dissatisfied but not angry,” and “angry.”

That would seem to be a pretty good analogue for the approve/disapprove question, but the answers are quite a bit different. While 17 percent of likely voters “strongly approve” of Obama, just 9 percent say they are “enthusiastic” about his administration.

On the other side, 34 percent say they are “angry” about Obama’s presidency. Again, that’s less than the 44 percent who “strongly disapprove” of Obama.
This has manifested itself in different ways. One of those ways is when Democrats walked out of an Obama speech this past weekend in Maryland. Another way is that some key Democrat constituencies are threatening to abandon Democrats.

Voters expect results and so far, Democrats haven’t delivered in six years of governing. A Gallup poll gives Republicans the lead on all major issues heading into the midterm elections in less than two weeks.

All good things, even vague appeals to “hope and change,” must come to an end.

City Bus Driver Has Mob of Thugs Beat and Pepper Spray White Family (Video)

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

“Riding While White”.

Nope, despite the media harping for years on the now-discredited “Driving While Black” fake ‘crisis’, you definitely won’t be hearing about this new term anytime soon, even though in just the past few months TRN has reported on many incidents of Whites getting a racial beat down on a public or school bus.

The latest case involved a White family victimized by a (now former) Baltimore city bus driver, Karen Murphy, who appeared in court last week to face charges of assault and conspiracy for arranging for a mob of Black high school students, to attack the family over a verbal altercation between Murphy and two passengers.

The victims, Christopher Fisher, his girlfriend Kristina Gibson and their 9 year-old son Logan, were all violently beaten and pepper sprayed by the group of Black thugs after they exited the bus at their stop. Murphy kept the bus waiting during the assault and then allowed the mob back onto the bus and drove away, leaving the victims behind on the sidewalk.

As reported by WBALTV 11 news, the incident stemmed from the family merely not being able to move back on the crowded bus as was instructed by Murphy. When one of the victims, Christopher Fisher, attempted to explain that they could not move due to the overly crowded conditions, Murphy became enraged and got out of her seat to threaten Fisher and his girlfriend with physical violence.


According to charging documents, police were able to review video from the bus, which included audio of the exchange. The video showed the bus beginning to get crowded and that Murphy told everyone to move to the back of the bus.

According to the video, Fisher told Murphy that the bus was too crowded to do so, and the two exchanged words, with Murphy saying, “If you would have gotten your (expletive) off you wouldn’t be having these problems. You better watch the way you’re talking to me. … Come up here and I’ll show you what I’ll do. You better get your ass way back there in the back.”

Eventually, Murphy pulled the bus over.

“She pulled the bus over, got out of her seat belt, stood up screaming in both of our faces, ‘Don’t tell me how to do my job. If you have a problem, come across this line and I’ll knock you the F out,’” Gibson said.

Court documents said at that point, some teen boys on the bus began yelling with Murphy for the family to get off the bus. The documents said Murphy kept one of the teens by her, and one of the teens could be heard on the video yelling “Call them up.” Gibson told police that she saw Murphy make a phone call.

Two bus stops later, Gibson said a large number of Mergenthaler Vo-Tech and Academy for College and Career Exploration students boarded the bus.

“The school kids immediately came up to her and began speaking like they knew each other. We weren’t too far away from her, so we could hear, and she said to them, ‘I don’t care where they get off. You handle that (expletive) and I’ll take care of you. I’ll wait for you,’” Gibson recalled.

“She actually let these children get off of this bus and beat me and my family for at least three minutes, then let them get back on, get weapons, get back off and back on again, and then took off with every one of them that did it,” victim Kristina Gibson told 11 News reporter Lowell Melser.

“As soon as the doors opened, they hit my boyfriend on the back of the head with something,” Gibson said.

“I was really scared,” 9-year-old Logan told 11 News. He said he tried to defend his mother but couldn’t. “I tried to get the girl that was beating her up off of her, and she turned around and pepper-sprayed me.”

Unbelievable. A organized, criminal act, backed up by video surveillance — which authorities refuse to release to the public.

WATCH the local media report, in which the reporters go to every length imaginable to avoid mentioning the races involved, and even fail to report that the schools involved are each over 90% Black…

According to reporter Shae Wetherall,

Murphy watched the assault and yelled several times, “Yeah, that’s what you get.” After the teens were finished with the beating, they got back on the bus, and Murphy drove away, offering the victims no assistance, police said.

Gibson told police that she had been choked by the teens and that they had banged her head on the ground and ripped out her earrings. Fisher told police that he had eye problems for a few days after the attack due to the pepper spray, and that Gibson lost a few teeth and had to go to a local hospital for seizures.

Gibson and Fisher said after they reported the incident to the MTA, they got the run-around, and it wasn’t until two months later that detectives came to visit them.

Top Right News asked authorities Baltimore Police if this would be charged as a hate crime, and we were told, after 2 days of delays, that there was no evidence to suggest race was a factor. Unbelievable. You just imagine the public and media outcry over the incident (and police delay in investigating it) if the races were reversed.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.



“What role did his lack of privilege play in the treatment he received?”


Rev. Jesse Jackson joined Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price Tuesday in labeling the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, the United States’ first Ebola patient, as racism.

According to Price, who first made the accusation to reporters earlier this week, the first dismissal of Duncan from the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was due to racism and lack of “privilege,” not error by medical staff.

“It is historical what has happened in this community,” Price said. “If a person who looks like me shows up without any insurance, they don’t get the same treatment.”

Jackson also repeated the sentiment later that day in a piece for The Huffington Post, arguing that Duncan was treated more as a criminal rather than a patient.

“Duncan has a foreign accent, black skin, and no health insurance,” Jackson wrote. “From a theological perspective, Thomas Eric Duncan is one of our brothers described by Jesus as the ‘least of these.’ What role did his lack of privilege play in the treatment he received?”

In response to the comment, state and federal authorities announced that an investigation into the hospital’s practices could take place.

Speaking with CBS Dallas, Texas Health Resources spokesperson Candace White staunchly denied the claim.

“Duncan was treated the way any other patient would have been treated, regardless of nationality or ability to pay for care,” she said. “We have a long history of treating a multicultural community in this area.”

Similarly, liberal journalists have now begun to claim that the term “#Obola,” a viral meme used to point out the President’s failed response to the virus, is racist as well.

“The attempt to diffuse any criticism of Obama by playing the race card is by no means a new phenomenon, and has been utilized innumerable times over the years to demonize opposing voices,” notes Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson.

While the countless fumbles and delayed response from health officials should absolutely be questioned, local residents were hard pressed to follow Price and Jackson’s narrative.

“How is this a race issue? The man lied! He’s a health risk,” Dallas resident Stephanie Nealey Presby said. “Still gave the man antibiotics, so they did render services! As far as how the man is being treated, why don’t his family show some sympathy for the several individuals he came in contact with from 4 DIFFERENT AIRPORTS and in DALLAS COUNTY?!?!?”

While the treatment of the black community, most notably by the government, should be taken into consideration in certain scenarios, Jesse Jackson’s history of absurd racial comments, including the claim that a black man is not a true black man if he votes against Obamacare, continue to delegitimize real racial issues.

Mexican President says Anti-Immigration Americans Are Racist!


Of course Americans are racist. It’s the tired old way to make anyone you disagree with shut up, because how can you defend it. Then you get to declare victory and do a little dance.

blockquote>Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto said the anti-immigration views of many Americans is racist.

Zakaria asked, “When you hear some of the anti-immigrant language, the rhetoric, do you think it’s racist?”

Nieto answered, “I think it’s discriminatory, yes, and I think it’s unfortunate for a country whose formation and historic origin relies so much on the migration flows of many parts, Europe and Asia, for instance. I think this is a country whose origin to a great extent is one of migration and that’s why it’s unfortunate to hear this exclusionary and discriminatory tones regarding migration flows into the United States.”

“Today we have to recognize that the migration that comes from Mexico to the United States has fallen. There is a lower number of migrants to balance between those who are coming to the United States and that’s going back to Mexico is practically a zero balance today, and that reflects the fact that in Mexico we are opening greater opportunities for those who don’t want to leave their country or those who have no need to go looking for a new opportunity of personal or professional growth,” he added.

Aaaand back to reality. Maybe we are trying to stop the invasion of your citizens into our country. If México is so fabulous then why are so many people paying thousands to be snuck in? Why do so many illegally cross? Actually, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the CITIZENS of the country you cry “RACIST!” to are fed up and want actual immigration enforcement- and no more immigration invasion. get a clue, México.