*(CAN THIS GENTLE GIANT BE SAVE?)* Mom turns in son, 15, after seeing photos of attacker in Blue Line sex assault

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Surveillance photos of a male police say is suspected in the robbery and sexual assault of a woman aboard a Blue Line train Monday, April 20, 2015. (Chicago Police Department)

A woman who boarded a CTA train in Oak Park on Monday afternoon was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by a 15-year-old boy, Cook County prosecutors said Thursday.

The entire incident on the eastbound Blue Line train was captured on CTA video that clearly showed middle school student DeShawn Isabelle’s face, prosecutors said.

Isabelle’s mother recognized him from surveillance photos released publicly by the CTA after the attack, confronted her son and then took him to authorities Wednesday morning, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Joe DiBella.

The woman, 41, suffered a concussion and cuts and bruises all over her body as Isabelle repeatedly struck her in an otherwise empty “L” car, DiBella said. He also stole $2,000 in cash she planned to wire back to her family in Southeast Asia, he said.

Isabelle, who was charged as an adult, used the money to buy clothes and junk food and pay for graduation expenses, DiBella said.

Judge James Brown ordered him held on $1 million bail on felony charges of aggravated sexual assault and robbery.

The woman boarded the train at the Oak Park station at 3:10 p.m. Monday, entering a car containing only Isabelle, who boarded the train in Forest Park, according to DiBella.

Isabelle walked up from behind the woman and began punching her in the head, DiBella said. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor, where she crouched in a fetal position in an effort to protect herself as Isabelle pummeled her with punches to her face and head, according to the prosecutor.

The teen groped the woman, sexually assaulted her and then sat on her head and continued beating her, he said.

When the train stopped at the next station, Isabelle held the woman down to keep her from getting up, DiBella said. No one boarded the car.

Isabelle continued to punch, kick and stomped on the woman as she lay face down, demanding money from her, DiBella said. He then took the $2,000 from her purse and stole her iPhone.

Once Isabelle exited the train at the Cicero stop, the woman pulled an emergency button on the train, DiBella said.

After his mother turned him in to authorities, Isabelle confessed to beating the woman, sexually assaulting and robbing her, DiBella said.

Police recovered the victim’s phone after Isabelle told them where he discarded it. A search of his home also found the jacket Isabelle was captured on video wearing at the time of the attack, DiBella said.

Following the bond hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, Isabelle’s mother declined to comment but later began shouting at DiBella as he read the prosecution’s version of the case in front of TV news cameras.

Officers arrest a suspect in connection with the CTA Blue Line assault on Wednesday afternoon, April 22, 2015. (WGN TV)

“Don’t talk that (expletive) about my child,” she said, before being told to leave by a sheriff’s deputy. “Quit talking all of that (expletive) on the (expletive) news.”

School District Excludes All White Students From Third-Grade Field Trips To Local Colleges *(MORE BLACK PRIVILEGED)*

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Education Editor

Public school officials in South Bend, Ind. are segregating elementary schools students by race and ferrying black students — and only black students — on visits to local colleges.

The students facing racial segregation in America in the year 2015 are third graders at seven elementary schools, reports local ABC affiliate WBND.

School district officials say they do not intend for the taxpayer-funded reenactment of Jim Crow-era race segregation to be discriminatory. Instead, they say, the intent is to inform black students about college because low numbers of black students attend college.

“I want these third graders to have the opportunity to think of themselves as college students,” G. David Moss, director of African-American student and parent services, told WBND.

“We take them to a college campus, have them meet African-American students, modeling the idea that as a black person, college is a great place,” Moss explained.

“It was not meant to be exclusionary,” Moss said. “It was only meant to support and give these kids what they need to think positively about themselves and about their future.”

Opinion among parents in South Bend is split about their children being treated differently because of skin color.

Some parents don’t want their children to suffer racial discrimination.


“I feel like all kids should be going,” parent Deirdra Mullings told the ABC affiliate.

Mullings has a son who will go on one of the field trips.

“It creates a double standard,” agreed parent Kelley Garing. “I just think it breeds intolerance and creates misunderstandings.”

Other parents are not bothered.

“I don’t think it’s a race issue, I think they’re giving black children a chance,” parent Erika Herron told WBND.

“It’s letting them know that there’s something else out here besides being out here in these streets,” she added.

The first field trip to Ivy Tech Community College was scheduled for Thursday.

There is another field trip to Bethel College on Monday, April 20.

It is not clear if the third-grade students will be taking a trip to the University of Notre Dame.

Instances in taxpayer-funded public schools which involve purposeful segregation of black students — directed by adult employees — are becoming increasingly common.

In February, for example, the only black teacher at Benicia Middle School in Benicia, Calif. organized a special, unsanctioned, blacks-only assembly during school hours at which she screened a YouTube clip about the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and distributed a survey concerning racial issues. School officials found out only when black parents complained that their children had been segregated. (RELATED: Middle School Teacher Organizes Segregated, BLACKS-ONLY Assembly)

Also in February, Oak Park and River Forest High School in the suburbs of Chicago hosted a “Black Lives Matter” event exclusively for black students. The principal, Nathaniel Rouse, defended his decision to exclude white students by saying that school officials were not “trying to be exclusive” by excluding students based on skin color.

BREAKING: Shocking 1995 Video Surfaces of Barack Obama Revealing Who He REALLY Is [VIDEO]

President Barack Obama has long fought to minimize his association with his mentor during his teens, known communist Frank Marshall Davis.

In his book “Dreams From My Father,” the future president refused to refer to his mentor as anything other than “Frank.” In the audiobook version of “Dreams,” Obama went further and excised all references to “Frank.”

However, thanks to the Internet, things are seldom buried forever. In this clip from 1995, the future president is on his book tour at the Cambridge Public Library. He’s not only open about just who “Frank” is, he talks about how the man “schooled” him on how racist white people were.

The clip below shows Obama’s stunning admission.

As he goes into his reading, he explains that the portion is about “me having a conversation with a close friend of my maternal grandfather, a close friend of gramps, a black man from Kansas, named Frank, actually at the time a fairly well-known poet named Frank Marshall Davis, who had moved to Hawaii and lived there.

“And so I have a discussion with him about the kinds of frustrations I’m having, and he sorts of schools me that I should get used to these frustrations,” Obama said.

The passage itself isn’t exactly free from controversial material. In it, Obama described how his worldview as a teenager held that “any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning,” inasmuch as they were all racist.a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page

He also equates calling someone who held this worldview “paranoid” equivalent to calling him the n-word.

Frank Marshall Davis, of course, was a former member of the Communist Party USA who managed to earn a 600-page dossier of his activities from the FBI as well as a place on the bureau’s “security index,” essentially meaning he could have been arrested at any time.

Marshall’s poetry included one lovely passage where he called Jesus the n-word, as well. (H/T Red Flag News)

While Obama’s managed to keep his association with Frank Marshall Davis out of the spotlight for long enough to earn himself both election and re-election, one wonders how many Americans would have voted for Obama if this had been public knowledge in 2008.

Of course, this all was public knowledge, if you knew where to look. The media certainly did, but didn’t bother to inform us.

We’re all paying the price now.

Here’s the full video of Obama’s speech: