ISIS lost most of its ammunition & heavy vehicles in Russian airstrikes – military


Islamic State militants have lost “most” of their ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment in Russian airstrikes, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday. At least 86 ISIS targets were hit during 88 sorties in the last 24 hours.

Sukhoi Su-24M and Su-34 bombers, together with Su-25SM ground support aircrafts targeted Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) sites in the provinces of Raqqah, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo, according to the ministry. The jets hit command posts, ammunition and armament depots, military vehicles, plants producing explosives, field camps and bases.


Su-24M bombers also targeted an IS field headquarters near the city of Anadan in the province of Aleppo from which the terrorists coordinated their activities. There was an ammunition depot at the site, the ministry said.

One more IS field post was destroyed near the city of al-Bab in Aleppo Province.


A new set of videos was released showing targets hit in Latakia and Hama.

An Su-34 bomber airstrike completely destroyed a bunker with an ammunition depot near Latamna in the province of Hama, the ministry said in a press release.

According to intercepted communications, the militants suffer from shortages of ammunition, small arms and grenade guns. Several commanders allegedly say they will withdraw their units unless their ammunition needs are satisfied.

Russian airstrikes resulted in the elimination of the majority of ISIS ammunition, heavy vehicles and equipment,” the Defense Ministry tweeted.

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“An eye for an eye,” the al-Nusra statement declared


After the U.S. provided “insurgents” in Syria with tons for ammunition and weapons, the Russian embassy in Damascus was struck by two rockets.

AFP reports claim the rockets were fired by “Islamist rebels” from the eastern edge of the capital.

Around 300 people were outside the embassy demonstrating in support of Russia’s effort to bolster the al-Assad government and target jihadi and other U.S. and Saudi proxies.

No deaths or injuries were reported.

The attack followed a call by al-Nusra to kill Russians. The jihadi terrorist organization collaborates with and receives arms from U.S. “vetted” groups in Syria.

“If the Russian army kills the people of Syria, then kill their people. And if they kill our soldiers, then kill their soldiers. An eye for an eye,” declared Abu Mohamed al-Jolani, the head of al-Nusra in Syria.

Jolani called on the “heroic Mujahideen” in the Caucuses to attack Russians.

He also offered a bounty for “whoever kills Bashar al-Assad and ends his story, even if he is of his own people and family.”

In addition, he offered a reward for the assassination of Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Israel has continued to target Syrian targets in the Golan.

“In response to the rocket fire, IDF artillery targeted two military posts of the Syrian Armed Forces in the central Syrian Golan Heights,” an Israeli army statement said on Tuesday.

Is President Obama wiping his hands of the Syrian program?

Reaction from the All-Star panel
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Unbelievable! obama is such a bullshitter! He admits to funding and training terrorists groups, admits to wasting american TAX PAYER dollars, while earlier in the Syrian campaign obama and the united states government denied any involvement. The government of this country, united states is a travesty and dismal failure!

I don’t know why Americans are not outraged by Obama’s arming moderate terrorists. Not just that, we are giving them money, training, and moral support. I don’t think it can get any more Anti-American than this.

Dont give that Crack Head another dime !!! Throw him in prison for funding al-qaeda, Isis, the Taliban, Hezbollah and Muslim extremist just to name a few… Don’t forget bombing hospitals and thats just the tip of the iceberg… That homosexual is bad news and so is his husban.. He must be severely punished for his crimes!!!

Obama airdrops 50 tons of ammo to ‘moderate Al Qaeda’ in Syria, Islamic State Seizes U.S. Missiles in Iraq

moderate al qaeda

The Obama administration just airdropped 50 tons of ammo for Syrian rebels, also known as “moderate al Qaeda,” after his “moderate” training mission ended in abject failure. The US spent 500 million dollars to train 4 or 5 fighters. That’s a catastrophic failure. This massive ammo drop comes amidst reports that ISIS has a large cache of U.S. weapons and missiles.

Obama is arming the jihadists, but wants to take our guns away.

Iraqi forces combatting IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) are said to have found a stockpile of U.S. weapons, including ammunition and anti-armor missiles, hidden at sites controlled by terrorist forces,

s Obama taking on Putin or aiding ISIS or both? Obama is pouring kerosene into a raging fire.

Who is Obama giving this weapons load to? The same jihadists who have turned over their American-made arms to ISIS. Previously Obama armed the “Syrian rebels,” and many of these arms fell into the hands of ISIS, and the Syrian rebels he armed have the same jihad goal that ISIS does. The US military has admitted that Syrian rebels exchanged US-equipment with al-Qaeda. Why re-arm ISIS?

And in Iraq, these people he has supported and armed become the enemy. This is ridiculous and incoherent.

The Islamic supremacists and their apologists have been ridiculing me for saying that Obama is the most dangerous man in the world. But he is, and I stand by that statement.

“US military airdrops 50 tons of ammo for Syrian fighters, after training mission ends,” By Lucas Tomlinson, October 12, 2015,

US halts rebel training as Russia escalates Syria presence

The U.S. military airdropped 50 tons of small arms ammo and grenades in northern Syria on Sunday, a senior defense official told Fox News, representing the Pentagon’s shift from training rebel fighters to equipping them.

Coming just two days after the Defense Department announced it was effectively ending its current training program, the airdrop delivery was made Sunday by four C-17 transport aircraft. The 112 pallets contained ammunition for M-16s and AK-47s.

“All the pallets reached friendly forces,” the official said, adding that the drop “looked similar to what we did in Kobani.” This referred to one of the few bright spots in the war against the Islamic State when the U.S. military dropped weapons to Syrian Kurdish fighters, known as the YPG, who successfully expelled ISIS from the Turkish-Syrian border town of Kobani earlier this year.

This time, the official said Syrian Kurds were not recipients of the U.S. airdrop — only Syrian Arabs fighting ISIS. There is sensitivity in Washington over arming Syrian Kurds, whom Turkey sees as an enemy but the U.S. counts as a NATO ally. The 50 tons of supplies were airdropped into Al-Hasakah province, home to Syrian Kurds, Arabs and a minority Assyrian community. The ammunition originally was intended for the U.S. military’s “train and equip” mission, the official said. But that program was canceled last week.

Report: Islamic State Seizes U.S. Missiles in Iraq, Washington Free Beacon, October 12, 2015

The Pentagon acknowledged on Monday that Iraqi forces could have discovered a cache of U.S. weapons and missiles seized by Islamic State (IS) militants operating in the country, according to U.S. officials and regional media reports.

Iraqi forces combatting IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) are said to have found a stockpile of U.S. weapons, including ammunition and anti-armor missiles, hidden at sites controlled by terrorist forces, according to foreign military sources who spoke to Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency. This is said to include a “huge volume” of advanced TOW II anti-tank missiles.

When asked to address the reports on Monday, a Pentagon official acknowledged that U.S. weapons had gone missing last year, but denied that the United States was intentionally arming IS or its affiliates in the region.

“As you may recall, when ISIL overran Iraqi positions last year, we were aware of ISIL capturing some Iraqi weapons and equipment that had been supplied by the U.S. to Iraqi forces,” the official said. “However, the claims that U.S. and Coalition forces are directly supplying ISIL with any weapons, equipment, or ammunition are completely false.”

Fars claimed the U.S. weapons and ammunition were discovered over the weekend near the Iraqi city of Fallujah and that they had been “airdropped” into the area by American forces.

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Sweden’s anti-immigration party now in first place. Why?

Sweden is the rape capital of the world. Ezra Levant of explains why:

Sweden welcomes thousands of Islamic “refugees” every year, who don’t share the nation’s famously progressive and peaceful views. What’s worse, many white liberal Swedish judges excuse these crimes due to the rapists’ cultural background.

However, ordinary Swedes have just put the country’s anti-immigration party in first place. Their popularity has doubled in one year. It’s impossible to dismiss these and other Scandinavians as “racists,” as the Left is trying to do.

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You cannot just decide to ignore the law — and yet this is happening in “sanctuary” cities Hamilton and Toronto. SIGN THE PETITION to end “sanctuary” cities for criminals:

Who are Canada’s radical Muslim leaders?
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I’m swedish. He is telling the truth to 100 %.

I like that we in Sweden are kind and accepting, but our politicians and the general public lack the necessary enough barrier, we’ve become too comfortable, we’ve forgot how to tell people “that’s fucking enough.”

58% of the Swedish population want to decrease immigration. Yet only 1 party out of 8 in parliament agree with the population, and that’s the Sweden Democrats. It’s not shocking in the slightest that they have grown. Racism in Sweden isn’t increasing, the word is just being used more often to describe everything that’s an uncomfortable truth.

Lets face the facts. Sweden’s primary immigration issues are a result of the flood of Muslims. If this comment is considered racist then I guess I’m racist.