It’s Time To Crush Planned Parenthood

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Stacy Washington
Host, Stacy on the Right

The defense of Planned Parenthood by the media and politicians is disheartening and disgusting. New videos released last week by the Center for Medical Progress prove that doctors and executives working for Planned Parenthood have committed gruesome crimes that makeDr. Gosnell’s clinic of horrors look tame. Planned Parenthood Federation CEO Cecile Richards has vehemently denied any charges of profiting over the sale of ‘fetal tissue’ a sanitized way of describing aborted baby body parts, yet the videos show clear evidence otherwise.

In the very first video by CMP, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Director of Medical Services Dr. Nucatola states between gulps of wine and mouthfuls of salad:

“We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

This appears to be crushing evidence of a callous indifference for human life and the constraints of federal laws banning late term abortion on the part of PPFA’s leadership.

CMP footage of clinic directors haggling over prices, jokingly discussing luxury vehicle purchases from the resulting profits and gruesome images of bloody pie dishes, disprove critics who suggest the videos were heavily edited. Technicians are trained to sort through the body parts in the pie dishes with tweezers, separating and locating the valuable bits to secure them for sale to Stem Partners.

In anticipation of a video showing three top executives from Stem Partners at lunch discussing procuring babies born alive and killed for sale of their organs, the company secured an injunction preventing release of the footage. No matter, discussion of “intact remains” is included in other footage already released to the public.

Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood of Colorado features prominently in the fourth video; as a technician sorts through fetal remains in a petri dish, their V.P and Medical Director negotiates the sale of baby body parts. In an unrelated development Alliance Defending Freedom filed a complaint against Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood after learning of a 13-year-old girl brought in for an abortion by her rapist/sexual predator. Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood performed the abortion but didn’t report the abuse. Criminal.

Then there’s the spending; $548 million dollars of taxpayer funds are sent to Planned Parenthood on a yearly basis. Another $612 million dollars earmarked for “reproductive health services” go to USAID for abortions abroad.

Senator Harry Reid, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest and a host of politicians have begun trotting out the “you wish to destroy women’s health services” defense. Are they unaware that the Affordable Care Act provides for each and every service that Planned Parenthood does and all of the others that they do not?

Lest we forget, Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms. They do perform cursory breast exams, which they call screenings, which most women perform on themselves on a monthly basis. STD testing, pap smears, prescriptions for birth control, can all be obtained from an actual doctor of obstetrics and gynecology through Medicaid, a plan through the ACA or at a free clinic of which there are over 9,000 operating in the U. S.

Planned Parenthood has begun circulating information to rally their supporters, some of whom are reeling with disgust from the latest allegations. They claim that they see 2.7 million patients a year, and defunding them would leave a gaping hole in the reproductive health care system. Of course there is an alternative that is more numerous than Planned Parenthood and comes without all of the intendant human body part trafficking baggage: Community Health Centers.

According to Planned Parenthood’s own website (accessed 7/19/205 before the so called “hacking”) they currently operate 666 facilities, some states having only one facility. In stark contrast there are 9,069 federally funded Community Health Centers operating in all 50 states.

Although the abortion giant has taken to whining about defunding efforts; don’t be fooled, they are a formidable enemy. Planned Parenthood has assets in excess of $1.4 billion and excess revenue of $124 million. The $528 million in taxpayer dollars amounts to roughly one third of their income. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards makes well over $500,000 dollars a year. Planned Parenthood is a funnel for taxpayer dollars to Democrats. In 2014, the abortion giant spent 15 million on Democratic candidates, which is why not one of the Democrats in the Senate or House is willing to join an effort to defund.

The affordable care act permits individual state exchanges to award grants to Planned Parenthood, prompting the Washington, DC exchange to award Planned Parenthood $375,000 dollars of taxpayer funds, kind of like a kickoff gift to celebrate the passage and implementation of the ACA.

Americans have had enough of the excuses and whitewashing of what is clearly an organized crime syndicate hell-bent on selling human baby parts for cash. Instead of crushing unborn babies for their parts as Dr. Nucatola so disgustingly described, we should crush Planned Parenthood out of existence, by defunding it and prosecuting its executives for their criminal behavior.

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Politics: GOP House member files resolution to remove Boehner as Speaker

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The start of something?

This is a first. No member of the House of Representatives has ever filed a resolution to remove the Speaker of the House. The resolution is going nowhere, you understand, because the proscibed process puts it in front of a committe that’s packed with Boehner loyalists who will simply bury it and most likely not even offer a response.

Does that mean it’s a waste-of-time stunt that has no chance of making any impact whatsoever? Depends. That’s what leadership loyalist types will certainly say. And without more House members willing to get on board, file similar resolutions or throw their support behind this one, they’re surely right. But there’s a strong case to be made for Boehner’s removal, and a movement to make it happen could indeed go somewhere if more Republicans follow the leader of Mark Meadows:

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., filed the resolution — a “motion to vacate the chair” — late Tuesday, claiming that he “has endeavored to consolidate power and centralize decision-making, bypassing the majority of the 435 Members of Congress and the people they represent.”

The proposal was referred to a committee stocked with leadership loyalists, and therefore unlikely to emerge.

The motion says that Boehner has caused the power of Congress to atrophy, “thereby making Congress subservient to the Executive and Judicial branches, diminishing the voice of the American People.”

The motion also claims that Boehner has used the power of his office to “punish Members who vote according to their conscience instead of the will of the Speaker.”

Last month, the leadership briefly stripped Meadows of his subcommittee chairmanship over his votes but later relented after conservatives objected.

The resolution could place House Democrats in a difficult, and unusual, position. Democrats would face a dilemma of either voting to help preserve Boehner – with whom they have frequently clashed – or backing House conservatives and gambling on pandemonium by helping to throw Boehner out.

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Here’s the thing: Boehner is not going to actually be removed through a process like this. There will always be enough House members willing to protect him if he wants to stay on. But if opposition to him becomes large enough and vocal enough, he might have no choice but to voluntarily step down in recognition of the fact that he simply doesn’t have the support of his caucus anymore.

But there are problems with that. One is that no credible challenge has really been made when his opponents have had the chance at the start of any congressional session. Granted, there was some limited drama earlier this year about whether Boehner could get majority support on the first vote, but I think it was largely for show. There were never enough Republicans willing to throw the speakership into question, despite the misgivings many of them had about Boehner. If you really want the guy out, someone who represents a credible alternative needs to step up, and Boehner’s opponents need to join in getting behind that person. So far that hasn’t happened.

Also, a serious movement to oust Boehner isn’t going to gain steam behind the way he punishes members by stripping them of committee assignments or whatever. The public doesn’t care about that. But the public could and should care about Boehner’s endless capitulation to Obama and Harry Reid on matters like regular-order budgeting and Obama’s continued flouting of the law with no real consequence from Congress. That’s one of the items addressed in the story above. Boehner has been so weak in his assertion of the power of the legislative branch, he’s virtually neutered it as any sort of check against the power of the executive branch. That’s a serious dereliction of duty.

And it all comes down to fear. There’s a lot Boehner could do to tie Obama’s hands when he thumbs his nose at the law and at the constitutional limits on his power, but he knows he can’t do those things without experiencing a media onslaught and claims that he waants to “shut down the government.” All of which is nonsense, of course. The only reason a government shutdown ever comes into play is that Obama threatens to take his ball and go home whenever he doesn’t get what he wants, and the media figures that because Republicans know Obama will do that, they’re the ones shutting down the government if they don’t keep the king happy.

It’s mind-blowingly absurd, but it works because we don’t have a Speaker who knows how to fight the battle – or even wants to. Mark Meadows isn’t going to get Boehner removed via this resolution alone, but if he uses the attention he gets by doing this to publicly make the case that the House needs a real leader, and why, he just might set a dynamic in motion that would put Boehner in a position where he has to step aside.

Then, of course, we’d need a majority of House Republicans getting behind someone who not only is willing to really fight – but actually knows how to do so. You tell me: Who is that guy?

McConnell’s vision of ‘governing’ drags GOP astray

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The Export-Import Bank is in liquidation. A majority of Republican Senators want to keep it that way — the chairman of the Banking Committee included. Every serious and semi-serious GOP presidential candidate agrees. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., agrees.

So why did McConnell use a heavy parliamentary hand to give President Obama his demand — that a bill restarting the export-subsidy agency be inserted into an unrelated highway bill?

For conservative hill staffers and activists, McConnell’s actions are just one more sell-out — one more time the majority leader has stuck it to conservatives and cut a deal with the enemy. McConnell’s maneuvers triggered a fire-spitting speech last Friday from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in which he blamed the leader for running a Senate that only listens to “the Washington cartel — the lobbyists on K Street, the big money and big corporations.”

Cruz’s speech triggered a barrage of spite towards McConnell, and revived complaints that McConnell’s main goal is to stick it to conservatives. While this demonology of McConnell satisfies and motivates the Tea Party, it misses a simpler — and thus likely better — way to understand McConnell.

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The key word, if you’re trying to understand McConnell’s conduct as majority leader is “governing.”

McConnell wants to prove that the Republican Party can govern. He believes, and wants to demonstrate, that Congressional dysfunction hasn’t been the fault of Congress as a whole, but the fault of Democrats — specifically, his predecessor as majority leader, Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Next fall, when Hillary Clinton and her proxies in the media point to government shutdowns to argue that Republicans aren’t mature enough be left in charge, McConnell wants to point to two legislative years full of accomplishments. Already, he boasts of passing a budget (something Harry Reid basically never did), an update of No Child Left Behind, Trade Promotion Authority and a permanent “doc fix.”

This week, McConnell is trying to add a long-term highway bill to that list of accomplishments. The White House, Senate Democrats, and some Boeing-state Republicans have told McConnell they’ll sink the highway bill if Ex-Im isn’t tacked on. McConnell wants a highway bill to pass more than he wants Ex-Im to stay dead, so he cleared a path for Ex-Im — even though it required Reid-like tactics of blocking other amendments.

Governing, in McConnell’s mind, also includes consensus building and fair play. So while filling the amendment tree on highways to protect Ex-Im isn’t quite fair play, the alternative would be blocking a vote on Ex-Im, although nearly two thirds of Senators want to revive the subsidy agency.

Finally, parties that can govern actually meet deadlines instead of repeatedly passing short-term patches. That’s why he prioritized a permanent doc fix, and that’s why he has been loath to pass the House’s short-term highway bill.

From a simply political perspective, there are reasons to question McConnell’s strategy. The electorate complains about dysfunctional Congress, but are they really going to reward a Congress that passes small-fry bills that most regular people will never hear about?

Then there’s the policy strategy: Can you possibly set the stage for an agenda of shrinking government by passing a bunch of bills that mostly increase government — restarting an expired subsidy agency, increasing Medicare spending and increasing federal spending and revenue through a highway bill?

Compromise is part of governing, McConnell will say when assailed by Tea Party critics, and conservatives need to be ready to give some in order to get some. But not everyone seems to be giving and getting equally in McConnell’s Senate.

Trade, Ex-Im, highway spending — these all happen to be the priorities of U.S. Chamber of Commerce and K Street lobbyists. When The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by two former Senate majority leaders praising McConnell for getting the Senate “functioning properly” it was noteworthy that the authors, Trent Lott and Bob Dole, are both K Street lobbyists.

One shouldn’t tag McConnell as an agent of K Street. It’s just that if a Republican sets out to be compromise-minded, to pass bills with bipartisan appeal, and to avoid ruffling feathers when possible, he’s apt to end up advancing the sort of big-business-big-government policies that corporate lobbyists want.

Cruz is right when he says Washington is a cartel enriching the insiders, but he goes overboard when he attacks McConnell’s motives as cronyist. It’s not a matter of a corrupt leader. It’s a matter of a corrupt system. K Street simply provides the path of least resistance for a leader trying to “get things done.”

And because McConnell is an old-breed Republican, he may not see the alternative that sits before him: dismantling the structure of special favors that Reid, Obama and Republicans of old have built for the insiders.

Put another way: You can build bipartisanship with Dan Coats and Mark Warner, or you can build bipartisanship with Ron Wyden and Pat Toomey. There’s bipartisan support for handouts, but there’s also bipartisan support for ending handouts.

If McConnell wants to run the Senate so as to earn the voting public’s trust, he needs to show that he doesn’t let K Street call the shots.

Step one would be standing with his party’s majority and its presidential field, and keeping the Export-Import Bank good and dead.

McConnell Angers Conservatives By Blocking Defunding Planned Parenthood, Kate’s Law

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has never been a favorite of conservatives. Those who see him as a “squishy” compromiser more interested in placating President Barack Obama and K Street lobbyists than the Republican base had more fuel tossed on that fire when he blocked amendments to the Highway Bill Tea Party members wholeheartedly support.

One amendment would defund Planned Parenthood, the nationwide abortion provider which receives more than a half billion dollars in taxpayer subsidies annually. McConnell has previously said he supports defunding Planned Parenthood, which was recently the subject of undercover sting videos in which executives with the organization can be heard discussing the sale of organs from aborted babies. But the leader blocked an amendment to the Highway Bill that would have defunded the organization.

McConnell used a tactic called “filling the tree,” made popular by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid when he was majority leader to block Republicans from being able to offer amendments to Democratic bills. “Filling the Tree” is when the allotted time for amendments is loaded by the leader, generally with small, insignificant measures favored by the majority leader, who controls the process, crowding out everyone else.

“Filling the tree” was roundly decried by Republicans when Democrats controlled the Senate because it blocked their ability to offer any amendments, popular on a bipartisan basis or not, to any legislation the Senate was considering. McConnell ran and was reelected to his Senate seat on returning the Senate to “regular order” after years of tight control and power consolidation under the Democrats. Now he is using the same tactic against his own party.

On the floor of the Senate Friday, Texas Sen. and GOP candidate for president Ted Cruz blasted McConnell’s move. “There are a host of amendments that the American people are focused on, things like defunding Planned Parenthood after the gruesome video,” Cruz said. “The majority leader doesn’t want to vote on that. That’s actually something the American people are focused on.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.25.07 PM

In response to critics, McConnell agreed to “fast-track” a stand-alone bill that would defund Planned Parenthood. But a stand-alone bill would be subject to filibuster, requiring 60 votes to proceed, rather than as an amendment that would only need 50 to be included in the Highway Bill.

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According to The Hill, McConnell ruled the Planned Parenthood amendment not germane to the Highway Bill and that’s why it was blocked.

McConnell apparently made the same determination for “Kate’s Law.” Named after Kate Steinle, a 32-year-old woman who was allegedly shot and killed by an illegal alien who had seven felony convictions and had been deported five times in San Francisco, it would impose a mandatory five-year prison term on any illegal alien convicted of a violent felony if they’d been previously deported.

McConnell blocked that too.

An amendment the Majority Leader did not block he did not rule as “not germane” was the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.

The Export-Import Bank, which McConnell publicly claims to oppose, is viewed by conservatives as corporate welfare and crony capitalism at its worst. Supposedly to help small businesses compete in a global market, the bank favors large and even foreign companies with taxpayer dollars.

Cloture was invoked by the Senate on the amendment to reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank by a vote of 67-26 on Sunday.

Authorization for the bank expired in June, and an enormous, expensive lobbying effort has been underway to reauthorize it.

In an attempt to placate conservatives, McConnell instead is allowing a vote on an amendment to defund Obamacare. But that amendment would need 60 votes, which is unlikely, and would most certainly get the bill a presidential veto.

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Senate advances Export-Import Bank lifeline *Bi-Partisanship: Both parties get together in perfect harmony to screw the American people.

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Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of bringing back to life the now-expired Export-Import Bank. An amendment to revive the bank, which saw its authorization come to an end in June thanks in part to staunch opposition from conservative lawmakers, was attached to another measure that passed 67-26.

The Senate has now extended a potential lifeline to the bank via legislation that would fund federal road and bridge projects for the next six years.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., kept a promise made to Democrats earlier this year that in exchange for their support on an important trade deal, he would allow a vote on a measure to extend the bank.

Conservative Republican lawmakers oppose the bank and have called it a form of “corporate welfare” and “crony capitalism,” but GOP leaders noted Sunday that many Republican and Democrat lawmakers want the bank to survive.

“I don’t see any reason they should not be able to debate and then vote on this to sort it all out,” McConnell said after noting there was “overwhelming bipartisan support” for the bank.

The amendment is now part of the “must-pass” highway funding measure but that does not guarantee Ex-Im will be brought back to life.

Even if the Senate passes the highway bill this week, House Republican leaders say they do not intend to take it up, in part because they don’t want to deal with the Ex-Im amendment that many among conservative rank and file oppose.

House Republicans instead want the Senate to take up a five-month highway funding extension the lower chamber passed weeks ago. It does not include an extension of the bank.

Conservative Republican and libertarian-minded lawmakers and outside conservative groups have increasingly called for an end to the bank, saying that the bank is welfare to corporations like General Electric and Boeing while the burden is shouldered by taxpayers. The bank has also been mired in corruption scandals.

But backers believe the bank supports thousands of U.S. jobs that would be lost if the bank is extinguished.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Sunday the bank supports 165,000 U.S. jobs.

“A vote for that bank is a vote for jobs, a healthy economy and the prosperity of American families,” Reid said.


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Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 52%

is coming under fire from his home state colleague,

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 93%

—a GOP presidential candidate—as well, not just from Paul’s 2016 rival

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)  96%

 Paul tried to get the floor to stand up and offer an amendment to defund Planned Parenthood and another one to arm servicemen and women on military bases. He intended to offer these measures as amendments to the highway bill that is currently on the Senate floor. Whoever was presiding over the floor refused to recognize Paul to offer his amendments.

Paul has been speaking out on both of these subjects for quite some time, and since the Senate is now taking up what is considered a “must pass” piece of legislation, funding the country’s highway and mass transit systems—a massive bill that spends hundreds of billions of dollars over the next 10 years—it’s an opportunity for senators to get things onto it that can further whatever their agenda might be. Of course, as Cruz has exposed all day Friday, McConnell has used the bill to reauthorize the crony capitalist Export Import Bank. But McConnell is blocking using it to defund Planned Parenthood or to block sanctuary cities or to arm military officers on base.

Senate leaders instead of using that as a vehicle to fight for the unborn and for gun rights to protect our soldiers, instead used a maneuver now Senate Minority Leader

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 2%

made common called “filling the tree” wherein they blocked all other amendments including Paul’s planned amendments.

Sources in the U.S. Senate tell Breitbart News, however, that Paul isn’t taking this lying down.

He is, they say, currently circulating a petition to go around the Senate leaders and force a vote on defunding Planned Parenthood anyway. Paul is calling pro life leaders to join him in this crusade, and some pro life leaders are already whispering that this may be the perfect time to strike at Planned Parenthood. If he succeeds, it would of course be a massive rebuke of McConnell’s leadership of the GOP majority in the Senate—and that it’s even come to this is extraordinary considering that McConnell and all Republicans nationwide just last year campaigned on the promise that giving Republicans the GOP majority in the Senate would mean the place would run differently from the way it ran under Reid’s leadership and Democratic control.

Planned Parenthood gets over $500 million a year in taxpayer funding.

Senate sources also say that in addition to Paul’s effort to go around McConnell for a vote to defund Planned Parenthood, more damning videos—like the ones showing the organization’s executives sought to sell baby body parts for cash or for a Lamborghini sports car—may be coming, though it’s unclear when the videos will come out.

Some news outlets, like The Hill, are erroneously reporting that McConnell began action on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood on Friday via what’s called the “Senate Rule 14” process. That allows the Senate to bypass the committee process and take a bill straight to the floor. While a standalone bill to defund Planned Parenthood is snaking its way through the Senate Rule 14 process, it’s not because McConnell put it there—Senate sources tell Breitbart News it’s because Sen. Paul put it there and McConnell had nothing to do with it.

What actually happened is Paul filed a new bill to defund Planned Parenthood under Senate Rule 14 which places a bill immediately on the calendar. Senate rules require McConnell to then read Senator Paul’s maneuver on the bill into the record before adjourning for the day—it’s not as if McConnell did so by choice. If Paul can get the necessary support from his colleagues for these measures, a vote could come this week on this bill to defund Planned Parenthood either as an amendment to the highway bill or as a stand alone piece of legislation.