1300 troops being sent back to Iraq despite promise of no boots on ground


In details of a large scale a Military Times survey released this week, it has been revealed that just 15 percent of active duty military personnel say they favorably view President Obama as a Commander in Chief, a new all time low.

The poll, conducted with 2,300 active duty members, reveals that Obama’s approval rating has fallen a full 20 points from 35 percent in 2009 and hit a historic rock bottom. The President’s disapproval rating has increased to 55 percent from 40 percent in 2009.

In addition, the survey finds that morale among the troops has also nosedived since Obama took office.

The Military Times notes that the downswing seems to directly correlate to the change in President from George W. Bush to Barack Obama.

In 2009, 91 percent said their quality of life was good or excellent, whereas now just 56 percent feel that way.

Citing budget cuts and troop drawdowns as direct factors, The Military Times reports that “today’s service members say they feel underpaid, under-equipped and under-appreciated.”

The report also states that “profound changes” being forced upon the military by the Obama Administration, such as the repeal of the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, and the lifting of the ban on women serving in combat, are also contributing factors.

“To his critics, his moves amount to heavy-handed social engineering that erode deep-seated traditions and potentially undermine good order and discipline.” The Military Times report notes.

Other more obvious factors may have also come into play, such as broken promises over troop deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It was recently announced that 1,000 more US troops would stay in Afghanistan next year than was originally planned. A New York Times report indicates that those US forces will be engaging in direct combat.

In addition, while vowing to keep combat ground troops out of the conflict with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, Obama has quietly authorised 1,300 troops to be sent back to Iraq in the new year.

It was also revealed this week that as part of the deal that the Obama administration oversaw to transfer deserter Bowe Bergdahl into US custody, 5 high profile Taliban prisoners were released, and $5 billion was paid to Qatar.

Terror alert in Germany ‘highest in 40 years’ – security authorities

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Germany is on its highest level of terror alert since the 1970s, say security authorities in a report seen by Bild. It states that both “lone perpetrators” and “self-sufficient small groups” might be behind future attacks.

“…we must assume that attacks of varying size and intensity are possible at any time in the Federal Republic of Germany,” says a confidential report by the country’s security authorities, seen by Bild.

“The terror threat in Germany hasn’t been so great since the time of the Red Army Faction and Baader-Meinhof gang at the end of the 1970s,” a high-ranking security official told Bild, as cited by the Local.

The Red Army Faction was a West German far-left extremist group which described itself as communist and anti-imperialist. Authorities branded them a terror organization. From 1970 till 1998, the group was responsible for thirty-four deaths and dozens of injured.

According to the report, Berlin “continues to be in the focus of Islamist terrorist movements.” The involvement of Germany in the on-going fight against Islamist terrorism had motivated such extremist groups.

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Germany also has “largely self-sufficient small groups” and “lone perpetrators who radicalize themselves and plan attacks independently – sometimes very quickly via the internet,” added the document.

In November, Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that the number of Germans who left the country to fight alongside Islamic State militants has topped 500.

“We estimate 550. Just a few days ago we had 450,” the minister told German television channel Phoenix. “These young people… were radicalized in Germany, within this society. That’s why prevention must be accompanied by repression.”

He added that the authorities are also watching some 230 more people who may present possible threats to Germany.

“We cannot exclude, and in certain cases it’s actually quite possible, that they are preparing an attack,” the minister said.

On December 12, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government said it was considering a plan to give further support to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces battling Islamic State militants.

According to local media, at the beginning of 2015, over a hundred German soldiers from the Bundeswehr could be involved in an extended mission in Iraq that includes training on mine location and disposal technology.


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Price of U.S. oil has dipped below $60 a barrel

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Aya Batrawy , Associated Press 2:45 p.m.

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Saudi Arabia’s oil chief on Sunday dismissed allegations that his kingdom conspired to bring down oil prices in order to harm other countries and told a summit of Arab energy leaders that he was confident the market would stabilize.

The kingdom, which is dependent on oil revenues, is able to weather lower oil prices due to large reserves built up over the years. Non-OPEC member Russia and other nations like Iraq, Iran and Venezuela need prices substantially above present levels to meet budget goals and want to drive prices up.

Saudi Arabia maintains it is opposed to cutting production because of fears its market share could erode.

“The best thing for everybody is to let the most efficient produce,” Saudi Petroleum Minister Ali Naimi said in the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi. He was addressing the Arab Energy Conference, a gathering held every four years.

The price of U.S. oil has dipped below $60 a barrel, its lowest in five years. Naimi said he was certain that the oil market would recover with the improvement of the global economy.

An OPEC meeting last month failed to agree on production cuts, mainly because of Saudi opposition to curb its own exports. OPEC controls about 40% of the world oil market and Saudi Arabia is the cartel’s largest producer.

“A lack of cooperation by non-OPEC production nations, along with the spread of misinformation and speculator’s greed” have contributed to the drop in prices, Naimi added.

Some market speculators have suggested the kingdom is forcing lower prices to damage the economies of nations such as Russia and the Shiite powerhouse Iran, staunch backers of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Saudi Arabia backs the mainly Sunni rebels fighting to topple Assad.

Earlier this month, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the sharp fall in global oil prices was the result of “treachery,” a remark interpreted as a reference to Saudi Arabia.

“I want to say from this podium that talk about a Saudi conspiracy has no basis of accuracy at all and points to a misunderstanding,” Naimi said.

Media Ignores Fact That NYC Cop Killer Spoke Arabic, Had Muslim Brotherhood Phrase Posted on Facebook Page

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By Eric Odom

NYC cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley may be far more than a simple “I Can’t Breathe” protestor. While Obama’s media networks would like you to believe Brinsley was a caring protestor who took it way too far, evidence is bubbling up showing Brinsley may very well have been a Muslim extremist.

WZ found a post Brinsley left on Facebook that shows Islamic scripture. The passage posted references a phrase that is actually used in the Muslim Brotherhood logo.

Here’s the pic WZ found from Brinsley’s Facebook page. See the passage below the pic.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 6.03.16 PM
Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 6.04.12 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 6.05.02 PM


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The Obama administration assures us that these “poor, displaced peoples” have been hand-picked by the United Nations. Of that, I am 100% sure he is telling the truth.


Barack Obama has only two years left in his reign as America’s king, but boy oh boy is he planning on getting some stuff done. The US Department of State announced on its website that the Obama administration has approved over 9,000 Syrian Muslim immigrants, hand-selected by the United Nations, for admission into the United States as residents.

“We applaud the 25 countries that have agreed to resettle Syrian refugees, including some who will be accepting UNHCR refugee referrals for the first time. The United States accepts the majority of all UNHCR referrals from around the world. Last year, we reached our goal of resettling nearly 70,000 refugees from nearly 70 countries. And we plan to lead in resettling Syrians as well. We are reviewing some 9,000 recent UNHCR referrals from Syria. We are receiving roughly a thousand new ones each month, and we expect admissions from Syria to surge in 2015 and beyond.” source

For all you bright scholars out there, do the math. If 9,000 Muslim immigrants from Syria are let loose in the United States, how many of those 9,000 are either terrorist or have terror ties? And 9,000 is just the very beginning. The State Department clearly acknowledges that this number will surge dramatically in 2015 and beyond.

Aside from the obvious terror implications, what will all this resettlement cost per year? And here’s a better question – how come Obama didn’t resettle the displaced Christian refugees from Iraq? Now that is a question I would like an answer to…