Charlie Rangel: Calling Tea Partiers ‘White Crackers’ Was ‘Term of Endearment’

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By Brendan Bordelon
November 11, 2014 12:04 PM

Charlie Rangel may think tea partiers are racist, wannabe slave-holders who wish the South won the Civil War. But darn it if he can’t help but find them endearing, anyway.

That was the 84-year-old Democratic congressman’s excuse when confronted with remarks he made about the Tea Party in 2013. “It is the same group we faced in the South, with those white crackers and the dogs and the police,” he said at the time.

The Huffington Post’s Marc Lamont Hill asked Rangel about that description, which many viewed as a racial slur, during an interview on Monday. “I thought that was a term of endearment,” he said, baffling Hill. “[The tea party is] so proud of their heritage and all the things they believe . . . I can tell you this. With all of the feelings I have against these people who have been against justice, fair play, equality, and the freedoms as we know it, if I offended them by calling them a white cracker, for that I apologize. For the rest of it, there’s a lot that has to be done here.”

Contrary to the New York lawmaker’s repeated implications, the Tea Party is a national political movement not connected to a particular region — or, for that matter, any kind of racial politics.

Rangel followed up his dubious apology with more attacks on tea partiers, whom he compared to pro-segregation terrorists. “This shows how ridiculous this is,” he said. ”A guy . . . in Congress calls mean-spirited people that bomb and kill people, set dogs on them, lynch people, and still refuse to believe that we’re suffering the pain from this — they can say, ’That guy makes a lot of sense, but he had no business calling us a white cracker.’”


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Every American should be concerned when courts condone abusive and arbitrary administration in any agency


The names Catherine Engelbrecht and Reggie B. Walton may not exactly be household names, but both are part of a disturbing court ruling that can only be described as a reprehensible government protection racket in plain sight for all to see.

Ms. Engelbrecht was the plaintiff and Reggie B. Walton the judge. A succinct summary is provided by Breitbart in the report, True the Vote’s Lawsuit against IRS Gets Tossed by Federal Judge.

“A federal judge in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia entered an order dismissing a lawsuit filed by True the Vote, a Houston, Texas-based non-profit organization focused on “voters’ rights and election integrity” against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The order alleged that the IRS had improperly delayed granting their application for 501(c)(3) status and targeted them as a conservative organization. The opinion, by Judge Reggie B. Walton, found that the IRS had taken sufficient “remedial steps to address the alleged behavior.”
From the ruling by Judge Walton, analysis:

“The defendants contend that the Court does not have subject-matter jurisdiction over counts one, two, and five of the plaintiff’s complaint because the IRS ultimately approved the plaintiff’s application for tax-exempt status, and thus counts one, two, and five—all of which seek “to correct [the] alleged targeting [of the IRS] and delay during its application process” for tax-exempt status—are now moot as there is no longer any case or controversy for the Court to resolve.”
How nice that the IRS can slip out of a sticky wicket by simply retroactively approving a 501(c)(3) application that they officiated with a touch of harassment and a sprinkle of intimidation. The reasoning used by Judge Walton to protect the IRS from a “voluntary cessation” exception follows:

“The rationale supporting the defendant’s voluntary cessation as an exception to mootness is that, while the defendant’s unilateral cessation of the challenged conduct may grant the plaintiff relief, the defendant is free to return to its old ways—thereby subjecting the plaintiff to the same harm but, at the same time, avoiding judicial review. Accordingly, a case can be mooted by virtue of the defendant’s cessation of its allegedly illegal conduct only if (1) there is no reasonable expectation that the conduct will recur and (2) interim relief or events have completely and irrevocably eradicated the effects of the alleged violation.”
Oh praise the sacred high priests of the Internal Revenue Service for “seeing the light” and repenting their ways. Such a reasonable trust in the good intentions of the IRS to not only follow the law but to administer their trade under the “good faith” doctrine that only a judge working for the same corrupt government as do the Lois Lerner brigade of bureaucrats, would profess.

An important USA Today article, from hardly an anti government publication, IRS list reveals concerns over Tea Party ‘propaganda’, furnishes the evidence.

“Newly uncovered IRS documents show the agency flagged political groups based on the content of their literature, raising concerns specifically about “anti-Obama rhetoric,” inflammatory language and “emotional” statements made by non-profits seeking tax-exempt status.

The internal 2011 documents, obtained by USA TODAY, list 162 groups by name, with comments by Internal Revenue Service lawyers in Washington raising issues about their political, lobbying and advocacy activities. In 21 cases, those activities were characterized as “propaganda.”

The list provides the most specific public accounting to date of which groups were targeted for extra scrutiny and why. The IRS has not publicly identified the groups, repeatedly citing a provision of the tax code prohibiting it from releasing tax return information.”
The supporting items Document: IRS ‘political advocacy cases’ list, while the pattern of selective favoritism is authenticated in the report, IRS approved liberal groups while Tea Party in limbo.

For a more cutting edge analysis from Twitchy US politics on the insanity from the Loony Left, just absorb the rhetoric and ask, who the real totalitarians are in society and even worse in government. Outrage: Court acknowledges that IRS targeted True the Vote, dismisses lawsuit anyway explains.

“Voters’ rights group True the Vote , a nonprofit “founded to inspire and equip voters for involvement at every stage of our electoral process,” has had a hard time of it. As the 2012 election approached, Cher of all people referred to True the Vote as “a bunch of Tea Party Nazis” and “animals.” Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, who sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, informed True the Vote founder and president Catherine Engelbrecht that he would be launching an investigation into her organization.

Of course, all of this was happening while the IRS was targeting conservative groups and holding up applications for nonprofit status, often through several election cycles. And even though the U.S. Federal District Court didn’t deny this, True the Vote’s case against the IRS was dismissed today.”
Engelbrecht issued the following brief statement:

“The Court today correctly acknowledged that the IRS targeted True the Vote because of its perceived political beliefs. Such conduct is reprehensible and should never be acceptable in a free society. Despite this critical finding, we are stunned and disappointed in the court’s ruling which nevertheless dismisses our case. We will be evaluating our legal options and will announce our intent in that regard soon.”
Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots reaction to the DC Court Decision on IRS “Unconscionable”. “The Court’s decision not to sanction either the IRS or the individual agents because it and they had taken “remedial measures” is unconscionable.”

Supporting this conclusion are Top 9 Quotes on the IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups.

1. “Not even a smidgen of corruption.” – President Barack Obama to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly February, 2014

2. “Decline to answer that question.” – Lois Lerner, pleading the Fifth Amendment before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, March 5, 2014

3. “The IRS used inappropriate criteria that identified for review Tea Party and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions instead of indications of potential political campaign intervention.” – Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Audit

4. “Instead of referring to the cases as advocacy cases, they actually used case names on this list. They [Determinations Unit in Cincinnati, Ohio] used names like ‘Tea Party’ or ‘Patriots’ and they selected cases simply because the applications had those names in the title. That was wrong, that was absolutely incorrect, insensitive, and inappropriate.” – Lois Lerner

5. “Even after admitting that it had targeted groups, and a TIGTA [Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration] report detailed the abuses, the IRS did not let up. In August 2013, the IRS requested yet more documents and information. It asked us to provide, for example, all fundraising communications for the 60 days before the November 6, 2012 election, and all materials that we used in various “Get Out the Vote” activities. That request made no sense under the current standards for evaluating non-profit applications. The regulations proposed three months later, however, explain the requests, as they include specific provisions classifying any mention of a candidate’s name within 60 days of an election and get-out-the-vote efforts as taxable political activity.” – Jenny Beth Martin in testimony to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, February 27, 2014

6. “The Internal Revenue Service says acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller was first informed in May 2012 that tea party groups were inappropriately targeted for scrutiny.” – Hot Air, May 13, 2013

7. “The IRS inspector general said this week that while some liberal groups were given extra scrutiny by the tax agency, they were not subjected to the same invasive queries as tea party groups – a finding that seems to confirm political bias was at play.” – The Washington Times, June 27, 2013

8. When the IRS revelations broke, Obama promised a full investigation. Yet Cleta Mitchell, an attorney for a number of tea party and conservative groups targeted by the IRS, testified, “None of my clients have received a single contact from the FBI, the DOJ [Department of Justice] or any other investigator regarding the IRS scandal.” – The Chicago Sun-Times, February 10, 2014

9. More than 400,000 documents have been turned over to Congress, only a fraction of which have been publicly released under the Freedom of Information Act. Republicans say they’re still missing key documents including the e-mails of former IRS Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner. – USA Today, February 26, 2014

But remember, President Obama assures us there’s “not a smidgen of corruption!”

No matter your political leanings, every American should be concerned when the courts condone abusive and arbitrary administration in any agency. Allowing the IRS to retroactively cover their rear, while turning a blind eye to systemic illicit practices, is just part of the game plan that permits the court to make up law, which favors government tyranny.

The True the Vote decision is insulting and only goes to prove that reforms through the election process are truly the moot option.

NY Times Wants IRS To Seize Even More Small Business Assets

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By Joseph R. Carducci, October 29, 2014.

This is a follow up to the story I reported on the other day, regarding how the IRS has become exceptionally abusive and unfair in their use of power. There are strong reasons why even some of the most powerful politicians in Washington these are days are finally starting to talk about eliminating this agency altogether.

IRS Now Targeting Deposits Under $10,000

Part of the problem is that they have a really nasty law on the books giving them the power to investigate and seize the assets of small businesses who make regular bank deposits (especially in cash) of UNDER $10,000. We are probably already aware of the fact that anyone who deposits $10,000 and over will be legally required to complete an IRS form declaring the money and its source, etc.. This is part of their efforts to fight against drug traffickers and money laundering and so forth.

But it would seem that now, you are caught in a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation. As a small business, you are not likely to have cash deposits above $10k on a regular basis. Sadly, the act of simply making regular deposits (of almost any amount now), will trigger the IRS to look into things. So even if you would have gladly complied with any paperwork law (there are reasonable arguments that even extra paperwork is a privacy intrusion, but one case at a time) you are still potentially branded a criminal.

No Presumption of Innocence, More Seizures Than Ever

Worst of all, should the IRS target your small business, there is no presumption of innocence for any citizen. Nope. The IRS has different rules. This is why you often hear them say stupid things like ‘the IRS doesn’t make mistakes,’ even when every sane person knows they do…every day. You need to PROVE that you are not guilty, after they have already taken your money. Sadly, many folks end up giving up due to the sheer time and resources that are required to fight the most powerful government agency.

This crazy law has already affected more businesses than you might think, since the agency doesn’t even need any proof or even evidence. They can simply go in and seize your accounts. Instances of this type of seizure are more than five times the level they were just 10 years ago. Dairy farmers in Maryland, an army sergeant in Virginia, and a New York restaurant are just some of those who had their money stolen by the IRS.

NY Times Blames Tea Party Budget Cuts

The New York Times would love to give the IRS even more power to conduct additional asset searches and seizures. Big advocates for never holding anyone at the agency accountable for anything, either. Plus, they think the IRS should also have an inexorably increasing budget with which to conduct audits of non-criminals:

“There is a scandal going on at the Internal Revenue Service, but it has nothing to do with Lois Lerner or her missing emails…No, the real scandal is what the Republicans did to cripple the agency when virtually no one was looking. Since the broad Tea Party-driven spending cuts of 2010, the agency’s budget has been cut by 14 percent after inflation is considered, leading to sharply reduced staff, less enforcement of the new tax laws and poor taxpayer service…”

Yes, that poor, weakened agency. They should have all the power imaginable. Simply ridiculous. What do YOU think? Time to get rid of the IRS? Is this truly abuse of power, or the agency only doing their job? Should people be held accountable for this sort of thing?

Biden: We Need To ‘Stop The March Of The Tea Party Now’

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CBS News) – Campaigning in one of the nation’s key U.S. Senate contests, Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that keeping Democratic control of the chamber would “break the back of the hard right” and ease gridlock in Washington.

Biden said next week’s choice between Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst for the open Senate seat in Iowa was critical to the outcome. If Braley wins and the Democrats maintain their majority, he said, the Republicans in Congress will be open to compromising with Democrats on issues such as raising the federal minimum wage.

“If that happens and it will, what’s going to happen is it’s going to break the back of the hard right,” he said. “You are going to see many reasonable people in the Republican Party start to vote reasonably again. Not exactly like we do. But they are going to be open to the kind of compromise that’s always allowed this nation to move forward.”

SPECIAL: Modern Day Patriots, this is the time to stand shoulder to shoulder with our forefathers in Lexington and Concord. We need the Tea Party now more than ever.

Biden was the latest high-profile surrogate to visit Iowa as Braley, a four-term congressman, seeks a late surge in his tight race against Ernst. Hillary Clinton is coming Wednesday, and former President Bill Clinton will be in on Saturday. Biden was traveled to Rockford, Illinois, later Monday to campaign for Gov. Pat Quinn and other Democrats.

He warned that Republicans wouldn’t have the backs of working people. “They don’t come from where we come from. They don’t get it. They don’t understand how important it is,” Biden said.

In Davenport, Biden addressed activists inside a banquet hall at Modern Woodmen Park, a minor league baseball stadium along the Mississippi River. He appeared with Braley and Democratic U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, who is trying to fend off a tough Republican challenge to win a fifth term.

Biden said he had struggled to negotiate compromises with Republicans in the House and Senate over the last four years because the deals were not palatable to Tea Party members in those chambers. He said voters in America had consensus on many policies that were being blocked as a result.

“If we don’t stop the march of the Tea Party now, those majority Republicans in the House and Senate who know better are never going to have the courage to stand up and vote the right way,” he said.

Republicans need to gain six seats to control the Senate. Biden warned Democrats that, “if we lose, we’re going to be pushed back another six or eight years.” He said if tea party conservatives such as Ernst prevail, moderate Republicans “will be scared” to work with Democrats because they will fear primary challenges from the right.

Biden did not mention Ernst by name — calling her the “woman who is running against Bruce” — but he criticized the state senator’s policy positions. He said her call for abolishing the Department of Education was a “bad idea.” He also criticized Ernst for a comment in which she said Medicaid recipients “have no personal responsibility for their health care,” saying the program helps struggling families afford care in nursing homes and treatment for disabled children.

“They don’t have any responsibility?” he asked.

Ernst campaigned Monday in northeastern Iowa with U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley.

In a statement, Ernst spokeswoman Gretchen Hamel said, “While Congressman Braley is hanging out with Obama administration officials at private events, Joni is traveling all 99 counties to meet undecided voters.”

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