TREASONOUS: Hey Congress, If This is Not an Impeachable Act, Exactly What Would Be?


September 24, 2014 By Matthew Burke

The Obama IRS targeted groups educating on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

It is a well-known and admitted fact that the Obama Regime, using the IRS, targeted pro-freedom Tea Party and other conservative groups for their political beliefs, who were also political opponents of Barack Obama, a clear violation of the First Amendment.

But on Tuesday, Georgetown law professor Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz reported that the tyranny went even further than just targeting Obama’s political opponents.

The politically weaponized Obama IRS expanded their targeting beyond the Tea Party, targeting groups that were “educating on the “Constitution and Bill of Rights,” in January of 2012, just months before the election in November of 2012.

In a timeline on page 30 of the Inspector General’s report, the IG states that the Obama IRS added the new criteria in January of 2012, because the July 2011 criteria they used to harass patriotic American citizens wasn’t specific enough.

Here’s the exact verbiage from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, in the report titled, “Inappropriate Criteria Were Used to Identify Tax-Exempt Applications for Review, from page 30 (emphasis added):
Criteria changed to “Political action type organizations involved in limiting/expanding government, educating on the constitution and bill of rights, social economic reform/movement” based on Determinations Unit concerns that the July 2011 criteria was too generic.
On page 38 of the report, the Inspector General found that the Obama IRS, on January 25, 2012, expanded their BOLO (Be on the Lookout) criteria updating it to include “political type organizations involved in “educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

When an administration targets American citizens for teaching their fellow citizens about the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights (since government schools aren’t), the very Constitution they take an oath to defend and uphold, this is a treasonous act at worst and an impeachable and illegal act at least. If this is not an impeachable act, exactly what would be?

Republican Richard Nixon was threatened with impeachment for much less (and at least had the decency to resign), and Democrat Bill Clinton was actually impeached (in the House but not convicted in the Senate) for much less as well. If Obama is not impeached and removed from office, both of these men are owed huge apologies.

Why are you, Congress, giving Obama, whose multiple crimes against the U.S. Constitution are in the dozens, a pass?

Everybody’s Favorite Democrat Wishes Ebola Virus On NRA Members

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 5.25.27 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 5.25.45 PM

By Robert Gehl
September 1, 2014
Every once in a while, we like to check in on our favorite Democrat, Mike Dickinson.

We first met Dickinson back in February. He’s a write-in candidate for Congress in Virginia. He appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to defend ridiculous statements that all Fox News does is lie. That didn’t go so well, as Hannity wiped the floor with him.

Not content to take his beatings a skulk away, he reappeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show, calling the NRA, the Tea Party and others “trash.”

Then in May, he made some wonderfully stupid tweets wishing he could live in the time of the Civil War so he could fight the Tea Party.

I guess it’s been too long since anybody paid attention to him, because Dickinson is back.

The cleverless dimwit now is tweeting that NRA member should get the Ebola virus.

“Dear god (sic),” he began. “Please use Ebola to infect the @NRA and it’s various members. For they are A (sic) true virus and true terrorists in America.”

He followed that up with another tweet, telling the world he thinks “there would be no funnier thing then (sic) to see the @NRA s (sic) members in a death clutch of their gun while dealing w Ebola.” Dickinson’s tweets didn’t go over well with anyone.

I love this guy because he says things that libs only wish they could say publicly.

Dickinson has shown with his vile tweets and juvenile actions that he apparently doesn’t care about his image. In early July, for example, he issued a $100,000 reward for nude photos of 19-year-old Kendall Jones, a cheerleader who hunts big game. Dickinson’s “campaign,” if one could even call it that, consisted entirely of false, hateful tweets attacking the NRA, the Tea Party, Christians and anyone to the right of Stalin. At one point, he sought support from those who wanted to see him “decimate” Christians.

On Monday, for example, he issued a tweet falsely claiming the Tea Party consists of high school dropouts who “lack mental capacity.” “That’s why they blame the black man when they can’t get a job,” he falsely claimed. Naturally, Dickinson offered no proof to back up his false assertion.