Traitor Mitch Wrings His Hands, “It’s All Up To The Democrats On Iran Deal” – A Most Creative Surrenderer



The only man who is less believable in anything he says than Mitch McConnell is Hussein Obama, but they’re close. On Monday Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who engineered the current “powerlessness to do anything” situation with regards to the Iran deal, attempted to slip himself off of the hook of culpability.

He told a gathering of his cronies at a local chamber of commerce that he’d really like to do something to stop the Iran deal, but that it appears to be up to the Democrats to kill it. What leadership! He’s just like Smedley Butler, only unencumbered by honesty, patriotism and strength of character.

McConnell said that the Obama fiasco has “a great likelihood of success” in being approved since the threshold was lowered to that of a 34 Senators needed to sustain a “presidential” veto. That little jewel of abdication of Constitutional responsibility of the Senate to ratify treaties was delivered to Obama by the same hand-wringing sellout politician, with some help from his closest comrades, Sen Bob “Corruption” Corker and John “Songbird” McCain, but there’s plenty of blame to go around.

As if to say “don’t blame me for what I did for Obama,” McConnell told the gathering “He can win by getting one-third plus one of either house,” a figure half of what it would have been, had the Constitution been followed and McConnell not chosen to simply hand nuclear weapons and billions of dollars to the terrorist nation. One has to wonder just how large the bribe had to be to persuade the treasonous McConnell to enable nuclear Armageddon.

Traitor Mitch said, “What I’m pretty confident of is sustaining the veto will be an entirely Democratic exercise,” again distancing himself as best he can from the situation he created. He noted, “Sen Schumer coming out against the deal was helpful.”

McConnell added, “I hope we can defeat it, but the procedure is obviously stacked in the ‘president’s’ favor. And we’ll see.”

We already see, Mitch. You’re a snake, a tool of the corporate machine that is going to become incredibly wealthy as the result of a conventional and nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

It will end up being one of those one or two vote squeakers, with lawmakers in both chambers able to position themselves for protection as best as they can from the American people while still approving the financial bonanza created for the corporate puppet masters. The fact that their reckless profiteering is endangering the entire world is not a consideration.

We’ve seen this play out too many times, McConnell. You’re a traitor and you’re not fooling anybody. He’d better pray the people don’t regain control of this nation. He’ll be one of the first to be held accountable.

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Companies say they never gave money to organisation


Republicans in the Senate are moving swiftly forward with plans to defund Planned Parenthood as gruesome videos exposing the organisation’s involvement in fetal organ harvesting continue to emerge.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has appointed Sen. Joni Ernst to head up a group who will have the responsibility “to craft a measure to deal with these horrendous videos.”

Ernst has previously been targeted by Planned Parenthood, which conducted a $500,000 smear campaignlast year during the mid term elections to publicise Ernst’s opposition to abortion.

The group, which includes Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and James Lankford (R-Okla.) who have already introduced legislation to defund the ‘non-profit’ organisation, met yesterday afternoon to discuss the way forward.

“It’s our plan to have a vote on proceeding to a measure that they support sometime before we break for the August recess,” McConnell announced.

Responding to the announcement over the upcoming defunding vote, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid responded bluntly “Good luck with that.”

After the meeting, Rand Paul, accompanied by Sen. Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson, attended an anti-abortion rally in Washington D.C.

They called for a criminal investigation to be opened, including looking into local Planned Parenthood affiliates, as well as congressional hearings.

“When we see the truth, after the time for truth comes a time for action,” Cruz said. “Today is the time for action. Today, the U.S. Department of Justice should open a criminal investigation into…whether Planned Parenthood nationally is a criminal enterprise breaking the law.”

“When you have multiple individuals caught on tape apparently admitting to multiple felonies that carry with them long jail times, justice must be served,” Cruz added.

Rand Paul vowed to defund the organisation, and also noted that Hillary Clinton has received donations from Planned Parenthood toward her presidential campaign.

“This callous disregard expressed over wine and cheese should…infuriate us all,” Paul urged. “We should stop once and for all any penny of money going to Planned Parenthood. And I’m calling today for Hillary Clinton to return the money she’s been receiving from Planned Parenthood officials. The time is now to take a stand.”

Meanwhile, a host of companies have attempted to distance themselves from the abortion providers, with some even claiming that they have never donated or sponsored Planned Parenthood, despite being listed on the organisation’s website as having done so.

As reported by Breitbart, Planned Parenthood had published the company names on the website of its Washington, DC, chapter, claiming that companies such as American Express, Microsoft and Verizon were donators, or had a policy of matching charitable contributions to Planned Parenthood from employees.

However, when Coca-Cola became the third corporation to ask to be taken off the list, Planned Parenthood took it down altogether. A similar list on the national PP website now leads to a 404 page.

Xerox and Ford Motor Company had also demanded their names be removed. “We have never been a donor to Planned Parenthood,” a spokeswoman for Ford Motor Company told “And we haven’t matched employee contributions since 2005.”

Wonder Why So Many People Support Donald Trump? Here’s Why

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I hear a lot of people question why so many people are supporting Donald Trump.  Even people who have really never cared for him.  Really, there is no mystery here.  Conservative voters are tired of voting for candidates that promise them the Earth, the Moon and the stars above, but quickly walk back their words when they feel a little heat and fail to follow through should they be elected.  Remember how many candidates like Mia Love promised voters that they would vote against John Boehner should they win their election, just to immediately go back on their word and vote for him?  And need I even go into why I hate Boehner and McConnell?

This is why Trump is getting people to pay 100 dollars for scalped tickets that he gave away for free.  They want to hear someone speak from their heart and express their feelings and he makes them believe he will do as he says because he refuses to back down from the thought police, liberals or the p^**y republicans wringing their hands over his correct assertion that illegals commit a large number of heinous crimes.

The 2014 election was supposed to be about illegal immigration and wide open borders.  We did our part and came out in large numbers and voted republican because we believed that once they controlled both the House and the Senate, they would finally stand up to Obama and his illegal policies.  Instead, it’s been a race to see who can give in to Obama the quickest.

Boehner:  I can capitulate in just five words.

McConnell: Well, I can give in in just four.

Obama:  I own you all.

McConnell:  Those were the four words.  I surrender.

Boehner:  Rats!!

Trump has gone into some of the most hostile settings possible and has not given an inch and liberals hate that.  They are used to bullying republicans into submission.  Let’s face it, the guy is a billionaire and is used to getting his way and has learned to stand up against those in business who are just looking to get over.  The press and liberal politicians are amateurs in comparison.


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President can now present trade bills to Congress for up or down vote…


President Barack Obama signed a bill giving him “fast-track” powers to conduct and conclude trade legislation. The bill was approved by Congress last week after months of contentious debate and several difficult votes.

In addition to the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), as the fast-track bill is officially called, the president signed the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) act, extending aid to US workers who might lose their jobs as a consequence of free-trade deals.

The two bills were originally bundled together in both the Senate and the House of Representatives as a way of securing bipartisan support. However, Obama faced an uphill battle within his own party, as the House Democrats rejected TAA in order to hold TPA hostage.

After weeks of talks with party leadership and several close roll calls in both the House and the Senate, the bills were voted on separately and approved last week. Most Republican lawmakers backed the president, whose insistence on the trade deals strained relations with the Democrats’ traditional power base of labor unions and environmental groups.

It doesn’t matter that Republicans won the Senate because they haven’t actually limited government

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Right before Election Day last year, I wrote here at Rare that it wouldn’t matter if Republicans won the Senate (and thus control of the whole Congress) unless they actually made real cuts to the size and scope of government.

As I wrote then, many politicians in the Republican Party talk a good talk. The problem is that—for most of them—it’s nothing but talk. So I predicted that a GOP Senate win would likely produce more of the same: irresponsible spending, aimless war, reckless, feckless government all around.

Almost six months into our new Congress, I’m gonna go ahead and say I was right—and a poll released today suggests most grassroots Republicans agree. Republican (and independent) support of GOP leaders in Congress has declined in the last few months:

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 5.21.42 PM

In fact, “Republicans (36%) are about as likely as Democrats (38%) or independents (38%) to say Congress is accomplishing less than they expected.” Also noteworthy: conservative Republicans are the angriest at Congress and showed the biggest shift in (dis)approval of GOP leadership since February.

So let that be a lesson to the Republican Party: some Pollyannaish conservatives may be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for a month or two. But if you want small government types to stick around, you’re going to have to actually make the government smaller.

Conservatives Would Be Better Off If Harry Reid Still Ran The Senate

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The whole case for reelecting mediocre Republicans has been, “Sure, they stink, but do you want a Democrat in office? They’re the lesser of two evils.” That’s an argument I’ve used many times myself. However, what happens when it’s no longer true? What happens if conservatives realize that they would be better off RIGHT NOW if Harry Reid were still running the Senate?

Because we would be.

Instead of reflexively saying, “That’s ridiculous,” think about what happened during the last congressional cycle.

Democrats refused to compromise with Republicans on anything and the GOP was desperate to show its opposition to Barack Obama’s unpopular agenda; so Republicans had little incentive to vote for bad legislation. That led to complete gridlock. Now that might not be the ideal outcome, but conservatives believe that no legislation is preferable to bad legislation.

Instead we now have a situation in America where Democrats pass far left wing legislation when they’re in charge, nothing happens when Congress is split and Republicans pass moderately liberal legislation to show they can “get something done” when they’re in charge.

Just look at what has happened since Republicans took over the Senate after spending the entire campaign cycle promising that they would fight Obama tooth and nail.

* After swearing that they’d stop Obama’s illegal executive amnesty by blocking DHS funds, the GOP Leadership in the House and Senate caved and worked with the Democrats to fund Obama’s amnesty despite the fact that the majority of House Republicans opposed it. The promise to fight executive amnesty was as important as George W. Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes” pledge and the GOP didn’t even hold out for TWO MONTHS before it broke it.

* Despite the fact that they’ve PUBLICLY railed against Obama’s terrible nuke deal, Senate Republicans just voted to strip Congress of its ability to block Obama’s treaty with Iran. Publicly, they’re claiming that they’re holding Obama accountable, but in actuality, the bill they’re supporting will in effect allow him to do whatever he wants in Iran. Not only is it bad legislation that turns the Constitution on its ear, it’s insulting. They think everyone is so stupid that we can’t figure out what they’re doing.

* Even though Loretta Lynch said she agreed with Obama’s illegal executive orders, she couldn’t name any differences she had with Eric Holder, and she essentially said that she thought Obama had no limits under the law, she was confirmed as Attorney General with Republican votes.

* Republicans, including RAND PAUL – let me repeat that, RAND PAUL – are blocking an investigation that’s designed to kill fraudulent OBAMACARE subsidies to Congress. When even Rand Paul wants his fraudulent Obamacare subsidy more than he wants to protect the taxpayers, it doesn’t bode well for the country.

* The GOP is about to shove through a secret Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Not only have the details of the trade deal been withheld from the public (Remember how well it worked out the last time we had to “pass a bill to see what’s in it?”), but what we do know about it is disturbing. According to Jeff Sessions, it limits the power of Congress to amend all international trade agreements during the deal, it allows the President to change the deal after the fact without the approval of Congress and it is likely to massively increase the number of foreign workers coming into the U.S. Perhaps worst of all, it would provide a backdoor method to limit American sovereignty because a signed treaty supersedes American law. In effect, it gives the President the power to adopt certain foreign laws related to the trade agreement without getting the approval of Congress. This bill is a Frankenstein’s monster waiting to happen and the Republican Party is working with Obama in secret to bring it to life.

* If the Supreme Court kills the Obamacare subsidies (which is entirely possible), it will in effect kill Obamacare. Without the subsidies, the whole program will collapse. Instead of saying, “We didn’t vote for it and we told you it was unconstitutional from day 1,” Republicans are openly acknowledging that they plan to save Obamacare. After all these phony promises to repeal Obamacare, after all these votes, after all the polls showing that it’s unpopular, the GOP Leadership wants to buy into Obamacare so Americans can now blame BOTH PARTIES for the disastrous legislation.

Everything the Republicans have done since they won in November has been one long “Screw you” to the people who voted for them. They’re like a 0-16 football team that gets angry with their fans for failing to appreciate how wonderful they are despite the fact that they lose every game.

We live in a Bizarro world where the Republican politicians don’t work for the voters who put them in office. In the real world, the GOP Leadership in Congress along with most of the Republicans in the Senate work for whatever lobbyist is willing to give them the most money while the voters are treated like THEIR employees. They’re for sale and the voters have been sold out because our pockets aren’t deep enough to compete with the people giving them campaign contributions.

Well, in 2016 there will be an awful lot of Republican senators up for reelection and they’re certainly not going to have much of a record to brag about. Couple that with the fact that even the French in WWII put up a bigger fight than John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican “leadership” have so far and there’s really not going to be much of a reason for conservatives to vote for Republican senators. In fact, the only thing they ever seem to be able to offer is that, “Well, it’s better to have us in charge than the Democrats.” What happens if people realize that’s not even true anymore?

Even Democrats knock Obama Because They Want to Have a Say in His Bad Nuke Deal With Iran

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 2.55.55 PM


Yesterday the Senate was almost unanimous (with only one “no” vote) on a bill that would require Obama to submit his horrible Iran nuke deal to Congress before it is put into place. Yes, every Democrat in the Senate that voted on the bill voted against giving Obama carte blanche on the issue.

Sadly, even this bill won’t stop Obama from doing whatever he wants, but it is significant that even the Senate Dems couldn’t stomach the idea of not even raising a voice against Obama’s imperial presidency. It was a tiny voice, but a voice.

HotAir did a fairly good job explaining what the deal is with the bipartisan bill. It isn’t a good bill. But it is “better than nothing” and better than just giving Obama free reign with no checks and balances at all.

In theory, if the terms of the final deal reek even more than everyone expects, some of these 145 could peel off and Boehner would have a shot at a two-thirds veto override. In practice, there’s no earthly way that Democrats would abandon O after going to the mat for him with a public pledge of allegiance like this. The text of the letter could have been written by the White House press shop…

They’re backing whatever Obama and Kerry end up farting out because, contra what the White House has been telling the public for months, Democrats think a bad deal is better than no deal. No deal leaves war on the table as an option for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program; a bad deal, which will make an Iranian bomb more likely, takes it off the table. A bad deal is better than no deal.

As for that Senate vote on Corker’s bill, the lone no vote came from Tom Cotton. Presumably the hawks who voted yes simply gave up after McConnell refused to give any of Cotton’s or Rubio’s poison pill amendments a chance to end up in the final bill. It was Corker’s text or nothing, and Corker’s text at least gives Republican a theoretical chance to block the final deal by convincing Democrats to help them form a two-thirds majority against it. That’s another “virtue” of a post-constitutional system. If your only choices are between congressional inaction, in which case Obama’s deal definitely gets implemented, and a weird scheme like Corker’s, in which case the deal almost definitely gets implemented, you go with the latter, right? Those are the choices facing our fightin’ Republican majority these days.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson–one of the more conservative members, though inconsistent lately–was all over radio this morning saying this was the best deal they could get but that it was nonetheless a bad bill. “Obama’s foreign policy has been a disaster for world security,” he said on WLS AM 89 out of Chicago this morning.

Sadly, what we find is that Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell failed to put the stronger language in the bill and essentially made this bill pretty hollow.