Trump accuses RNC of ‘deceptive Washington tricks’…


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday accused the Republican National Committee (RNC) of “deceptive Washington tricks” by fundraising off of his name.
“The RNC does not treat me well and then uses my name, without my knowledge, to raise money for themselves,” Trump’s campaign said in a press release.
“I am self-funding my campaign and this totally unauthorized notice is yet another example of deceptive Washington tricks used to take advantage of the voters and get money from the hard-working people the politicians have failed,” he added.
“I will not stand for it and neither should you.”
Trump said the RNC pulled the fundraising pitch, which said “Trump wants you to contribute to the RNC,” at his insistence.
In a series of tweets earlier on Saturday, Trump warned his supporters not to contribute to the RNC.
“Totally unauthorized, do not pay,” he said in one tweet.

With Scalia dead, there’s only one course of action for Senate Republicans




I knew the news was big when I got a message from Rob over my phone that consisted of nothing but “Holy S***!”

And it was. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is dead at 79, and not only has America lost one of the finest public servants in its entire history – a man who understood the Constitution and was unafraid to stand up against those who wished to corrupt it for their own purposes – but we now face a serious national crisis.

If Barack Obama is allowed to appoint his replacement, that will give the Supreme Court a liberal majority and remove any check on the inclination of America’s left to completely trash the Constitution for the purpose of installing an ever bigger and ever more powerful central government. Forget about all checks on executive power. Forget about all protections of state prerogative or individual rights.

The only thing the left cares about is expanding federal power to tax and otherwise confiscate as much wealth as possible, and to use the regulatory state to impose as many controls over business operations and people’s individual decisions as possible. The 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court was the only check on that power.

That means that the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate has no choice but to take a radical but necessary step. It must refuse to confirm anyone Barack Obama nominates to replace Scalia  obviously barring a shock-the-world selection of some sort of constitutional conservative, which is clearly not going to happen.

This will be a step wrought with political peril because whoever wins the Democrat nomination will try to use it to show that Republicans are only interested in playing partisan games, and they will say it’s unconscionable to leave the seat open for nearly a year while we wait for the election of a new president. Too bad. Republicans have to do it. The fate of the nation is at stake. They’re going to have to find a way to convince the voters that this is a necessary step to protect the Constitution and the country. Done right they just might be able to turn this into a useful and politically beneficial discussion about why limited government still matters, and why it’s such a bad thing that Democrat-appointed justices have so consistently disregarded the Constitution in order to help Democrats put their agenda into place.

Now, of course, if the Democrats win the 2016 presidential election, the Senate won’t be able to stall on this for another four years – even if it does remain Republican, which is far from guaranteed. This is a gamble. If we wait out Obama and get stuck with Hillary or Bernie, we’ll get a new Justice who’s just as bad. That’s why it’s more important than ever that a Republican win this election – and that Republicans hold the Senate.

I know Republicans have not had a habit of winning a lot in recent years, nor have they had a habit of showing much backbone in showdowns with Obama. Time for them to show what they’re made of. If an Obama appointee is confirmed, there is no reason to think the U.S. Constitution can survive. Therefore, that cannot be allowed to happen. The left will scream, say it’s political, say it’s partisan. Who cares? This is the Senate’s job.

Rest in peace, Justice Scalia, and thank you for your service. I’m sorry that we as a nation let our respect for the Constitution hang by such a perilous thread that your death put us in such a crisis. I pray we honor you in how we deal with it.

Shariah (Islamic) Law: Four Rape Victims Stoned to Death for Adultery


Gloria Steinem defends Islam, Muhammad and the sharia. That is the state of feminism in these United States.

ISIS extremists stone four women to death on charges of ‘committing adultery’ By Ara News, February 12, 2016 (thanks to the Religion of Peace):

ERBIL – The Islamic State (ISIS) has executed four women in the city of Mosul in Iraq’s northwestern Nineveh province, after accusing them of “committing adultery”, local sources reported on Thursday.

“The four victims were arrested earlier on wednesday in a raid by ISIS jihadis,” said Raafat Zarari, spokesman of the Nineveh media center.

“The jihadis claimed to have captured the women while committing adultery,” Zarari told ARA News in Mosul.

The ISIS-led Sharia Court issued a decision to publicly execute the four women, without mentioning any details about the men with whom the victims have supposedly committed adultery.

“The four women were stoned to death on Thursday in front of a large crowd of people in central Mosul,” Zarari reported.

Speaking to ARA News in Mosul, media activist Abdullah al-Malla said: “The four women were most likely exposed to sexual abuse at the hands of ISIS militants before being driven out of their homes and transferred to the Sharia Court.”

“The statement of the Sharia Court regarding the case of those four women has avoided mentioning the men who have been involved in the alleged adultery,” the source said. “Apparently, the victims have been raped by ISIS jihadis and then stoned to death on charges of committing adultery.”

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef

– See more at:

Financiers linked to George Soros donate to Kasich campaign


Fresh off a second-place primary finish in New Hampshire, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich has come under more scrutiny, particularly for donations to his PAC New Day for America made by two fund managers who made billions for George Soros.

Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller contributed $588,375 to the Ohio governor’s “soft money” fund, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Druckenmiller donated a total of $103,375 to Jeb Bush’s Super PAC Right to Rise and $100,000 to America Leads, a PAC supporting New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who dropped out of the race after a poor showing in Tuesday’s primary.

Bessent was Soros’s chief investment manager until December of last year, while Stanley Druckenmiller manages a $4.5 billion hedge fund in which $2 billion of Soros’ money is invested.


Druckenmiller’s donations are made on behalf of the Duquesne Family Office, a fund management company in which he has invested.

Druckenmiller was lead fund manager for Soros from 1998 to 2000, and together they “broke” the Bank of England in 1992 when Soros dumped £10 billion, leading to the currency’s devaluation and $1 billion in profit for him.

Ohio Governor John Kasich came in second in the New Hampshire primary with 15.8 percent of the vote, edging out Ted Cruz with 11.7, but falling well-behind Donald Trump’s 35.3.

Kasich spent 18 years in Congress before becoming a managing director for Lehman Brothers from 2001 until their collapse in 2008. He also hosted a program for the Fox News Channel.

These donations have been getting a lot of attention because Soros is usually known for his support of Democratic candidates and progressive causes.

He’s been a Barack Obama donor going back to his US Senate race in 2004, and more recently gave $7 million to Hillary Clinton’s super-PAC Priorities USA Action in 2015.

Soros also spoke out against two of Kasich and Bush’s opponents: “We must reaffirm our commitment to the principles of open society and resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, however hard that may be.”

In an interview with Bloomberg, Soros accused Trump and Cruz of “doing the work of ISIS” through fear mongering.

The Dark Sith Emperor has spoken. Vote for Trump cause he’s not in the “big club” as the late great George Carlin called em.

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