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America’s most pressing concern is complacency

By Erik Pineda | November 25, 2014 7:13 PM EST

Preparedness for a nuclear conflict could prove as the foremost tactical advantage of Russia over the United States, likely positioning Moscow to score a win in case a shooting World War III with Washington as nemesis erupts.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin addresses the audience as he takes part in festivities to mark the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol in Ulan Bator, September 3, 2014.

Noting the recent reports that Russia has gained the upper hand in nuclear weapons capability against the United States, Forbes contributor James Conca argued in his article that America’s most pressing concern is complacency.

Nuclear war is non-existent

In his report, Conca outlined the deteriorating state of America’s nuclear weapons that in October 2013 was highlighted by the departure of a U.S. general who was supposed to steer into top shape the country’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) command.

However, high-profile reports about lapses on ICBM handling in the past few years led to the firing last year of the same top-level official.

This was happening as Russia was hard at work to match or even exceed not only the U.S. nuclear arsenal but also its technology. And as admitted by the U.S. State Department, America is now the underdog should hostilities involving nuclear weapons between the two nations actually break out, dreadfully sparking World War III.

This is the present case, Conca wrote, because the U.S., the public and officials alike, are convinced that nuclear war is far too remote to happen and threat is simply non-existent.

“Not so in Russia. They’re ready,” the Forbes report declared. It appeared too that in the past 40 years, Moscow not only did not let its guards down but also double up its efforts of building up. This explains the new generation of long-range cruise missiles that are ready for mobile deployment by land or sea.

Pentagon is reduced to playing catch up

Fortunately, the U.S. government is admitting that the present situation is unacceptable with Defence chief Chuck Hagel conceding that “routine neglect of our nuclear weapons programs over the years has compromised our ability to respond to an actual threat.”

To correct the situation, Hagel recently announced that up to $8 billion will be added to the maintenance of America’s nuclear arsenal that should set off the country’s accelerated efforts to regain the nuclear leadership against Russia.

(Hagel will not be around to oversee the catch up attempt as he resigned November 24, which BBC said was confirmed by U.S. President Barack Obama.

No more cooperation

Meanwhile, Russia continues to put up a proud face and its aggressive ways as it flagged earlier this November plans to wind down nuclear security cooperation with the United States.

The move, according to The New York Times, is seen as Russia’s way of saying that it requires no outside assistance in securing the country’s nuclear assets and network.

Or as observers would say, it could be Moscow’s strong message to the West and the United States in particular that it cannot be pressured about Ukrainian borders, where Russian troops are said to be amassing by the thousands.


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Establishment attempting to direct spirit of nation into a destructive revolution

Media focus on racial division diverting anger away from tyrannical government

Chaos has engulfed Ferguson, Missouri as the mainstream media is directing national attention to divisive racial issues at a time of rising tyranny in America.

Sensational revelations about government corruption are becoming a regular occurrence under the Obama administration. Ordinary Americans are being targeted while known terrorists are escorted through security. Kidnappers, rapists, and murderers are being released from prison; an action sanctioned by the President of the United States. The BATF allows guns to find their way to Mexican drug lords, while the federal government is fighting to disarm American citizens. Mega-banks launder billions of dollars worth of drug money.

Amidst this flurry of rampant corruption, Obamacare architect Johnathan Gruber admitted on video that “lack of transparency” was crucial in passing Obamacare and fool “stupid American voters” into accepting it.

Nearly every agency of government has acquired some form of armaments in the past several years. Police departments across the country are getting mine resistant vehicles. Homeland Security is acquiring billions of rounds of ammunition. The Department of Agriculture recently requested body armor as well as sub machine guns. Many other instruments of war have been stored and deployed.

A divided country

While the wealth of America is being systematically destroyed, divisive issues of race are being inflamed. Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly called Obama’s recent executive order on Amnesty for illegal aliens a “Fort Sumter” event, referring to the defining event at the beginning of America’s first civil war. Obama’s announcement came on November 20th, the same day that Mexico’s Revolution day was celebrated.

At the same time, riots in Ferguson Missouri have attracted the attention of national media, threatening to spark riots in cities across the country. The announcement of the grand jury’s decision to absolve officer Darren Wilson was seemingly timed perfectly to incite riots after 8pm.

National Guard stood down in Ferguson on orders of the White House?

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder told Fox News that, “Is the reason that the National Guard was not in there because the Obama Administration and the Holder Justice Department leaned on you to keep them out? I cannot imagine any other reason why the governor who mobilized the National Guard would not have them in there to stop this.”

The establishment is well aware that the country is growing increasingly skeptical of the federal government. Confidence in all branches of governmentare reaching record lows. According to Gallup, Congress has about a 7% approval rating; The presidency around 29% and the Supreme Court at 30%.

The establishment is attempting to direct the spirit of the nation into a destructive revolution of bloody conflagration and hate that will only result in more power for the elite.

If the nation is allowed to unify over issues of sound economic policy, purging government corruption, and re-affirming our moral code as a nation and as individuals, the corrupt elite will be brought to justice. As long as the country is divided this cannot happen. If the nation falls into chaos, these central unifying issues need to guide a real revolution of positive change that will rise from the ashes.

This generation, just as America’s founders did, will provide the heroes and legends for the next. Your actions and choices during this time will alter the outcome of this historical time period and set the cultural agenda for the next cycle. Its up to you.

Michael Brown’s Step-Father Incited Protesters To ‘Burn This B*tch Down’ After Grand Jury Decision [VIDEO]

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News


Shocking video from after the St. Louis County Grand Jury’s decision last night showed Michael Brown’s stepfather inciting the mob surrounding them to burn the city down.

“Burn this bitch down!” Brown’s step-father, Louis Head, yelled into a raucous crowd in front of Ferguson police headquarters Monday night as St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced the grand jury’s decision not to indict.

Head was with Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden, who yelled at police “they think this is a fucking joke!”

“Everybody want me to be calm,” she yelled. “Do you know how them bullets hit my son?”

“Nobody had to live through what I had to live through,” she said. “But y’all want to come with y’all fucked up ass comments.”

Head, who was wearing a white shirt with Brown’s picture on it, briefly consoled McSpadden as she cried after the Grand Jury decision was announced, but then angrily turned to the crowd to began yelling “Burn this bitch down!” 10 times, even asking for a microphone to broadcast it more widely.

And so they did.

Over a dozen businesses completely destroyed, with the Fire Department having to put out “25 structural fires” in Ferguson in one night alone.

So will Head face incitement charges? Don’t be silly. Obama’s racial darlings are immune from the law. Which is why McSpadden herself has not yet been charged for assault and felony armed robbery for her involvement in the beating of Michael Brown’s cousin and grandma for daring to sell “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” T-shirts without her permission.

Here is Mother Thug herself Ms. McSpadden’s lovely sentiments last night. You can see the apple didn’t fall far at all.

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