Ratchet Female Is Pissed Off She Can’t Get Change With Her EBT Card (THIS IS WHAT THE DEMOCRATS AND OBAMA HAVE CREATED.)*

This video shows a woman getting wild when she is told that she cannot get change with her welfare card.

Yes, She wants cash along with Government’s food.

The entitled woman attacks the poor cashier, saying she will “shut this b**ch down” and that he is “switching the game up.” She cannot understand why the employee won’t just hand her money like the government does. Luckily, the cashier is unfazed by her threats and stands strong, Mr. Conservative Reported.

Are you tired of paying for this?

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Muslim Welfare Queen Refuses To Remove Head Covering In Court, So Judge Does This (GOOD FOR THE JUDGE!)

Rania El-Allou came to a Montreal court before Judge Eliana Marengo to get her back her car, that was taken away by police when her son drove it illegally.

El-Allou showed up to court wearing hijab – traditional Muslim head covering.

“There are no religious symbols in this room, not on the walls and not on the persons,” Judge Marengo said, according to American Overlook.

“The same rules need to be applied to everyone. I will therefore not hear you if you are wearing a scarf on your head, just as I would not allow a person to appear before me wearing a hat or sunglasses on his or her head, or any other garment not suitable for a court proceeding,” she added.

When El-Allou continued to refuse to remove it, Marengo said that she in turn would refuse to hear her case. Panicking, El-Allou then played the welfare card, saying that she lives on welfare and has three children, and she needs her car back, but the judge wasn’t having any of it. Marengo eventually dismissed El-Allou from her courtroom, Mr. Conservative reported.


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More on the California exodus to Texas from Forbes:
The point is that, while Californians understand their state is actively hostile to most businesses, many simply believe that’s a penalty companies, entrepreneurs, CEOs and employees are — and should be — willing to pay to live in the greatest place on earth.
So when California splendor proved not to be enough to keep Toyota happy in Southern California any more, after a 57-year stay, it rocked the state’s foundations as surely as any tremor along the San Andreas Fault.
Meanwhile, Texans are only too happy to bring umbrellas to watch it rain on California’s parade. Over the last half-century, California and Texas have traded more Americans than any other states — and almost all of them have moved from the coast to Texas. Since 1990, Los Angeles specifically has lost 3.1 percent of its employment base, more than Cleveland (0.2 percent) and Detroit (2.8 percent), according to new research by UCLA and cited by the Wall Street Journal.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry set a typically aggressive tone when crowing about Toyota’s decision on Monday. “It is the biggest win we’ve had in a decade,” he told the Journal. “Ten years of tax, regulatory, legal and educational policies have now put Texas at the top of the heap.”

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House Republicans Want Food Stamp Recipients To Show ID – And That’s Racist, Of Course

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By Robert Gehl, February 9, 2015.

Sometimes when you buy groceries with your debit or credit card, they ask for a photo ID.

It’s not a big deal. They’re not discriminating against you and it’s not a metaphysical attack on your physical well—being. It’s done to ensure you’re authorized to use the card. Get it?

So why do food stamp recipients get to use their electronic card without showing photo id? Because if you asked them to show ID, it’s a discriminatory – and probably racist – attack on poor people that will result in millions of children starving or something like that.

The Huffington Post is reporting that House Republicans are interested in requiring government assistance recipients show proof of identity before using their cards.

Liberals insist that many poor people (minorities too!) don’t have state-issued photo id and therefore, it’s discriminatory.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is total bullshit. When you apply for benefits and any local, state or federal agency, you need to prove your identity. You stand in line – usually many times and usually for hours – to receive the benefits.

The notion that these same people can’t go to their local DMV and wait in like for a identification card is moronic.

One of the red herrings that Democrats are throwing out is that multiple people in one family can use the same food stamp card.

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So then, my goodness. Why not issue a card for every member of the household? What do they cost – two cents each? Or print everybody’s name on the card?