2 thoughts on “THE 2ND AMENDMENT

  1. I watched the campaigns very closely…many of my friends did as well. What really drove me over the edge a times was the blatant disregard for those who believe VERY STRONGLY in Our 2nd Amendment.
    Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman.
    They were kicked to the curb to make room for Romney who chickened out when Obama “took over” the 2nd time. Then it crossed my mind that we had been played. Romney was never intended to win even after his historical Campaign Rally at Red Rock. On that same day, Obama had 200 people show up.

    My Point?
    Newt Ginrich wanted to extend the 2nd Amendment to ALL Countries: In this video, Gingrich speaks out at the NRA Conference then, of course, the liberals pop in with their insanity.

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