15K Applicants ‘Stuck’ in Washington’s Obamacare Exchange

Washington state residents are upset with their disastrous Obamacare exchange website.

More than 15,000 insurance applications are currently described as “stuck” by state officials.

The Seattle Times reports:

Five months since the launch of the Washington Healthplanfinder insurance exchange, officials say many of the website problems consumers experienced in the early weeks have been fully resolved. At the same time, they acknowledge there are still thorny issues they are working to fix.

At the top of the list are more than 15,000 insurance applications that are “stuck.”

About 5,000 to 6,000 of them have problems because the data entered by consumers isn’t matching up with state databases that track which benefits, including Medicaid, applicants are eligible to receive. An applicant, for example, may name a different head of household or street address than is contained in the state’s other eligibility databases.

An additional 5,000 or so applications have tax-filing related issues, and the remaining 5,000 require more information from the applicant.

Racial Fear Keeps Obama Beautiful

Racial Fear Keeps Obama Beautiful

What defines our biases is not how we think, or what we believe, but the way in which we disseminate information to others. Bias is not simply making your beliefs known to others, which is so often what people imagine. Bias is using your perspective as a weapon against others. Bias is the deliberate leaving out of information to skew the perspectives of others.

Our media—as if this hasn’t been talked about a trillion times before—is severely biased toward liberalism. This is mostly due to the fact that journalists tend to be liberal, and as such, want their political beliefs to be validated, and spread to other Americans. We know this, and we combat this with things like Fox News, and talk radio. We have done what we can to set in place a balance, but that balance is not nearly enough to stem the tide of liberal journalism. Liberal journalists still carry so much weight in our society, to the point where even comedic journalists are liberal.

CNN’s Don Lemon recently made it known that he has struggled with just how much to criticize the president, due to Obama being black.

“When you are the first of anything there is a bigger responsibly put on you. He is a spectacle in a way, everyone is looking to hit him everyone is looking to punch him and I understand that, and as journalist you weigh how much you should criticize the president, because he’s black, but then you have to do it because ultimately you’re a journalist.”

Lemon recovers very quickly by saying that he does indeed criticize the president when it is necessary, because he is a journalist, and that is his job. But the issue is not what it appears. It seems like every other day, conservatives are being called racists simply because they dare to criticize Barack OGandhi. Conservatives don’t care about race, they simply care about issues. That is what differentiates conservative journalists with liberal ones. One side covers politics, while the other covers the pettiness of people.

Read more at http://joeforamerica.com/2014/03/racial-fear-keeps-obama-beautiful/#Ze0C3sPe0uCJBZfp.99

Surprising: Washington Post Finally Wakes Up To Obama’s Lack Of Foreign Policy Skill, Says White House Policies Are “Based On Fantasy”

Surprising: Washington Post Finally Wakes Up To Obama’s Lack Of Foreign Policy Skill, Says White House Policies Are “Based On Fantasy”

Lest you think I am kidding, this was actually taken from the Washington Post’s headline yesterday. While I suppose it is a good thing that they seem to finally be waking up, this message and lesson have come way too late for Obama, Biden, Kerry, and their band of merry Libertards who still think that the idea of projecting ‘smart’ or ‘soft power’ is the new reality of the world today. They have actually criticized Putin over and over again for his lack of game and still making use of what they call ’19th century acts.’ Listen:

“For five years, President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality. It was a world in which ‘the tide of war is receding’ and the United States could, without much risk, radically reduce the size of its armed forces…Invasions, brute force, great-power games and shifting alliances—these were things of the past….John F Kerry displayed this mindset…when he said, of Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine, ‘It’s a 19th century act in the 21st century….Unfortunately, Russian President Vladimir Putin has not received the memo on 21st—century behavior. Neither has China’s president Xi Jinping, who is engaging in gunboat diplomacy against Japan and the weaker nations of southeast Asia. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is waging a very 20th—century war against his own people…These men will not be deterred by the disapproval of their peers, the weight of world opinion or even disinvestment by Silicon Valley companies. They are concerned primarily with maintaining their holds on power.”

The problem is that Obama has been sending signals of weakness for far too long. This ends up leading to the undeniable facts that other countries will end up paying the price for our lack of action. With Putin, it was Georgia in 2008. He actually got away with this without paying much of any price. Of course, there was widespread criticism from a number of prominent conservatives including John McCain, Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney. Remember the Presidential debate where Romney tried to warn us about the ‘Russian threat?’ Obama basically laughed him down, saying that ‘the 80′s want their foreign policy back.’

Sure, no one wants to have to commit US troops to foreign soil. Yet, every President is called upon to make tough choices. Yet, it seems that Obama has already made his choices in terms of no longer committing US forces and even re-calling them from troubled spots. Not to mention trying to reduce the size of the military considerably. This is bad news, not only for our country but also for the entire world. Because men like Putin, Xi Jinping, and Assad will carefully consider what ACTIONS we take, not what statements or economic sanctions we impose.

As Putin is carefully considering whether to advance further in Ukraine, possibly even invading the eastern half of the country, do you think he will be worried about US statements and condemnations? No, he will only be worried about we might actually do to force his hand. The same will go for China and their next activities in the East China Sea.

This is simple schoolyard bully behavior. When you see a bully acting as such, the only thing that can really stop him is to get right in his face and smack him. A little bloody nose or a fat lip will make him think about trying the same thing again. But since Obama is living in a fantasy world with his foreign policy, this is quite unlikely to happen. Senator Rubio and others have outlined a number of things that could potentially help this situation. Let’s hope that Obama wakes the hell up and actually does something that will help, rather than cowering in the White House behind his pen and phone!

What do YOU think? How should Obama have handled this situation? Why should our allies continue trusting us if we are incapable of acting on the world stage under Obama?

Study: Private companies cheaper than Obamacare exchanges

Study: Private companies cheaper than Obamacare exchanges

Two private insurance exchanges across metropolitan areas in 45 states provide more options more cheaply than Obamacare exchanges, the National Center for Public Policy Research found.

Senior fellow for health policy David Hogberg found that on average both single 27-year-olds and married 57-year-old couples have more choice in private companies in 2013 than they’ll be able to find in Obamacare exchanges.

This is true even though the younger demographic is typically healthier with low health care costs and the older group is more likely to be subsidized by younger customers.

On average, both male and female 27-year-olds will have ten more options on eHealthInsurance.com than an Affordable Care Act marketplace. Young men will have 31 more choices on Finder.healthcare.gov than Obamacare’s Healthcare.gov, while young women will see 38 more. The results pan out for older customers as well. For a 57-year-old married couple, eHealth offers nine more plans on average, and Finder offers 19 more.

“Obamacare supporters, including the president himself and Nancy Pelosi, claimed the exchanges would yield more choice and lower prices,” Hogberg said. “This study shows those claims do not stand up.”

The price of the policies is likely to be a sticking point for many Americans. Still, a sizable chunk of the private alternatives proved to be less costly than Obamacare exchanges. For 27-year-old males, 32 health insurance policies on eHealth and 38 plans on Finder were less expensive than the exchanges’ cheapest policy. Young women can find 18 and 20 cheaper plans on the two exchanges respectively and for older couples, 29 and 28 plans on eHealth and Finder.

The private companies even beat subsidized options under Obamacare.

“For a 27-year-old earning $25,000 annually, the subsidy he would receive was often insufficient to make the cheapest exchange policy cost less than options on eHealth and Finder,” Hogberg found. “Even after subsidy options were accounted for, 27-year-old males still had access to an average of 18 cheaper policies on both eHealth and Finder, while a 27-year-old female had access to an average of nine on eHealth and eight on Finder.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/03/study-private-companies-cheaper-than-obamacare-exchanges/#ixzz2uwARV47v