Et Tu, MSNBC? Guests On Air Today Contradict Democratic Talking Points About Florida Loss

With friends like MSNBC, do Democrats need enemies?

The Democrats have spent the last couple of days wildly spinning their loss in Florida as either 1) insignificant or 2) an actual victory because it was a district that Republicans always carried anyway.

Regarding #1, we find it hard to believe that it’s insignificant when a Libertarian candidate, who tends to take votes away from the Republican candidate, took 5% of the vote and the Republican still won the election.

Regarding #2, it’s important to point out that the Republican victor, David Jolly, wasn’t a very good candidate and he was outspent 4-to-1. Also, his opponent, Alex Sink, won that district when she ran for governor.

Today on MSNBC, host Alex Wagner tried to explain away the Republican victory with the “low turnout” excuse. Her guest, Adam C. Smith of the Tampa Bay Times, wasn’t having any of it. He replied that the turnout level for a special election was actually pretty good, noting that a recent special election in Florida had much lower turnout.

Wagner’s other guest was even more forceful: “I think this is a wake-up call for Democrats. I hope they don’t believe their spin and I don’t think they do.”

New Poll Shows How Out Of Touch Democrats Are With Americans

New Poll Shows How Out Of Touch Democrats Are With Americans

A Gallup Poll released on Wednesday asked Americans to rate a variety of problems facing this country in how important they think they are. Not surprising, people worried the most about the economy, federal spending, and healthcare. Rounding out the least important issues were global warming and race relations. The poll shows how truly out of touch the democrats are with the problems Americans are most concerned about.

All of the things that top the list of priorities are issues that democrats are the weakest at, and are the cause of the problem in the first place. Those at the bottom represent the issues democrats run strongest on, but as the poll shows, most people don’t care very much about.

Let’s check out the numbers:

59% of respondents worry a great deal about the economy
From the feet dragging on theKeystone XL Pipeline to sinking billions of dollars into alternative energy companies to produce no jobs, Obama and the democrats have been no friend to the economy. Throw in job-killers ObamaCare and higher minimum wage and you get a party that really doesn’t care about making things better. Not one democrat initiative has done anything to improve the economy but everything they do from terrible trade agreements to business killing regulations help sink us further.

58% of respondents worry a great deal about federal spending and the budget deficit
In his first four years, Obama raised the national debt from $10.6 trillion to $16.7 trillion, an increase of 57%. By contrast, in 8 years the national debt only rose 38% under Bush Jr. and he had two wars to finance. The Republicans have been desperately trying to get federal spending under control, first with the sequester and then with the shutdown, but the free-spending democrats can’t be stopped until they are ousted from power.

57% of respondents worry a great deal about the availability and affordability of healthcare
The deceptively named Affordable Care Act has been anything but. This socialist redistribution of wealth has seen premiums rise and coverage diminish for millions of working Americans. Millions more have seen their policies cancelled. Democrats are trying to run from this disaster, but they can’t hide.

Okay, so the things Americans care most about are the things that democrats ave the worst record at. Let’s see what Americans think about the issues democrats run the hardest on:

31% of respondents worry a great deal about the quality of the environment
Democrats loves them some environmental regulations. The problem is, as evident by this poll, most Americans don’t think the environment is that big of an issue. That’s not to say we don’t care about the environment, we just don’t think it’s in such bad shape that the government has to destroy entire industries to protect it. We all want clear air and water, but we also want jobs and energy.

24% of respondents worry a great deal about climate change
The democrats in Congress just held an all-night global warming talk-a-thon that was ignored by… well, everyone. They insist upon pushing an unproven theory as scientific fact. The idea that this is one of the democrats major running points shows how truly delusional they are.

17% of respondents worry a great deal about race relations
Racism is only a problem for those on the extreme left. The rest of us know we live in a post-racial society in which opportunities are available to everyone. The Chicken Little sky-is-falling tactic of race baiting falls flat with most Americans.

Please note that increasing gun control regulations and granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens didn’t even register on this poll.

This Gallup Poll should have been titled: How The Democrats Are Going To Lose The Senate In 2014. When it comes to the economy, federal spending, and healthcare, they have nothing but explaining to do. People want jobs, not excuses. As for their pet projects of global warming and phantom inequality, nobody cares.

4 of 5 companies may hike deductibles due to Obamacare

4 of 5 companies may hike deductibles due to Obamacare

Four out of five U.S. companies have either already raised deductibles on their employee health plans or are considering it thanks to Obamacare, according to a survey of over 700 businesses by consulting firm Mercer LLC.

A third of the companies surveyed have already hiked deductibles or copays and another 48 percent are contemplating options that increase health-care payments by workers themselves, Bloomberg reports.

Health-care costs for customers and companies alike are continuing to rise, partly because of Obamacare-instated essential benefits that all health-care plans must now provide.

The more controversial benefits insurers must provide in all plans are pregnancy and child-care services, which have received pushback from men, women past childbearing age, and even nuns.

While the Obama administration has twice tried to delay enforcement of this rule, many state insurance commissioners rejected the delay in 2013 and plan to do so again this year.

Many U.S. companies are taking even more drastic action already. Large businesses like Target, Trader Joe’s and Home Depot have stopped offering part-time employees health insurance at all, instead encouraging them to opt for Obamacare exchanges instead.

UPS chose to cut its costs by dropping insurance for any employed spouses of their employees. Mercer found that 8 percent of employers have cut spousal coverage as well, and an additional 11 percent of companies are thinking about making such a change in 2015.

And while deductibles and copays may be going up for most employees, the caliber of plans may be going down. Businesses are worried about the so-called “Cadillac tax” and are ramping down their health-care coverage accordingly.

The Cadillac tax will hit businesses that already offer the best health benefits with a 40 percent tax. Companies that provide coverage over an annual value of $10,200 per year for individuals and $27,500 for families will pay the fees and pass $1,200 of them onto their employees per year, according to a report last year from Towers Watson.

Obamacare hits some employers for being too generous, others for not being generous enough.

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