Gang Culture Rising In Major Cities: Leads To More Gun Violence

 Gang Culture Rising In Major Cities: Leads To More Gun Violence

Remember the half-time tirade given by Bob Costas about a year or so ago? Just in case your memory is a bit foggy, he ended up lumping all of us together in a single, big gun culture. Of course, you and I know this simply doesn’t reflect reality.

Most of the the people in this country who respect American values and tradition have a healthy attitude about guns. This culture is rooted in American history and the tradition of law abiding citizens owning guns responsibly. This is our right, stated and codified in law such as the Second Amendment. This shouldn’t be something that some silly politician can strike down or put out to pasture. Yet, this is exactly what idiots like Michael Bloomberg in New York have done.

There is also another type of gun culture in this country. This is the one that needs to be tamed. The gang culture can be found in the inner cities of places like New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and many other violent cities. It is this culture that misuses guns and is responsible for the vast majority of the gun violence in this country.

New York City is a prime example of this second type of culture. They have recently experienced a rash of new shootings. Most of this has been done by teenagers who have obtained handguns illegally and decided to use them to get revenge for perceived slights and stupid Facebook posts. Listen:

“There are more than 300 of them in New York—violent crews of dozens of 12 to 20-year-olds with names such as Very Crispy Gangsters, True Money Gang, and Cash Bama Bullies.

Police say these groups, clustered around a particular block or housing project, are responsible for about 40 percent of the city’s shootings, with most of that violence stemming from the smallest of disses on the street, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

‘Its like belonging to an evil fraternity,’ said inspector Kevin Catalina, commander of the New York Police Department’s gang division. ‘A lot of it is driven by nothing: a dispute over a girl or a wrong look or a perceived slight.’

The trend of smaller, younger crews has also been seen in Chicago and Northeast cities over the last few years as police have cracked down on bigger, more traditional gangs, experts say.”

Interesting. It also brings up the point that idiots like Bloomberg in New York, or even Obama back when he was in Chicago, really have no idea about what is going on…or that they are simply playing politics with guns and have no intention of ever really solving the real problems and issues.

The bottom line is that a huge part of the gun violence problem we are seeing in this country is really not even a gun problem (since any idiot who really wants to can manage to find a gun illegally). Nope, it is actually a cultural problem. Until our leaders, teachers, and parents understand this, we will have a tough time solving this…and many other social ills.

What do YOU think about this? Is the gun problem mainly a cultural problem? Are the liberal solutions to this just not working? Can they ever hope to work? What should be done instead?

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