An investigative report by the Washington Post reveals that nearly 1 million individuals who enrolled or attempted to enroll in Obamacare “ran into questions about their citizenship status.”
As the Post explains, “Flaws in blocked many naturalized citizens or permanent legal residents, requiring them to submit immigration documents that are, like the income information, caught in a backlog.”
The Obama administration has come under fire for failing to have its back-end income and residency document verification systems up and running. The Post reports that as many as one million current Obamacare customers may be receiving improper taxpayer-funded subsidies because the administration has yet to build a way to verify income documents, such as pay stubs and other information.



On May 15, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on June 3 on amending the U.S. Constitution to limit political speech. If ultimately adopted, it would mark the first time in American history that a constitutional amendment rescinded a freedom listed as among the fundamental rights of the American people.
The proposed amendment was introduced by Sen. Tom Udall (D-CO) as S.J.R. 19 and if ratified would become the Twenty-Eighth Amendment. It provides in part that “Congress shall have power to regulate the raising and spending of money and in-kind equivalents with respect [to] the Federal elections … [and] State elections.”
The proposed amendment includes a provision that “Nothing in this article shall be construed to grant Congress the power to abridge the freedom of the press.” So Breitbart News, The New York Times, and the mainstream media would be able to say whatever they want, but citizens and citizen groups such as the National Rifle Association could not.
The American people have amended the Constitution 27 times in the nation’s history. Ten of those happened in a single package when the states ratified the Bill of Rights, and another three occurred between 1865 and 1870 following the Civil War, forbidding slavery and racial discrimination.
Reid usually opposes amending the Constitution. In 2011, Reid voted against S.J.R. 10, a proposed constitutional amendment by Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee (R-UT) that would require the federal government to balance the federal budget. In 2004 Reid voted against S.J.R. 40 that would have protected marriage as the union of one man and one woman, which would not include same-sex partners or polygamous marriages of three or more people.
Only one amendment has modified a previous amendment. The Eighteenth Amendment was ratified in 1919 and empowered Congress to forbid alcohol nationwide. Then the Twenty-First Amendment was ratified in 1933 to repeal the Eighteenth Amendment and allow alcohol to flow once again.
But the right of Americans to fully engage in political speech is guaranteed by the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. If S.J.R. 19 becomes part of the Constitution, it would be the first instance in which a right secured by a constitutional amendment was later scaled back.
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) promises that the full Senate will vote on the measure later this year.

Germany Will Ban Tech Companies That Play Ball With NSA

Germany Will Ban Tech Companies That Play Ball With NSA

MUNICH — It didn’t take an Edward Snowden to figure out that American espionage service providers had access to confidential information about German citizens. It’s been known for years that the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) works for American secret services.

It’s also known that a former CSC subsidiary was involved in the abduction of German citizen Khaled el-Masri, who was turned over to the CIA and subjected to abuse and degradation before the agency finally admitted his arrest and torture were a mistake.

Nevertheless, German CSC subsidiaries have in past years received more than 100 contracts from state and federal governments in Germany, as Süddeutsche Zeitung and public broadcaster NDR reported last fall. The operative rule at the time was that only companies that were found guilty of crimes could be excluded from public contracts. So far, no CSC employee has been prosecuted for the abduction of el-Masri. Per se, working for the U.S. intel agencies is not punishable. So Germany’s federal government tied its own hands over the issue.

But according to research conducted by NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s black-red “grand coalition” government has now tightened the rules for awarding sensitive public IT contracts. In cases of doubt, suspicious companies will now be excluded from such contracts. And companies now have to sign documents to the effect that no contracts or laws oblige them — nor can they be coerced — to pass on confidential data to foreign secret services or security authorities.

The new rule would seem to be aimed primarily at American companies. These companies, as numerous Snowden documents reveal, regularly pass on information to the U.S. spy agencies. At the NSA, a separate Special Sources Operations department deals with cooperation with “strategic partners,” as agents call such companies. The companies say they are merely following the laws of the respective country, and so far this explanation has been accepted.

But since April, any company that cannot guarantee that foreign services or authorities will not obtain any of their data is being excluded from federal contracts in Germany. A spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior said that the aim of the new rule is to prevent “the flow of data worth protecting to foreign security authorities.”

Will there be a loophole?

But whether CSC also will be excluded from sensitive federal contracts is open to question. In January the German federal government let it be known that it saw “no reason [to change] our contract-awarding procedures” as far as German CSC subsidiaries were concerned. And yet CSC is part of the American shadow army of private firms that deliver low-cost and untransparent projects for the military and secret services.

The company was part of a consortium that was awarded the contract for the Trailblazer Project, which was supposed to develop a gigantic data vacuum to suck up information — very similar to the NSA’s current spy programs. “Data are the next battlefield,” reads one company prospectus. And CSC is apparently delivering the requisite arms for the battle.

It was CSC subsidiaries that, among other projects, tested the German Federal Criminal Police Office’s “state Trojan” and supported the Ministry of Justice when it introduced electronic files at the Federal Supreme Court. CSC was also awarded contracts pertaining to the German government network through which coded communications from the ministries and various authorities flow. And CSC advised the Ministry of the Interior on the introduction of electronic passports, and is involved in the De-Mail project, which aims to securitize email traffic.

In April CSC won a (negative) “Big Brother Award.”

The powers that be at CSC point to the fact that the German subsidiaries “have no contractual relation to the U.S. government.” Business with American secret services is conducted by “a separate, independent business arm headquartered in the United States.” But just how separate can the business of subsidiaries of the same firm really be? In any case, all company emails apparently go through the mother company’s server.

Incorrect ObamaCare Subsidies Could Result In Bigger Tax Bills

Incorrect ObamaCare Subsidies Could Result In Bigger Tax Bills

Just when you thought everything about ObamaCare was finally settled, there is more bad news. After all, our wonderful community organizer in chief has said that everything is ‘working’ and that we should all simply accept his UN-Affordable Care Act as a new way of life in Obama’s Amerika.

Sure, ObamaCare has had its challenges. I mean the website didn’t work when it first came out…but the government fixed those issues, right? And then everything finally got back on track and millions of people joined because they believed our glorious leader and all his faulty promises like being able to keep our plans and doctors. Wait….those were actual lies? Oh, well, at least we got nice subsidies from the government to help pay for these unaffordable rates.

Not quite. There is a new report that indicates more than a million people who signed up for ObamaCare are either being paid too much or too little in their subsidies. Of course, this money is taxpayer-funded. Even worse, the process for the government to inform us that we are getting either too little or too much money has not even been put in place yet. This monstrously confusing situation was somehow neglected in the Obama Regime’s mad rush to prove that the program actually ‘works.’

Kudos to the Obama Regime once again. There are two possibilities in such a situation. The subscriber might be receiving too little money. This is the best case scenario. It will likely make things a little harder in the short term, but you would end up eventually getting a refund of the extra money you paid. But for those who have ended up receiving too much money, it’s actually bad news. They might think they have gotten a really good deal, until tax time comes around and they find themselves slammed with a big bill for their ‘overpayment.’ Of course, they didn’t even know they were being overpaid in the first place!

Once again, folks, this is the Obama Regime at work. Listen to this example of total incompetence:

“The government has identified these discrepancies but is stuck at the moment. Under federal rules, consumers are notified if there is a problem with their application and then asked to upload or mail in pay stubs or other proof of their income. Only a fraction have done so, according to the documents. And, even when they have, the federal computer system at the heart of the insurance marketplace cannot match this proof with the application because that capability has yet to be built, according to three individuals.

So piles of unprocessed ‘proof’ documents are sitting in a federal contractor’s Kentucky office, and the government continues to pay insurance subsidies that may be too generous or too meager. Administration officials do not yet know what proportion are overpayments or underpayments. Under current rules, people receiving unwarranted subsidies will be required to return the excess next year.”

Wow. I guess this is just par for the ObamaCare course. Part of the bigger issue is that a lot of these needed backend site functions were just simply never built. And the government knew this ahead of time. They are sneaky liars who hoped we wouldn’t notice all these shortcomings. They spend huge amounts of money on the site and program knowing there was no way to verify income and offer the correct amount of subsidy payments. Now, we will see a huge number of Americans owing the IRS hundreds to thousands of dollars in fees.

What do YOU think about all this? More expected ObamaCare problems? Does any of this really surprise you? Can any of this be fixed? What should be done with ObamaCare now?