Unbelievable: Top Obama Adviser Brags About Obama’s Executive Orders

Unbelievable: Top Obama Adviser Brags About Obama’s Executive Orders

May 20, 2014 By Todd Cefaratti

What startles me most, perhaps, about the Obama Administration is not the way the president attempts to rule with an iron fist, bridled with the constraints of neither law nor order. Tyrants are nothing new to this world.

No, what startles me the most is the sheer brazenness of their defense of such tactics that remain at-odds with the fundamentals of our Republic.

Our nation, a nation of laws, cannot abide a president- any president- willfully disobeying the laws of the land and the directives of the people. Yet, with each swipe of his much-loved pen and with each scandal that emerges, the response emanating from the White House has been, “So what? We’ll do it again; just watch us!”

Case in point: Obama’s senior adviser, Dan Pfeiffer, penned an obnoxious op-ed for The Huffington Post where he not only defended the wanton disregard for legislative authority, but defended it as a measure to protect Americans from the Republicans.

In his nauseating article, “How to Govern When Congress Would Rather Repeal and Re-investigate Than Legislate,” Pfeiffer discussed the need for economic improvement. After five-and-a-half years, it’s still incredible that we are discussing the need for drastic improvements to the economy, but alas, here we are.

Pfeiffer declares,
“Given this dynamic, President Obama has only one option — use every ounce of his authority to unilaterally improve economic security. He is more than willing to work with congressional Republicans, but he is certainly not going to wait for them.”
That’s certainly kind of President Obama- he’s willing to work with congressional Republicans, but if they don’t hop to attention, he’ll just wave his magic pen and create laws, despite having zero authority to do so.

I’ll write that again- the president has zero authority to create laws. He has zero authority to decide which laws will or will not be enforced. He has a limited veto power to keep bills from becoming laws, but he has zero authority to create laws. As the executive, he has the responsibility of executing the laws passed by Congress. Pretending that the president has “only one option” in this instance is absurd and precisely the kind of logic that stems from a generation bereft of an emphasis on history and government being taught in schools.

Pfeiffer continues:
“Around the White House we refer to this strategy as ‘the Pen and the Phone’ — the Pen is the use of executive orders, presidential memorandums, and other authorities; the Phone is the 21st century version of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bully Pulpit — using the power of the Oval Office and social media to get businesses, local communities, nonprofits, and ordinary citizens to take steps to improve the country.

President Obama is putting his pen and his phone to work, making measurable progress on the Opportunity Agenda laid out in the State of the Union. Since the start of 2014, he’s taken more than 20 executive actions — from launching high-tech manufacturing hubs to creating retirement programs that makes it easier to save — that will help create jobs, while broadening opportunity for millions of Americans. And there are more on the way. None by itself is a moonshot, but taken together these executive actions represent concrete, meaningful steps to help the middle class and everyone who wants to join it.”
What should scare the dickens out of each and every American is the ease with which the Obama Administration violates the oath of office. Not only is Obama dedicated to destroying our nation of laws, but he’s gleefully touting it as a success for Americans.

Another State Obamacare Exchange Collapses

Another State Obamacare Exchange Collapses

May 21, 2014 By Greg Campbell


Another one bites the dust…

After taxpayers fronted the bill for Nevada’s Silver State Exchange, the state’s version of the Obamacare online healthcare exchange, Nevada’s government finally admitted defeat and voted on Tuesday to cancel the contract with Xerox, the company tasked with creating the defunct website.

Xerox, who was contracted in 2012 to develop the site, has been dropped in favor of joining the federal government’s Obamacare exchange, a site that has similarly been riddled with problems, delays and soaring costs.

The move delighted public officials who support Obamacare as the website, after years in-the-making, still underperformed and was riddled with glitches and delays.

Nevada Democrat Senator Harry Reid stated,

“There is no reason Nevada’s exchange couldn’t have been as successful as other state-based exchanges, like Kentucky or Connecticut, if not for Xerox.”

However, while Sen. Reid and other defenders of the failed healthcare law might be quick to point to Xerox as the culprit behind the dysfunction, the fact remains that virtually no part of the implementation of Obamacare has gone according to plan. On the federal level, the rollout has been nothing short of a costly disaster and for many states who opted to create their own exchanges, they have lived to regret their decision.

According to a recent Politico report, four states- Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts and Maryland- have cost taxpayers $474 million trying to build websites. Oregon’s infamous “Cover Oregon” crashed and burned spectacularly and ultimately relented and joined the federal exchange after burning through $248 and not covering a single Oregonian.

Nevada, following Oregon’s lead, is opting to do the same. Nevada has paid Xerox $12.3 million, but the contract calls for paying Xerox $72 million. Regardless of what Xerox is paid, the fact remains that Nevadans paid millions for a site that simply does not work.

While both Democrats and establishment Republicans commended the board’s decision to transition to the federal exchange as a function of making the best decision with the unfortunate circumstances, Nevada Congressional Tea Party Candidate Niger Innis pointed to the failure of Nevada’s exchange as an example of governmental dysfunction.
“The Silver State Exchange is collapsing under the power of its own weight,” Innis told TPNN. “It’s become a disaster for the people of Nevada. The Las Vegas Review-Journal predicted that there would be an additional 90,000 Nevadans who would have their insurance significantly downgraded or cancelled because of the Silver State Exchange and Obamacare.

The shutdown of the Silver State Exchange and asking the federal government to co-op them into the federal exchange is another example of the disaster that is Obamacare and I am disappointed that many of my fellow Republicans in the state legislature failed to prevent the Silver State Exchange monstrosity. That’s why I will fight to repeal and replace Obamacare when elected to Congress.”
Innis’ primary opponent, Nevada Assemblyman Cresent Hardy, voted with the rest of the assembly in 2011 to create Nevada’s Obamacare exchange.

Out Of Touch President Using Benghazi, ObamaCare Woes To Fundraise

Out Of Touch President Using Benghazi, ObamaCare Woes To Fundraise

By Joseph R. Carducci on May 21, 2014DavidPope-Obama
This is just another example of how out of touch with reality (and most ordinary Americans) our glorious community leader in chief really is. Not only is he out of touch, Obama also is guilty of doing the exact same thing that he took Republicans to task for recently.

Many within the Democratic leadership have been overly critical of the newly announced Benghazi select committee. They have even declined to participate thus far. On top of this, they also expressed some feigned outrage that some Republicans have begun to use the issue in their fundraising efforts. Never mind the fact that Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has already been doing this.

Last night, our amazing president was at a high-dollar fundraising event for the DCCC. During this event he told the attendees that, “Congress is wasting time investigating the Benghazi affair and focusing on the troubles” of his ObamaCare law. He also went on to tell the A-listers in attendance that these things are simply not serious and that they don’t speak to the real concerns of most people.

Despite the fact that the DCCC has already done its best to politicize the issue of using the Benghazi tragedy as a way to raise money, don’t look for them to condemn these new fundraising efforts that raised tons of cash off the issue.

It’s just kind of funny to hear Obama talk about how everything is going so well with ObamaCare. We have tons of broken promises along with all the evidence of rising costs and limited access to doctors and care. Yet, Obama does not think these are real concerns that speak to the real issues that are affecting real people.

It would certainly seem that millions of Americans would beg to differ. Plus, there will be a lot more pain to follow. Numerous polls have all shown that for every person who claims to have been helped by ObamaCare, there are at least two people who have been hurt. See the linked to page for an eye-opening video about what some ‘real’ people ‘really’ think.

Then we have Benghazi. The polls show that a not insignificant number of people are actually in favor of this new committee. Or at the very least some type of further investigation. People want real answers about what actually happened and why our president and Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) and other leaders responded in the manner in which they did. People want to know why our leaders refused to respond properly to the numerous requests of the Consulate to send added security.

Yet, it would seem that the high-class liberals who attended last nights’ fundraiser don’t care. They simply nodded their head and just went along with everything. Never mind the fact that super majorities of Americans disagree with our president on both of these issues.

What do YOU think? Is the president out of touch with reality? How should ordinary Americans respond to this? Is Obama a hypocrite for bashing the Republicans using these issues for fundraising and then doing the same thing himself?

Director of Phoenix VA Hospital Where Vets Died from Delays Received $8,500 Bonus in April

Director of Phoenix VA Hospital Where Vets Died from Delays Received $8,500 Bonus in April

2:00 PM, MAY 21, 2014 • BY JOHN MCCORMACK

The director of the Phoenix VA hospital where 40 veterans died while waiting for care received an $8,500 bonus last month, according to Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

Sharon Helman, the director of the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System, “got an $8,500 bonus last month while there was an open [inspector general] investigation into Phoenix,” Chairman Miller told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview Wednesday.

It had been previously reported that Helman received more than $9,000 in bonus pay in 2013 on top of her annual salary of $169,900. The VA office of inspector general began investigating the Phoenix VA for wrongdoing in December 2013, months before Helman received the additional $8,500 bonus.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Secretary Eric Shinseki “is the final decision maker regarding performance ratings and awards.” VA spokesmen did not immediately respond to an inquiry from THE WEEKLY STANDARD asking if Shinseki signed off on Helman’s $8,500 bonus in April.

Chairman Jeff Miller said that VA officials told him that the Helman’s new bonus was the result of “an administrative error” made by a “low-level person” in the department.

Update: The VA announced this afternoon: “Secretary Shinseki today exercised his authority to rescind Sharon Helman’s fiscal year 2013 performance award immediately. Previously, Ms. Helman received the performance award due to an administrative error.”


Obama administration and Congress work to seriously weaken bill designed to rein in NSA
No End in Sight for Surveillance Police State

On Tuesday the House of Representatives gutted the so-called USA Freedom Act designed to curb surveillance abuse by the NSA.

The version that emerged from Rules Committee is substantially different than the version approved by the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees two weeks ago. The watered down and weakened version is the result of the Obama administration leaning on House leaders behind closed doors.

“The USA FREEDOM Act had previously passed through two committees before being secretly watered down behind closed doors,” notes Amie Stepanovich, Senior Policy Counsel at Access, a digital rights organization. “The version we fear could now be negotiated in secret and introduced on the House floor may not move us forward on NSA reform.”

“Before this bill becomes law, Congress must make clear – either through amendments to the bill, through statements in the legislative record, or both – that mass collection of innocent people’s records isn’t allowed,” the New America Foundation writes in a statement.

“The Leadership of the House is demonstrating that it wants to end the debate about surveillance, rather than end bulk collection,” said Harley Geiger, Senior Counsel at the Center for Democracy & Technology. “As amended, the bill may not prevent collection of data on a very large scale in a manner that infringes upon the privacy of Americans with no connection to a crime or terrorism. This is quite disappointing given the consensus by the public, Congress, the President, and two independent review groups that ending bulk collection is necessary.”

The gutting of the USA Freedom Act was virtually ignored by the establishment media – and for good reason: the national security state needs all-encompassing surveillance to retain its hold on power.

A document released by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals the real reason the national security state has built and continues to build an unprecedented surveillance grid. “It revealed that the agency has been monitoring the online activities of individuals it believes express ‘radical’ ideas and who have a ‘radicalizing’ influence on others,” writes Glenn Greenwald for The Guardian.

Because the NSA targets “broad categories of people,” it is capable and willing to conduct surveillance on “anyone anywhere, including in the US, whose ideas the government finds threatening,” Greenwald notes.

Obama and the establishment media routinely criticize the panopticon surveillance state, but such criticism is less than worthless. The Obama administration, as noted above, has worked behind closed doors to make sure any legislation designed to rollback NSA violations of the Constitution and the privacy of the American people is seriously weakened.

New Poll Spells Absolute Disaster for Democrats

New Poll Spells Absolute Disaster for Democrats

Democrat leaders have continued to maintain that they intend to run on the “success” of Obamacare.

That’s like the White Star Line advertising the “success” of Titanic’s maiden voyage.

However, this continued insistence that Obamacare is an achievement on which Democrats should run for reelection is a blessing for Republicans. Despite the mainstream media hustling for the Democrats to try and spin our nation’s sojourn into socialized medicine as anything but a disaster, even they have not been able to conceal the disastrous consequences of Obamacare.

From the failed rollout to the soaring costs to the cancelled insurance policies, Obamacare has received a bad reputation- and rightfully so.

Democrats ought to be worried. A new poll revealed that 9 out of 10 voters intend to consider Obamacare when voting in the midterm elections.

Yes- 90% of those who will be voting will ponder the effects of Obamacare. With no real success stories of note and only failure after failure having piled up, when voters think Obamacare, they are bound to think of government-sponsored disaster.

Worse yet: this poll comes from Politico- a news source that largely caters to the left. If Politico readers have lost that loving feeling for Obamacare, what does that say about American opinions on the subject as a whole?

The doom and gloom for Democrats rolls on as the IJ Review reports:
Sixty percent of respondents said the debate on the Affordable Care Act is not over, contrary to the President’s claims. And half of those polled say they favor full repeal of the Obamacare law.

The issues currently being used by the Democratic Party to whip up votes – immigration reform and pay equity – don’t even come close as a hot-button issue this year. Only 28 and 16 percent, respectively, said those issues would determine their vote in the midterms.

Not only that, when asked which party they would prefer to vote for, voters say they are more likely to vote for a Republican over a Democrat by 7 points, 41 to 34 percent.

The poll notes that people are feeling a growing distrust of and hostility towards big government and insiders in Washington, DC.

And who can blame them? The Obama administration has “accomplished” nothing of significance except waste trillions of dollars and carry out a disastrous healthcare law that the majority of Americans don’t want.
As we look on in horror at the VA scandal, one obvious observation goes unmentioned by the mainstream media: this is the face of government-run healthcare.

Pentagon deploys another warship to Black Sea

Pentagon deploys another warship to Black Sea

The United States military confirmed on Tuesday that a guided missile cruiser is en route to the Black Sea as worries persist about the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

“I can confirm the Vella Gulf, a Navy cruiser, will be going in to the Black Sea probably later this week,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby told the press on Tuesday, AFP reported.

Earlier this week, RT reported that a military source had told Russia’s Itar-Tass news agency that the US Department of Defense was expected to deploy a ship towards the Black Sea this week as part of what Moscow is considering a wide build-up of NATO forces in the region. Now the Pentagon has confirmed that the Vella Guld will replace the USS Taylor, a frigate that was stationed in the Black Sea until May 12 and preceded by the presence of the USS Donald Cook.

The guided-missile frigate USS Taylor (Reuters/US NAVY)The guided-missile frigate USS Taylor (Reuters/US NAVY)

An US-authorized treaty, the Montreux Conventions of 1936, bars outside countries from keeping warships in the body of war for more than 21 days. Instead of retiring America’s naval presence from the region altogether, though, the DOD is again exchanging one ship for another in the midst of the growing tensions between Ukraine’s interim government and those wanting a stronger alliance with neighboring Russia.

The USS Donald Cook (AFP Photo)The USS Donald Cook (AFP Photo)

As RT reported previously, the Vella Gulf is 172 meters long, 16 meters wide and can carry two multipurpose helicopters. It is also equipped with an Aegis air and ballistic missile defensive system, Tomahawk cruise missiles, antisubmarine missiles and surface-to-air missiles.

Ahead of this week’s deployment, the Vella Gulf was expected to participate in a semi-annual, UK-led training exercise in the Mediterranean Sea “designed to provide NATO and allied forces a unique multi-warfare environment in which to prepare for global operations,” according to the ship’s newsletter.

Tomahawk cruise missile (Reuters/U.S. Navy photo)Tomahawk cruise missile (Reuters/U.S. Navy photo)

According to AFP, the Pentagon plans to maintain a military presence in Eastern Europe through the end of the years as the standoff between Moscow and Kiev continues.