Rep. Luis Gutierrez: No Government Money Will Be Spent on Illegals


November 19, 2014 9:03 am Invasion U.S.A.

(Newsmax) – Republicans need not worry about tax dollars being spent on implementing President Barack Obama’s planned “executive amnesty” says a Democratic congressman.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” he believes the 3 million-5 million affected by the order would have to pay for background checks and any other expense associated with being granted legal status.

Gutierrez said he believes Obama will require applicants to have been in the United States 5-10 years and have children who are American citizens. Those who pass background checks will get a work authorization for two years and a Social Security card, he said.

But Gutierrez disagreed with host Bill O’Reilly that they eventually would be granted citizenship.

“There is no citizenship. The president has no authority. Only through an act of Congress can they ever be granted citizenship,” Gutierrez insisted.

At that point, the government will be free to pursue “the really bad guys” and deportations will continue, he said.

O’Reilly expressed skepticism at that, saying the Obama administration isn’t going after criminals now. They are deported and then come right back into the country, he said.

Gutierrez said those affected would not be allowed to sign up for welfare, food stamps and housing benefits. He cited the 800,000 “DREAMers” who were made legal in June 2012 who can’t get Pell Grants to go to college.

O’Reilly warned that once executive amnesty is signed a flood of new immigrants will be crossing the border. And some of those already here will simply not pay the fees and become legal, essentially staying in the same situation they are in now.
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