The Puzzling Lack Of Latino Support For Obama’s Amnesty Action

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By Brian Anderson, November 19, 2014.

President Obama has said he will finally unveil his immigration reform executive action on Thursday night. Hardly a secret, Obama’s overreach of authority will grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, many of whom are Latino. While it’s not a surprise that most Americans are against this horrible “go-it-alone” policy, the big shock is that Latinos don’t support it with overwhelming numbers.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 48% of Americans oppose the pending amnesty action while just 38% support it. 14% of those polled are too dull to have an opinion on stuff.

As you can imagine, the support/dissent falls along political lines with more conservatives opposing amnesty and more democrats loving it. But when you break down the numbers by race, it gets real interesting:

Latinos are divided, with 43 percent supporting the action and 37 percent opposing it.

You’d expect support among Latinos to be much higher because the liberals have been so effective in racializing and politicizing the issue, but the numbers don’t lie.

Or do they? NBC refuses to believe the results of their own poll, so they decided to disqualify this one aspect while leaving the other results intact:

But the sample size here is small (just 110 Latino respondents), so the numbers have a high margin of error.

How’s that for some bullsh*t? If this poll is so flawed, why even publish it? As for that “high margin of error” that racially targeted only the Latino portion of the poll, here are NBC’s official numbers:

The rest of the NBC/WSJ poll — which was conducted Nov. 14-17 and has an overall margin of error of plus-minus 3.1 percentage points — will be released at 6:30 pm ET.

Hmmm…so with more than a 3-point margin of error, the numbers could actually be 40% of Latinos opposed to Obama’s immigration plan and 40% in favor of it. That’s an even split.

It should be noted that NBC doesn’t dispute any other portion of the poll, just the Latino numbers. Obviously, the left-leaning network doesn’t want to admit that there isn’t universal support in the Latino community for amnesty. They’ve invested too much time framing the debate as white versus brown and xenophobes versus hard-working immigrants.

Here’s something that NBC hasn’t considered: most Latinos are not illegal aliens, but rather natural-born or naturalized American citizens. As Americans, many of them can see that failing to secure the border, allowing a flood of uneducated immigrants in, and granting amnesty to millions more will be disastrous.

For many of them, they left their home countries because they were sh*tholes and they’re not too eager to recreate that sh*thole here on American soil.

This confusion on NBC’s part mirrors the mystification of the Democratic Party following the midterm election debacle, which saw traditionally democratic voters abandoning them. Blacks are not doing well under democratic rule, women have bigger concerns than free and plentiful abortions, and Latinos don’t necessarily want the depressed wages and government spending that comes with unchecked immigration.

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