Obama Doesn’t Want to Stop Iran

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March 31, 2015


RUSH: Yeah. In the Stack of Things That Are Totally Made-up and Cannot Possibly Be True Today, there’s a Washington Post poll, and do you know what it says? The vast majority of you support Obama’s nuke deal with Iran. That’s what it says. The vast majority of the American people are ready to go, ready to help Obama get the nuke deal done with Iran. Except they’re not told the truth about what the deal is. The primary question in the poll is, “Would you support an Iranian nuclear deal which lifted sanctions on Iran for a pledge from Iran not to develop a nuclear weapon?”

Well, of course, reasonable people say, “Yep, that’s good with me!” But that’s not what the Iranian nuke deal is. They do a poll on an imaginary nuke deal, but that question has no relationship to what the deal currently being discussed is. And, of course, the deal has fallen apart. There are so many misconceptions about this. Everybody thought that the deadline — THE deadline — was today. Now they say, “No, this was just phase one. This was some preliminary thing. This is the framework of a deal. This is not the deal.”

The Drive-Bys were hyping this date, today, as it had to get done or else it was gonna blow up and nothing was ever gonna happen. That simply was never the case. The original drop-dead date for this is sometime in June or July. And what happened here is exactly what the Iranians always do. At the last minute, they made a total change to something they had previously committed to. In this case they said, “You know what? We’re not gonna surrender the enriched uranium that we produced,” and John Kerry said, “But wait! But wait! You said you were!”

The Iranians said, “Well, we changed our mind. We talked to Ali Khomeini, and we changed our mind. We’re not gonna do that.” So we called the Russians, “Hey, can you guys help? Because you essentially sold them the stuff to help ’em make it,” and Putin said, “Yeah, we’ll take the uranium off their hands.” And the Iranians said, “No, we not gonna give up our uranium.” The Russians said, “We’d be happy to take it and hold it in escrow.” (snorts) So then as I say the ayatollah Khamenei came in and said, “Screw all this!”

So the deadline today is gonna come and go. Whether it’s met or not is irrelevant because the Ayatollah Khamenei said, “This two-phase thing is a bunch of garbage, anyway! Screw this framework stuff. The real drop-dead date is July. That’s what’s now operative.” Of course this is also part and parcel of the way Iran gets things. They get very, very close to what everybody thinks is a deal and they walk away.

Now they’ve gone… See this is March, April, May. (chuckles) They got three or four months here to keep developing uranium, keep running their centrifuges, keep working toward the creation of a nuclear weapon while the talks stall and then resume and then stall and get everybody focused on a new date this summer. It’s exactly what Iran does.

Here, grab sound bite number one and two, John Bolton. Before we get back to Indiana Mike Pence, let me get this out of the way because this not gonna take much. On America’s Newsroom today Bill Hemmer was speaking with Bolton about all of this going on in Iran, and he said, “Now, critics say that the president’s already given way too much. Today’s the day, right? John Kerry said last night, ‘Everybody knows the meaning of tomorrow and tomorrow is today.’ So what does it all mean,” Mr. Bolton?

BOLTON: If they don’t announce it today, they’ll have to announce it on April Fool’s Day. They will declare success because in negotiation, you never fail. But if anybody thinks that Iran has really made any substantial concession here, they’re not listening careful enough, and the Iranians really are never gonna make substantial concessions because they’re determined to get nuclear weapons.

RUSH: Right, and we’re not telling them that they can’t. The only way that… Well, here, he addresses it. Bolton says the only way we’re gonna stop this is to bomb ’em, and we’re not gonna do that, so they’re gonna get the weapon. Hemmer said, “Well, you’re taking a lot of heat, Mr. Bolton, for a piece that you put out last week. You said to stop Iran’s bomb you gotta bomb Iran. You think that’s the only way out here?”

BOLTON: There are only two outcomes here. One is the most likely outcome: Iran gets nuclear weapons. Whether they sign this deal or not, I think there’s a lot of common-sense understanding that they are stringing us along. Look at the prior examples where the Israelis bombed a nuclear reactor in Syria being constructed by North Korea in September of 2007. They set Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program back for a decade by bombing the Osirak reactor in 1991.

RUSH: So his point is that’s about the only leverage we have now is to bomb their facilities. The problem is many of their facilities are way, way down there — way down underground. It’d be tough. You’d need one of those bunker-busting bombs. I don’t know if we still have ’em or if the Democrats outlawed them for being too dangerous. But that’s what it would take. John Bolton has become sort of a fait accompli-ist on this.

They’re gonna get it. Negotiations never fail. No matter what happens, you declare victory. (That’s called “statesmanship,” by the way.) He’s not accusing Obama of that. That’s just what everybody does. At the end of every negotiation, everybody claims victory, whether there is one or not. Now, Bill Richardson. We’ve featured his sound bites on this subject the past couple of weeks, and he was back on CNN today with Chris Cuomo. He just cannot believe what he’s seeing here. Cuomo said, “I know it’s just optics, and I know it’s oversimplification, but it does look like Iran’s getting everything it wants. It looks like they’re running the table here, doesn’t it?”

RICHARDSON: They’re running rampant. They’re moving ahead in Iraq. They’re moving in Syria. With ISIS they are on our side, but they’re causing a lot of problems in the region. You can’t trust ’em. Lastly, Saudi Arabia and Israel; they’re our friends. They’re not happy about this. We gotta find a way in this interim period to get closer to the Saudis, to see if we can breach this relationship, make it better with Israel, ’cause there’s just too much turmoil in the region, and we can’t let Iran get away with everything it’s doing in the region. They are running rampant.

RUSH: We are not stopping them. We do not have an administration that wants to stop them. That’s what everybody seems to have trouble realizing or admitting here. We do not have an administration that wants to stop Iran. It’s just the opposite in fact. There’s a reason that Iran’s running rampant. It’s that nobody’s stopping them. I take that back. The French are trying to. Imagine that. The French are bigger hawks than we are. Of course the Israelis are trying to stop it.

Even some of the other European nations, the P5+1 group. But they can’t do it. They can’t do it without us, and we’re not on the same page with them. This administration does not wants to stop Iran from its ultimate aim: Getting nuclear weapons. Now, they’re not trying to facilitate this happening tomorrow, but they don’t want to stop it. The current deal permits Iran in ten years to have nuclear weapons.

It’s gonna rely on the power of Obama’s charisma and his speeches on it persuading Iran not to use the nuclear weapons that they are going to eventually either obtain or create, produce.


RUSH: Jim in Battle Creek, Michigan. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you for taking my call and —

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: — and thank you for all you do for us.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Now that they’re okay with them building those centrifuges deep in the ground, will it be okay for us to start building nuclear power plants deep in the ground?

RUSH: You mean like the Iranians are doing?


RUSH: The Iranians are building their nuclear facilities way, way, way down there. I mean, way down there, folks, so that our bombs or anybody else’s bombs can’t get to them.

CALLER: And so if it’s okay for them to do that, is it okay for us to start building nuclear power plants?

RUSH: It’s actually not a bad question. His question, the Iranians maintain that they’re not building nuclear weapons, except that they are. They claim that they’re building nuclear power. They need to build nuclear power to be able to fuel their growing nation. People say, “Wait a minute. You got more oil than you know what to do with.” And they say, “Yeah, but we’re so behind the times, we don’t have any refineries. We have to ship it out.” Which is true, they don’t. “And if we got these embargoes on us, we got they see sanctions, we need nuclear power.”

Their facilities are way underground. His point is we can’t build a nuclear power plant in this country without 10 years of investigations and regulatory filings and all that. Now, what happens if we would build one way underground? The environmentalist wackos would find something. It would probably cause earthquakes if we did it. His point is, why is it okay for the Iranians to do any of this, either build a bomb or nuclear power plants, wherever they’re doing it, and we can’t do diddly-squat? There’s an answer to it. Why can the Iranians and why can’t we? The simplest answer often works. It’s called the Democrat Party.




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Every year that Obama has been in the White House, America has produced LESS than it did in the year 2000! The economy has SHRUNK more than at any other time in US history. (the 100 line on the graph is equal to the GDP of 2000.)  After over 100 years of being the most productive country (by a LONG way) we have dropped to a poor 2nd place.  Unemployment (when counting EVERYONE who is out of work) has been over 23% for 3 years now.  This depression is WORSE than the Great Depression was in the 1930’s.  The traitors in the White House and congress need to be dealt with as per Federal Statute for those who commit treason.

What Free Speech? SCOTUS Denies Appeal In Case Of High Schoolers Wearing American Flag Shirts

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Do you remember this story from 2010 about a group of California high schoolers who got in trouble for wearing t-shirts with the American flag on Cinco de Mayo? They were sent home to change because the principal was afraid the shirts would incite violence at the school. The students and parents got angry because – how in the crap is the American flag supposed to incite violence? Then again, this is California. This is the same state where a university thought putting the American flag on campus would be considered too exclusive and offensive to international student minorities. To which I say – if the American flag is offensive to you, why in the world are you even here?

(Just as an aside – I wonder what would happen if I were to go to another country like Mexico or wherever and DEMAND that they take down the Mexican flags at their schools and government buildings. At best, I would probably be laughed at. At worst, I’d probably be arrested and/or shot. But I would never do that because I would be in Mexico and I EXPECT there to be Mexican flags everywhere in that country.)

Fast forward to now – this case in California has gone through all kinds of local and state courts throughout the years and it was heading to the Supreme Court – except SCOTUS decided not to hear the appeal on this at all

The Supreme Court has denied an appeal from former California high school students who were ordered to turn their American flag T-shirts inside out during a celebration of the Cinco de Mayo holiday at school.

The justices did not comment Monday in leaving in place an appellate ruling that found that school officials acted appropriately because their concerns about racial violence outweighed students’ freedom of expression rights. Administrators feared the American-flag shirts would enflame the passions of Latino students celebrating the Mexican holiday.

Basically, if a school decides to hold a Cinco de Mayo celebration, the American flag is not welcome because it would incite Latino students to violence. At least, according to the courts and lawyers who decide this stuff in our country nowadays.

Weasel Zippers said it best about this case: Diversity and tolerance trump the First Amendment.

*(AND WHERE WAS MR. COOK LAST WEEK WHEN MUSLIMS WERE BURNING GAYS AND KILLING THEM ON THE STREET?)* Apple CEO Hates Christians in Indiana But Does Business With Countries That Execute Gays, Stone Women

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is making a particular point to attack Christians in Indiana calling them “dangerous,” but he has no problem at all selling his products in Muslim-led countries that kill gays for being gay and stones women when they are raped. Nor does he have a problem making his product in China, the world’s leading violator of human rights.

If you tool over Cook’s Twitter feed, you’ll see several Tweets of him whining about Indiana’s Religious Restoration of Freedom Act–a law just like those in 30 other states, states that lo leftist is seeking to boycott.

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But as it happens, four of the countries that Tim Cook’s Apple corporation works with are Uganda, Nigeria, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. All of these nations stone, hang and otherwise punish gays. So, how is it that Cook is against Indiana because it is mean to gays, but he’s willing to work with countries that KILL gays??

These same countries are also anti-woman. They punish women for being raped, they also have so-called “honor killings” of women and otherwise have laws that oppress women.

On top of that, all those countries oppress the religion of everyone outside Islam.

Further, working conditions at Apple’s China plant are so bad that people have been committing suicide there for years.

What about all that, Tim Crook?

And this jerk has the gall to hate Christians in Indiana?