Expert Reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for the DESTRUCTION of America on LIVE TV

ACT for America president and founder Brigitte Gabriel, speaks at the Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall event about the threat of radical Islam.

In this clip she outlines the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for the destruction of Western civilization.

The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned dozens and dozens of organizations across the globe, including the terrorist organizations al Qaeda, Hamas, and numerous Muslim organizations in America.

The same this thing is happening in my country,   Brazil . They buy all midia to be silente. “O FORO DE SAO PAULO” by Cuba ( Mariel port ) is bringing terrorists to South America. Backyard of USA.  And  Obama still president

i applaud Brigitte Gabriel for showing us the truth about the deceitful cultists of islam. The West must stand up and halt these medieval extremists once and for all or they will destroy all that we hod dear.

We in Britain are learning the lesson the hard way. We have entire sections of some of our large Cities that are now considered ” no go zones’ for those who are non-Muslims moreover, we have a pathetic political elite who will do anything to appease the likes of Omar Bakri’s gang ( Bakri’s was kicked out of UK), who threaten to Behead or kill anyone who even criticises Islam or its Psychotic founder. It has become clear to those of us who have read about the life of Muhammed & the modus operandi of Islamic jurisprudence ever since the 7th Century that we must stop pretending that mass immigration from Islamic countries will be ” culturally enriching” as the evidence is now plain to see all over Dhimmi Europe; only the eastern part of Europe is openly resisting islamisation of their societies , this could be because they have seen the disaster of political correct & multiculturalism in today’s failing Europe. The fight to take back our nation’s in my opinion can only begin when we ; leave the EU; remove the ” liberal beddwetters” from our Gov’s ; remove ( at gun point if necessary ) all jihadis ; enshrine our European Nations with an openly dominant judeo-Christian constitution and, as the Dutch Minister Geert wilder a said; stop the immigration to our nation’s of any more Muslims in order to ensure we do not become Islamised in the next 30 years. I can see two enemies today in the UK, radical Islam & the ” liberal elite” and I don’t. Want either. Regards….Abe

What are Americans going to do about these Muslim organizations that are sabotaging from within? When she read off the names of only 3 of them it was shocking to find out that one of them is advising President Obama. Why isn’t anyone else in government alarmed and speaking out about this?

This is what muslims fear most; intelligent, articulate and powerful women.

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